Microsoft's iPhone keyboard reportedly includes a one-handed interface

Microsoft's recently announced beta test of its Word Flow keyboard for the iPhone reportedly includes a new one-handed interface. That kind of UI is not included in the Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile version of the keyboard.

According to, the UI is designed to look like a fan, with all of the keys placed on the grid. The layout is made so that users can type on the keyboard just by using their thumb, according to the report. While the Windows 10 Mobile version of Word Flow has its own one-handed mode, it's in the same kind of layout as the regular version, but just made smaller and shifted to one side.

The report does point out that the iPhone beta of Word Flow could ditch the fan-based UI when it is officially released. There's no indication that this one-handed interface will be offered to Windows 10 Mobile users in the future.


John Callaham
  • I want this.
  • Actually, it is Satya Nadella who badly needs this - for his iPhone Pro.
  • LOL ! Nice one. Really. (Not even ironic)
  • How is this article related to Windows? Why do we get "news" from other platforms? Is this MSFT central or Windows Central? I really think that they are publishing these articles here because they want to attract the masses of crybabies. And every time there's an article about Microsoft doing literally anything on some other OS, I know who will comment what without even reading the comments.
  • Don't read the comments then? And this site is about MS so while it is involved it could be on the news here.
  • This site, I repeat, was WPCentral, and became WindowsCentral, not MSFTCentral. Even if it were MSFTCentral, where are all the articles about other stuff Microsoft is doing? If you think that there's another reason beyond the clicks, you're wrong.
  • One handed use already exists on 5.5" or larger W10 Mobiles. Not a fan shape but still.
  • Hahaha. This
  • Beta testing on iPhone first before including it in W10.
  • No. They don't beta test on anything but us, lol. They give them finished polished products, something we can only wish for on WP.
    But Microsoft sure is making me enjoy my iPhone more and more. While my WP gathers more dust.
  • Same question to below comment : 'm considering the fan shape keyboard - this sounds like it would be soooo different that re-learning a new layout and then returning to a normal keyboard layout could be confusing and......well, not worth the effort?
  • That dusty look on my 1520 is so good!
  • Wishful thinking.
    Windows 10 Mobile is just being left to wither on the vine whilst Microsoft get their iOS/Android cards aligned.
  • I'm considering the fan shape keyboard - this sounds like it would be soooo different that re-learning a new layout and then returning to a normal keyboard layout could be confusing and......well, not worth the effort?
  • Beta testing 2 year ..then will come to w10M as like a empty pouch
  • Wtf! Ha ha ha
  • Yes exactly
  • 'ook m'mmy with one hand
  • What about WordFlow for Microsoft Edge??? Why can't I swipe into the address bar?
  • This
  • Coz websites don't need it.
    Word flow also adds a space after it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well that's a reasonable excuse. However, Edge's instability makes the keyboard performance worse than it already is.
    I really miss WP8.1's keyboard - The best I've ever seen on any platform.
  • You mean 8.1 wordflow keyboard? What was better about 8.1 wordflow that makes it better than W10M?
  • It just worked better. By far.
  • Classic answer..."it just is". I never seem to get specifics when I ask why an app or service is better version to the next or from one OS to the next.
  • It just is, though.  A lot better.  Something is wrong with the guesses that W10M makes and my typing speed has gone waaaay down on my L950 vs. my One M8. When I grab the Mrs. L925, I'm always amazed at how instantly I am transformed into an on-screen typing expert.
  • THIS
  • Perhaps I should've been more specific: Don't you guys face those times when after swiping a word, you just get an unintended space instead of the word? It happens quite a lot on W10M's keyboard (specially while using WhatsApp or Edge), and that becomes frustrating at times. It never happened on 8.1. Or is it a Lumia 930's build problem?
  • Yes, sadly. It has a lot of bugs. When it works it is awesome, but there are plenty of bugs. I think it's mostly Edge related though - the issue with empty words for example is only when typing in Edge.
  • Yes, and the only solution I've found that works sometimes is to hit the space bar after swiping every word.
  • In my experience, they're pretty similar except for the overall experience. W10M is buggy that the keyboard won't open and tends to lags sometimes. The prediction is also sometimes weirdly off. W10M sure have some more features like always accessible Voice Typing and the Virtual Joystick (which is a shame since it's slower to use). WP8.1 Keyboard works consistently, fast (always ready), reliable and flawlessly. I don't want a keyboard that keeps me waiting for a second or two and closing randomly. W10M keyboard experience is like my old cursed Android Froyo device years ago in terms of reliability and performance.
  • It's the bugs still not properly fixed by Microsoft on Windows 10 mobile. Other wise Gautam trust me the Windows 10 mobile keyboard is very accurate and fast and awesome.
  • I think Wordflow on 8.1 was great, and on W10M it's even better!
  • @Chef316: Sorry, I'm yet to find out how it's 'better' on W10M than it was on WP8.1 as in my experience, it's got worse.
  • I realize Microsoft's efforts to make it better; I just don't understand the reason behind the problem I commented above ;)
  • I too have some serious keyboard issues on my phone since last two builds. While using Whatsapp if Suggest text is enabled, the keyboard doesn't pop up, app freezes and eventually phone reboots. On Edge the keyboard is worst!
  • Hey Freak....Ever tried searching through the address bar..???
  • @EchEn3 You're right. @RhinoFreak: Now that is not a reasonable excuse anymore. People do need swiping for searches on the address bar. (although I usually use Search/Cortana button)
  • That is contextual. If a user use Word Flow (swipe typing) on Edge address bar, pretty sure that the intent is to do web searching, not typing URL. If the user simply types traditionally, then its either trying to type an URL or Web Search. That behavior isn't that difficult really. If Microsoft wants some effort, they can may it smarter where Word Flow would work on typing URL.
      Microsoft is no excuse here about the fact that the implementation is half-baked.
  • +1
  • Woo ima grab an iPhone since all wp unique features move to a better supported platform
  • When does the Winmo10 LiveTiles Launcher coming to Android? Then I can make the switch.
  • Live tiles ain't unlikely though. Although there are apps that can make your phone look like Windows 8.1/10 but the tiles ain't Live just yet. Metro UI Launcher 8.1 for example, turns your Android into a Windows clone. If only some developer could develop an app that converts all the 'Notifications' into 'Live tiles' text and display instantly on the screen...
  • Yeah, Live Tiles is harder if not totally impossible as an Android Launcher. It needs deeper permission to use app notification and widget functionality inside a Live Tile. By the sounds of it that's easily going to be quite bloated launcher unless its OS-level, not an app. The leanest Live Tile launcher clone is possible is to have access to Notification system of Android and put those on Tiles. That still not what Live Tiles full functionality either since Live Tiles isn't just for notifications, it also serve passive/near real-time micro-content too.
  • I actually like the one handed mode in W10m but I am curious to see what this fan looks like.
  • Yea would be interesting to see, but I think a fan shape would just screw up my brain lol
  • Agreed
  • I really like how wordflow is on W10M as is. Not interested in the "fan" design at all
  • Personally, I had such a bad experience trying to learn how to use Swype back in the day on my Touch Pro2 and Android that I wasn't interested in WordFlow but my perception has completely changed. That's why I'm willing to give the fan a chance.
  • This here! ^^
  • I can definitely get used to that!
  • What the ****
  • Try two different ways, see which one is liked more, then put that onto the other system.
  • They can just port the app. From apple to is easy
  • The point is how did msft achieve this? It sure is good for business at the cost of annoying the fans.
  • Microsoft is always do good things for other phone rather than its own widows phone. Later they try to port the same into windows phone.... Very bad for windows phone users....
  • That's where the money is though
  • They aren't making money off of these things. They're just trying to show that their software works everywhere, except on their own hardware, lol!
  • The already implemented one handed layout works perfectly for me on w10m.
  • +1
  • This is such a short sighted, often repeated response that doesn't make any sense. Giving away free stuff like this has not shown any mass migration to buying paid cloud storage or Office subscriptions or new Windows laptops. This obsession with "market share" justification for MS actively neglecting their own division, doesn't seem to be rooted in any common business sense.
  • It may not be popular though?
  • Thats where people dont use their brains.. Would you, being the ceo of MS invest your stuff on a loss making/less mkt share OS or profit making/huge mkt share?
  • This is where the fake MBA types misanalyze while accusing others of not thinking. As CEI, I go all in and leverage my competitive advantages towards boosting my own brands while also branching out with a presence in other ecosystems. I'd also go where the revenue for my company is. These free giveaways aren't making money. No one has shown any data that suggests any real affect these giveaways are having on sales of other Microsoft products. The spreadsheet goes deeper than market share. At least it does when I use my brain.
  • Agreed. We understand that Microsoft is all for money. And there's absolutely nothing abnormal with that. I also understand the motives behind Cortana's port to other platforms (which will indirectly make money). But why the hell do they have to port their stuff to another platform which WON'T make money anyway? It's alright to show your greatness and proving your omnipresence but by shooting at your own foot is madness.
  • You don't know that Apple didn't pay for it or offer something in return ;)
  • start commenting on how we've been betrayed... :|
  • Users having wanted Word Flow for W10 tablets since it came out, yet nothing.  And MS gets it out for iPhone before it's own platform? And you wonder why people feel betrayed??
  • Exactly. I really wish for a new Microsoft. Again.
  • Bill Gates needs to come back to the company. :P
  • He is.  Nadella brought him back.  
  • You realize that development is split between different teams, right? For example, the iOS and Android groups likely aren't working on the same things at the same time as the MS group. It's so easy to say "well they should do MS tablets first" without realizing that the team working on that is likely on a completely different timetable with a huge list of other priorities first. Meanwhile, the iOS and Android teams have the time and capacity to make these changes. It's never just one large cluster of people working on everything at once. It's teams of people in silos working on different projects, for different platforms, at different times.  I'm not saying it makes the situation any better or that it makes sense that it was prioritized in this way, because yea, it would obviously be great to have it on Windows first. Just trying to put things in perspective.
  • Well, they don't get that and probably never will.
  • What a stupid defence.
    If iOS/Android devs at Microsoft have enough time to create things that aren't on the core Windows devices....then to me, that suggests Microsoft are employing people in the wrong areas.
  • Yeah, earning good will and praise from a vast majority of people that are currently disenclined to use your products is a terrible waste of resources...
  • Yes, it is. That goodwill also comes with the illumination that you should keep using the free stuff because MS will neglect you if you become a paying customer.
  • Loyal customers are no more valuable than potential customers. The notion that you are more valuable to a business than someone not yet sold on them is a flavor of consumer entitlement that I wish would go away completely.It's great when a company has your dollars, but your dollars alone isn't going to keep the lights on.  No one is getting priority over anyone else here. All MS is doing is bringing everyone else up to speed. Making them aware of the great products they've already made. MS should have been working on bringing these services to other platforms YEARS ago.
  • This makes me feel better. You should write articles for Windows Central, as the official article I just read made me angry as all can be.
  • I agree with you. Different teams for each OS group, with different schedules, different release dates, etc. We really need to think of Microsoft as more than just one monolithic entity that makes our Favourite Phone and PC Platform.
  • That's called bad project management, when you can't even leverage resources across similar efforts. Or purposely prioritizing IOS and Android before Windows. Either way, lame.
  • Please stop making excuses for Microsoft. They had more than enough time to bring this to Window tablets. 2 years now waiting for flow on my tablet. Freaking iOS has it before Microsofts own OS.
  • Betrayed is a large word for the majority here on the forum that doesnt understand business or know why Microsoft handles in some ways like this beta on iphone. I call them emo people that will still feel betrayed so many years later and u will see them say it again on this forum.
  • Wally.
    Do you see Apple or Google prioritising development on Windows ahead of their own platforms?! No, of course not.
  • So Microsoft shouldn't do development on other platforms at all simultaneously with the development of their own platform? LOL
  • This isn't simultaneous development. This is iOS first, Windows later.
    Just look at how long it took for Office Mobile apps to make it to Window tablets! Apple customers had them months before us!
    Why do you defend MS?! It makes no sense.
  • Yep...every little thing makes them feel's laughable at times.
  • Really? I have a economics degree and have run my own business for many years. I was raised in an entrepreneurial household. Just because someone doesn't have the same perspective as you do, doesn't make you superior. I can find MANY things that Microsoft is doing that don't make business sense to many who have extensive business knowledge. But hey, I'll keep being emo and wait for you to edify us all with your vast knowledge of all things that people who disagree with you, just don't get.
  • Stop encouraging them...
  • @Chef316
    Just one question and please be honest: Have you ever used a Windows phone?
  • Ah. The key elements of WP now being made into standalone apps for rival platforms. Heh, just another day.
  • Well at least we have Cortana just on WP.... Ooh wait. We don't
  • We have groove music app.. Ohh wait.. We dont.. :P
  • Lol.
  • Groove on W10M is way better than on iOS...seriously
  • How is that even possible?
  • It is worst. Groove Music on iOS is poorly rated and on Android is not even 4 stars. Not surprising, among other 3rd-party music app and services out there, Groove Music on those platforms absolutely looks generic with nothing much makes people want to switch to it unless you're already invested in Groove Music. I'm not even a fan of Groove Music in Windows especially UI and aesthetic-wise (especially comparing to Zune and WP8 Music Hub), but its way better than the iOS and Android counterparts.
  • So... if it's worse on iOS, probably it's the first version of the Xbox Music for WP8.1.
  • Lol Actually, Groove Music on other platforms are actually bad and have totally generic looking UI. It's as basic as it gets with nothing much else to offer unless you're already invested in Groove Music, that app is forgettable on Android and iOS. So W10M Groove Music is much better, even though I'm not even a fan of it especially how generic and bland looking Groove Music app even on Windows. The lack of pivots also makes the navigation less seamless than WP8.
  • But Cortana is better on W10M
  • For now lol
  • Apps gap getting bigger with the help of Microsoft.
  • LOL...
  • Well.. We got live tiles... they'll probably made them for Android & iOs too....
  • BTW I'm deadmau5 fan too! ^^
  • Microsoft making a better app for ios is nothing new.This shouldn't be a shocker.
  • How do you know it's better? Have you tried it? Lol
  • I've tried all the other Microsoft offerings on iOS and they surpass the WP version everytime.
  • Dude, Groove Music on iOS is horrible. The W10M version beats it by miles. That's one thing that isn't better on a competing platform. Cortana is meh, can't do as much compared to WM. They're not all magically better.
  • Sorry, but you're comparing two apps that are crappy on both platforms.Groove and Cortana suck on WM and iOS.The Microsoft app experience on iOS is better.
  • Exactly. Groove and Cortana are AMAZING on W10M and not nearly as good on other platforms.
  • Groove music crashes when streaming and Cortana notification's on WM blow.Both have went downhill sense WM.
  • Don't have streaming issues here...or Cortana notification issues...what device are you using?
  • 550,U.S and the device isn't the problem.Microsoft not putting effort into their apps is.
  • But why do you think that they're not putting that much effort into W10M? They have multiple dev teams as someone else stated in this comment section. I'm not getting any issues with Groove or Cortana but I still say that the iOS experience is subpar. The one thing I will say is that the keyboard in W10M is a giant load of crap. Utterly atrocious coming from 8.1. WordFlow is absolutely useless, autocorrect has trouble to with the simplest words. If I type in gaint, it doesn't even think about changing that word to giant or even gaunt. It just thinks that I meant to gaint...That is my biggest gripe with W10M.
  • When you have notification's setup and they don't come in what's the point of having Cortana, and Groove music has a long way to go.Zune was far better.In my opinion the apps on iOS are more polished and have better features than the WM versions.This was from messing around with my sister's iPhone and it was a eye opener sense WP has been the only OS I've ever used.
  • Here is my theory: Microsoft uses other platforms with lots of users to fine tune apps and features for their apps to then put them on Windows as a perfected product. Thumbs up
  • Nice theory but that's bunk.  With all the preview users, over 50 million using WP/W10M, and over 200 million using W10, there are more than enough users to fine tune apps and features on its own platform.
  • I love WP but face fact android and IOS have lots more users
  • Microsoft has to satisfy their employees that use other platforms too.
  • This is an excuse to ignore wp users...
  • Wrong.. They have more mkt share.. Obviously anyone would invest more on huge mkt share OS than a less mkt share OS, even though its their own OS
  • It's just business
  • Correct...bad business
  • That sounds like a nice feature actually.. Something I'd love to be able to use on a 950XL/1520/930. Hopefully, it makes way with the new features soon to come to Windows 10 Mobile?
    I'm really unsure now however, I used to love a lot of things about my Lumia Phones (Camera Related and Performance Related Mostly) seemingly I'm losing my grounds to stand out. But that's just me judging by my own perspective. After all everyone has their own.
  • Oh my God, the comments. Seriously, lock the comments next time.
  • No censorship is Not appropriate, what type of man are you....
  • You mean this type of censorship >>**** **** **** bollocks. Edit: Haha I guess bollocks isn't a curse word
  • It is in some cases
  • I'm not sure how this would work but maybe Microsoft is testing it where there's more users before they decide if they want to continue developing it and take it to their own platform. Whatever happens, I'm not sure I care.
  • Than Microsoft should also allow iPhone and android users to install w10m preview builds in their mobile
  • Yep...i say...big deal. They are putting their aps and services on every platform! Go Microsoft!
  • It's quite possible that we'll see this in a future Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build, and it's also possible this will never show up in the iOS application. We do not know yet. All I'm saying is that I don't personally care, since I'm not interested in the feature.
  • Was windows as a service just euphemism for 'we will make better software for other platforms?, once initially tested with our windows customers.
  • How do you know it's better...or that one isn't being worked on simultaneously for Windows? Have you tried the app yourself?
  • Windows Cry Central.
  • This comment makes me want to cry, it's so bad, lol!
  • So, iOS users will have a free hand for... Content
  • some have access to more content than others
  • Or Chai. Chai is quite delicious, and drinking such drinks while texting is essential... right?
  • Apps
  • Plugging in the iPhone as it will no doubt need charging lol
  • Just say it! Pornhub
  • Why is it they do not do these things on their own device first? No wonder everyone has no reason to go to windows phone. Pull your heads out Microsoft.
  • Lumia 950 will be my last Windows Mobile! This is the end of my patience with Microsoft
  • Lost your patience over them doing an app for iOS? That may or may not be better in any way shape or form than the one we have on W10M?
  • Use your brain. It's the final straw of many. I'd hope you're intelligent enough to understand his comment. But that might be putting too much faith in you, lol.
  • I have plenty of intelligence and patience...Oh ye of little faith. Have always enjoyed WP and now W10M over other platforms. Always have had the apps I needed/wanted and more. Anyways....
  • Don't wait.  Sell your 950 or trade it in for that iPhone or Android phone that you want so bad.  Be happy.
  • How does making a keyboard on other platform help Microsoft. It won't be a service they can monetize.
  • Even if they can't monetize it directly, they could potentially gather data, one of the default settings will probably be to send typing data to Microsoft (If that's allowed by Third Party keyboards in iOS)
  • They need to get back reputation, then they can try to pull users from other platforms. Get people to like your brand then get them to buy your hardware too. This is the theory at least but they are f*ing up things badly. They should at least keep thier own OS and its apps on par.
  • Yeah, they shouldn't try to gain new users at all till they make you happy with W10M......
  • Did I say that? Learn and read, thanks.
  • Please bring it to android also I miss it alot after switching to android :(
  • Yeah MS, help this guy stay off of Windows as you already did for all of iPhone users...   ;)
  • Microsoft single handedly increases the apps gap and decreasing Windows Phone market shares lol.
  • I'm sure they will.
  • Hehe
  • I wonder when this feature will come to Windows 10 on PC/Tablet? I've been waiting for this feature since Windows 8.1! Microsoft wonders why no one wants to upgrade. Make Windows more attractive!
  • Why Microsoft hesitate to tell that they have lost totally interest for their windows phone?
  • Then why do we get updates...why do we even have an insider program!? Why is there even a Lumia 950? LOL
  • To keep this "we will keep wp forward" illusion to sell phones
  • What's a business without a goal to make money? A charity...
  • To save their face, if Ms pulls from the mobile market, it is going to be a huge embarrassment, specially after all this effort on windows phone and buying Nokia D &S. So what they can do is keep a stream of some cash to burn on this failing project. It is a never ending project that will never materialise or be finalised. U can check this in any project management material. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They are working on it.
    You guys cry too much
  • Microsoft is fake, and damn I'll complain if I want to. Got a problem, you will catch these hands.
  • *waiting to catch your hands*
  • Microsoft really knows how to make its loyal fan base feel like sh*t
  • Truest statement I've ever read about Microsoft.
  • Let's face it, even Microsoft doesn't give a rats arse about Wp/win mobile. Ios is an attractive bet, we still don't have 3rd party keyboard support, the keyboard on w10mobile is piss poor compared to the wp8.1 one, but why does MSoon so? Make a keyboard for Ios
  • Thats y m buying iphone
  • To get the same wordflow keyboard that may or may not perform better or differently?
  • To get better versions of Microsoft apps. Oh and to get apps in general, that actually get updates! Lol, common sense man, or maybe these days not so common sense.
  • To simply get apps, that ms doesnt have
  • sorry...i had no idea what I was missing. Lol
    I have all the functionality and quality apps I need..apps that are updated on a regular basis as well
  • Good for you man. Everybody should be happy with the OS they use and the phone they choose. Posted from my Note 5
  • Not sure if your being serious or sarcastic...but if your being serious. I agree. If you don't like WP..switch...if you don't like Android...switch...if you don't like iOS... switch. Whatever floats your boat. Microsoft is a business. What's a business without the goal to make money? A charity....
    They are just trying to put their apps and services everywhere. "Microsoft everywhere"
  • *you're
  • *you are
  • Then buy one and stop crying here.  I'm sure iMore would be a much better site to cry on.
  • so did anyone of you guys consider that when testing a new feature you want as much feedback as possible? We have to accept that iOS and Android have a much broader audience and therefor more users to test and provide feedback. Especially because that there are more "casual" users on these platforms whos judgement on something like the keyboard is more valuable then the one from "geeks" (yes i think on windows phone there are mostly geeks or microsoft fanboys, me included). So from a developer perspective it makes perfectly sense to add features on these platforms first, evaluate them and then port them to the rest.
  • Agreed
  • "as much feedback as possible" loses it's meaning when userbase is tens of millions. You are wrong: We are being ignored by MS on prose.
  • Oh no...its the end of the world...the Redstone sky is falling....can't believe iOS gets a "better" app than us LOL Some of you all take it a bit too seriously and personal. People saying in here already that the iOS app is better...HOW DO YOU KNOW!?!? HAVE YOU TRIED IT!?!? LOL
  • Well they already get more feature filled equivalent apps. And updated way more often. How is that not better? I don't care either way. I dont expect anything to come our way if at all. I've already accepted the fact when i started using WP but its getting really tiresome when there seems to be absolutely no effort from anyone, especially MS themselves. Thought they'd at least give us a bone with feature set parity or release dates being the same with their own software but its the same old ios/android and then maybe possibly WP sometime in the future.
  • I don't understand why people have this illusion that the iOS/Android apps are better. I use them! They're not better! I much prefer my 1520 than an iPhone. Just because they have been released on the other platform doesn't make them better.
  • Most of the time you'll come across apps that 'oh you should try this app' Except it don't exist on WP. Or there's equivalent apps but its not more feature filled than the one on ios/droid. Or the ios/android apps keep getting updated while the equivalent WP one was released but was never touched beyond the release version and abandoned as a possibly cut down featureless shell just so the dev can say 'hey we have a WP app' Or its a web wrapper. Or there's no official app (third party apps may be better but those aren't supported by the official app devs.)
  • Not a single app worth trying on W10M? You said "doesn't exist" so I assume there isn't a single app worth trying
  • ****
  • Take off, eh! Lol
  • I think the feedback section just tells them what features they should implement to their ios/android apps. They just pretend its their "windows" based feature feedback.
  • **** you,MS!
  • Oh Microsoft !
  • No...Go Microsoft! They SHOULD have their apps and services on every platform!
  • No, they shouldnt, because no one does. Having all ms services on all platforms just will make people stay on their platforms and never move to wp
  • Why should their goal be for everyone to move to WP? Is that how they will make the most money in the most efficient and cost effective way? Why shouldn't their goal be to put as many Microsoft apps and services on as many platforms as they can? Are you saying they should completely ignore all other platforms and only make apps and services for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile? That's not good business
  • How do they make money from this then?
  • Go, but first for your platform, especially the core features. Porting these freewares don't make money for them, I guess!
  • See... the thing is that they are NOT!
  • Every other platform except there own...
  • While they're at it, why not make the next HALO game a Playstation exclusive for 1 year and when it gets out for xbox (one year later) make the playstation version better with more maps and refined graphics. I wonder how THAT would play out!
  • +1
  • And those who support this please ask Microsoft why forza is not available on PlayStation and why rise of tomb raider is xboner exclusive
  • The new Xbox team and head are better than the mobile and PC. They admit the wrong and understand the customer and market. The mobile and PC are ******* morons on drugs. They need to get rid of Al Gul, Billiford, and Terry! Phil Spencer should take over them all!
  • Where's android??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oh brother....
  • Just get iPhones, Microsoft is telling you to do so :D
  • Yeah that's what they are saying...
    Not at all trying to make money anyway they can with their apps and services like a company should do...
    My view...big matter what device or OS you use, should have access to Microsoft apps and services.
    Im perfectly content to stay here...all the apps and services on my W10M device work quite well for me and I have all the QUALITY apps I could possibly want and need installed on my devices (PC and Mobile)
  • Microsoft is telling us to buy Android and iPhone, and to forget Windows Phone, even Microsoft doesnt care about their own system
  • Yeah...insider program doesn't show they care. Release of flagship phones doesn't show they care. They are a business...businesses need to make money. They care about making money using their products and services. So its only logical to put their apps and services on as many platforms as they possibly can.
  • You're not answering his point. It appears that Microsoft sees more revenue in you using their apps on ios and android than buying their devices to use w10mobile. Posted from my Note 5
  • And? A business need to make money
  • Nevermind. You've already reached the point where you are restating what he said. Yet you just want have the last word. Cheers mate. Posted from my Note 5
  • You sir is one of the greatest "half glass full" type of person, hats off to you, even if Microsoft release abacus you will still come up with a thousand reason how correct Microsoft is or if Microsoft abandon development of Cortana due to what ever stupid reason and make it to excel in ios and Android you will still understand how it is good for business, DEAR THIS IS JUST A WHITE FLAG FROM MICROSOFT IN WINDOWS MOBILE SECTION, ACCEPT IT...
  • First develop windows os more handy
  • There is no need to stay on Windows Phone platform. All exclusive features were either remover by Microsoft or are available on other platforms. My new Phone will be Android or ios. No need to suffer from app gaps just to have a few things that are exclusive for wp, because they arent exclusive anymore.
  • Sway was out on ios before Windows. Skype is actually usable on ios. Why does this surprise anyone? The times of having custom features on Windows was lost when Nadella took over with his platform agnostic strategy. Microsoft is going back to their software and services past and knows it will never be a major 'hardware' player in mobile.
  • Microsoft is like that girl who Cheats on his boyfriend with his bestfriend, I hate that type of a bi...!
  • Man I feel so stupid for praising windows phone and Microsoft over the years
  • I'm sorry
  • I don't need this... I actually like the keyboard as it is on my 950 xl and can easily swipe with only my thumb...
  • Same here
  • I can't, but then I have stubby thumbs. It would be interesting to try this and are how well it works. I like the idea of a fan as out is something unique and a fan design lends itself to the movement of a finger/thumb.
  • And we can't change the WP10 Default keyboard and on android and iOS you can and Microsoft knows that
  • But wordflow on W10M is great! Seriously! I like it the best out of the stock keyboards on iOS and Android.
  • What he said
  • I disagree, too often word flow picks the wrong words when I swipe, I never had this issue on my N9.
  • Microsoft sucks more and more with this posture, losing resources with another OS I haven't got it yet on my language on my WP f***** you Microsoft I'm going to a iPhone
  • Don't have to get angry. Just switch. It's ok. To each his own. People want to come or come
  • When we are getting full fledged windows 10 on mobile without any bugs :/
  • That will never happen.  There is no OS on any platform that dosen't have bugs.  smdh
  • Would love to see stats on iPhone users who actually change keyboard layouts or want to.
    Would even iPhone users like the fact they are using a Windows Phone keyboard layout on an Apple device..
    Windows should focus on getting Windows 10 Mobile up to scratch and released before focusing on third party platforms
  • I feel like throwing away my WP right now. Am definately going to try ios. Tried android didn't really like it so i think ios will do because i see a lot of people using it.
  • Don't throw it away man.
  • You should recycle electronics
  • Chef, you have WAY too much time on your hands.
    This comments section is essentially you, plus a small smattering of contributions from other people.
    You also speak nonsense!
  • Switch then.  Move on and be happy.
  • if it's a 950, throw it my way! or do you want to trade it with an iPhone 5 8GB i have lying here, same price!    
  • Beta testing on ios but its not even on WP lol what a joke! Btw while testing out new stuff for ios, where are the ported apps for us from ios. I'm sure apple doesn't tell its developers to port their apps to wp lol but MS will continue to kiss apples ass!!
  • One handed interface for a 4 inch screen looks a little overdone.
    Guess only really "needed" for the 6+.
  • Isn't there one handed interface in Windows 10 phones?
  • Yes there is... On large screens. But it is different kind. It collapses the keyboard to one side.
  • Excellent.
  • Isn't this the same thing as the options you get when you press and hold the &123 button then click keyboard icon and then choose left or right?
  • I even believe that W10M will officially release to IOS first then to andriod..
  • This^^^^
  • I think it's really good. All that hard work they're doing, with thirds move, means that the projects will actually get into peoples hands.
  • Just starting? They have been a disappointment for years now. You are just now realizing it. Like Microsoft, you are a bit behind. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am actually starting to regret choosing a windows phone over an iPhone. I mean is MS serious abt this platform at all?
  • If you haven't noticed, they haven't been serious about it for years now. They haven't put effort into mobile, honestly, since ever. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wow! Killing your own OS step by step! That's awesome indeed.
  • A version already exists on large Windows phones. I just checked again on my wife's 950.
  • To enable it on Lumia 950/XL...
    1) Click and hold the &123 button
    2) Click on the Keyboard icon
    3) Select right or left aligned
  • Not the same thing... Reread article. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I like the Lumia keyboard. So I don't care!
  • Awesome. Me too.
  • I've always hated the iPhone keyboard. The letters on it always show capital and the keys are awkwardly spaced. Plus no Swype like feature. This is the first time I've heard you can use 3rd party keyboards on iPhones. They need to bring this to Android too. The Word Flow keyboard on Windows Phone (any version) has been the most responsive touch keyboard I've ever used on a phone. I have a secondary Android phone and every keyboard on it seems like it lags. The response time is terrible.
  • meanwhile at w10m, we got the hamburger!
  • Want to reboot your friend iphones :) ??
    Just send them this link:
  • The Microsoft Selfie app for the iPhone has 500,000+ downloads. It's way more advanced than the Lumia selfie app. Any surprise?
  • As soon as I saw the article title I thought of the extreme irony of how Microsoft intentionally made Windows 10 Mobile require two hands and was discouraging one handed use...
  • Keyboard fandom just got a new meaning.
  • Calm down folks, a Microsoft employee has confirmed on Reddit that this is just a project from the Microsoft Research group: She assures us that the phone team is "improving the W10M typing experience based on all the feedback you guys have been sharing with us", but the iOS keyboard has nothing to do with anyone in the Windows division. WindowsCentral reported on MSR's push for more public projects earlier today:
  • I don’t give a rats about where this project comes from, they have mess of a mobile OS on their hands. Stop wasting resource on silly projects that nobody wants. Fix window 10 mobile so it is not full of bugs, then make it the best, then if you have any dev resources kicking around get them to make all the apps we are missing, Sonos, get it out of private beta that it has been for over a year. Make sure all windows apps are better on w10 than any other platform.    
  • Why don't they throw in Edge as well since they love prioritizing the other platforms. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are we going to pretend that the author posted this article didn't state that W10M has no one handed mode, then quietly changed the article with no update?
  • Wow! I thought W10M was to trash all that one handed use and go with hamburgers and all that upper left and right corner menus. They even limited the pivot. All this just to be like Android and iOS. Now they're talking about one handed use. I am so glad I left these morons for Apple. By the way, after good research on which laptop to purchase, I found the surface are the worst brand to even look at. Per Thurott, highly not recommend .
  • I want 3rd party keyboards on WP
  • Should I just get the ******* android then? Probably when they make live tiles for android... 
  • I have one finger for Microsoft.