Microsoft's new Display Dock turns your Lumia 950 into a desktop PC

Microsoft has introduced a new accessory alongside the Lumia 950, the Display Dock. This accessory lets you take of the Windows 10 Continuum support in the 950, which lets you use your phone as you would a desktop PC.

The dock connects to your 950 through the built-in USB-C connector, and features both HDMI and DisplayPort out, along with 3 USB Ports. The little black box lets you put a Windows 10 desktop on a large screen, and your phone's Live Tiles will show up on the desktop's Start menu. While using the dock, you can still use your phone independently of the computer. You can connect USB thumb drives to use them with your phone as well.

Follow along with the Windows Central liveblog for more from Microsoft's event.

Joseph Keller