Microsoft's Ninja Cat sticker rides its fire breathing unicorn on to Fox Business

The time has come for Ninja Cat to realize his potential and inform the human race of his plans for world domination. KC Lemson, who works at Microsoft on the company's operating systems, spotted a report by Fox Business on the popular Microsoft sticker.

What makes this rather incredible is the fact that Ninja Cat is just that, a sticker. We decided to give Ninja Cat a helping hand on his quest by pumping out a limited number of t-shirts, but it's good to see mainstream media providing some coverage.

Source: Fox Business; Via KC Lemson

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Awesome
  • I still find this while ninja cat sticker awesome and ridiculous.
  • i think that's the point of it
  • I believe that's the whole reason why it is so cool.
  • I dont understand
  • Wait hold on. A user on windows phone subreddit found a hidden password flaw and I'm reading about a sticker on fox news?
  • What? Password flaw?
  • This is a non issue really. A very small bug that can be easily fixed with a few lines of code. If (textbeingcoppied.isfrompassword)
    MessageDialog md = new MessageDialog("You cannot search from text from a password box");
    await md.ShowAsync(); if(this.Frame.CanGoBack)
    } Or something like that.
  • What socket?
  • I think i's the one in my front TV is plugged into it at the moment ;)
  • :)
  • Sorry I meant sticker... Long night last night
  • I know right, but wc is too busy posting news about some other news site ... I miss when wc was really about windows phone. Not what we have now
  • Yet here you are
  • Douchy comment, but hilarious...
  • New video service works on wp(inside browser)
  • You make a mistake in calling Fox News... news. ;)
  • It happened a lot and I thought it happened only with me.
  • If someone has physical access to your phone, is on IE and you have saved your details I don't see how being able to see your password makes things worse.
  • It's not a flaw. If you had cared to read the entire thing its explained why this happened in the very next post. Hell I use all too often. For you it might be a flaw but for me its a pretty good feature.
  • What pulling up passwords that are meant to be hidden? Have you tried... I don't know.. Remembering them!?!?
  • Not everybody uses password as their password for everything. They are Hard to remember when you have accounts that are years old on some site you forgot about.
  • I got one here...yessss
  • i searched their website for the sticker.... no luck !
  • Search on 'Ninja Cat'
  • Fox news? How utterly embarrassing....
  • No more embarrassing than any other news outlet. Spare us your supposed philosophical high ground and find humor in the story.
  • Spare us your low IQ and the need to dumb things down for you!
  • Nice logical response Caus3Eff3ct... -_-
  • What I find interesting is that the article provided a link to the Ninja Cat piece which is relevant but then it also provided another link "watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness...". I only picked that up because that was the first link that I clicked on only to realize that it wasn't the correct article. Totally my fault for clicking the wrong link but I found it interesting that this site featured the generic fox news link so prominently. I wonder if that was a paid advertising move. Was it? Pretty clever because it got the desired effect. However, I felt dirty after suffering through a fox video that wasn't the ninja cat story. I come to the site to read about Microsoft without having to read about right wing or left wing agendas.
  • That is how advertising goes these days. No one is paying attention to the in your face ads anymore. They are being written like articles with the same format as the news. Sad and freakishly annoying. John Oliver has a good episode that explains it.
  • Fox News does a story then sends it to Windows Central who posts it and embeds a fox advertisement into the story. Sounds like the entire piece is one giant fox piece with a tiny aside to the ninja cat story. I get that advertising pays the Windows central's bills but I feel duped for some reason.
  • Yeah. Like make an app VIP or something. I'd gladly pay a few bucks to not see the advertising!
  • It gets out of hand when they intentionally blur the lines between a story and an ad. Yes it is a profitable approach but I have to believe that in the long run we all lose. To your point that the ads are being written in the same format as the news, I believe that it only serves to make us distrustful. I've always read WindowsCentral with a very open mind and this is the tiniest of an incident but yet it is enough to give me pause. This is obviously a pro windows site but maybe it is time for an ad free windows 8.1/10 app/site.
  • You're watching too much TV, I think.
  • No offense, but you folks are kind of dumb. KC Lemson created the famous Microsoft Ninjacat sticker about a year ago. She tweeted that the story made it to Fox Business. I follow KC on Twitter cause she's funny as hell. You can even follow the conversation we had on Twitter last night. End of story. But shit, conspiracy theories on subliminal advertising is much more fun!
  • Obviously someone struck a nerve, big boss had to come downstairs, eh?
  • I made the decision to post this story last night when no news was happening because I thought it was funny / interesting. Instead, the goons came out with their tinfoil hats. Just disappointed, once again, in some of the people here.
  • Dumb? Conspiracy theories? I simply made a comment about the prominently featured fox advertising link on the first line of the 2nd paragraph and that's what you've concluded? Is it not an advertising link? I said that it worked because I clicked on it thinking that it was the story link. I'm also entitled to state that I'm not a fan of advertising links weaved into articles. I'm honestly surprised of your reaction.. Actually very disappointed that you resorted to name calling but it's not the first time and likely not the last time.
  • No offense Dani, but we know you are lying. You are messaging us from your ferrari... or lamborghini? whatever fox got you with these ads.   And then, you probably killed someone to get the position you have, the influences you have... you probably killed Sam because he didn't want to join your corrupt WindowsCentral, but he knew too much... then he magically went to work with Microsoft.... No Daniel Rubino, you won't do whatever you want anymore. there is a reason why CSI NY exist and they will catch you someday.   it's not conspiracy theories, it is the truth about your rich lifestyle.
  • I love how the phrase "no offense" automatically gives you license to offend. :)
  • I am embarrassed by your comment. Don't be one of stupid people.
  • Fox haters are upset. Nothing new. This I no ad.
  • Am I the only one that hates viewing this site on my WP? The ads, especially the scrolling metropcs one, make the experience so awful. Sorry off topic. Just had to vent.
  • Use the app? It is very well done.
  • I did use the app for a week, but I don't want to open an app when I already have my browser open and I'm hitting my Favorites.  Browse from your WP and see the difference.  It is shocking.
  • The apps they made for phones and tablets/computers is amazing and beautiful!
  • Amazing?? Are you crazy it's far from perfect, it resets itself all the time
  • Re: NM_N,
    The Windows Central app on my Lumia 822 does not reset itself all the time. I think it is amazing and beautiful.
  • The website is the worst piece of shit in the world. It shows you more ads than a PC riddled with 1000 malware infections. You have to use the app, otherwise your smash a brick into your skull after just 2 articles.
  • Ad Bloc / Tracking Lists... Use either if you despise the ads so much... No one is forcing you to endure them lol...
  • ade333 is right.  Just for kicks I disabled Ghostery and reloaded the homepage.  It showed 34 ads, beacons, widgets, whatever being loaded.  That is ridiculous.  The entire web is slowing down drastically bc of all this.
  • That's it then guys, Ninja Cat is officially no longer cool. Tine to peel those stickers off ;)
  • NO!!!!   Leave em on.   It makes it easier to spot the super mindless MS ass kisser!
  • Like the mindless apple users with the glowing apple logo.... Cover that shit up... Lol
  • Would like an etched style sticker to go on my case window :)
  • I'm still waiting for my stickers...
  • WC "community" never disappoints I its whining and bad karma. Depressing bunch. Lol. And they say MS is not "cool", yeah, with these "fans", I wonder why they say that.
  • Well a kitty on a unicorn carrying a flag reminds me of a redneck confederate soldier. Bad Karma. HELL YEAH!!!
  • Some of it is these Android trolls like Sam 77 who do this because real life is unkind when you're so much more rad on the interwebs.
  • Original one only as a pokémon
  • The time has come for W Central to admit they are nothing more than an extension of MS pissweak marketing and PR departments.
  • Blah blah blah
  • Time to admit SAM 77 likes to make allegations that he can't back up.
  • Hate to say it, but I'm thinking SAM77 is more upset that you referenced FOX News more than the story based on his comments. IMO, who cares who ran the story. It's funny and about Microsoft. Take a chill pill. Keep up the good work Daniel. I gotta get one of those stockers for my SP3!
  • Time to admit u post bogus lies about Australian market share
  • This is cool! I always hoped Microsoft would release their own brand sticker to combat the lame apple stickers that comes with their product and people just stick them on anything cars, school books, bath room stalls Which is just free promotion for apple. I know MS didn't design this one but they can do something similar. ​
  • This! I would love to have the Windows sticker on my car.
  • My retail copy of Windows XP upgrade came with a sticker way back when. I put it up on the rear entry door window of my house so I would see it and smile, but no one else needed to see it. That is the difference. Apple fans need everyone else to know they're Apple fans for some pathetic reason.
  • Fox may be many things -- Bullshit Mountain comes to mind -- but it is most assuredly NOT news.
  • They do 50% news. CNN does 70% and MSNBC does 20% news.
  • They do 100% propaganda. That was Roger Ailes' stated policy when he founded Fox. And he is a straight-up nutjob.
  • Posted at 5:30 AM ET, aka not primetime "news" in the technology world. Get over it. It was funny.
  • FYI - Fox news is more trusted than any other news outlet. More than CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and four times more than MSNBC based on a a recent Quinnipiac poll. I go to CNN, FOX and MSNBC for my news. MSNBC is a great place to go if you only want to hear one opinion and the liberal left. CNN is more center left. FOX is certainly conservative, but they also bring liberals to argue their viewpoints. Which is why FOX is trusted more IMO and why I watch it more than the others. See all viewpoints and make your own opinions!!!
  • Fox is trusted only because they've brainwashed their core audience to believe that only Fox can be trusted. Said audience consistently polls at less well-informed than those who watch no news at all. CNN is center-RIGHT. Name me one liberal they've allowed to get a word in edgewise. Fox uses its guests as straw men to give Hannity and O'Reilly something to huff and puff and blow down. As I said, not news. More at sex, lies and videotape.
  • Brainwashed to believe they can only be trusted??? Really? Ok? Prove it. As for liberal viewpoints, Fox has Juan Williams, James Carville, Alan Colmes and I could name many more. Yes, it's certainly directed towards a conservative viewpoint, but they at least let their viewers get the liberal viewpoint. MSNBC is a group hug of Liberals. Joe Scarborough being the only prominent conservative voice. As for CNN, we'll have to disagree slightly. Once you understand their agendas, listen to the left, listen to the right and then listen to the center to derive an opinion. Don't be blind.
  • The truth has a liberal bias.
  • Big news....not and who cares. I need news when the next build for windows phone technical preview 10 will be released. Need update to basics like photo app which is full bugs and shots down. Come on MS I know it is testing version but at minimum can the preview have at least stable photo app! Come on! I'm not asking for miracles, just one freaking app that works.....
  • That's pretty cool. Amazing all the stuff on redbubble. As far as fox news goes, it's no worse than any of the other alphabet news channels. Best to get your news from multiple places.
  • I'm pondering now if I want to order a case of jones with this printed on the label
  • The Ninja Cat thing is cute plus the Fire-spitting Unicorn! That's hilarious! Can someone send the T-Shirt here in Dubai?
  • If I learned anything from this article, it's that I don't want to meet any of the obnoxious commenters
  • Seriously. I made the call to post this last night when no news was happening because I thought it was fun. Instead, it brought out the worst commenters on this site. Bunch of cynical jerks we have around here.
  • my theory is that WP is garnering enough attention to bring the bashers out...and so far, they seem to be successful...this place has been really depressing over the last few months...
    Isn't there some sort of moderator system that we can come up with?
  • Couldn't agree more. I left Verge/Vox for this sort of crap. Pretty annoying when some in the commenting community feel the need to twist a conversation and make it about something it is not. 
  • Way to grab the mouse clicks Rich. I predict 3 pages by noon most of which will have nothing to do with NinjaCat or Microsoft for that matter.  lol.
  • Yeah I'm nitpicking, but that cat looks more samurai than ninja.
  • Zui quan.
  • The comments for this article are some of the most stupid things I've seen on Windows Central.
  • My stickers arrived yesterday
  • I follow Kc lemon on twitter
  • Wow, Fox news. I knew the cat was awesome, but even news stations agree.
  • I've been following WC for years. What has happened to this place over the past few months? The commenters used to be top notch compared to any site out there (and a lot of those folks are still around). But as of late, it's almost as bad as Youtube. Can we please bring the quality back?
  • Yeah...was saying the same on another article earlier last week...completely agree with you...we need moderators of some sort to weed out these kind of people...
  • Just got mine in the mail. Bring on the stickers!
  • I finally got mine today. Two weeks is a long time in the Amazon Prime world.  I got mine from Red Bubble since MS cancelled my order. They are high quality.  I noticed that RB stopped selling the one with the black outline. They also updated it with the Office and Bing logos so the flag looks better.  
  • Never give a sticker an even break.