Microsoft's OneNote team offers the world their Surface Pro 3-LMFAO parody video

The OneNote development team at Microsoft has released a video that ... well, may be among the oddest but still entertaining things we have seen from a major corporation in a while. It shows how the note taking app can be used with the new Surface Pro 3, but with a electronic house music beat set to the tune of "I'm Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO.

The video itself features things like a man with a purple colored afro wig singing about how everyone should use the OneNote on the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3. These scenes are combined with images like a man with a box on his head and a Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform on his body, two men juggling apples and lots more.

This is not the first time the OneNote development team have made a wacky video. They also released a clip celebrating the release of OneNote for the Mac to the tune of "One More Day" from the Broadway musical version of Les Misérables. However, this latest clip makes the former one look downright normal by comparison.

Yet, we can't help the fact that this video is kind of entertaining and may actually show off how the OneNote app works with the Surface Pro 3 better than Microsoft's other "official" videos about the tablet. What do you think of this clip?

Source: OneNote on YouTube via Neowin

John Callaham
  • Haha, love this one.
  • Haha "When I walk into class, this is what I see: Everybody wants my Surface Pro 3"
  • Will OneNote go the way of Xbox music and video?
  • Have you ever used office? I use office extensively and a heavy part of that is OneNote. I use it for everything you can think of. And that's my 8to5 job. After hours, I rock Onenote everywhere. So no, it's not going away. ever.
  • WOW.
  • These are the kind of ads Microsoft needs.
  • And people wonder why there are layoffs
  • Maybe that's their goodbye song. I support something like this though. Now, if the Xbox Music team would do this, that would be a while different thing^^
  • Earlier WP Central article says Xbox music is being streamlined, potentially this means closure, so maybe not!
  • Great PR for MS though.
  • LOL
  • Awesome!!
  • Please tell me the team that conjured and wasted money on this three years after Sexy And I Know It came out will be part of the layoffs...
  • Seriously.
  • Lighten up Derek, this was fun :)
  • Yessss I totally agree Derek XD I can't handle how cheesy this is I'm sorry. They look like they had fun shooting it at least.
  • What the heck, man. Just because you are a corporate stiff doesn't mean people can't be passionate about their work and enjoy themselves in the process.
  • Normaly i don't like US commercial. So bloody boring. But This One is more European. It has humor in It and that is what we like.
  • European, humor. Pick one.
  • Well, the US has a lot of catching up to and this parody is a great start. Man, watching the US programs on TV with the programmed laughter makes Europeans sad. If for one, real humor can best be found in Europe.
  • One word: Ylvis. (and no, I don't mean their Fox song taken out of context)
  • Haha videonya keren hahaha love Microsoft
  • This is fun. Of course, it's directed at the 18+ crowd about to head off to college...
  • Maybe they could spend their time adding more  functionality to the mobile versions.  record audio? show equations? 
  • This is the type of crap you can stop making. YouTube only? Whoever is in charge of this needless promotion can join the 18,000.
  • geez... i think people need to chill. I love these kind of videos.  Employees just having fun.
  • This video is probably the best ad so far. Not only does it actually show cool stuff you can do but doesn't do it boring you to death.
  • Looks like some people never heard of Social Media marketing.
  • Hahah cool
  • I opened the video from the link given in the app and clicked on open with youtube app..It opened the right video but after I returned to the WPC it shows a different video but the link is still fine, opens the LMFAO. But just shows different. Using WP7.8 India
  • I had two choices, one about the Spitfire and another about cars. Weird. But I still wish I'd watched them now instead of that crap about the Surface.
  • This is so stupid, I love it. If you want to see an actual parody of the song search for Brett Domino's version
  • Wow.... Just wow... Haha
  • Oh my
  • They did a great job with this, very entertaining and it looks like the team is having a great time.
  • Funny! I'd say much better than previous Microsoft ads. But make sure to cast it on TVs!
  • I absolutely loved it. I really think that if MS produced more videos like this one, they would appeal more people... This video so has the 'cool' factor that MS has lack for ages!
  • LOL.  I'm watching this again! These people should replace the "really" and "Surface dancing" commericials.
  • Pathetic, just like the company that made it.
  • I didn't realize the One Note team was now a company? What's really pathetic is your comprehension skills.
  • Come on MS viral marketing was on everyone's lips 5 years ago 
  • Doodle, doodle, doodle, doodle, doodle...
  • LOL
  • Love it. This is the type of video that actually sells product not some boring technical one, just ask Apple.
  • The vid isn't my fav, but good grief the troll-like hate spewing forth in the comments. What is this, Craigslist?
  • This is the problem with Microsoft marketing. Terrible!
  • Gave me a good giggle.
  • How the cottage cheese am I not on this dev team.
  • Kudos on the ad. Have fun Microsoft and importantly WP Central readers it's summer.
  • I'm getting a "this video is private" message. :(
  • Seriously, I'm upset about this. Most everyone made a storm about this awesome video and they took it down. People forget that working people are also consumers and vice-versa. Why have two cultures? Look at Google, they spent millions loosing up their culture and now the best talent strives to work there. I'm so unbelievably upset that people ridiculed this.
  • It's still available... I just watched it
  • lol this is hilarious! I love how these Microsoft guys are having fun!
  • Loved it!
  • I know some of these people in real life.
  • Haha - can I unsee that?
  • Awesome I know which color SP3 I want,Purple
  • just... wow... LOL!!!!! :-D