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OneNote and Les Miserables fan? Then watch this great parody

Microsoft's OneNote team has been kicking ass lately. A few weeks ago they introduced a new set of APIs for developers to tie into the OneNote service. In addition there's a new app for Mac users and the desktop version of OneNote on Windows was made free. Check out this pretty amazing parody from the OneNote team of the song "One Day More" from the musical Les Miserables. Video Yes. This was a video from Microsoft promoting a product for Mac.

As if you needed any more proof that Microsoft is now a devices and services company. We loved the video and thought it was awesome. Share your thoughts below!

Source: YouTube Via: GeekWire

  • Who I'm I .. Will be My first question to Cortana!!
  • F*** you would be her answer. no seriously, when OneNote for BlackBerry 10 OS? That's a good question. I use rooms and find it very useful, but my girlfriend uses BB .-. .. Meh... Would be great if she jumps to WP but..... What can I do, she wanted physical keyboard
  • And she would say, "Don't you mean who am I?"
  • I'm not lying. I asked her and she said 24601! She never said it again. I got a screenshot but that was on my phone and I'm on my pc now
  • lol. Love the guy in the Star Trek uniform.
  • Haha I thought that was funny too :D
  • I think the guy in the forest had a blue Star Trek uniform shirt on too...
  • I am both, love it!!!
  • Hahhaha
  • Wow, very impressing singing by the team! You can't do better than this for exposure and winning hearts of young people these days.
  • I have to hand it to Microsoft, they got me with this one. Very cool. (Then again I'm a big fan of good Musicals so I may have been easily pleased with this. Next up: promote Windows Phone to the tune of "Hello!" from The Book of Mormon.)
  • You're a fan of good musicals? We have something in common after all! ;-)
  • Hahahaha :p
  • Is there a OneNote android song next?
  • Maybe. Though they'll have a hard time beating this lol
  • That was fantastic!
  • I Don't like it
  • That was good
  • Lol. What has come into Microsoft? Loving the new 'them'. ;)
  • Brilliant!
  • Omg
  • Hahaha lol nice parody
  • O.M.G. Love it! I have to admit. OneNote has become my nearly most often used app. Access through Outlook was a stroke of genius for me, though I have not usde that feature near enough.   MS is on to Developer Preview....
  • "Access through Outlook was a stroke of genius " Explain this please. I can "send to OneNote" from Outlook. What is this, Access you refer to?
  • Hahaha Cool!
  • Wish I was this creative. This was too funny
  • All those people to replace a notepad and pen.
  • The video (which is funny) don't speak about some "errors": 1) the barely functional OneNote on Mac. I think it has three, maybe four, options in the menu. 2) OneNote on Windows desktop being free until you want to use any option like recording audio, recording video, attaching files other than pictures... etc... etc... when suddenly an "INSERT COIN" message come up in the screen. 3) OneNote for Metro "talking" with OneNote for deskop in the same tablet thru Internet instead sharing the files 4) OneNote for Metro not having handwritting recognition 5) OneNote for desktop not having Office Lens connectivity 6) OneNote Online having few options more than OneNote Mac... I think... one more feature? 7) OneNote for Windows RT desktop being free but having more options than OneNote desktop free, OneNote Mac, OneNote Online and OneNote Metro... but... Dude... you are selling few or none Windows RT machines 8) OneNote for iPad having more options than OneNote Metro 9) OneNote for iPhone having more options than OneNote for Windows Phone 8 10) OneNote at Microsoft Store being so expensive that cost only 20 bucks less than the Office 365 license for a year (which includes... OneNote) ... So please, the video is funny, I agree, but don't even try to make me forget so many marketing and solution errors surrounding this great product. Microsoft... free means free, not half of the features free and half paid. And don't shoot in you own feed issuing a program for iPad or iPhone more powerful that the one you are selling for your own telephones and tablets.    
  • Same goes to Skype. Skype for Android, Skype for iOS, Skype for Windows Phone. Yup. Facetime for windows phone? Nope.
  • You can't blame Microsoft for that as that is Apple's decision not to allow Facetime to exist on any one else's devices but theirs.
  • Loving the new MS.