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Microsoft delays Patch Tuesday updates over 'last minute issue'

It looks like you'll have to wait a little bit longer to get Microsoft's usual monthly batch of "Patch Tuesday" updates. Microsoft has taken to its TechNet site (opens in new tab) (via ZDNet) to note that this months updates are delayed due to a "last minute" issue that cropped up.

From Microsoft:

Our top priority is to provide the best possible experience for customers in maintaining and protecting their systems. This month, we discovered a last minute issue that could impact some customers and was not resolved in time for our planned updates today.After considering all options, we made the decision to delay this month's updates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change to the existing plan.

Microsoft has issued updates on the second Tuesday of every month like clockwork since it began the Patch Tuesday process, so this is pretty unusual. There's no word on exactly what the issue preventing the updates is, and it's unclear when we might expect them to roll out in full. We'll update this post with more should Microsoft clarify the issue.

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  • Wow was waiting on a update for Mobile today. They could have at least given a time frame of when to expect it. Postponed till when??? Microsoft really needs to communicate better
  • Not really. Software companies don't owe us anything, as far as specific times for updates. They may allow us to know specific information before anyone else, but they're not held by any laws or rules that state they have to tell us the day and time when things are going to be available.
  • This isn't quite true. The interaction model changes once you go from a product to a service model. If you buy something at Best Buy you have one set of expectations, but if you are now receiving an ongoing service from.them instead, there are different expectations and obligations. Some of these are formally spelled out in a Service License Agreement, and others are informal customs that carry no legal force but are nonetheless standard and reasonable expectations of a service provider. That being said, MSFT told us as soon as they knew, and I expect we will get an update as soon as they have more information about how long it will be. (Or, if it's quick, then a release and a statement the next day saying it was resolved already.)
  • You either set up automatic updates or check your phone every day. Why is it water takes longer to boil when you stand there and watch it and boils over when you don't?
  • Was there a specific update you were waiting on?
  • If they found a problem with one of the updates, it takes time to test, verify that it works across the many hardware configurations, to make sure it fixes and not breaks other software and code. Making sure that it works as it should is not something that can be determined ahead of time. Make one fix, test, fix something that broke with other software, fix again, and so on, and so on, and so on.  Let's supose Microsoft released a patch that broke Java, a fix that broke OpenLibre, or some other 3rd party software package. You and the hoardes would be screaming, gathering at the gates with your torches and pitch forks, raging that Microsoft purposely broke that other software to help their own versions, claiming monopoly and unfair market practices, and so on. And which update were you waiting for? Please describe why you needed it? Was it blocking you? What was broken? How were you left vulnerable? Please give details.
  • W10M needs an update. The last Preview update is broken to all hell. Or maybe my phone is dying.
  • It's the most issues I have had for probably over a year.
  • What issues are you having?
  • Mostly: random crashes, but no obvious pattern/correlation
  • What phone do u have? I don't have many crashes' but I'm noticing most phones that were upgraded to 10 seem to have alot more problems than the ones that shipped with 10
  • It's a L950, first time I've had any real issues on insider fast. Not a biggie.
  • Oh your on the fast ring. I'm on the release preview ring. I'm tempted to put my idol on the fast ring but I'm worried about the battery life. I'm sure patch Tuesday doesn't effect the updates going out to the fast ring those can still come out at any time
  • Sorry, I should have realised!! Fast has been my daily driver since it began and I've rarely had what I'd class as 'big' issues, only once have I had issues big enough to stop me with daily needs (SMS issues a LONG time back).
  • Yes, RP is awful on my and my brother's 640 xl. I updated to Fast and battery life and speed improved. Only random crashes and action center bugs, but I would take 15031 any day over the RP in the way it is now
  • I hope at least this next production update to be decent
  • Fyi battery on my 950xl is the best it has ever been on 15031... A few other glitches yes, but that's fast ring for you :)
  • I don't think so. I have a L650 and a L730, both work just fine. Get off the insider program if you don't want to have issues that require tissues.
  • There's issues in the production builds
  • Yes, but not as much as on insider preview. My Lumia 650 works amazing in the production ring.
  • It didn't make much sense for them to release the last build of Windows 10 mobile. There was an icon that was updated, but a lot more that was broken. Hopefully the next build will be a little better than 15031. I have had no issues myself, but seeing the list of issues they added to the latest build...its just bad juju.
  • This article is about normal updates; not fast, slow etc
  • Even their own apps don't use the new share icon,but the emoji is fixed. I did a long list on update page of bugs, wish they sort out strobing videos in Edge.
  • Why run Fast Ring?
  • Release Preview.
  • I see. Production on 650 and Slow Ring on 550 here.
  • Slow ring is three months old now.... 🐌
  • That's why I'm checking for a new release everyday.
  • Nope not your phone.
  • This article is NOT for you. Insider builds are by no way related to regular monthly updates for the production build. You will get your weekly updates anyway, but don't expect them to be bug-free. If you don't want bugs, get out of the insider program.
  • Why did you download in the first place.
    I changed to slow ring as soon as I read...
    Bluetooth, Cortana, continuum and everything else is broken...
  • These delays usually happen when you're stuck with a shattered build. Maybe they just want us to build character
  • I see what you did there.
  • I hope this means that Microsoft will shed off the patch Tuesday and deliver patches when they are ready like their other software... That would be great imo :)
  • Patch Tuesday is meant to bring consistency for business,enterprise, even consumers.
  • They can't win... Releasing updates when ready - people complain that their Windows PC are always updating. Switching to cumulative update on a set date, people complain that it's not as frequent.
  • Most people forget the update that was broken for Insiders so Microsoft released it anyway, breaking average users machines as well.
  • I wish they allow all models to use bitlocker,thankfully on my laptop.
  • have to go pro
  • I would let Microsoft take time to release as best build as possible.
  • This is a bummer, but I'm glad they found the issue prior to releasing it.
  • +1 Agreed.
  • It must be the bug That reveals the images in the mobile
  • And we all know which issue is that. It's the bug that was discovered yesterday, which allows anyone to see all the pictures of your gallery without unlocking your phone. It's nice of them that the decided to act on it immediately.
  • This, exactly.
  • It's communication for the consumers on pc and/mobile some of us are left with bugs we were hoping to get fixed. Now we have no clue when the next update will be
  • Which bugs? Please, give detailed information. You are complaining about Microsoft, but you don't seem very capable of communicating your needs other than whining and complaining.
  • Battery drain, phones heating up I've made posts about my bugs here. There's other people that are in the comments here complaining of bugs. It's not just me.
  • Yeah the last two updates (.693 and .726) have bad battery drain issues for 950/950 XL, heating as well as app crashing every now and then.
  • Just reset your phone
  • Not going to fix the Bluetooth issues, phone resetting issues and the hundreds of other issues in the production builds
  • I love reading how people complaing about the fast ring constantly, its a test ring for a reason.  You are helping making a product better not expecting it to work 100% of the time.  Production versions have been solid on my W10 desktop, Surface and Mobile for a long while.  If you can't handle the crashes and problems, switch from fast ring to a either Slow, Insider Preview or just get out all together.   
  • Patch Tuesday has nothing to do with the fast ring.
  • Fact, however the first post was about the fast ring...hence my initial comment.
  • That isn't quite true. The problem is that a lot of the issues we have are so obvious once you use the device that they shouldn't have been released to outside testers, because internal testers should have already found them. We get mad because it makes us question if they actually have any internal testers. It is a waste of time to have Insiders spending all of their time documenting obvious bugs. The second reason we get mad is that the obvious bugs are often ignored by Microsoft, in that they never acknowledge them as known issues.
  • My reply was to top of thread, not elangab.
  • You forgot to take into account that maybe their aren't a vast amount of internal testers or maybe Microsoft sees an oppurtunity to obtain real world test data from people using the device.  Even though people have the exact same device specifications wise, we all utilize it with different settings and applications. Not to downplay it, but realize also that Mobile is a very small percentage of their Windows 10 market.  I love my Lumia 950 XL but understand the OS won't see as many improvements or enhancements as its desktop brother. Lack of insight into problems can be bothersome for sure, but they do a descent job of addressing issues, no one is perfect.  I take the Surface Pro battery life issues for example, it has taken a couple attempts but they have released fixes to critical issues affecting their product across all groups. I don't know many companies that address every single issue at hand, if its in an insider ring that i would just continue to report it because you don't know how hard or how much time is needed to replicate the problem.  If its part of a production release that I'd have big concerns of being ignored.    
  • This isn't quite true. The interaction model changes once you go from a product to a service model. If you buy something at Best Buy you have one set of expectations, but if you are now receiving an ongoing service from.them instead, there are different expectations and obligations. Some of these are formally spelled out in a Service License Agreement, and others are informal customs that carry no legal force but are nonetheless standard and reasonable expectations of a service provider. That being said, MSFT told us as soon as they knew, and I expect we will get an update as soon as they have more information about how long it will be. (Or, if it's quick, then a release and a statement the next day saying it was resolved already.)
  • Good decision! Next month,we will get Creators Update (maybe April).
  • This is why I bought a Samsung S7 Edge. I need my apps and a good OS. Guys the random reboots are still there along with the app crashes etc.
  • what?
  • No reboots with 650/640/550.
  • Obviously you haven't the foggiest clue what this is about. This is the monthly patch mechanism to release small fixes for security vulnerabilities, for instabilities, etc. Android has had vulnerabilities that have been around for years without being fixed, and Google has specifically stated that they would not be fixed - my favorite was a public disclosure by Google of a security vulnerability, and the next day Google said they would not patch a hole in Chrome on Adroid that gave complete control over your device. Google's response? Buy a new phone. Of course this wouldn't be anything near what you are writing about here, but why make your comment relevant to the topic at hand? This isn't even about phones, it is about desktop computers. But why be on topic, it gives you a chance to troll, to create controversy, to give a little advertisement to your phone of choice. Now scurry off to AndroidCentral, I am sure you and your little "friends" (if you have any) and laugh and joke about how you got in your jab, pat each other on the back and congradulate yourselves over, well, something that had nothing to do with this article.
  • niiice.
  • If they couldn't troll they would have nothing else to do.
  • u will be downvoted if you raise any complaint. Fanboyz just killed windows phone & now they r upto PC level. Good going fanboyz
  • Raising complaints are fine. It is whining and complaining about something that isn't even close to being on topic that will get you downvoted. Also, whining about other people's opinions will get you downvoted. So tell us, what is your favorite? Apple? Google? Tell me that people complaining over on those forums do not get downvoted when they make fanboy comments? In fact, I regularly read Mac and Google/Android forums. And if you are not 100% supportive, then they don't just downvote, they ban. Microsoft "fanboyz" are more tolerant.
  • bro, there were both kind of incidents, when a normal user raise some issues, we saw abuses from fanboyz, literally people scared to post any comments. They only came forward when this went into war of words. Few people have real issues but never allowed to discuss it in proper manner here. It doesn't mean its bugless if you don't have an issue, open forums and u see lot of them.
  • If anyone is afraid of making comments, they missed the whole point behind the Internet. I would be more likely to downvote you for using the term, "fanboyz".
  • haha... no problem.
  • List of people who are afraid to post? You made the claim so you should be able to tell us who those people are. Around here, I have seen people write comments such as "hey, I tried doing X but it gave me the error message Y" and they get nothing but help trying to fix their problems. Meanwhile you go to sites for Apple or Google products, and a comment like that is met with people who claim that you really do not have products from those companies, they try to ban you, and make all kinds of abusive comments. I know, I have been on the receiving end of those comments. Once I went to an Apple site to get help for an error message when trying to share my iTunes library. I was told that I was lying, the mods there published my IP address, and had people trying to discover who I was in real life. All because I dared to ask for help because iTunes gave me an error message. If you go to iMore, they regularly disable comments (I find it funny how often they conclude an article with "so what do you think about X?" and then disable comments). I read comment after comment on other sites that will disappear if you do not give the most glowing of review of the Apple product. People demanding that comments be removed if they are not complementary towards Apple. But when someone is clearly trolling, that is a problem and you need to complain about them being downvoted? I have other comments here where people are whining, complaining simply to hear themselves complain, and just simply trying to create controversy. Tell me, what does someone telling us about their Samsung phone running Android have to do about patching Windows desktops? For all the problems Android has with malware, security vulnerabilities, etc. it takes nerve to come here and start spouting off about great it is in an article that isn't even about phones. And for that, they deserve to be downvoted into oblivion.
  • Wow the first time I wanted to get off this app and go to the site and up vote someone. Sad but true, if you tell it like it is you will just be banned.
  • I had a problem with the PC update on release preview a few weeks back, perhaps a similar bug has caused the delay
  • I'm desperately waiting for a slow ring build for my mobile and surface pro
  • They should have pushed it anyway so that tech blogs have something juicy to write about. /s
  • Glad they stopped, could do without my pc and laptop crashing.
  • Iam using lumia 540. Actually i dont have any big problem with w 10. Battery backup is okay,last up to one day with avg net use. Major problem is app crash, and some alp not working in some tiny bugs. Hence. I think w10 is almost near to other oS. Improving alot.. The patch Tuesday is delayed ones,its okay.. We will wait.. We expect it will release soon..
  • I don't mind waiting a little longer. I got no issues with my 950 which is on production build.
  • Uh oh. The dreaded "coming soon"....
  • At least on this update they found an issue and are going to fix it instead of releasing it with the issue like in the past.
  • Not sure if anyone read the blog update yet, but they added this: "UPDATE: 2/15/17: We will deliver updates as part of the planned March Update Tuesday, March 14, 2017."
  • Good, I value stability very much.