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Microsoft's Project Astoria and Android app emulation not happening anytime soon

During Microsoft's Build conference earlier this year the company announced their software Bridges for developers. Now the future of one of those bridges is uncertain.

These tools were to help developers port their software to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and were broken down into four projects, including:

  • Project Westminster - For porting Web apps
  • Project Centennial - For porting Classic Win32 apps
  • Project Islandwood - For porting iOS apps
  • Project Astoria - For emulating Android apps

The idea behind the bridges is to aid in closing the so-called 'app gap' on Windows and Windows Phone. However, while consumers would reap the benefits, Windows developers were not at all pleased with the announcement. The reason comes down to Project Astoria, which was the most controversial due to its implementation.

What is Astoria?

Reports of running Android apps on Windows 10 go back to 2014 including a report by Mary Jo Foley and a report by Tom Warren from February 2014.

Astoria is an Android emulator meaning devs do not have any real work to do. Instead, the phone ran the Android APK file directly. Early Insider builds of Windows 10 Mobile had this layer in the OS letting consumers sideload APK files directly. Not only did this project make app piracy easy, it undercut Windows developers who would have little reason to make native Windows apps anymore.

Astoria was never released to developers openly. Instead, they had to apply to test out the tools, which were still under development. Developer feedback and their experiences would be gathered in a closed forum found at At the time of this report, the Astoria landing page (opens in new tab) to apply was still active.

Project Astoria was a brute-force solution to a persistent problem for Windows and Windows Phone. However, it may have been too brazen even for Microsoft.

Astoria status – 'Not going as planned'

Windows Central is now hearing from multiple sources that Project Astoria is on hold indefinitely, and maybe even shelved completely. Although Microsoft is not publicly — even privately — stating Astoria is cancelled, they are not openly talking about it anymore, or even privately discussing it with developers.

One source has told us that "the Android app porting is not going as planned."

The interpretation by others familiar with the matter is that Astoria is not happening anytime soon and Microsoft has yet to find a way to announce the news publicly. Indeed, while the news will be welcomed by Windows developers, it could come across as a failure by the company to execute on a publicly announced strategy.

Additional evidence supporting this conclusion comes from various sources besides the ones we spoke to, including:

  • The Project Astoria forums have gone silent since September with developer questions unanswered by Microsoft, including inquiries about the project's future
  • Recent Windows 10 Mobile Insider builds have had the Android subsystem completely removed including build 10586 (commercial shipping release)
  • Microsoft is no longer openly talking about the project even to those under NDA

There could be a few reasons as to why Astoria has been unsuccessful. Some of the people we have spoken too did not know the exact motive for the delay, although they did have some ideas, including:

  • Pushback – Developers were very unhappy about Astoria
  • Technical – There are reports that the Android subsystem caused Windows 10 Mobile to slow down over time
  • Legal — It is not clear what, if any, legal ramifications there in such an approach

Update: One other reason we have heard since publishing is that the Astoria team was 60-80 people versus the 5 it took for Islandwood. In the end, it may have been economic hurdles as much as technical ones.

Project Islandwood for porting iOS apps requires the apps to be recompiled, but it also needs developer intervention. Islandwood is for Objective-C and it follows a history of Microsoft supported programming languages. Astoria, however, was straight up emulation and could run into all sorts of legal and technical issues.

As to the status of Projects Islandwood, Westminster and Centennial, we hear those are all still happening — and with notable positive discussion about Islandwood. In fact, Facebook's upcoming universal app for Windows 10 looks to be an iOS port.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, none of the developers we spoke to were upset at Astoria's possible demise.

The future

We've reached out to Microsoft about our findings and a spokesperson provided the following statement:

"We're committed to offering developers many options to bring their apps to the Windows Platform, including bridges available now for Web and iOS, and soon Win32. The Astoria bridge is not ready yet, but other tools offer great options for developers. For example, the iOS bridge enables developers to write a native Windows Universal app which calls UWP APIs directly from Objective-C, and to mix and match UWP and iOS concepts such as XAML and UIKit. Developers can write apps that run on all Windows 10 devices and take advantage of native Windows features easily. We're grateful to the feedback from the development community and look forward to supporting them as they develop apps for Windows 10."

What this all means for the future of Windows Phone and closing the app-gap remains to be seen. Certainly Astoria offered a massive shortcut to getting new apps onto Windows Phone solving at least one problem. However, it did rely on developers giving consent to having their apps ported to the Windows Store, something that was not guaranteed to happen. Additionally, Microsoft stood a good chance of alienating its own developer base should the project be successful. On the other hand, Project Islandwood for iOS apps may be a better route — the iOS App Store is full of quality apps and recompiled apps will perform and behave better on Windows 10, not to mention the lesser potential for abuse compared to straight emulation.

Whether Microsoft revives Project Astoria depends on the real reasons for its end and whether those can be overcome. For now, however, it looks like Android apps are not coming to Windows 10 Mobile anytime soon.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • sad to read this.
  • Lets be real. We knew this wasnt going to be happening any time soon. Its just the way things have gone with WP for years now. Anything remotely great/positive does not happen soon, ever.
  • Windows 10 mobile next week RTM for insiders - now that's great imho.
  • It looks good on paper but the reality is that it will be missing features that even 8.1 had. Nothing groundbreaking or even daily driver usable still. Guaranteed.
  • Sounds like you have not used the current build of Win Mobile 10. It is very usable as a daily driver and what features would you consider missing that would keep it from being a daily driver? Not one OS has every feature of the other. Does that make iOS or Android useless as a daily driver? The features that people want are not necessarily deal breakers. The biggest issue for most people and was the case with previous versions of WP was the lack of popular apps. Games, social, and banking apps to be specific. I'm sure there are other categories that people can think off, but I think these apps fit the majority of people's concerns. Just my opinion.
  • I agree with you Vincent. I am really interested in the 950XL but my bank app is not on Windows. I am the support for our bank app, so it would be bad if i had a phone that didnt even have the app that i help our customers with. Its the only reason i am not jumping all over the 950XL. Maybe someday!
  • Seems like your in a good position to lobby your bank for a windows universal app. 
  • Yup! Hopefully it's Chase.
  • This is an understatement, I also have a Winbook Windows Tablet upgraded to Windows 10. A Universal app from Chase would be great. If
  • You're*
  • Jed this is the problem for about 90% of bank apps.  Even my bank that has a WP app does not have all the features of the iOS or Android app and that is okay, i don't need every feature I just want the one feature to deposit checks through the app.  that's it.   I think a lot of these banks which either had no app or recently removed their app from the WP store are waiting for the Project Islandwood or universal windows app to be officially launched so they can build 1 app for multiple devices and or just use the app they already have built for iOS and port it over.
  • Islandwood is next to be cancelled. Android is open sourced, if any of these projects could work it would be Astoria. Even blackberry got it going somewhat. IOS is completely locked down, I don't know how Microsoft expects to get IOS apps running on WP.
  • They don't.  Islandwood is not an emulator, it is a recompile of Objective C.  There are far fewer legal issues because Apple does not own the code for those apps.  An emulator requires running things that others may have patents on.   Project Islandwood would being iOS apps to Windows and make them 100% native.  Astoria just was an emulation layer with a few tweaks that likely brought down Windows because of how bad Android is in several areas.
  • Islandwood would have better chance to succeed since it is targeting at 1 billion+ W10 user base instead of the much smaller WP user base as the Astoria is aiming at.  Islandwood makes more sense than Astoria since the UW apps serve not only W10M but also Continuum.  But Islandwood needs to support Swift also in addition to Objective C.
  • You obviously don't understand what's going on here. As the article points out, Islandwood always was the better fit and is already being used in some capacity. It will provide a much better end-product from a quality and performance standpoint. This is definitely the way to go vs. adding in another alien OS layer.
  • But should'nt 'Project Westminster' suffice at getting all the banks back On-Board, with litte effort and Full-Functionallity?
  • Push your employer to make a Universal Windows 10, they could easily port the iOS app over ;-) 
  • Really? I am very interested to know who is responsible for not including Windows Mobile or Windows Phone in the list of supported OSes. It is a pity that devs support only Android/iOS because of the market share. But most apps arer FREE of charge. They have nothing to do with money earnings from the app sales. So, let`s not blame MS and Windows of any device! Force your devs to  mind Windows and stop the app gap !!!
  • It's what I have always said what have to do the market share with Snapchat,waze,lg remote control ,kik, of they sing show ads are services that they give to their customers I think should Microsoft put an ultimatum to all the developers that are not upgrading their apps examples are by million waze,kik,instagram and their lame pityful app and they thinks that are doing to us an favor like Facebook thinks , but they must be in all the platforms because we are customers of Facebook, kik,instagram etc and we should put our voices louder to demand the same treatment than android and IOS customers gets Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sounds like you don't own a 520, or other low end lumia because its tourture on our side of the windows.
  • Face it edge is garbage no doubt about it. It's not ready for primetime
  • I use the current build, and it is far from daily driver material. Perhaps the device it's used on makes a dramatic difference in performance and stability.
  • the biggst issue for me is removing "quiet hours when busy in calendar". That was literally the best thing about cortana. So handy at work. MS seem to have a habit of removing their best features without reason and it really bugs me. :(
  • I miss that too. But, keep in mind, their Outlook client is actually something they are building on. I can't remember the name of the email client prior to MS purchasing it, but it didn't have many of the features that MS has to had. I'm guessing that they will add that feature and others with future updates.
  • Less is more.
  • Why do people keep saying "you have not used the current build".  It's the current builds showing the dismal direction that Windows 10 is taking on the phone.   Biggest missing features for me are history in people app, contact level notifications, driving mode on map, bi-directional control on bluetooth playback.  Those alone make the upgrade not worthwhile for me.  If someone had never used many of the unique features that were dropped in Win 10 they may not care.  But then why not just use android instead?  
  • Windows 10 Mobile 10581 is usable on my 5-7 daily drivers. Windows 10 Mobile is such an improvement over Windows Phone that it is ridiculous that people don't remember how much we all complained about Windows Phone 8.1 and the missing features. Most of us have been spoiled by being insiders, using new features for the last 8-9 months that they have become normal and we forget that they were not a part of 8.1. Non insiders are in for a HUGE treat when they upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile and use it for the first time. Take a look at this article. Too bad Microsoft has said little to nothing about Windows 10 Mobile features since the initial unveiling in February, thus making the upgrade look like nothing more than a UI overhaul and the removal of certain things. Some of us look at Windows Phone 8.1 with rose tinted glasses as there are a lot of things that W10M does that you cannot do on WP8.1 and what was lost from 8.1 does not outnumber what is gained in W10M. By the way, it looks like the AT&T Lumia 640 has a permanent price reduction to $59 at walmart. :) Excellent price for an excellent device!  
  • True story above. Love my 640 as well
  • hal - it is mind boggling how well an $80 phone without contract compares to an iOS device which would cost $700.  Oh I forgot... Shucks the 640 doesn't have a thumb scanner to unlock...  LMAO but live photos? check, and virtually every other feature? check...
  • Agreed, they are great phones especially at the current price. Only complaint is the limited internal storage but that can be fixed with a micro SD card.
  • Sure it's usable for some fanboys. But what person is going to leave an Android or iPhone for that? Here are some things that  are frustrating when you've used another OS. 1. .....Loading
    2. .....Resuming
    3. VPN support sucks
    4. Barely any banking apps
    5. Edge is a joke
    6. Music is terrible
    7. Coming Soon
    8. Even WP8.1 features are coming soon, lol I can go on forever, but some people will not admit anything.  
  • 1. Isn't a problem on 10581 2. Isn't a problem on 10581 3. Cisco AnyConnect works great, so VPN support doesn't "suck". 4. Truth, luckily USAA does have an app for me. 5. Edge is a joke on desktop without plugins, but it's really not bad on mobile. 6. No, you've got many choices. Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc... 7. Very soon! 8. Huh?
  • 1. Come on who are you kidding? I have 10581 on a 925
    2. Read Above
    3. Tunnel Bear? PureVPN? OpenVPN?
    4. At least you can acknowledge something.
    5. Edge keeps crashing and Laggy as
    6. Laggy and missing features like gapless playback, lol
    7. Nothing more to say.
    8. Features available on 8.1 are now coming soon on WM10, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • @flowkidd ​ You clearly havent been using insider builds for quite a long time, which makes me wonder why the hell your even replying to this comment. Groove got gapless playback months ago.  
  • As the English would say, f**k the gap!
  • @asskickulater Groove finally got the gapless playback but all those apps he mention do not have it, which is what I was talking about. Please think before you reply.
  • Wow, what a FAIL you are flowkidd - gapless playback been there for some time. Can't really trust anything you claim if you make such fundamental mistakes, seriously. And prefer Groove over this mess: I'll be happy with W10 on my 930 and Surface Pro 3 as of next week and won't think once about iSam or SamPad lol
  • @2tomtom Are you slow? I never said that Groove didn't have gapless playback but other apps have a significant delay when playing music like Pandora and others, they are not the same as iOS or Android. Now who is the FAIL? when you can even read.
  • WOW - Please read YOUR comment above, particularly: "6.  .....missing features like gapless playback" Are you drunk flowkidd?    
  • @2tomtom
    I first wrote:
    6. Music is terrible
    He replied:
    6. No, you've got many choices. Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc... I then said:
    6. Laggy and missing features like gapless playback, lol Now tell me where does it mention Groove, idiot?  
  • While I like groove... it is far from perfect. Playback through groove from songs on one drive is not gapless, what is supposed to be and what is are two entirely different things. It is not even smooth. My 1020 skips like a record player for the first 15 seconds of each song. It is clearly buffering. I would write it off if it was solely on 4G but I am on my work WIFI after hours with a 2 gigbit internet connection. My android device does not have these issues when playing the same song from the same location.   ...loading still occurs ...Resuming still occurs, not as bad but still happens. Built in VPN support is not great. Yes a dozen apps to do something but this functionality has been baked into all versions of windows going way back. Edge sucks... On PC and mobile    
  • 1 and 2 are still very much happening on my 1520 with 10581. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No they aren't, I have a 1520 running 10581 and haven't seen either since the build released.
  • I've not seen load or resume issues since the most recent build. The previous would have it from time to time, but did correct itself after a few seconds. My 1520 has been nearly flawless, with the exception of a random reboot that I experienced last week.
  • I experienced loading and resuming on my 520, but I expected it. You can't put a V8 engine in a SMART car and expect it to work like it's in a truck.  I don't have those issues on my 1520, but again, it has the most advanced processor for Windows phone.  That is until the 950/950XL comes out.  Edge is a joke?? Why?? Is it as feature rich as Chrome...absolutely not, but from a security perspective it's not as vulnerable either. there any iOS or OSX user that adores iTunes?  Zune/Xbox/Groove is far better. What are you comparing it too?  In fact I think it's the best native music app of any platform.  How do Andriod phones perform two or three years ago? My 920 still performs like a champ with Window mobile 10.  Your points are all valid, but these can be made for any platform.
  • I thought the m8 had the fastest processor in Windows phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • lol
  • There is an epidemic of Stockholm Syndrome going on on this site.  W10M is horrible.  It is not ready for prime time in any way, shape or form.  There is no app gap, there is an app chasm.  Edge is pathetic.  Outlook email is pathetic.  The calendar is pathetic.  Grove is pathetic.  The built-in Office apps are pathetic. The platform is just plain aweful.  Which is sad, becuase it held so much promise once upon a time.  Where are the hubs?  Where are the pivots?  MS have just completely lost their way.
  • I've been very critical of WM10 but 1 and 2 dont actually happen anymore. at all. I found not restoring an old backup and using the lates build fixed these two issues. Also Music is awesome now! no issues. My only beef is the quiet hours not automatically turning on when i have a busy calendar appointment. i dont know why the F they removed that.      
  • Resuming still happening on the 520 that frustrate me a lot the loading too even the funny it's that even with own Microsoft app like Skype I'm an heavy user of Skype Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WP8.1 has lots of missing features? Do you forget how many new features it brought that were not on 7.8?
  • App drawer (fantastic) and Cortana (meh). What else? And we lost some features, too, like wireless syncing, great music player, and hubs.  I'd say overall it's been a wash for about three years now.  I don't think one can say that Windows Phone is overall better than it was in 7.8.  It's just better in some ways and worse in others.  Depending on which features you most valued, YMMV.
  • $29 att 640 at Best Buy from Thanksgiving day through Sunday.
  • I had a few minor bugs and had to flash my 521 back to Windows 8.1. I had to remind myself to re-enable the dev preview for 8.1 because of all the missing features. Honestly I'm already missing Windows 10 Mobile. The People Hub and Outlook need some work because MS decided to rebuild a bunch of their apps from scratch and havn't added everything back in yet. I'm hoping for Instagram support in the people's hub. Over all Windows 10 Mobile is a very nice step forward. I'm still pissed about the whole One Drive situation but I'm not dumping Windows 10 Mobile. It's just so much better than iOS and especially Android. MS just needs to get the little features back in. See Lumia Beamer.
  • True. we are spoiled, talking about Win 10 Moibile  like we are using the final version. IT IS NOT YET FINISHED!!! I rolled back to 8.1 having used 10581, because i was too excited and i just want to wait for the official. I wanted to return to the unsuspicious users, those who are using 8.1 and waiting for the next BIG thing. I assure them, they will not be dissapointed!
  • 5-7? 6 then :-)
  • "Nothing groundbreaking or even daily driver usable still. Guaranteed."
    Not true. I've been daily driving every publicly released build of Windows 10 Mobile on 3 different phones (635, 640 and 1520). While some of the earlier builds were a little unstable (as should be expected during a new OS' development), the more recent builds have been surprisingly good. While, yes, Win10Mo will have a few rough edges, and a few undetected flaws, I doubt we'll see anything that'll render a Win10Mo phone unusable nor frustrating in use. Microsoft needs to ship a good release of Win10Mo now and then get back to work on finding & fixing detected errors, improving existing features and adding new features over time. Perhaps most importantly, Microsoft needs to ge the carriers to step back and let Microsoft take a more active role in updating Windows Phones in the wild without unnecessarily delaying and arbitrarily refusing to ship OS updates. Now that most of the apps are now apps, and not built-in to the OS, at least app updates should be easier for MS to ship.
  • Agreed, espcially about the apps not being built into the OS. Any buggy apps can be updated seperately from the OS and that helps a ton with carrier approval. With WP8.1 apps such as Office and Messaging rarely got updates unless it was a critical update or one of the Nokia firmware updates and we all know how those were held up by carriers. Now, the OS has to pass testing and the apps can error out and easily be updated before, during or after testing.
  • Using build 10581 on my Lumia 930 daily driver and no major issues. Just waiting for the RTM release and I'm all official W10 and love it.
  • Very true. W10M has an impressive list of new minor nice-to-have features. Meanwhile basic and extremely useful stuff like tasks and the combined inboxes which Joe Belfiore proudly announced in WP75 ( have gone altogether.
  • Combined inbox are back in Outlook Mail! Since yesterday, although it's a litte buggy (the new settings menu).
  • Agree about the tasks. I tried Wunderlist (which MS bought) and personally prefer it. Wunderlist will link in with your emails and with the paid version does much more. I would like to see Wunderlist replace tasks in Outlook, I find it easier to use and eye candy wise it's way ahead.
  • What features are missing in W10M that WP8.1 has? I made the leap and happy I did. The only thing not working for me is Mobile Hotspot, and the keyboard's paste doesn't know how to deal with rich text. Otherwise, W10M brought me TONS of new features, either in the OS itself or in vastly new and improved apps. Having the new Office apps alone are worth upgrading.
  • Like what! it has wall paper , voice recorder on text message , sound great to me but the the apps is a big blow so what else is missing .
  • I think this is a great move by Microsoft. Windows 10 is certainly seeing higher interest from developers than Windows/Phone 8/8.1 ever did. Microsoft is giving their platform room to breathe. If developer interest dies off, expect to see Astoria make a comeback.
  • Can I have some of what you are smoking?  This is not a great move by Microsoft.  It's nothing but BlackBerry arrogance. You can't sell more phones if you dont have a good app eco system in place.  One more nail in the coffin IMOP.
  • Blackberry did not have the ecosystem that Microsoft has so your comparison seems odd!
  • Of course, that MS ecosystem is primarily built up by folks who don't touch the app store. Having a bunch of people is great, but if they never use the apps, developers will stop making/supporting them. From a mobile standpoint, MS really is no better off than Blackberry was.
  • Microsoft has a superb enterprise ecosystem. On the consumer front mostly the ecosystem feels like it is 2005. What great new apps does Windows have that are truly great contenders for a phone? All of those legacy applications don't qualify. I want Windows to succeed but the legacy ecosystem isn't going to help. 
  • Please tell me the positives Astoria. What exclusive android apps that don't rely on the android OS, are any good and worth having? iOS has more quality apps and way way more games. Android still suffers from fragmentation so they still get delayed content or not at all like with many games. Seems like the only true benefit is side loading apps, which developers don't want you doing. That to go along with the negatives pointed out by others. Then I ask again what are the positives of Astoria, and why is this a huge disappointment now?
  • Astoria required a lot less work from developers, it seemed. Like with 360 BC on the One, it seems devs just had to tell MS to hit a button to get apps into the store. Islandwood appears to need SOME level of dev input to recompile and release the Objective-C in a W10-supported language (C# still, right?).
  • developers have not complained.
  • The problem is the same thing will happen to islandwood.
  • Bad thinking. Microsoft has now his OS running across devices. Developers now are looking at W10 as a great opportunity. They want their apps on all the Surfaces and PC's! And as a result they just include a lot of phones too! Bam! Microsoft growing!
  • I hope that there is a flood. I just wish that a marketer for Microsoft was out telling us about top tier apps that are coming.
  • Astoria was just a short cut. I've been looking forward to Islandwood apps more. If it was indeed the Android-subsystem that caused W10M to slow down over time, it perfectly made sense since the last two builds dont have such issue. Nobody is trashing a good eco-system here, it's just as long as we have other options, Android is not the right way to go. 
  • Funny you should mention Blackberry. They DID add Android app compatibility, and it still failed miserably. I don't want to see the day where all my Windows Mobile apps are running in an Android emulator. I do want an easy way for developers to port their apps, but I want native apps. If Astoria was going to drive away developers from the already-small pool, it's a bad idea. The lack of a good solution stinks, but that doesn't mean that we should settle for a bad one, and Astoria was never a good idea.
  • MS should've made this happen!!.... Another complete failure... SMDHADL... SMDH.
  • You do realize that Blackberry screwed their own developers right? And you know what a major cause of that? The Android runtime and Amazon app store. But you are right, sadly apps (no matter what apps they are) trumps the OS. BB10 is one of the best experiences I've had on any folk, but it looks as though they have given up on it after only 3 years. Why? Mainly social apps, but apps nontheless. 
  • Hello Daniel! (instagram app maker) Do you have any new projects for windows 10?
  • There is an interest from dev community toward Windows 10, sure. But only for tablets and desktops. Windows 10 didn't bring any interest to Mobile part. If anything, it pushes interst away with top names withdrawing completely from mobile platform.
  • Well that's the whole point of Universal Apps in Windows 10.  The apps you can run on your tablet/desktop/laptop are the same ones you can run on your Windows phone.  Unifying the whole experience is what they are banking on
  • Yes, I hate having to buy same app for multiple stores.
  • Where do you see evidence that there is great interest from developers? I am surprised how quiet things are on the universal app front. I thought that right up front we would see announcements shortly after Windows 10 for desktop went live, but there has been almost nothing. I haven't seen anything interesting released since 10 came out which is disappointing. I think Microsoft would market the hell out of any top tier app that was coming in universal format to deskop because it would be going to phone and Xbox as well.
  • I think the problem is that there is a general lack of interest in developing desktop apps, and if someone is going to develop for the desktop then (assuming it's not particularly resource intensive) they might as well do a web app instead.
  • Eh, this one is tougher. For one, other Bridges are going forward e.g. Facebook and Islandwood. This may have helped the store situation, but it could kill off native developers too. The dev community was really not happy with it. So calling this "great/positive" is just seeing it from one side, one which I don't generally agree with.
  • yes, honestly, i dont care, if atleast one of them works. Islandwood is still a go, then i am fine, we need the apps any way possible, as an end user i couldnt not care less what route the used to reach the windows store.
  • I don't understand why they are unhappy about it? They can still develop native apps, but the companies that aren't willing to may be willing to use a bridge. This brings more apps which in turn should mean more people in the store downloading apps. I.e more people in the store to download their native app which being a universal app should look and feel pretty darn good. Why would they not want this? I'm not being snarky, I really am asking. 
  • For me creating native apps for windows is good b/c the ratio's of apps vs users is good. When you flood the store with a bunch of apps it may be good for the users in the short term.. not so sure about long term. I'm almost positive I'd stop creating apps b/c the the exposure my apps would get would get crushed.
  • Allowing Android apps to run on Windows Phone would be disastrous. That was the last nail in the coffin for Blackberry OS. A developer (who already doesn't want to build an official app) will have even more reason not bother if their Androi