Microsoft's Project Astoria and Android app emulation not happening anytime soon

During Microsoft's Build conference earlier this year the company announced their software Bridges for developers. Now the future of one of those bridges is uncertain.

These tools were to help developers port their software to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and were broken down into four projects, including:

  • Project Westminster - For porting Web apps
  • Project Centennial - For porting Classic Win32 apps
  • Project Islandwood - For porting iOS apps
  • Project Astoria - For emulating Android apps

The idea behind the bridges is to aid in closing the so-called 'app gap' on Windows and Windows Phone. However, while consumers would reap the benefits, Windows developers were not at all pleased with the announcement. The reason comes down to Project Astoria, which was the most controversial due to its implementation.

What is Astoria?

Reports of running Android apps on Windows 10 go back to 2014 including a report by Mary Jo Foley and a report by Tom Warren from February 2014.

Astoria is an Android emulator meaning devs do not have any real work to do. Instead, the phone ran the Android APK file directly. Early Insider builds of Windows 10 Mobile had this layer in the OS letting consumers sideload APK files directly. Not only did this project make app piracy easy, it undercut Windows developers who would have little reason to make native Windows apps anymore.

Astoria was never released to developers openly. Instead, they had to apply to test out the tools, which were still under development. Developer feedback and their experiences would be gathered in a closed forum found at At the time of this report, the Astoria landing page (opens in new tab) to apply was still active.

Project Astoria was a brute-force solution to a persistent problem for Windows and Windows Phone. However, it may have been too brazen even for Microsoft.

Astoria status – 'Not going as planned'

Windows Central is now hearing from multiple sources that Project Astoria is on hold indefinitely, and maybe even shelved completely. Although Microsoft is not publicly — even privately — stating Astoria is cancelled, they are not openly talking about it anymore, or even privately discussing it with developers.

One source has told us that "the Android app porting is not going as planned."

The interpretation by others familiar with the matter is that Astoria is not happening anytime soon and Microsoft has yet to find a way to announce the news publicly. Indeed, while the news will be welcomed by Windows developers, it could come across as a failure by the company to execute on a publicly announced strategy.

Additional evidence supporting this conclusion comes from various sources besides the ones we spoke to, including:

  • The Project Astoria forums have gone silent since September with developer questions unanswered by Microsoft, including inquiries about the project's future
  • Recent Windows 10 Mobile Insider builds have had the Android subsystem completely removed including build 10586 (commercial shipping release)
  • Microsoft is no longer openly talking about the project even to those under NDA

There could be a few reasons as to why Astoria has been unsuccessful. Some of the people we have spoken too did not know the exact motive for the delay, although they did have some ideas, including:

  • Pushback – Developers were very unhappy about Astoria
  • Technical – There are reports that the Android subsystem caused Windows 10 Mobile to slow down over time
  • Legal — It is not clear what, if any, legal ramifications there in such an approach

Update: One other reason we have heard since publishing is that the Astoria team was 60-80 people versus the 5 it took for Islandwood. In the end, it may have been economic hurdles as much as technical ones.

Project Islandwood for porting iOS apps requires the apps to be recompiled, but it also needs developer intervention. Islandwood is for Objective-C and it follows a history of Microsoft supported programming languages. Astoria, however, was straight up emulation and could run into all sorts of legal and technical issues.

As to the status of Projects Islandwood, Westminster and Centennial, we hear those are all still happening — and with notable positive discussion about Islandwood. In fact, Facebook's upcoming universal app for Windows 10 looks to be an iOS port.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, none of the developers we spoke to were upset at Astoria's possible demise.

The future

We've reached out to Microsoft about our findings and a spokesperson provided the following statement:

"We're committed to offering developers many options to bring their apps to the Windows Platform, including bridges available now for Web and iOS, and soon Win32. The Astoria bridge is not ready yet, but other tools offer great options for developers. For example, the iOS bridge enables developers to write a native Windows Universal app which calls UWP APIs directly from Objective-C, and to mix and match UWP and iOS concepts such as XAML and UIKit. Developers can write apps that run on all Windows 10 devices and take advantage of native Windows features easily. We're grateful to the feedback from the development community and look forward to supporting them as they develop apps for Windows 10."

What this all means for the future of Windows Phone and closing the app-gap remains to be seen. Certainly Astoria offered a massive shortcut to getting new apps onto Windows Phone solving at least one problem. However, it did rely on developers giving consent to having their apps ported to the Windows Store, something that was not guaranteed to happen. Additionally, Microsoft stood a good chance of alienating its own developer base should the project be successful. On the other hand, Project Islandwood for iOS apps may be a better route — the iOS App Store is full of quality apps and recompiled apps will perform and behave better on Windows 10, not to mention the lesser potential for abuse compared to straight emulation.

Whether Microsoft revives Project Astoria depends on the real reasons for its end and whether those can be overcome. For now, however, it looks like Android apps are not coming to Windows 10 Mobile anytime soon.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • sad to read this.
  • Lets be real. We knew this wasnt going to be happening any time soon. Its just the way things have gone with WP for years now. Anything remotely great/positive does not happen soon, ever.
  • Windows 10 mobile next week RTM for insiders - now that's great imho.
  • It looks good on paper but the reality is that it will be missing features that even 8.1 had. Nothing groundbreaking or even daily driver usable still. Guaranteed.
  • Sounds like you have not used the current build of Win Mobile 10. It is very usable as a daily driver and what features would you consider missing that would keep it from being a daily driver? Not one OS has every feature of the other. Does that make iOS or Android useless as a daily driver? The features that people want are not necessarily deal breakers. The biggest issue for most people and was the case with previous versions of WP was the lack of popular apps. Games, social, and banking apps to be specific. I'm sure there are other categories that people can think off, but I think these apps fit the majority of people's concerns. Just my opinion.
  • I agree with you Vincent. I am really interested in the 950XL but my bank app is not on Windows. I am the support for our bank app, so it would be bad if i had a phone that didnt even have the app that i help our customers with. Its the only reason i am not jumping all over the 950XL. Maybe someday!
  • Seems like your in a good position to lobby your bank for a windows universal app. 
  • Yup! Hopefully it's Chase.
  • This is an understatement, I also have a Winbook Windows Tablet upgraded to Windows 10. A Universal app from Chase would be great. If
  • You're*
  • Jed this is the problem for about 90% of bank apps.  Even my bank that has a WP app does not have all the features of the iOS or Android app and that is okay, i don't need every feature I just want the one feature to deposit checks through the app.  that's it.   I think a lot of these banks which either had no app or recently removed their app from the WP store are waiting for the Project Islandwood or universal windows app to be officially launched so they can build 1 app for multiple devices and or just use the app they already have built for iOS and port it over.
  • Islandwood is next to be cancelled. Android is open sourced, if any of these projects could work it would be Astoria. Even blackberry got it going somewhat. IOS is completely locked down, I don't know how Microsoft expects to get IOS apps running on WP.
  • They don't.  Islandwood is not an emulator, it is a recompile of Objective C.  There are far fewer legal issues because Apple does not own the code for those apps.  An emulator requires running things that others may have patents on.   Project Islandwood would being iOS apps to Windows and make them 100% native.  Astoria just was an emulation layer with a few tweaks that likely brought down Windows because of how bad Android is in several areas.
  • Islandwood would have better chance to succeed since it is targeting at 1 billion+ W10 user base instead of the much smaller WP user base as the Astoria is aiming at.  Islandwood makes more sense than Astoria since the UW apps serve not only W10M but also Continuum.  But Islandwood needs to support Swift also in addition to Objective C.
  • You obviously don't understand what's going on here. As the article points out, Islandwood always was the better fit and is already being used in some capacity. It will provide a much better end-product from a quality and performance standpoint. This is definitely the way to go vs. adding in another alien OS layer.
  • But should'nt 'Project Westminster' suffice at getting all the banks back On-Board, with litte effort and Full-Functionallity?
  • Push your employer to make a Universal Windows 10, they could easily port the iOS app over ;-) 
  • Really? I am very interested to know who is responsible for not including Windows Mobile or Windows Phone in the list of supported OSes. It is a pity that devs support only Android/iOS because of the market share. But most apps arer FREE of charge. They have nothing to do with money earnings from the app sales. So, let`s not blame MS and Windows of any device! Force your devs to  mind Windows and stop the app gap !!!
  • It's what I have always said what have to do the market share with Snapchat,waze,lg remote control ,kik, of they sing show ads are services that they give to their customers I think should Microsoft put an ultimatum to all the developers that are not upgrading their apps examples are by million waze,kik,instagram and their lame pityful app and they thinks that are doing to us an favor like Facebook thinks , but they must be in all the platforms because we are customers of Facebook, kik,instagram etc and we should put our voices louder to demand the same treatment than android and IOS customers gets Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sounds like you don't own a 520, or other low end lumia because its tourture on our side of the windows.
  • Face it edge is garbage no doubt about it. It's not ready for primetime
  • I use the current build, and it is far from daily driver material. Perhaps the device it's used on makes a dramatic difference in performance and stability.
  • the biggst issue for me is removing "quiet hours when busy in calendar". That was literally the best thing about cortana. So handy at work. MS seem to have a habit of removing their best features without reason and it really bugs me. :(
  • I miss that too. But, keep in mind, their Outlook client is actually something they are building on. I can't remember the name of the email client prior to MS purchasing it, but it didn't have many of the features that MS has to had. I'm guessing that they will add that feature and others with future updates.
  • Less is more.
  • Why do people keep saying "you have not used the current build".  It's the current builds showing the dismal direction that Windows 10 is taking on the phone.   Biggest missing features for me are history in people app, contact level notifications, driving mode on map, bi-directional control on bluetooth playback.  Those alone make the upgrade not worthwhile for me.  If someone had never used many of the unique features that were dropped in Win 10 they may not care.  But then why not just use android instead?  
  • Windows 10 Mobile 10581 is usable on my 5-7 daily drivers. Windows 10 Mobile is such an improvement over Windows Phone that it is ridiculous that people don't remember how much we all complained about Windows Phone 8.1 and the missing features. Most of us have been spoiled by being insiders, using new features for the last 8-9 months that they have become normal and we forget that they were not a part of 8.1. Non insiders are in for a HUGE treat when they upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile and use it for the first time. Take a look at this article. Too bad Microsoft has said little to nothing about Windows 10 Mobile features since the initial unveiling in February, thus making the upgrade look like nothing more than a UI overhaul and the removal of certain things. Some of us look at Windows Phone 8.1 with rose tinted glasses as there are a lot of things that W10M does that you cannot do on WP8.1 and what was lost from 8.1 does not outnumber what is gained in W10M. By the way, it looks like the AT&T Lumia 640 has a permanent price reduction to $59 at walmart. :) Excellent price for an excellent device!  
  • True story above. Love my 640 as well
  • hal - it is mind boggling how well an $80 phone without contract compares to an iOS device which would cost $700.  Oh I forgot... Shucks the 640 doesn't have a thumb scanner to unlock...  LMAO but live photos? check, and virtually every other feature? check...
  • Agreed, they are great phones especially at the current price. Only complaint is the limited internal storage but that can be fixed with a micro SD card.
  • Sure it's usable for some fanboys. But what person is going to leave an Android or iPhone for that? Here are some things that  are frustrating when you've used another OS. 1. .....Loading
    2. .....Resuming
    3. VPN support sucks
    4. Barely any banking apps
    5. Edge is a joke
    6. Music is terrible
    7. Coming Soon
    8. Even WP8.1 features are coming soon, lol I can go on forever, but some people will not admit anything.  
  • 1. Isn't a problem on 10581 2. Isn't a problem on 10581 3. Cisco AnyConnect works great, so VPN support doesn't "suck". 4. Truth, luckily USAA does have an app for me. 5. Edge is a joke on desktop without plugins, but it's really not bad on mobile. 6. No, you've got many choices. Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc... 7. Very soon! 8. Huh?
  • 1. Come on who are you kidding? I have 10581 on a 925
    2. Read Above
    3. Tunnel Bear? PureVPN? OpenVPN?
    4. At least you can acknowledge something.
    5. Edge keeps crashing and Laggy as
    6. Laggy and missing features like gapless playback, lol
    7. Nothing more to say.
    8. Features available on 8.1 are now coming soon on WM10, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • @flowkidd ​ You clearly havent been using insider builds for quite a long time, which makes me wonder why the hell your even replying to this comment. Groove got gapless playback months ago.  
  • As the English would say, f**k the gap!
  • @asskickulater Groove finally got the gapless playback but all those apps he mention do not have it, which is what I was talking about. Please think before you reply.
  • Wow, what a FAIL you are flowkidd - gapless playback been there for some time. Can't really trust anything you claim if you make such fundamental mistakes, seriously. And prefer Groove over this mess: I'll be happy with W10 on my 930 and Surface Pro 3 as of next week and won't think once about iSam or SamPad lol
  • @2tomtom Are you slow? I never said that Groove didn't have gapless playback but other apps have a significant delay when playing music like Pandora and others, they are not the same as iOS or Android. Now who is the FAIL? when you can even read.
  • WOW - Please read YOUR comment above, particularly: "6.  .....missing features like gapless playback" Are you drunk flowkidd?    
  • @2tomtom
    I first wrote:
    6. Music is terrible
    He replied:
    6. No, you've got many choices. Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc... I then said:
    6. Laggy and missing features like gapless playback, lol Now tell me where does it mention Groove, idiot?  
  • While I like groove... it is far from perfect. Playback through groove from songs on one drive is not gapless, what is supposed to be and what is are two entirely different things. It is not even smooth. My 1020 skips like a record player for the first 15 seconds of each song. It is clearly buffering. I would write it off if it was solely on 4G but I am on my work WIFI after hours with a 2 gigbit internet connection. My android device does not have these issues when playing the same song from the same location.   ...loading still occurs ...Resuming still occurs, not as bad but still happens. Built in VPN support is not great. Yes a dozen apps to do something but this functionality has been baked into all versions of windows going way back. Edge sucks... On PC and mobile    
  • 1 and 2 are still very much happening on my 1520 with 10581. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No they aren't, I have a 1520 running 10581 and haven't seen either since the build released.
  • I've not seen load or resume issues since the most recent build. The previous would have it from time to time, but did correct itself after a few seconds. My 1520 has been nearly flawless, with the exception of a random reboot that I experienced last week.
  • I experienced loading and resuming on my 520, but I expected it. You can't put a V8 engine in a SMART car and expect it to work like it's in a truck.  I don't have those issues on my 1520, but again, it has the most advanced processor for Windows phone.  That is until the 950/950XL comes out.  Edge is a joke?? Why?? Is it as feature rich as Chrome...absolutely not, but from a security perspective it's not as vulnerable either. there any iOS or OSX user that adores iTunes?  Zune/Xbox/Groove is far better. What are you comparing it too?  In fact I think it's the best native music app of any platform.  How do Andriod phones perform two or three years ago? My 920 still performs like a champ with Window mobile 10.  Your points are all valid, but these can be made for any platform.
  • I thought the m8 had the fastest processor in Windows phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • lol
  • There is an epidemic of Stockholm Syndrome going on on this site.  W10M is horrible.  It is not ready for prime time in any way, shape or form.  There is no app gap, there is an app chasm.  Edge is pathetic.  Outlook email is pathetic.  The calendar is pathetic.  Grove is pathetic.  The built-in Office apps are pathetic. The platform is just plain aweful.  Which is sad, becuase it held so much promise once upon a time.  Where are the hubs?  Where are the pivots?  MS have just completely lost their way.
  • I've been very critical of WM10 but 1 and 2 dont actually happen anymore. at all. I found not restoring an old backup and using the lates build fixed these two issues. Also Music is awesome now! no issues. My only beef is the quiet hours not automatically turning on when i have a busy calendar appointment. i dont know why the F they removed that.      
  • Resuming still happening on the 520 that frustrate me a lot the loading too even the funny it's that even with own Microsoft app like Skype I'm an heavy user of Skype Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WP8.1 has lots of missing features? Do you forget how many new features it brought that were not on 7.8?
  • App drawer (fantastic) and Cortana (meh). What else? And we lost some features, too, like wireless syncing, great music player, and hubs.  I'd say overall it's been a wash for about three years now.  I don't think one can say that Windows Phone is overall better than it was in 7.8.  It's just better in some ways and worse in others.  Depending on which features you most valued, YMMV.
  • $29 att 640 at Best Buy from Thanksgiving day through Sunday.
  • I had a few minor bugs and had to flash my 521 back to Windows 8.1. I had to remind myself to re-enable the dev preview for 8.1 because of all the missing features. Honestly I'm already missing Windows 10 Mobile. The People Hub and Outlook need some work because MS decided to rebuild a bunch of their apps from scratch and havn't added everything back in yet. I'm hoping for Instagram support in the people's hub. Over all Windows 10 Mobile is a very nice step forward. I'm still pissed about the whole One Drive situation but I'm not dumping Windows 10 Mobile. It's just so much better than iOS and especially Android. MS just needs to get the little features back in. See Lumia Beamer.
  • True. we are spoiled, talking about Win 10 Moibile  like we are using the final version. IT IS NOT YET FINISHED!!! I rolled back to 8.1 having used 10581, because i was too excited and i just want to wait for the official. I wanted to return to the unsuspicious users, those who are using 8.1 and waiting for the next BIG thing. I assure them, they will not be dissapointed!
  • 5-7? 6 then :-)
  • "Nothing groundbreaking or even daily driver usable still. Guaranteed."
    Not true. I've been daily driving every publicly released build of Windows 10 Mobile on 3 different phones (635, 640 and 1520). While some of the earlier builds were a little unstable (as should be expected during a new OS' development), the more recent builds have been surprisingly good. While, yes, Win10Mo will have a few rough edges, and a few undetected flaws, I doubt we'll see anything that'll render a Win10Mo phone unusable nor frustrating in use. Microsoft needs to ship a good release of Win10Mo now and then get back to work on finding & fixing detected errors, improving existing features and adding new features over time. Perhaps most importantly, Microsoft needs to ge the carriers to step back and let Microsoft take a more active role in updating Windows Phones in the wild without unnecessarily delaying and arbitrarily refusing to ship OS updates. Now that most of the apps are now apps, and not built-in to the OS, at least app updates should be easier for MS to ship.
  • Agreed, espcially about the apps not being built into the OS. Any buggy apps can be updated seperately from the OS and that helps a ton with carrier approval. With WP8.1 apps such as Office and Messaging rarely got updates unless it was a critical update or one of the Nokia firmware updates and we all know how those were held up by carriers. Now, the OS has to pass testing and the apps can error out and easily be updated before, during or after testing.
  • Using build 10581 on my Lumia 930 daily driver and no major issues. Just waiting for the RTM release and I'm all official W10 and love it.
  • Very true. W10M has an impressive list of new minor nice-to-have features. Meanwhile basic and extremely useful stuff like tasks and the combined inboxes which Joe Belfiore proudly announced in WP75 ( have gone altogether.
  • Combined inbox are back in Outlook Mail! Since yesterday, although it's a litte buggy (the new settings menu).
  • Agree about the tasks. I tried Wunderlist (which MS bought) and personally prefer it. Wunderlist will link in with your emails and with the paid version does much more. I would like to see Wunderlist replace tasks in Outlook, I find it easier to use and eye candy wise it's way ahead.
  • What features are missing in W10M that WP8.1 has? I made the leap and happy I did. The only thing not working for me is Mobile Hotspot, and the keyboard's paste doesn't know how to deal with rich text. Otherwise, W10M brought me TONS of new features, either in the OS itself or in vastly new and improved apps. Having the new Office apps alone are worth upgrading.
  • Like what! it has wall paper , voice recorder on text message , sound great to me but the the apps is a big blow so what else is missing .
  • I think this is a great move by Microsoft. Windows 10 is certainly seeing higher interest from developers than Windows/Phone 8/8.1 ever did. Microsoft is giving their platform room to breathe. If developer interest dies off, expect to see Astoria make a comeback.
  • Can I have some of what you are smoking?  This is not a great move by Microsoft.  It's nothing but BlackBerry arrogance. You can't sell more phones if you dont have a good app eco system in place.  One more nail in the coffin IMOP.
  • Blackberry did not have the ecosystem that Microsoft has so your comparison seems odd!
  • Of course, that MS ecosystem is primarily built up by folks who don't touch the app store. Having a bunch of people is great, but if they never use the apps, developers will stop making/supporting them. From a mobile standpoint, MS really is no better off than Blackberry was.
  • Microsoft has a superb enterprise ecosystem. On the consumer front mostly the ecosystem feels like it is 2005. What great new apps does Windows have that are truly great contenders for a phone? All of those legacy applications don't qualify. I want Windows to succeed but the legacy ecosystem isn't going to help. 
  • Please tell me the positives Astoria. What exclusive android apps that don't rely on the android OS, are any good and worth having? iOS has more quality apps and way way more games. Android still suffers from fragmentation so they still get delayed content or not at all like with many games. Seems like the only true benefit is side loading apps, which developers don't want you doing. That to go along with the negatives pointed out by others. Then I ask again what are the positives of Astoria, and why is this a huge disappointment now?
  • Astoria required a lot less work from developers, it seemed. Like with 360 BC on the One, it seems devs just had to tell MS to hit a button to get apps into the store. Islandwood appears to need SOME level of dev input to recompile and release the Objective-C in a W10-supported language (C# still, right?).
  • developers have not complained.
  • The problem is the same thing will happen to islandwood.
  • Bad thinking. Microsoft has now his OS running across devices. Developers now are looking at W10 as a great opportunity. They want their apps on all the Surfaces and PC's! And as a result they just include a lot of phones too! Bam! Microsoft growing!
  • I hope that there is a flood. I just wish that a marketer for Microsoft was out telling us about top tier apps that are coming.
  • Astoria was just a short cut. I've been looking forward to Islandwood apps more. If it was indeed the Android-subsystem that caused W10M to slow down over time, it perfectly made sense since the last two builds dont have such issue. Nobody is trashing a good eco-system here, it's just as long as we have other options, Android is not the right way to go. 
  • Funny you should mention Blackberry. They DID add Android app compatibility, and it still failed miserably. I don't want to see the day where all my Windows Mobile apps are running in an Android emulator. I do want an easy way for developers to port their apps, but I want native apps. If Astoria was going to drive away developers from the already-small pool, it's a bad idea. The lack of a good solution stinks, but that doesn't mean that we should settle for a bad one, and Astoria was never a good idea.
  • MS should've made this happen!!.... Another complete failure... SMDHADL... SMDH.
  • You do realize that Blackberry screwed their own developers right? And you know what a major cause of that? The Android runtime and Amazon app store. But you are right, sadly apps (no matter what apps they are) trumps the OS. BB10 is one of the best experiences I've had on any folk, but it looks as though they have given up on it after only 3 years. Why? Mainly social apps, but apps nontheless. 
  • Hello Daniel! (instagram app maker) Do you have any new projects for windows 10?
  • There is an interest from dev community toward Windows 10, sure. But only for tablets and desktops. Windows 10 didn't bring any interest to Mobile part. If anything, it pushes interst away with top names withdrawing completely from mobile platform.
  • Well that's the whole point of Universal Apps in Windows 10.  The apps you can run on your tablet/desktop/laptop are the same ones you can run on your Windows phone.  Unifying the whole experience is what they are banking on
  • Yes, I hate having to buy same app for multiple stores.
  • Where do you see evidence that there is great interest from developers? I am surprised how quiet things are on the universal app front. I thought that right up front we would see announcements shortly after Windows 10 for desktop went live, but there has been almost nothing. I haven't seen anything interesting released since 10 came out which is disappointing. I think Microsoft would market the hell out of any top tier app that was coming in universal format to deskop because it would be going to phone and Xbox as well.
  • I think the problem is that there is a general lack of interest in developing desktop apps, and if someone is going to develop for the desktop then (assuming it's not particularly resource intensive) they might as well do a web app instead.
  • Eh, this one is tougher. For one, other Bridges are going forward e.g. Facebook and Islandwood. This may have helped the store situation, but it could kill off native developers too. The dev community was really not happy with it. So calling this "great/positive" is just seeing it from one side, one which I don't generally agree with.
  • yes, honestly, i dont care, if atleast one of them works. Islandwood is still a go, then i am fine, we need the apps any way possible, as an end user i couldnt not care less what route the used to reach the windows store.
  • I don't understand why they are unhappy about it? They can still develop native apps, but the companies that aren't willing to may be willing to use a bridge. This brings more apps which in turn should mean more people in the store downloading apps. I.e more people in the store to download their native app which being a universal app should look and feel pretty darn good. Why would they not want this? I'm not being snarky, I really am asking. 
  • For me creating native apps for windows is good b/c the ratio's of apps vs users is good. When you flood the store with a bunch of apps it may be good for the users in the short term.. not so sure about long term. I'm almost positive I'd stop creating apps b/c the the exposure my apps would get would get crushed.
  • Allowing Android apps to run on Windows Phone would be disastrous. That was the last nail in the coffin for Blackberry OS. A developer (who already doesn't want to build an official app) will have even more reason not bother if their Android app suffices. Any future apps will also just be built for Android and iOS because you'll kill two birds with one stone when you build an app for the former. Islandwood is a MUCH better approach.
  • Right. MS should stop porting their software to Android as well.
  • If it was an emulation, how is it different to what BlackBerry did? Honest question
  • Technically? None. But there was a difference in distribution, if a small one. BB took the OS/2 path (they used the Amazon App Store, where devs push apps for Android, so it was something like "oh, so they get on BB as well? Fine", just as OS/2 ran Win16, so the devs didn't target OS/2, but rather Windows). On the Windows side, devs have to push the app through the Windows Store, so they know that they are actually targeting Windows.
  • It really wasn't very different from what BB did and I'm kind of glad to see it go away as it really didn't help BB much.  It was a lazy way to get half hearted apps onto our platform.  Making the devs work a little like the other bridges do helps ensure a better product.
  • Its a catch-22 though. Yes having developers actually make apps specifically for Windows is the ideal, but why bother if nobody has a Windows Phone? And why would you get a WP if it lacks apps you need? Even the lack of one or two apps can have a huge impact on the platform if those apps are ones a lot of people use (I'm thinking particularly Periscope, Snapchat and YikYak here but I'm sure there are others). Whether or not you personally use them is irrelevant - objectively, it matters that they aren't there because thy are such major services. If something else comes along in the future that eclipses them, there's no guarantee that will be available for WP either if its market share doesnt improve. Astoria at least promised to fill the app-gap in the short term, thereby eliminating the biggest problem WP has right not, but even that isnt going to happen any more.
  • The problem with Astoria was that it showed how bad Windows 10 actually is: While Windows 10 Universal apps still suffer from "Resuming / Loading", that wasn't the case for Android apps running on Astoria. So while you got slow app starts or "Loading...." with WhatsApp for WM10, the Android app just worked fast and reliable on Astoria on the same phone. That way there is the big concern that developers will only develop for Android as those apps are actually running better on Lumia smartphones through Astoria than universal Windows 10 apps do.
  • Interestingly the first build that was sans the Android emulator was the fastest one yet. Huge improvements in speed and stability.
  • No. It's really is the other way around. And lots of Android apps didn't even run. SMH.
  • Which apps you tried??
    ​Honest question..
  • 8 ball pool and clash of clans
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Persicope to name a few popular ones.
  • Where did you get the info the emulated Android apps run faster than native  UWAs?
  • I tried them. 
  • I expected more from you in favor of WP... As much as we have waited till now we can wait a bit more to give native app development a shot for UWP instead of bringing and porting android lag on tho our windows
  • The problem is "later" will be too late
  • It's already too late.... Too late for this round of technological popularity.
    MS will have to wait for next decade to be relative in mobile.. There they have a good chance...
  • App store has better quality apps. Do you agree with this?
  • running apps on an emulator isn't a long term solution.
  • Just tell us if a new universal WC app for Windows 10 is on it's way..
  • The other bridges are better options.  iOS apps port much better into the Universal App infrastructure and the Android emulation was limited to the phone, so no Xbox or PC.  iOS, OTOH, could conceivably be ported to all three.   The Win32 Bridge would be a key to any Surface Phone running Intel.  A phone like that is not running Photoshop Essentials on the phone screen, but Continuum makes a ton of sense there.  I doubt they'd let you run EXE files, but Win32 apps in containers that come through the Store would make alot of sense for a desktop dock or a laptop shell dock.  
  • I see it from a "rising tide lifts all ships" perspective.  If the apps from other platforms come, the users may come.  There are then more people to see your apps than are currently on Windows Phone.  If the apps don't come, the phones don't sell and MS kills off the platform.  So some money is better than no money.  Besides, there is no guarantee that a large number of developers will use these tools.  In fact, I would say the goal is to get the top 50 to port their apps anyway.  That would provide enough of a boost to give Windows 10 Mobile a chance to survive.
  • You are correct!
  • Running Android apps in emulation was not worth it anyway. The experience and performance of those sideloaded Android apps was garbage, not to mention the other issues.
  • Exactly.... WP is one step forward, and 5 steps back....
  • How exactly would this have been great /positive?  As a user, I would hate to have apps looking like crap (read "android") and not like Windows apps and also hope the apps actually work as the ones on Android and not miss any functionality because Microsoft didn't implement the latest fancy thing that Google implemented in their APIs. As a developer I would hate to leave Microsoft tools behind, because, seriously, why would I ever use c# if I can  use java,  build once and run  both Android and (more or less) Windows? As Microsoft, I would hate the fact that all my developers stopped using my tools and just code for Android and I have to make sure there is support in Windows for the latest Google APIs and also risk getting into legal rights with demented oracle over java APIs.  So,  how exactly would this be great /positive? 
  • No, i hate android design. But it would be bad for consumers.
  • This is probably better... as much as i hate to say it... but iOS is closer to simplicity to windows phone than android and is a better match for conversion. its been proven that the iOS islandbridge works fine and apps do run on w10m. android has so much garbage running in the background that it will slow down overtime. iOS is simple and straightforward. all developers have both iOS and Android apps, so just let them port the iOS app over and change the ui as needed.
  • I completely agree with this. If Windows Phone could only have one bridge out of them all, it needs the iOS one way more than the Android one.
  • Same thing I was thinking. I would rather have the iOS ports than the Android. The possible problem is going to be how much work is needed to port iOS when compared to Android. If Islandwood still considers a relatively significant time/resource commitment, I don't know how successful it wiill be.
  • I don't think this is a bad thing, it sounds like Astoria would lead to terrible apps that would lead to a terrible UX.  Islandwood sounds like it could lead to a much better app experience.
  • This can only mean 2 things: they are quitting on WP completely OR they finally have the balls to invest in it and promote it to success.
  • One thing: you don't understand ;)
  • I can't decide whether this is good or bad.
  • It is bad because there is one less option, one less chance of having more apps.
  • True.
  • It's bad if it makes Windows 10 mobile slower and buggier.
  • Project Islandwood is the better play for Windows users because apps always go to iOS first and are usually of higher quality. Losing Astoria is not a huge loss as long as Islandwood continues.
  • Sad? The best apps are on ios. They should be focusing all efforts on that bridge.
  • Sad to read this also. Chase had a working app and was only responsible for maintenance... If they were so unhappy with WP usage levels that they didn't even want to maintain a perfectly functional they sure as hell won't be convinced to do a port of their iOS app no matter how little work it required.
    Lots of other big names will have the same outlook.
  • Surely as most wanted apps are available for both the other platforms, losing one bridge isn't a massive loss. Especially if it pissed off true Windows devs and also ran slowly.
  • Muhahaha
  • I'd rather have iOS ported apps anyway.
    Apps come to iOS first as it is, and like Daniel said, they'll run better being recompiled for Windows.
  • Nope, I'm not upset in the least.
  • I'm not sad at all. Windows 10 Mobile builds were HORRIBLE with the Android subsystem.
    Coincidence perhaps - but Windows 10 without the Android shite means I now have a brilliantly smooth OS.
    Screw Android. Their apps are second rate anyway compared to iOS - so let the devs port iOS apps...and let's just forget Astoria ever happened.
  • This is a crushing blow to Windows mobile. Regardless of the quality of the phones, the OS, prices, or carriers, the app gap will slowly grind Windows Phone to nothingness. People will not continue buying into an ecosystem without their apps. Why do I continue to feel Nadella either didn't get it, out doesn't care.
  • Really disgusting windows platform.... I'm a big of Nokia.... Fully fed up with my windows phones....
  • I so wish I could get a nice Nokia handset running Android.
  • Microsoft folks is a software giant and should make software for it's own products that is just as good as any Apple IOS or Android developer can make. Microsoft should find out what favorite apps apple and andoid devices have it does not have and make it's better versions of apps it does not have. Microsoft programmers have the data to make apps for windows devices better than any outside developer. MS CEO Nadella should put them to work making great Windows  universal 10 apps 
  • The thing is, they have done that. Hell, they have went as far as paying companies to develop Windows Phone apps. All that ended up doing was people creating sub-par apps, collecting the bounty and then never updating the apps. Microsoft even made the YouTube app, only to have Google send a cease and desist letter and block it.
  • We were actually counting on this for Codename One since Windows Phone work was so ridiculously hard and required that we have physical Windows Machines. Using this we could just deprecate the Windows native build and move forward. I totally get where MS is coming from though, it was a stupid idea to do something like that and does effectively eliminate the platform. However, zig-zagging at this point could be even worse. I mean those are the guys that effectively made us throw away all the code we did for Windows Phone 7.x when they introduced 8.x so there isn't much trust there.
  • That's okay
  • Yeah. Islandwood is fine as many apps are better on ios even.
  • Winded Phone was fun while it lasted!
  • And 599900 of those apps are spam.
  • yup. its okay.
  • This good news we need wup app
  • Gives Windows developers more scope to create first class apps?
  • No. Windows developers are just whining at this point. Afraid of competition and this will ultimately lead to death of Windows Mobile.
  • Windows Mobile did die, for the same reasons that you mentioned (rest in peace HD2). Now......Windows 10 Mobile on the otherhand...
  • But not some of the apps the platform needs to succeed, like unfortunately, snapchat.
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else think that what MS should be doing is reverse engineering and extending Astoria, so that it works in completely the opposite direction? Code and compile your app for Windows, tick an extra box to publish it to Android as well... I'm not a programmer, but I do understand this would be difficult... But would be a far more beneficial option for the Windows ecosystem.
  • How is that of benefit to Windows?! Sounds like utter madness to me.
    That's like suggesting Google should add a tick box to create Windows apps because it'll help the Android ecosystem.
    Some warped logic going on there :)
  • I have actually wondered if Microsoft was looking at building a Windroid version of W10M, with the ability to run both UWP apps and Android apps natively. Alternatively, I could see them turning Astoria into an Astorwood, so that a recompile would be needed.
  • Xamarin kind of does that.
  • Shit happens.. I am native Windows developer, still wished for this Project Astortia, because the XDA community and other Android users was happy to start using Windows Mobile, because of Astortia. Now :(
  • Yeah, I hadn't seen XDA that excited for anything Windows until Astoria. Now the buzz will die again.
  • This is the truth. This Shows that the angry developers part is a lie. MS has other reasons it abandoned Astoria...probably economic. The do have the money, but they don't want to invest more on a dying OS that's not worth their spending.
  • Windows 10 is not a dying Operating system it's on over 120 million computer devices and geting more computer devices everyday and 90 percent of NEW computer divices being sold use Windows 10 . now most Windows 10 device has an apps store if microsoft gets developers or anyone who puts an app in this store to make it a Universal app then it will work on any Windows 10 device including on Windopws 10 OS smart phones which all new Windows smartphones will use and most of the current Windows 8.1 smart phones will be upgraded to run. This means Windows smartphones that are upgraded to Windows 10 will get universal apps to add to the 600000 they already have. I call that a growing eco system not a dead eco system
  • Think MS wants to see how uwa play out before they commit to this.
  • I think it has to do with the outbreak of malware apps in Android, having them run on Windows 10 Mobile could be a security issue MS is trying to figure out.
  • That's nonsense. There is enough malware available for Windows smartphones already. For instance the FinFisher trojan has been available since Windows Phone 7. And it still supports the latest versions of Windows Phone 8.1 + Windows 10.
  • Umm no. this was one of the hacks tired at defcon and couldn't gain access to anything. One hacker was able to get some ie cookies. Can't break through the security beyond that. This was 8.1. On windows 10 it can't do anything. Unless you have a credible source don't make such comments. Currently w10m is most secure os. Even whitehat hackers agree. More secure than blackberry ever was. MS primary target is enterprise. It's why features ate taking longer to come out. Extensions are being tested so that there's no way to exploit the system. So until they are super secure, edge will not get extensions.
  • You can't tell someone else to prove his point with sources and not source your counterpoints.
  • Defcon is easy to look up. I've posted article in forums regarding white hacker and interview for os security. I looked up his claim first before posting and couldn't find anything so I asked.
  • Search and you shall find...
  • Care to provide citation about FinFisher affecting Windows Phone? All I can find out on the internet is that it affected Windows MOBILE, iOS, Symbian, Andriod, BB, not Windows PHONE 7, 8, 10. "The Windows Mobile threat provides interception and monitoring capabilities (Windows Phone appears unaffected). Depending on the status of the device or monitored events, the malware communicates notifications back to the C&C server. It uses the following modules:​"  
  • 1) Ganma Finfisher: Windows Phone is mentioned on a document from Ganma which was leaked a couple of months ago. I can't find the link to it right now (should be somewhere on Wikileaks) but here is an article from 2013 which mentioned it as well: FinSpy Mobile is the mobile version, compatible with Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone. All communication with the C&C is encrypted, it can record incoming and outgoing emails, provide location tracking, and provide "live surveillance through silent calls." "Interestingly," comments Hypponen, "the description of FinSpy Mobile specifically mentions they support Windows Phone. This is the first reference of any malware for Windows Phone we are aware of." 2) Hacking Team RCS: Also HackingTeam's DaVinci/Galileo trojan mentions support for Windows Phone 8.1 in their price list: Windows Phone Platform License for Microsoft Windows Phone platform. The license allows you to monitor Microsoft Windows Phone devices by implanting the Agent. The license includes support for Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1. The Windows Phone platform includes the following key features: Microphone recording Location Contacts Calendar   The price scheme (docx-file) is available here for download: The source code of the RCS trojan for Windows Phone is available here:  
  • Try again
  • What happen?
  • Full details can be found here:
  • Lol a link to the article? He didn't read.smh One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Someone set up us the bomb.
  • Going by the post...since many developers were that the project is going to be shelved...wm developers should start developing required apps for Wm users...
  • Probably they won't
  • then why are they unhappy?
  • Brilliant. Encourage rent-seeking and put up barriers for fair competition. Instead of developing native apps that could complete with Android apks due to being native, WM developers can now release lazy, mediocre trash that people will use regardless due to there being no competition. It's like Microsoft is learning from Latin American economies on how to be a failure.
  • That stinks. I was looking forward to easily getting apps back that have left or will never build for WP like VSCO, Chase and Kik. Now with only Islandwood serving us, I doubt any will come back or come over if they don't have to.
  • I agree. I don't see us getting too many needed apps anytime soon. Hope I'm wrong, but usually with Windows you come to expect the worst.
  • youre s2pid
  • I think its kinda related to the ability of dual booting Andriod/W10M on the same devices, I know its not a good solution, but i think it another way of running Android apps on W10M devices just my thoughts.
  • Hmmm...!
  • broken dreams
  • Perhaps they might think of going the Islandwood route for Astoria instead?
  • That would be perferable. Islandwood is a hugely superior bridge for many reasons: 1.  The finished app can work on any W10 device (not just phones like the Astoria bridge was limited to) 2. The finished app has great performance since it's compiled natively. 3.  Devs can choose to stay with ObjectiveC and familiar UI kits, or mix in other options if they like. It would be amazing to see something similar for Android bridge, letting devs stick with Java and related kits, but have the finished product be a native W10 app that has free reign to run on ALL W10 devices:  PCs, tablets, XBox, HoloLens, etc.
  • Most devs that don't develop for Windows probably won't. A few will, but don't expect the app gap to really close anytime soon.
  • Kinda sad to read this. But if Islandwood is still on course, we are still good!
  • Windows phone is dying
  • all hail windowas mobile
  • Not surprising!
  • Well, I can only hope that we can continue force loading it on newer builds. It was extremely useful for me, as I don't have WP versions of bank, work, pharmacy, or rewards apps..
  • Nope, since the subsystem is removed, there's absolutely no way to force load apks.
  • The "official" company line regarding Astoria now is: "Don't speak about it or mention it anymore." - Apparently Microsoft thinks that this way people will just forget it. But MS doesn't want to officially cancel it as it would look like another failed project regarding Microsoft's mobile computing activities. -> Bad PR. As for Islandwood: The situation is different, at least there is still some work going on at MS. But it's probably more like a hobby(tm). I'd guess in a couple of months (with Surface Business Phones) it'll be the same as it is with Astoria now.
  • Like Metro. One day gone and not to be mentioned ever again.
  • I'd rather have ports from iOS than Android - in addition, sounds like the Android ports were mobile only, where as iOS ports are for Mobile, PC and Tablet.
  • The problem is that iOS ports take a lot more work devs might not want to bother with.
  • Exactly.
  • You'd want a decent port even if there's "a lot" of work behind it rather than a lagging app full of spywares
  • Ignoring that Windows is still infinitely more malware-prone than Android, you're making the assumption that developers were choosing Astoria over Islandwood, rather than choosing Astoria over nothing. There's no guarantee many (or even any) of the Astoria participants have interest in doing ANY legitimate work to bring apps to W10. This doesn't mean we get the same apps in a better-made form. It means we might get some apps that are better than what we'd have gotten, but it probably means that a good chunk of possible ports just went out the window becuase devs see no real benefit to supporting a platform whose user base is so small (and while W10 has over 120 million users, a lot of them probably don't touch the Windows Store).
  • Windows is most definitely *not* more malware prone than Android, when it comes to Store apps; since Project Astoria only applied to phone anyway, you can't compare Win32 malware, as that can't exist there. But even on desktop Windows in general is more secure than Android. The changes Windows 10 made to default application settings and installers cut off the ability for a lot of malware to function too; toolbars won't install anymore, applications can't steal default settings or hijack browser settings. And if MS is successful in getting Win32 app devs to move over to the Store via the Win32 bridge, it'll make things even more secure and less problematic, as everything will get sandboxed, down to registry settings. And Store app usage is trending upwards with W10; more people on Windows 10 are using the netflix app than the netflix website now, for instance, something that wasn't true of Windows 8 or 8.1, despite the app being almost identical. Being able to run in a window makes a big psychological difference I think, even if you immediately fullscreen the app. Also, if Surface and 2-1/hybrid sales continue to pick up, so will demand for touch centric apps, and that will drive Store usage too. 
  • But its reasonable than coding the app from scratch. It would at least make developers think about making a W10 app who would otherwise just ignore us. With less efforts they can get access to hundreds of millions of Windows desktop users and a few million W10M users. It's win-win, right?
  • That's okay for me. I somewhere inside of me hated android shit. Now its close to official that android won't be a part of windows ecosystem. I literally hate ui of android apps. I love iOS so I okay with that.
  • I agree, but it sure would have been nice to get some of those apps quick and easy. I just don't see too many devs taking this platform seriously enough to go the islandwood route.
  • Don't open any W10M system apps, like mail and Groove Music. They have a very Android-like UI.
  • That might change again as 1. People are not happy and 2. There is no point in making it like android if they are not getting other android apps
  • The W10M version of OneNote looks more like an Android app than the Android version of OneNote.
  • S2pid fanboy with s2pid comment
  • This might be good news. It might mean universal app development is occurring at a good enough pace that the need for Android apps doesn't exist in Microsoft's eyes.
  • My thoughts exactly!
  • Fingers crossed and hoping you're right!
  • Sounds more like MS couldn't get it working well, rather than not having folks use it.
  • Keep dreaming, MS failed or stopped assigning resources to the project because of dying platform...
  • Hppy to read this...i need a world without Android..
  • No one care about u
  • A world without Android may be fine, everything else remaining equal, but a world without quality apps is not. The project was focused on the apps not the OS.
  • I'd rather have ports from iOS than anything that was connected to Android(Google) anyway.
  • I was looking forward to stealing Android apps though.
  • All you're doing is hurting the developers when you do that.
  • If they are going to forego building apps for Windows, then what does it matter if their apps end up running on a Windows Phone illegally?! They wouldn't have got any revenue no big deal.
    (If they want to make money out of WP users, they should build the apps for this platform!)
  • Understandable that devs would be upset with this, but lets get real for a moment. The apps sell the hardware, not the other way around. Native windows phone apps can be the best, but unless you have apps like instagram, Pinterest, candy crush etc etc, there is no way you are going to drag the iPhone or android lovers from their devices. The major app players, as well as their own devs, have thumbed their proverbial noses at Microsoft, and they backed down.
  • candy crush runs great
  • It is already happening
  • The AoW subsystem though... is it still in the OS image?
  • Nope.
  • Bummer to hear, but UWP apps are the true way forward.
  • I don't think it is fair to say that Windows developers are happy about this. Yes, Rudy Huyn publicly commented negatively on this, but hey there is some difference between him and Windows developers. He was in such a position because his apps could get huge attention as long as official apps aren't good enough (even if they aren't as good or better). Personally, I would welcome ecosystem expansion.
  • Is it really ecosystem expansion? In reality, its expanding Android's ecosystem, not Windows.
  • Not really. It is just like if you have said that HTML support by Windows is bad for Windows.
  • No, because HTML doesn't sell its own phone. Android can say, "hey, try out our apps, see how you like 'em. If you like 'em a lot, come on over to an Android phone for even more apps and a better experience with those apps!" because lets face it, emulation is rarely 100% equal to running natively. The android apps probably wouldn't run as well or would have a few hiccups here and there (especially if its a bug on the android side, who knows what would happen in the emulator...)
  • Technically apps on android are running in emulation as well (although it depends exactly on how Microsoft approached the emulation), it's not quite the same thing but basically the actual OS is a dumbed down version of Linux, then android is running a compatibility later on top of that.
  • Thanks for writing this, I was a little bit lazy to answer :). And there are HTML phones too, Firefox OS at least.
  • As long as Islandwood is still operation Windows 10 Mobile still has a shot at closing the app gap and becoming viable.  Missing out on both would be a death knell though.
  • Agree 100%
  • I disagree because it still requires developers to maintain and support an app for Windows where there is no user base. Why else are fully functioning apps being pulled like Mint, Chase, etc.? The development is done, and there is a difference between not updating an app and pulling it. Islandwood won't change that. The benefit of Astoria to me mainly was around being able to sideload apps that aren't and will never be in the store.
  • Umm hello?! Over 120 million Windows 10 users (& counting) will have access to the app too. Once they've built it for one platform they've pretty much done most of the work for all of them! "UWP"? Where have you been?
  • Each OS and associated API has their own quirks and unique behavoir; don't give into the build once hype; that's only the beginning. Moreover the Windows OS is not as mature as the others so the user experience may not be what a developer wants to associate with their product.
  • No user base you say? The 10% market share in the top European markets says otherwise
  • I dont think 10% of the European market is a huge selling point to most developers. There is a quite a bit of investment that needs to be made when developing and supporting an app on a platform, so those numbers wouldn't take priority over the other platforms.
  • There isn't that much difference in the stable of apps that iPhone and Android have anyway. If the developer was willing to work with Astoria, they should be willing to work with Islandwood.
  • We can only hope that developers start making the apps we all want to be windows universal apps. I already lost 2 people I've recruited to WP to the iPhone last week both due to the app gap, when they both loved WP....
  • I've lost 4 of my recruits, including myself for the time being. Taking a wait and see approach to WM10 and see how the app situation improves or not. Was due a new phone and the lack of any new flagship at the time caused me to give android a try and honestly it's not as bad as everyone here tries to make it's been very reliable and fluid.
  • That made me laugh a little ;)
  • Microsoft failing again. I kinda wanna give up on Windows 10 Mobile now. I really wanted all the apps to come soon. 
  • They found out that the Android subsystem is going to slow down Windows over time. So  it is better not to continue it than compromise the strength of Windows. If Islandwood will be successful, then it is very good, because iOS apps are better than Android anyway.
  • On my Jolla phone, I can disable the Android runtime anytime I want.
  • We need more Mastermind Nadella editorials.
  • You say astoria is an android emulator, but I always thought it was supposed to be a tool to convert their android apps into windows apps. I don't see how emulating android apk's would fit in the OS.
  • That's how it was announced, but in reality it was just an emulator, very similar to what blackberry did with BB10.
  • so, is BB10 slow like the previous W10M builds?
  • No, BB10 runs Android apps fine now, but they were slower in the early days. The OS itself doesn't seem to be affected in my experience even when the Android apps were slower.
  • If that's the case, I wouldn't even want it. Maybe ms will find a way to actually port the android apps, but it'll take a little longer. For now we'll have to rely on islandwoods, centennial and westminster. These are way better solutions than astoria and if they work well, we don't really need astoria that much. Of course it would be an awesome port as well, but than it should really be a port and not an emulator.
  • I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of developing apps . But can they/why didn't they do the same as they've done for ios with android instead of emulation?
    Is that not an option?
  • (I will try to write this in a way non-developers understand...) They can't do the same thing because Objective-C (iOS) is a compliled language and Java (Android) is an interpreted language.  So the compiler (the application that turns code into something the computer can understand) can easily convert Objective-C to Windows native code before the application is even submitted to the store.  Whereas Java doesn't get converted until the application is run.  Windows doesn't have the Java sub-system installed by default.  On regular Windows you have to install the Java runtime so that it can understand a Java application when it is running.  That would not work for a store app hence why they need an emulator to run that Java runtime. I probably failed miserably trying to explain that in an understandable way... 
  • holy shit thank you for this. VERY ELI5ish
  • Java gets compiled to bytecode same as C#. Android even compiles the bytecode into native code on install (similar to how UWP-apps do it).
  • This is actually a really big blow personally. I was kind of relying on Project Astoria to provide me with the one or two apps I'm missing out on (most importantly Periscope,  Snapchat and YikYak - whist I accept those aren't a big deal for everyone, the lack of snapchat is actually a massive problem for me and the loss of Yodel was a big hit too) and a better Tumblr client (I have to use two different apps for it since all the WP ones only meet some of my needs and misso out other important features). If that isn't happening, then I'm probably going to have to leave WP and jump over to Android. Don't geet me wrong I love Windows Phone (I've been on here since WP7, and my last five phones have been Windows) and I'm really not a fan of a lot of things about Android but personally WP just doesnt meet my needs any more.
  • You tried Sapphire for tumblr?
  • I'll check that out, thanks.
  • Snapchat, Periscope and Yik Yak are also available on iOS and can recompiled through Project Islandwood. For Snapchat, it's just their developers will never recompile it for Windows 10 because their CEO Evan Spiegel is a anti-Windows person, he even once controversially said that Windows Phone does not have a big marketshare showing his hate for Microsoft and the Windows ecosystem. But for Perscope and Yik Yak, I'm not sure if their developers are willing to recompile their apps' code and release them on Windows 10, we got to wait and see for that.
  • What's controversial about saying WP has small market share? It's just a fact.
  • He said that in a kinda arrogant way. Someone tweeted him if Snapchat for WP is happening to which he said "I didn't know anyone even uses it."
  • Its 100% not Microsoft's fault that SnapChat isnt on WP - I accept that. However, Astoria was likely to be the most accessible way of filling that gap for people like me who are willing to sideload. Sure there's Islandwood, but how much longer is that going to take, and how do I know it isnt just going to go the same way as Astoria? And who is to say Periscope and YikYak (there are others besides those three btw, but those are by far the most major) will actually ever come to Windows 10? If things like Astoria fall by the wayside, I dont know what MS can really expect. Consumers wont wait forever or features and apps that are readily available on other platforms if they're features some of us actually really need (and I accept I'm not speaking for everyone and there are plenty of people out there who probably wont ever notice that certain apps arent available - I'd always reccomend WP to those people above any other platform since it's fairly uncomplicated and just works).
  • So what? He can sacrifice chickens to speed up WM's demise every night; it's not the consumer's problem. There are apps I really wish I could use, but I can't because I was an idiot and bought a WM device. Some of the said apps are actually quite critical in the place where I live and I am completely locked out from the said services. Who gives about some Twitter drama.
  • A nail in the coffin sort of speak, I guess. Not really surprised. However, I also don't understand the anger that comes from Windows devs. I understand that it will affect their revenue numbers, but if top name devs don't come over to Windows Mobile, WM will die and EVERYONE will lose, including devs that develop exculisvely for WP (WM).
  • Greed causing shortsightedness.
  • Rent-seeking. Plain and simple. If you can't compete internationally, pressure your government to create a safe haven for you at the cost of everyone else and don't bother spending too much time on actually becoming better.
  • Island wood would be the better option. There are tons of garbage apps on the android store. IOS is pretty top notch
  • There are tons of garbage on all apps store including iOS
  • Android has a ton of awesome apps as well though. It has all of the local apps I need AS WELL as the newest games and social media apps.
  • I'm not a developer so I am not in there shoes. I can see there point of view on it though. Unfortunately though without the apps that people want that Astoria could have brought immediately, there will be no one buying Windows Phone again. And in the end there will be no one to build apps for on the Windows platform...
  • Why would anyone bother to build Windows apps if they could develop for Android and Windows users could still get the app through an emulator? I'd much rather have ported iOS apps.
  • There won't be any body porting ANYTHING as long as they fail to make money in the Windows Store. If you check the developer portals right now and see the complaints, you'd understand that they aren't.
  • Not surprised
  • So - both Windows Phone developers were angered by this (all two of them)?
  • Lmao!!!
  • So they demicated the WP UI for nothing, nice one dummies.
  • Soon I will upgrade to android device if ms officially announces this shit.. :-(
  • I think this is okay.  iOS has all of the apps that I'd want anyway.  And running an Android app in an emulator (even if it is behind the scenes) is not somthing I care to do.
  • You're acting as though iOS developers are really going to port their apps over. At least the Android app situation was more of a real thing, now we'll probably get nothing.
  • In my opinion nothing (or more realistically a little, for now) is better than a lot of shit
  • Good that no one care about ur sht opinion
  • As a Windows Dev working on Windows universal apps i think this is the right decision to do. It would have wasted to much time and money for what?! Only that 5% Android devs consider to make ports?! Will this change anything? No. Because the majority od android devs never considered to make Windows app ports via Astoria when they was asked about Astoria. Its only a negative step to the particular userbase of Windows 10 Mobile that wanted to use apk files on Windows 10 Mobile. But this is not gonna happen and im happy because i also dont want to see my apps without my consent on other platforms to be pirated.
  • ^this! Couldn't agree more.
  • 5% is always better than 0%. And if 5% make top notch apps, which will gain interest and revenue on WP , who says the other 95% wouldn't change their minds? But if there is 0%, there is nothing to change any minds. I'd rather have 5%, than no WP at all.
  • Because this 5% are not top notch devs, believe me. This apps ann devs users want on Windows 10 they dont even know about astoria and they dont even mind. Because if they would have mind they would already build native Windows Store apps. So anything that brings Astoria i dont see how Windows would benefit from it. We can check my words and ask top notch Android devs what they think and say to them "here are the tools would you port your app". Then we would see that they dont mind even with Astoria. And really i just see pissed users that like to hack apps from the google store and run them on Windows 10 Mobile and this is even worse for the platform then not having this few apps that would have been ported from Android. What would other OS users/devs say if they know their apps are run on a different OS without their consent. What would you do if you work was stolen and used on another OS?!
  • Piracy ?? oh please.... 1 billion Android devices. I guaranteed that at least 100 million of those devices are running sideloaded APK. (ie piracy) count the 50 million WP devices and that moves the dial of piracy for Android apps just a bit.
  • This does not Matter. Windows Phone and Windows never had to deal with piracy why would the whole system do this now?! And yes its a huge difference if the piracy is done from Google play store to Android and from Google Play store to Windows 10 Mobile. google may be dont wan to stop all this because there are other side effects that make Android better then without piracy but on Windows 10 Mobile what would be the benefit, none?! and yes if you ask this way piracy is a concern. Just think of your home, job, familiy, what if somebody would stela something from it and use it you wouldn't be pissed?! I would. And if i think that i hav eleft over 2500 working hours on only one of my apps so somebody steals it to run it on a different OS i would be pissed on this other OS and would never port my app to this OS. The OS is not fault there but this is the sideffect of piracy. Windows have not dealt with this before and its a plus to consider when deciding for what to develop apps.
  • Piracy is in the DNA of Android apks....if it doesnt take much time to port over to Win10M, why not just port it over and see how well it does on Windows 10 platform? Devs are use to their apps being pirated since google makes it too easy to sideload them.
  • And you think iOS developers will care for WP through Islandwood? Yeah, newsflash: no. They'll care as much as Android developers. Actually, scratch that. They'll care even LESS. You know why? Because with over 80% marketshare, Android developers know that many of their users have Windows PCs. iOS developers on the other hand cater to a segment of the market where people are almost always trapped inside an Apple ecosystem. So the chances of an Android developer porting his/her app to Windows to show Windows PC users his/her apps - which they later could get also on Android or even WP if they really insisted in doing that and vice-versa - were greater than an iOS developer that knows that, even if he/she offers their apps on Windows, the chances to profiting from the same user on mobile are slimmer.   In either case, YOU as a Windows Dev should NOT be thinking this is good. Because if developers don't port apps for Windows 10, the only person that will end up being affected is YOU. And you know why? Because Windows apps don't live on Windows PCs. Most Windows 10 PC users don't care about the Windows Store. Many don't even know it exists. And with Windows Phone dead, if these bridges keep burning, you'll be out of a platform to develop to in the near future. Because these UWAs are the last breath of artificial life Microsoft is breathing into WP. If they fail, Microsoft officially scratches the entire Windows apps project because the other platforms they have can use different tools instead of apps.
  • People need to really read what this person just said. ^^^
  • Lol did you buy a crystal ball?
  • Man wc should pin ur comment... Amazing
  • Come on. The vast majority of iPhone users are also Windows PC users. There's nothing to back up your assertions.
  • This is the first time I have agreed with something you have written. Thank-you. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am honestly not surprised by this and I would be even less surprised if it gets cancelled. Microsoft is all over the place and rarely actually doing what they all lead us to think they will. I thought Windows 10 mobile is going to be a revolutionally mobile OS and all it really came down to was a more fancy Windows 8.1. Not that that's bad in any way. I am sick of running apps that are 2 years behind their equivalents on other platforms. Regarding the emulating of Android apps, I don't really think that was a good solution either. Running an app with an UI that is so different from the host OS is stupid. Rather doing some touch ups from the developers side on the source code is better!
  • Why doesn't blue stacks just make an app for windows phone?
  • I dont think ios apps will make their way to window phone
  • Well said, too bad they already did
  • Rip windows mobile
  • I was not happy that the Android software was going to be an emulator.  Emulators are prone to all sorts of problems.  I have never been a fan of Java in the first place so I don't think I would be too keen on having that running on my phone anyway.  I think that as long as it is easy to port iOS apps then that should cover most bases.  At least the iOS ports are not emulated.
  • The last nail is almost in the coffin.  With project Astoria I was hoping to switch back to a Windows phone when the 950 was announced.  I was thinking maybe by April 2016 when I could trade in my S6 for a 950 and I could get some of the apps I need on the 950.  Then they announced the 950 only on ATT  in the US.  I didn't want to lose WiFi calling buying an unlocked phone since T-Mobile only supports it on their branded phones.  Well, I guess I could live without WiFi calling.  Now this.  I guess I'll never have the apps I need now.  (No they are not games.  I don't have a single game on my phone.).  I am now thinking my Lumia 925 was my last Windows phone, unless something changes.  Which I doubt.
  • As a Windows user, I'd rather use apps which are tailored for Windows Phone, not ported apps.
  • So would I. But that hasn't worked out over the years. Still a lot of missing big name apps and half baked ones.
  • My thought exactly.
  • Not sure I understand why there's so many complications for MS when BlackBerry was so easily able to allow sideloading of Android apps on their platform.
  • You know that it was slow, buggy and very unreliable.
  • Just like the os you are emulating of course
  • Great news...finally we are away from rubbish Android apps
  • Great you get NO apps.
  • Pick another card please
  • Tacos
  • I would bet money that the same developers that were outraged are really building any good apps for the platform.
  • Instead of emulation, why not a porting platform like iOS?  
  • different program language.
  • Honestly with Project Islandwood you have no need for Astoria. iOS apps are 10x better than their Android counterparts most of the time.
  • I don't think any Android or iOS developers are going to use MS tools. Windows phone is completely irrelevant. OUr only hope was side-loading, and only Astoria offered that. Now there really is no hope for apps on W10 Mobile. Think about it: more apps are leaving Windows phone than coming. Anything that requires developer involvment is a non-starter.
  • Think again, they are already using them
  • Astoria would have let me do the "porting" myself. With Islandwood we'll have to get the devs to do it, and they won't.
  • They should have at least sell the emulator as an app. Having a full Android VM is great but I understand not everyone wants it.
  • I think it might be better in the short term to see if they can actually get Windows 10 Univeral Apps to take hold, allowing Andorid apps to run without any kind fo conversion proecess was likely going to be a detriment to that goal.  Probably would have been better if they had offered porting tools more like iOS and Web apps got instead of trying to emulate Android.  I know personally I was concerned about being stuck with "good enough" poorly perfomring Android Apps under Windows.  Though, if universal apps take off, and its easier to port form iOS, I wonder what impact that might have for new Android development.  You might see Android apps start to lag behind on release timelines even over Windows Phone, which with a small number of Windows 10 Phone devices will be easier to test for compared to Android.    
  • Well shit..... They're goes the last draw....I mean at least island wood is still there and moving forward.
  • If Islandwood works well, it's not that bad a thing as we gain native versions of the apps from what is typically the better implemented platform (iOS over Android apps). However, it is more work for devs to use the porting tool than just running an APK. Looking at github, Islandwood is still an active project which can't be a bad thing. Having Android running is a massive memory overhead to gain compatibility and will kill battery too. Not a bad loss.
  • Why port ios but emulate droid? Can't they make something to port droid apps?
  • Different design languages. It's like comparing Python to Java, or Spanish to English. They just don't work. iOS uses Objective-C, which is more compatible with Windows. Furthermore, the Droid emulation subsystem caused the WM10 OS to slow down over time
  • $100 says mobile part of Windows will be discontinued within 3 years. If not discontinued, Microsoft will only make one phone instead of multiples. Dramatic? Sure.. but it's been a long time coming.
  • There are enough iOS apps and developers who have the potential to close the so called app gap. I even think lots of iOS developers are more than happy to port their app to Windows as the platform gained more popularity lately. Plus the fact that they are potentially targeting every Windows form factor making it a great investment. Personally I'm happy about the Android subsystem removed from W10M. We don't need the buggy, security flawed Android runtime on our phones. In fact, the article stated exactly why it's not a good idea. It makes the phone run slow and in terms of design, Android apps are just ugly. Better to have native apps that run stable and fast that are well designed as well. Project Islandwood does just that. Candy Crush being the great example.
  • Android devs who didn't show interest in WP are the same exact devs that are in iOS. If they refuse to port their Android apps, who says they will port their iOS apps?
  • Exactly! How can people not grasp this?
  • Developers aren't making money on the Windows store, you don't seem to grasp this. iOS developers are not going to port their apps, they won't bother.
  • Lol what? You can do better
  • Dear Microsoft WE WANT APPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS fok why cant they understand? They can do whatever they can they have money invest in this fokin platform before we get bored of it.
  • Just change your phone
    Do not wait Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wonder what the truth of the matter is.  Though I realize that the "app gap" is a huge issue for many many, emulating Android apps on Windows isn't the answer.  The impact to Windows development is probably the single most important thing to consider - I think.  Windows 10 Mobile needs to stand on its own merits, or not at all.  I know many won't like that position, but it is how I feel. Otherwise, why not just use another platform?  There are various obstacles to developers not writing native apps, but most of that is simply a choice based on user base.  Consider Facebook and their native app!  A billion(s) dollar company can't afford to do an app with feature parity of other platforms?  No, it is a choice.  You can't argue with their reasoning... but saying that emulating other platforms will bring more people which will then incentivise developers to code for Windows 10 is kind of an awkward and convoluted thinking.  Personally, I don't want that garbage. I don't want an emulator.  /shrug.  At least for now, this seems like good news.  Windows 10 just came out, and it makes sense to see if these millions of installations amounts to anything substantial for Universal Apps and the presence of name-brand apps for desktop and mobile (most importantly).
  • But they won't get those big numbers (sales) without those much needed apps. Chicken and egg situation, still.
  • I'm not a developer but I'm happy that Astoria has gone. Islandwood allows to have truly universal apps, while Astoria was just an emulation on phones of an Android app. We all know that the best apps are on iOS anyway, so it's a better path to close the app gap. Even the insider builds became suddenly better once they removed the Android subsystem... Good riddance!
  • Yep, the best apps are on iOS, and that's where they'll stay. The Android app store is almost as good though, and Windows Mobile has a lot better chance at getting THOSE apps.
  • Nope to both
  • If it hurt performance, it was a good call. Islandwood seems to be enough.
  • Technical – There are reports that the Android subsystem caused Windows 10 Mobile to slow down over time
      I guess Microsoft did a phenominal job of recreating the full Android experience.
  • Lol, true!
  • Exactly
  • If the android subsystem causes WM10 to slow down over time, I think its better to not have it. Islandwood will hopefully bring over some great, quality apps, and we won't have the issues surrounding Astoria.
  • You can always optimize them. I don't see how "slowing down over time" caused this cancellation.
  • Tell that to Google; they've funneled millions into the OS and it still has slowdown issues. MS isn't going to reinvent the wheel here, they have their own OS they have to debug and optimize. Running android as a VM/emulator isn't going to solve our problems. And that's not including ethical and legal issues surrounding the porting software.
  • I believe that about as much as I believe they cut my onedrive space to 5G because of those evil movie hoarding pirates. How can we take anything Microsoft says seriously any more?
  • Excellent news! Thank god.
  • I don't think some fictional character had anything to do with it, or would care.
  • Okay...
  • That was genuinely good, I have to admit that
  • To me if Islandwood still works this isn't a huge deal.  But the most important thing is the amount of time it takes from developers since Islandwood is not just a straight emulation.  If it takes devs a few hours to recompile even the most complex of iOS apps and make it work well on Windows then this won't be a big deal.  But if it involves a lot of dev time, they're not going to do it because the market share doesn't justify the expense of time. It has to be relatively quick and painless for devs to do this.  If it takes devs a few hours every time they update the app, why wouldn't you get it into another app store, including all the Win10 PCs?  
  • ^This...Microsoft need to actually explain into details how this Islandwood project work. How time consuming is it.?? How straight forward is it to work with?
  • If my Windows Phone start to slow down because an Android subsystem, I will have no reason to stay with Microsoft. The speed of the system is my favorite feature. I prefer remain with the app gap than to have an Android/Windows Phone. iOS is the best option for porting apps.
  • Well said.. I dont care about apps.. I care about speed of the system.
  • If it was just an emulator then I guess it makes sense. Here's to hoping that Islandwood doesn't get left on a deserted Islandwood like Astoria...
  • Couldn't them recompile like the project islandwood does with iOS apps or it is impossible doing that with android apps?
  • It is great news. I am glad Android subsystem that makes the OS sluggish removed completely. It is better to have iOS apps ported to windows store than android apps. 
  • Google and MS dont have a good relationship. That's how I see it. Its going to run emulation with the apk and google is probably afraid it could cause some dent in their platform and also they maybe not providing MS its google play services for these apps to run. As for Apple apps it does not run emulation. It is ported without emulation into a fully fledged windows phone app with some code edit. And to think of it their os and apps are quiet fluid in its running. So I see quality apps from istore ported really soon.
  • Hopefully over time there are Universal apps down the pipeline. Personally I think companies should also focus on web app counterparts to allow a more round solution.
    Wouldn't surprise me if mobile html web apps will become the norm soon.
  • As long as Islandwood holds up, AND it requires minimal effort on the part of the publisher to port, then we are still in business. I'm starting to think maybe Microsoft should release an Android variant with all their core apps integrated, have live tiles.... I'd pay for that at this point. I'm pretty OS agnostic, but those live tiles are impossible to give up
  • The live tiles are the only thing that have kept me from getting an iPhone. I'm not really missing any apps, but it would be nice to have all of them available. But I just can't give up the live tiles. I guess the Android widgets are close, but I would rather not use anything Google related unless I have to.
  • I for one would rather have iOS apps ported over to windows store than android ones since I deem iOS apps to be better, quality and performance wise. I don't think there could be any legal ramifications for Astoria, emulation or not as long as Microsoft was using the android subsystem based of off Android Open Source. Also, and this is a fan boy speaking, didn't like android subsystem causing a normally fast and fluid windows phone to lag. Good riddance I say.
  • I think this is a positive move by Microsoft one issue not mentioned here is security, android just isn't secure.
  • This is good news.
  • Not sure why there was so much pushback from Developers. It doesn't stop you developing apps with XAML and C#
  • Well, they won't force you to stop developing in C#, but you will get a HUGE incentive to develop in Java for Android. Which can kill the ecosystem for C#/Xaml for UWP.    
  • Equally, they could keep developing in the language they know, C#/.NET, and have their apps run on iOS and Android using Xamarin. What's more likely?  C# developers jumping to Java, like you say, and developing in Android, or Java developers porting their app to C# to run on Windows?  The latter has not happened thus far.
  • I think that this is good news. Android apps have no place on windows devices IMO.
  • Good that no one care to ur opinion
  • Could Microsoft's thinking go like this?: There is substantial overlap between Android and iOS apps. A ported iOS app will work better than an Android app in an emulator. If Astoria exists, developers may prefer the Astoria approach over Islandwood, resulting in a worse experience for Windows users. So kill Astoria for now, and push developers to port through Islandwood. Then after a while when most everyone willing to do an iOS port has done so, consider whether you still need Astoria to close the app gap further. Could that be the thinking?
  • Sounds good.
  • Hope Microsoft is reading this.
  • That might be how Microsoft thought about this. And there could be even more issues with Android itself than that, like the article mentions.
  • Do not care. Doesn't matter. I like Windows and I think that there is no shortage of good quality apps on Windows store FOR ME FULLSTOP .........[I use more than 50 apps on my PC and smartphone]
  • Agree!
  • Good... Having iOS apps on windows will be enough to take in ;)
  • I'm ok with that... Project Islandwood is more "in line" with Microsoft plans... the apps will be universal (works on PC and mobile) not only mobile.. and the way iOS apps works is more similar to WP than android... But I think Microsoft shouldn't cancel this bridge.. they could wait a few months after the iOS bridge is done to see if this resolves the app gap and then, if it won't work.. try to add the project astoria again...  
  • Good news Imo.
  • I feel this is actually a good thing. Most apps start on iOS anyhow, and given the onslaught of security issues with android lately, they probably feel like it compromises security, and emulation slows down the OS as well.
  • I can see the backlash from Astoria. I am on BB10 and some fo the apps I have tried just don't work properly, or don't look correct. It's not a fault of the app, but of the emulater. Not to mention that you aren't going to be getting Google Services, which means a majority of the best apps aren't usable.   I don't buy the "it drives native devs away". I think those who are going to do it are going to do it. If anything this opens up others to bring their apps to the platform that wouldn't have done so before because of the cost investment. Now all an app developer has to do is recompile or use the other toolkits and their app is available on another platform, exposing it to more people. I would wager if the developer saw enough interest they might be willing to invest the resources into developing a native app for the product. The tools just ease the entry to the new platform, especially for a small developer who doesn't have the resources of the Google's and Facebook's at their disposal.
  • I suppose its all for the best (given the mentioned reasons). Project Islandwood is the one that matters anyway (benefits the entire the Windows Ecosystem as opposed to just phones) & iOS always get the apps first anyway.
  • I might sound crazy for saying this, but if I must, I much prefer iOS apps on my phone instead of Android apps.
  • You would have sounded crazy if you said it the other way round. No, you aren't crazy. Thats the truth.
  • Project Islandwood is better in my opinion than Astoria, and iOS have the best apps, so in my opinion it could really close the app gap, without emulating anything, and slowing Windows. If somebody want Android, go buy one, I'm waiting for 950
  • Oh thank god! No one in their right mind would want WM10 polluted with crappy Android apps and the Android subsystem, The iOS bridge is a much better approach as the dev has to recompile the app with the bridge toolkit and it would be a native UWP app.
  • What would you say if they canceled iOS bridge as well?
  • cancelling project Astoria is great news for me. I'm a fan of my fast OS and I would hate it being drowned with Java VM.
  • Exactly.  If you want an adroid device with a Windows 10 launcher, I'm sure it exists over there.  Personally, I don't need it. I don't even want to think about it.
  • Really happy :) If it's going to slow down my phone, I am happy to live without Android apps. Most iOS apps are better than Android apps and making devs recompile code will only make things better rather than having a subsystem run the apps.
  • Islandwood sounds like the better solution. Hopefully that continues to move forward. We need the apps on Windows Mobile.
  • At this point the only way to save the windows 10 mobile is for Microsoft to throw giant buckets of cash into top developers. Like, serious cash. Nothing else will push devs to the Mobile platform.
  • Pay individually to each of them? That's not logical.
  • They already tried that. Didn't work. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Future-Microsoft shuts down all the bridging softwares. The end.!
  • Project Islandwood is still going ahead, and has already been used to port iOS apps like Candy Crush and Facebook.
  • Oh really.. And those are going to change the world.. Poor u
  • ROFLMAO..... Coming soon ...indeed....
  • Ported apps are not the same as native apps. I bet for Universal Apps instead! It's the best for Windows ecosystem.
  • Candy Crush is ported. And this is by far the smoothest game that runs on Windows.
  • I'm curious, just for the sake of the conversation we're having in this article. Was it ported from iOS or Android?
  • iOS
  • Thanks
  • Candy Crush is a ported app. It's works just well on WP.
  • Pick your poison I guess... Developers weren't developing apps for us give them tool to do so. Developers who were developing apps for us dont like that. So what are we left with... Same no app problem.
  • It doesn't surprise me that it's halted at this point. I don't recall seeing an examples of Astoria like there was for Islandwood. Emulation of Android seemed like a serious misstep, as opposed to porting. What concerned me more though, was the security. ​Having an Android subsystem underneath this created another layer to this that could be a serious liability. Plus this layer has to be updated to accommodate for future Android updates that would affect apps and security. And this system would have to be added to existing computers and devices with Windows 10 to allow for a UWP (if allowed at all). All in all, it looked like a tremendous amount of work and with a potential for severe technical, legal, and security issues. I have no qualms about them scrapping this and maybe reworking this to porting like Islandwood.
  • I'm already using build 10581 as my daily driver on my Lumia 930, don't miss WP 8.1 one bit.
  • Wrong comment on the wrong post?
  • It was meant as a reply to another post (one which alleged that W10m is nowhere near ready for daily use), but for some reason it came out as an independent comment...
  • I'm glad. Anything android is a joke. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Pretty glad to see this myself. Any app that's worth having is most certainly on iOS, there's really no need to have both an Android and an iOS crossover solution. And if I had to pick one, I'd go with iOS. Android seems to me too accessible and insecure, not to mention buggy as hell and hugely inconsistent.
  • Not sure how I feel about this Windows 10 Universal App that popular that it doesnt need android apks? There been many great universal apps on windows 10 lately....and I know windows devs hate project astoria...but damn it be nice to actually fill in those app gaps....(Banking apps).
  • Well, there are reasons why they canceled it. Not because UWPs are popular, but because there's been some types of problems with Astoria. Also, every app that's on Android is on iOS, and iOS has more. So we're not really missing anything. Other than the ability to sideload APK, but that can't be a long-term strategy, and might have its own issues
  • Yea this is better, never liked anything android
  • S2pid fanboy comment
  • There's some ridiculous fan-boy "mind-nastics" going on in this thread.   "Islandwood is better in my opinion and iOS have the best apps..." "Islandwood sounds like a better solution"  "I much prefer iOS apps on my phone..." "...iOS always gets the apps first anyway"   Let me ask you this?  Why not just go with the platform that doesnt have these issues in the first place instead of having to complain constantly and hope some dev somewhere hears your cries and takes mercy on your soul?  You've basically reached the same conclusion on your own anyhow.  It's not the end users job to fight for relevancy of the platform! Look....these platforms are tools designed to help you get through your daily routines a little easier.  That's it.  Why struggle with a broken tool because it looks nicer?  It's still a broken tool.  Duct tape ain't gonna help it help you.
  • Well, here's the thing. It's not as clear as you make it to be There are many reasons people choose to stay on this platform. Because, honestly, there are many good things about the platform that are superior than on other ones. Other platforms have the apps But people might miss many things from Windows Mobile, such as live tiles, glance, continuum (for some), the ability to use their SD cards (which some Android devices offer but not all, not the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, for example, and the iPhone doesn't), camera button, customization fo the OS, better integration with Band, etc... All of these are things that make you daily routine easier too, so it's not all about apps. Some people give more importance to apps than others, but some give more importance to some of the WM features I just mentioned. So this answers your question, "why not just go with another platform?"
  • I'm sticking with WP because I like its UI much better than iOS as well as the design of my Lumia 930 (Azizelh also makes some good points), but I would still welcome having some apps that are present in iOS and Android. If the cost of having an Android emulator is having a slower OS, security issues and less developer enthusiasm for the Windows platform, then good riddance. I'm ok with Islandwood.
  • Ok.  So moving forward, and this is a somewhat seperate but related issue, what would be your rationale for commiting to new Lumia hardware?   We know the app situation is, in reality, not moving forward in any significant regard.  I think we can agree that 3rd party developers have show little to no interest in the platform.  Given that, new features like retina scanning and Continuum will largely go unused by anyone but Microsoft and their first party offerings.   We know that 3 year old Lumias run current software just fine.  That leaves the only significant upgrade being the camera really.  Would you suggest I commit 500 dollars towards a new Lumia for a camera upgrade (that is in itself limited because of the non availablity of apps for sharing pictures I take with it) when current offerings, like your 930, are pretty good?   Why not just keep what I have and invest new money into a true experience upgrade.  I say experience meaning apps.  Meaning a viable mobile payment solution.  Meaning unambiguous 1st party support.
  • Well, you say you're talking about a different issue but in the end of your post, you still ask why would someone not move to another platform,and my answer to that is still the same, for all the things Windows Mobile has but not other platforms. The new phones still have those advantages Regarding your first question, Continuum might not be used widely, but Windows Hello will be. It's just a way to login, and it's convenient and easy. People will use it. Why not? Regarding the current devices running the OS just fine, I don't know how you would evaluate that. Because the new devices, having more powerful processor, could run it better, and could run new features coming up to WM10 better. Plus, many people on those devices (930, 1520, 640/XL) are complaining it's actually not working as well as you say. Also, the same could be said of iPhones for example, buying new ones is always a marginal improvement (better camera and faster processor, same as the new Lumias), and older iPhones run the new iOS just fine too. Same thing, so I don't know what the point is So at the end of the day, the major decision is, do you prefer to have all apps, or do you prefer the features of WM that I outlined in my previous reply. If someone is upgrading their device then that is the only thing that matters, and it's a personal choice that is going to be different from person to person. Again, what you call a "true experience upgrade" is not so for everybody. It depends what their priorities are. It could be a downgrade if you're missing the things you like in WM, and the apps that are missing are not a big deal to you
  • Just a point of grammar, you don't put a question mark after a statement that says you are about to ask a question or questions, such as you have don here: "Let me ask you this?" The question mark is misplaced and redundant. You're not asking them if you can ask questions, you STATED IT.
  • Getting iOS developers to port their apps is a much better solution. Candy Crush is a prime example. Great app and it mirrors iOS perfectly. There are more opportunities in the iOS world... But if Microsoft isn't able to convince the iOS developers on the universal app deal then..... I'm afraid leaving, the much better working, WP platform will be a necessary evil!
  • Fine by me. I'd rather use ported apps from iOS than emulated apps from Android. Just my two cents.
  • This article's news could be good or bad depending on one thing: If this cancelation of Astoria means that there is a risk it could happen to Islandwood too or not If Islandwood is still as solid as before and works great, then the fact Astoria is gone is a good thing, and nothing to worry about. If, on the other side, the problem has more to do with developers not getting on board, or apps not porting as good as MS thought they would, then that's a much bigger problem because it could affect Islandwood too. I hope it's the first one, and I am waiting to see what Microsoft will announce during the BUILD conference
  • When was the last time we had a news headline that didn't point to the fact that Windows Phone is dead and Microsoft has given up on it?​ Project Astoria Major apps abandoning the platfrom (banks, mint, airlines) No flagships for VZ Lack of growth Farming out the best of WP to iOS and Android Slow W10 mobile builds  Developers reporting lack of support to fix bugs in OS      
  • Perfect.  It was only a nice to have but not at all necessary for this OS.  Too much insecurity around that OS anyway for my taste.  Probably gum up the works.
  • Too bad. But good I guess in the long run. I'm still blown away by the fact that you can run/emulate an android app on W10M.
  • I know this could be important but I honestly don't care much about Android emulation or porting. Especially if it already works with iOS.
  • Regardless of how hacky Astoria would have been, this is absolutely not a good thing. It honestly makes Microsoft look like they've got egg on their face.
  • This is an opportunity less to get rid of app gap, that is the mainly reason why people stay away from Lumias. Sad to read this. Really hope for Islandwoods.
  • Another reason for users to abandon WM10... It's ok to have slow WM builds but newer keeps on having major issues instead of polishing the OS. Even in the latest build store fails to download apps ..
  • What the fucking fuck is going with fucking microsoft in every last step is kicking users assess
  • This isn't a PR problem at all! MS just has to state they "are committed to Project Astoria" and no ones the wiser. ;)
  • Then that Jason guy can write an article about Microsoft's master plan for it that exists only in his imagination.  
  • So the Windows 10 Mobile RTM build is coming when? Next week? Before December? Or SOON???
  • The exact wording they used was "a few more days", which should mean sometime during next week
  • Sad... Windows Phone/Mobile is(was) such a good platform.
  • I can't think of any Android apps I miss. At all.
  • I miss Magisto. It's also available in iOS. Unfortunately in Windows Store all "Magisto" apps are fake... I've already reported all of them maybe a year ago, but they are still there.
  • I don't see it as a disappointment. Its rather good. Almost all of the Android apps are available for iOS and they work better on iOS. If we can get Candy Crush ported from iOS with such a high quality performance, then I would rather go for porting through iOS rather than Android. It actually clears the doubt in the mind of developers of whether to port their Android app or iOS app.
  • It's amazing that everyone keeps bringing up Candy Crush, but it was just one game and Microsoft paid them to make it anyways.
  • It also requires zero in the way of native UI elements or OS integration.  It's a terrible example.  
  • So I'm what you'd call "developer dumb." Can someone explain why the 2 different approaches between iOS and Android. Story says Islandwood requires developer intervention and some recompiling. Why not do the same for Android apps?
  • Because what most people here don't understand is that Android is 100% emulated code that runs in sandboxed virtual machines that require runtimes (Dalvik or ART) to actually precompile and run the code at launch. You can't just port the Java code over from Android like you can with iOS code; you need that runtime as well, and the project Astoria subsystem was actually a AOSP version of the Dalvik runtime that was designed to hook into W10M APIs. This is why you can't target Win10 on PCs with it --  that subsystem runtime doesn't exist on the PC version of Win10. Project Islandwood is actually taking native iOS code (written in C# or Swift) and recompiling against Windows 10 Common APIs and the result is a native UWP app that will run natively without any just-in-time compiling needed. I see this as a big win, and although I don't fault MSFT for exploring the possiblities, I would never have wanted a Dalvik compiler to be running in the background all the time just to handle 3 or 4 programs that I would need. I can find alternatives.
  • quote: What this all means for closing the app-gap remains to be seen. Yes in the same sense that if you plan to throw something into the air it remains to be seen if it comes back down.
  • It's probably not having access to Google Play Services that killed this, more than anything else.  Not having that access limited the number of Android apps quite a bit.  So it was going to be hit and miss.  I'm not sure this is a big blow, iOS usually has earlier access to the better games anyway, so Islandwood was always the big win here.  
  • iOS apps are better than Android ones. So, MS needs to focus in simplify and make easier as possible for devs port then to W10M. Forget to emulate anything, forget about Android, that's not a good solution. iOS apps will be enough. And please, make it happen fast! FOCUS!
  • Good news as I see it. Love to see the pirates (apk sideloaders) crying in coments. You came to the wrong neighborhood.
  • It truly does suck..
  • I D rather they focus on porting iOs apps if they had to focus resources somewhere ... Got the better apps...
  • Oh well anyways I'll always have my Nexus 6 on my side with my future 950xl and retired 1520.
  • I was very excited for android apps coming to windows phone, now its cancelled indefinitely, there are apps That I need to use for work and can't use because of the app situation. Microsoft is making very bad decisions with windows phone. Decisions that would cause the platform to fail. Even Microsoft workers don't use windows phones as a primary phone. But they expect others to? I will not be purchasing any more windows phones until they release a surface phone with x86 windows. Mobile Windows is a total letdown.
  • As long as iOS apps can be ported, there'll be no problem at all.
  • iOS apps are better than Android ones. So, MS needs to focus in simplify and make easier as possible for devs port then to W10M. Forget to emulate anything, forget about Android, that's not a good solution. iOS apps will be enough. And please, make it happen fast! FOCUS!
  • Let me just say this. I really love Windows Phone and I've been a fan ever since the "phone to save us from our phone" campaign with Windows Phone 7. In fact my first love affair with WP7 came unofficially thanks to the XDA community making it possible to run on the infamous HTC HD2. I've been with WP up until last year with the cancellation of the McLaren and no definitive answer about the future of the OS. Now that I'm on Android, I can honestly say that I'm so glad I got out when I did. The future is still riddled with hopes and more waiting. Microsoft still takes their sweet old time getting flagship to market and delivering on a complete OS in a timely manner. And if you're not on AT&T you can hardly feel loved in the US.(especially if you're of the CDMA camp) My take is that Windows 10 Mobile will indeed take off. But Microsoft is still off to a slow start and when you're up against the likes of powerful phones on arguably more capable OSs trying to gain some attention at least(and hopefully more sales), a slow start is unacceptable even for fans of Microsoft. I believe in late 2016 to early 2017 W10M will be thriving and more carriers will be on board along with more OEMs besides the ones we know about already. Hopefully by that time the apps will be there. Windows Phone remains my favorite OS, but Android is a close second with its customizations and features(and of course apps). I am in no rush to return to Microsoft's vision of a mobile OS especially with many of the excellent Microsoft services on Android as well. I think 2017 will truly be the best year for W10M going forward and by that time I'll be in a better position even financially (for everyone telling me to buy unlocked) to where I'll be able to get the phone I want regardless of Microsoft's decisions to get it to carriers. I am very happy not waiting for anything in the Android camp. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • The V10 is the best phone I've ever owned in my whole life. And I own a lot of different phones.
  • Burning bridges before they are used is genius!
  • What a surprise. So now that misguided and desperate pipedream is dead it would be nice if MS made it's UI and UX less crappy since it doesn't have to "blend in" with these poorly made Android apps that were supposed to flood the store.
  • Re: Kram Sacul,
    I do wish Microsoft would stop copying the horrible goggle UI/UX.
  • To all the negative comments here ... Have u not used android for a year ?? If u have .. U will know how it slows down over time and kills even the mightiest hardware.. Now imagine the same thing running on our windows phone ... Oh boy now we know why the earlier builds were so slow !! They were bogged down by fragmented android !!! Its a good thing that crapdroid got shutdown... But hey cheer up .. Islandwood is still here .. Ios apps are so much better and greater in number .. So that means better quality apps coming to windows !! Not that stupid droid stuff
  • Don't know what phone you had but our test nexus devices don't slow down for anything. Everyone has a different experience so don't generalise.
  • You're wasting your breath if you try defending Android here. Let them believe what they want to believe.
  • True. Though I'm not trying to defend anything - just being objective. A fact is a fact and a lot of people talk nonsense. This place is getting crackberry levels of sycophantism.
  • I think the better idea is to develop it later just to have it around on rainy days but for now I think it will cause chaos so I'm ok with this but they should continue the work and improve it themselves so it become there own thing not just android running in the background!
  • Un-welcome back app gap..... I had android apps on my phone and they worked good, closing the app gap. Only problem I had was with the Bank of America app, when the app was older (it was updated on android), my app on my WP device would not load, till I re-downloaded the new one and re-installed it. Sad to say but, with out this, it's going hurt WP....they NEED it...
  • There will still be iOS ports, get a grip. Emulation is the wrong way to go anyway. Plus it would be redundant, ios and android usually get the same apps which are made by the same developers.
  • Re: Bushybro,
    Thank you for your optimistic point of view. I hope, really hope you are right.
  • Well why don't they refocus Astoria to require Android code recompiling with developer intervention (i.e. API mapping) just like the Islandwood is? Emulation is not feasible for multiple reasons. The most important one is app piracy where even Microsoft loses because it doesn't happen through the store.
  • RIP windows phone. Just when we think that something good is coming, our hopes get crushed again.
  • I wont say RIP yet....but, it's starting to look that way....WP NEEDED this to compete with iOS and Android... another Fail by Microsoft
  • RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!
  • Why do I see a picture of a Motorola phone with windows in this article?
    Did I miss something in my WP history book.
  • No , that's an android device. They have used it along with a Lumia here ,as a reference to 'Project astoria'
  • Now get those 80 guys that worked on Astoria to work on the OS itself and MS apps and we'll have a great OS/apps in a couple months!
  • Yeah, could have poured those resources and time into exclusive apps and services for the Windows -platform.
  • Considering how much the performance of WM10 improved since dumping Astoria, I'm glad. My phones were almost unusable until they removed it.
  • Islandwood was ALWAYS the more promising option. Even noticed that new apps that become hits start on iOS, not on Android, despite Android having the bigger market share? So if MS wants a source OS to port W10 apps from, makes more sense for that OS to be iOS.
    In addition, the output of Islandwood is native Universal Windows Apps, so will run anywhere, and fast too.
    None of that Java crap
  • Great news for me. These emulation attempts sound like admitting defeat. I dont want any Lagdroid cruft on my Windows devices. Period. There is a reason why I stick with WP for so long and thats because its better. Android is a mess in every way. I hope Microsoft puts all effort in bringing us beautiful universal apps. If developers dont want to jump to Windows universal bandwagon, too bad for them. The smartphone/tablet frenzy is not going to last forever anyway. Deviceless experience is the future and Windows 10 is the just beginning of that new era.
  • Good. Bottom line, if apps are to come to windows mobile it requires dev intervention. This news just reasserts that fact. For the developers that want to get on windows mobile, well they have islandwood. If they don't use it then that's up to them. As it should be. No one can legally take them out of that loop. If windows mobile is attractive then they'll use the available tools and if not then windows mobile continues to have the app issues it's plagued with. It's up to Microsoft to make the platform attractive. End of.
  • Really, this is good news. Running unmodified Android apps on Windows 10 was always going to be a disaster. And a detriment to ever getting working universal apps. If they do Android support, it should be done as a recompile, like the iOS bridge. That approach makes much more sense.
  • THIS IS AMAZING! Emulation is not a good thing, performance will be bad sooner or later, and iOS apps are always better and with better design (a lot more like windows 10 design)
  • Well after all the phone is going so good with the NEW BUILD that i forgot about that thing with astoria xD
    well if it really is removed it seems that the windows 10 is so fast now and stoped bugging all kinds of things becuase of this right? i mean google uses that type of code and they have problems with ram,securit, everything xD while windows removed it and its now great lolzz xD
    if we get ios apps its like we get andoid apps :3 so nothing to lose
  • The most important apps on Android are on iOS anyway. And iOS apps are usually designed much nicer and get new features first. So Islandwood will be just fine with me.
  • Honestly, as long as the iOS bridge works I'm fine. Edit: Didn't even read the above.
  • Until Windows Phone commands a larger market share the app gap won't close, and unless there are more apps WinPhone won't command a larger market's all about has to be profitable to create apps for WinPhone...perhaps Microsoft might do something radical like greatly increasing the percentage devs are paid, greatly reducing the cost to devs to publish...Microsoft can afford this even at a loss until the situation improves anyway...Microsoft also needs to be aggressive with the carriers to market their phones. Windows Phone is the best phone out there you rarely hear yes, but on TV, at the carriers A shame.
  • I was despondent reading this article until you mentioned that Islandwood for porting IOS apps was still moving forward. I've been reluctantly positive about the major apps leaving Windows Phone thinking that we would see them come back with the bridges. I'm still hoping that returns with their IOS version because that one really hurt me to see it go. Plus having my bank app (SunTrust) available would make me happy. Still hoping that Islandwood fills in the holes here.
  • This a blessing in disguise for windows users. BlackBerry used android emulation on the playbook OS and BB10 , it was a really bad solution . The android apps were laggy and often required google play service to run which required another hack . It's a really bad experience. Recompiling apps to run natively on windows is the way to go especially if those apps can run desktop,mobile, and Xbox . I think that's motivation enough for devs.
  • We'll have to see how the Priv does...
  • It's not the same. Because Priv is an Android device, it does not have another OS emulating Android, which was the point the OP raised.
  • ???????
  • Thought the Windows Phone UI was ruined so that Android apps would fit into the interface better. We're stuck with hamburger menus for nothing? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes. Emulating / copying the horrible google. What to do?
  • With universal apps I see no point with Astoria. It's redundant. UA is brilliant, more devs will follow.
  • When I attended the cloud roadshow the other week, one of the UWP tech guys made mention that there was greater success and demand for the islandwood bridge. Of course, maybe that was just to cover the hurdles of Astoria...I mean they were even pushing Westminster the strongest followed by Islandwood and then centennial before even a passing whisper about android. =/
  • Well, that's good news. Could be one of the reasons Astoria was dropped. And it's a good reason
  • Doesn't bother me. Has there ever been an Android exclusive app? Typically they're made on both platforms.
  • It's hard to imagine an iOS developer; with their MacBook Pro, iPhone 6+, iPad Pro and iPad Air in their kit is suddenly going to press pause on Apple Music, take off their Beats headphones to suddenly stop and listen to anything about converting their apps for a company they are emotionally compromised to hate.
  • The same could be said of Android. It's also not as black and white. Many developers that develop for iOS use Windows PCs too. And when Windows 10 devices' numbers grow even more than now, trust me, they'll take off their headphones and listen, because they want to make money, just like everybody.
  • "Technical – There are reports that the Android subsystem caused Windows 10 Mobile to slow down over time." I'd say that's a pretty good emulation of Android. Release it I say. ​ ​
  • FINALLY someone pays attention to this story. This is what I like to see from Blogs, actual journalism. Nice job. I was expecting to hear about all this on stage at the Oct. 6th Microsoft event, but was stunned by the silence on the stage and equally mystified that no bloggers seemed to be writing about that absence. I care more that Islandwood is still alive than Astoria being possibly dead. I would really love to see a follow up story interviewing developers that are now using the Islandwood technology, and what their thoughts are on when we can see the fruits of all this, how much longer must we all wait, and what types of apps will be easier to bring over than others that may never make it at all? How long before some type of small flood of Universal Apps from the iOS side of the universe begin to show up on WinPho10, if ever? I WAS excited about the possibility of Centennial, porting Win32 apps over, because I had originally thought that, if one could RESET Windows 10 to clear out any Mom installed Malware, that the apps and files would stay put while the crap got swept away. Then I discovered Win 10 reset does not leave apps in place as the old refresh used to in Windows 8. That was kind of a kick in the teeth, and I hope they are working on bringing that type of thing back in. Please keep hammering away at this story, it’s an important one to this fanboy, and I really want to hear about the progress or lack there of.
  • I echo your appreciation of the post. However, just so you know, the October 6th event was a Devices only event, so there was no chance Microsoft would talk about this. The BUILD event, which I think is around March or something, is the event for the developers, and where all of these bridges were announced last year. So more info will be revealed in next year's BUILD event.
  • Maybe Microsoft sees lots of interest in universal apps and therefore decides this project is not needed anymore.
  • I would bet that's not the reason. Universal apps are cool, and some devs are getting on board, but the number is, not way, so high that it would be the reason they would stop the project.
  • Ugh, this is TERRIBLE news. I could live with the app-gap if I had some way of sideloading the few apps I needed from Android apks. I have even installed BlueStacks on my Surface Pro 4 to try to get a few apps that way. I would even take a dual-boot Windows/Android phone (W10 95% of the time, Android 5% when I need a specific app like banking, library, chechout51 etc). This is not good for developers AT ALL. Without Android apps on W10 mobile there will be no Windows Phone. I use EVERYTHING Microsoft (people laugh at me for using Bing) but even I am 50/50 about getting another Windows Phone. I am so tired of missing apps. I want Windows phone UI and apps (i don't care how). If I have to choose between apps and UI, apps might win next time.  
  • Glad I bought an iphone 6s plus. No longer have to worry about this stuff on the phone. I hope UWP and islandwood improves situation over time because I still have a SP3. Even some of the major apps that are already on the Windows platform are absolutely horrible (kindle is the one that most affects me). I also worry that Islandwood will be too little too late. A lot of iOS devs are starting to use swift. I'm sure MS could deal with that, but it will introduce yet another complication and delay.
  • I think the problem would be less big if they made Astoria work like Islandwood from the beginning. Windows devs feel a little less stepped on their toes and you don't need an Android emulation...
  • Let's be real here, how many apps does Android have that Windows Phone doesn't have? You could argue that there are quite a few. But we're talking about app exclusivity on Android, including BOTH iOS and Windows Phone, since iOS apps are much easier to port (it seems), so even with project Astoria cancelled, we still are going to have most, if not all apps that were already multiplatform (since exclusives were likely to remain exclusive). I really don't see the problem, have you tried Candy Crush? Yeah there are some issues like, in my L735 it takes AGES to load and I also can't write my name for some reason, but legit once it loads, the game runs almost perfect, maybe some stalls but hey, it's a mid-range phone with a cheap processor, what else could you ask? :P   tl;dr don't get mad, we still have iApps
  • Good. I'm not upset one bit.
  • Windows mobile will end one day, fail, sadly. Not because of this for all you over protective cry babies, it just will. The phones I love, but lets be honest.. They aren't getting anywhere.
  • If they dont' go the emulation route (which I would prefer they didn't), I hope they go the same route as Islandwood.
  • If an app is only available on Android, not IOS, typically it is garbage.
  • Android and Jailbreak iOS always had pirated apps anyway. It's no big deal. Surely the pirated app still makes money for developers with ads? I would prefer if they allow all the different ports. If an app has been ported, as long as the submitter can prove that they own the original app then its cool. And as long as there is a caveat that ported apps will have performance issues then those developers will do a full port in latest on when interest picks up.
  • Here's my out of thin air, but plausible speculation. In an effort to mend bridges with Google on other fronts, Microsoft will kill Astoria.  If we start to finally see Google universal apps or mobile apps in general, this could further bolster my theory.
  • Just purchased a Nexus 5X.  I can only hold out hope for so long.
  • You did yourself a favor Priv screen goes up
  • Article in Portuguese about Windows 10 Mobile
  • I don't want security flawed Android apps being ported to Windows phone. Even iOS apps are risky but I'd rather have a ported iOS app instead of a ported Android app...
  • Lol, you have to know that they would get sued so hard by Google, regardless of merit
  • Speaking as a consumer I don't understand why windows phone developers would be upset with project Astoria... This would free them up to create new experiences not found on Droid or IOS instead of trying to help the windows store play "app catch up". Having the Droid/ios apps people already want is a "Win" for the platform. Having devs who can now focus on WP native apps is also a "Win" IMO which will raise the WP user base.... Idk maybe one of you devs can chime in.
  • .... *Sighs*.. I guess its back to iOS
  • Don't be ridiculous.
  • Aaand that's why I suggested adding Java as one of the programming languages instead (and possibly supporting some Android APIs). It could still compile to the same bytecode as the C# apps, but devs could at least share much of the logic stack. Hopefully Islandwood will be ready as soon, as that is the platform's (not Leia's) only hope somewhat of bridging the app-gap.
  • All we need is Islandwood, Android apps are crap 
  • Good, if I wanted a bugfest crashing app instead of something actually useful I would have bought an android cheap plastic phone
  • As I see it, Astoria is dead, while development on Islandwood still takes some learning and extra work, which means that there is no such thing as free lunch. Besides there may be another reason for the failure of Astoria: android is changing rapidly and such a massive project as Astoria would always be a few generations late.
  • Well they did say they would be doing ios apps to windows phone so idk what the problem is but the android thing is an issue. Either way I wouldn't care anyways because I'm not too much of an app person and all the apps I got on my Lumia 1520 are all I need and want. I don't care about expensive apple nor laggy Android. I'm sticking with a more stable and smooth os what we call windows phone. I love windows and always will stay with them
  • I really dont care to be honest, most apps o. On iOS anyways right, so screw it lets get those ports instead of the android ones
  • If folks port their iOS apps, I'll be ok with this... If not, this is a death nail.
  • Ah well, that was our last hope for windows phones. Imstead of getting a new windows phone this year, after having a windows phone for almost 15 years, just going to pick up a nexus 6p.
  • If windows developers cared, then they would write the apps!
  • If app gap is not solved within 8 months my next phone will never be a windows 10 device.astoria was so promising.
  • If porting is not going to be done by December release... Hope so the apps that I have in my mobile (windows 8.1 denim update) should not be removed it should be working fine . Hope so it will be available in universal windows app store...if these apps are not available than windows 10 is failure lol.. and I will be porting to android like many others.... Been a windows fan for years... Lets face this December release and decide to stick to windows or not....
  • Main concern is app gap... Hopefully they will be starting Astoria... Anyway IOS project is running. IOS had better apps than android.... If the existing apps in windows 8 phone store are not working or if it is removed in universal windows store.. Than windows 10 mobile December release is failure... Been fan for windows for many years... If the current working app is removed I will be porting to android like many others....loosing another windows fan in this case
  • Will Microsoft change windows phone 10 boring lock screen which is exist from windows phone 7..
  • Will Microsoft change windows phone 10 lock screen???? Which is exist from windows phone 10....
  • Great news!
  • M not sad.. As we still have have iOS ports, which is quite better than Android emulation.
  • 10581 sometimes hangs my 1320 for no reasons, no apps was opened at the time, strange. Performance on 1020 is bad compared to 1320, even after a hard reset. Not sure if i have loaded 25gb of photos, video.. makes it slow?
  • At least islandwood is progressing
  • Ouch
  • We need a clean OS. Something which does not contain other OS elements. Good to see its not happening. Universal apps has the potential.
  • I'm fine with Project Islandwood, if that's still happening, and if it would help increase the no. of apps in the Windows Store.
  • Well, this was to be expected. It is though sad to see ms taking the bite again! Sometimes money tells nothing but fail. This project had a point; if you don't do. It, we do it! Well, ms weak as always.
  • This just proofs how awful and unhealthy Android's ecosystem is.
  • Good news. I was dead against this Lagdroid filth infiltrating Windows and I am so happy that Astoria is not going to happen. I hope they scrap Project Islandwood too. Porting of web apps and Win32 apps is sufficient.
  • I think it is for The better.As long as Ios port is happening,iam satisfied
  • If Android subsystems will make Windows 10 slow over time then we don't need Astoria. If Islandwood will be successful then its enough because iOS apps are better than Android anyway.
  • Ok so make Astoria with recompile requirement meaning Java available as UWP programming language. Apple did Roseta which was PowerPC emulator on x86 Mac. MS did almost the same with Xbox 360 (Power architecture) emulation on Xbox One (x86 arch). So canceling Astoria is for legal reasons rather then technical.
  • I really hope so Jordon. My bank does have an app but development is on hold. Recently they added creditcard transactiins to ios an android but not to the wp app. Now paying via Phone is trending. Of that is also not becoming available for wp that could be a reason to change to a bank which supports it on wp or even leaving wp. The last one would be really sad.
  • Windows security breaking Android Apps Accessibility,,, No Tension at all ,, Windows App is enough for us
  • Same old song and dance. Same old bullshit. That's what hope and faith gets you.
  • So the next thing to sort out for any iOS devs thinking of using Islandwood, is to support the common Ad Networks used on iOS, in the Windows dev environment. I'm usre no iOS dev is going to port their app if they have to rip out the code for their existing Ad Network and put in something else.
  • I am thinking this had more to do with security issues than anything else.  OR.....that google did not play along with MS as apple did for some reason and both pulled the plug.  The fact that satya was on stage at apples last event says alot.  IMO of course.
  • good to hear that!  
  • Seriously, is this s big set back? No. Missed apps are available in iOS or android, so as long as ironwood is released, deva can dinky use that to put their apps. Seems like the iOS apps tend to be a bit better than their android counterpart. Now if ironwood gets sheng, than we have a problem.
  • This means the death of the eco system. Goodbye windows mobile. I don't think ios devs will go through the trouble of recompiling their apps for such a small market share of phones. If they don't make a universal version it's no use to them.
  • I thought maybe windows 10 would solve my app gap problem. I am really disappointed with this article maybe its time I shift back to android or iOS
  • what is exclusive about this article? :) kinda astonishing MS would not have figured out the legal problems - if any - in advance. anyway, one can hope Islandwood helps solve the problem and it would certainly be a much better solution. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • At least Islandwood is still happening. In the end of day, iOS has more and better apps than Android, anyway... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is there really that many Android app that don't also have an ios version?
    Facebook is a good example. Can't emulate the android version? Just recompile the ios one.
    Banks? All the bank here in canada have a version on both os. Only WP is left behind.
  • Good riddance. Islandwood seems to better anyway. Now make those people work for Islandwood and other bridges and officially launch them.
  • ..
  • I'm not sure Islandwood,Astoria et al. would help much in bringing more developers over.. I mean, as long as they have 100s of thousands of users on Android/Apple ecosystem, they are making money. Either through in-app purchase, Ads, App Buys etc. So question is about money, not ease of coding. What Microsoft should do is bring some money into the game. Like how Ford has Ford Credit, it should start financing schemes for it's users. Like if an App costs 1$, it can create installment plans where users pay something like 1 cent a day to use the app. This way, the user can afford paying for the app, the developer gets money and microsoft gets developers. So when a user buys an app in the MS store, MS pays 1$ to the developer while it starts collecting 1 cent per day from the user. So if Microsoft sets aside something like 100 million $ for this, they can expect that this will lead to 100 million App purchases. of course not all users will pay MS back in full since some might just give up/stop paying etc. considering even half the users do that, MS only has to spend 50 million $. not a bad way to bring more people in.
  • I love my windowsphone.. And the only app gap for me is clash of clans. If coc came to windowsphone im contented.. Lol
  • Android is the worst os I have seen.I would much rather have iOS apps anyway. The hell with android.
  • Well crap. I love my Windows phone, but this might be what keeps me on android. There are a few apps that I have to have for work, and if this is out, the apps probably won't make it to WP. Bummer. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How about putting on your big boy pants and just announce its not happening? 
  • People using Android apks were happy? If yes, then the problem is already solved. Microsoft can solve legal issues if they want to.
  • What is an app? If all you had was a PC, would you be able to do all the things you can do with the mobile app?  What was the reason apps were generated in the first place? Convenience.  Most of the issue with apps, in particular bank apps, it's convenience.  Like I've stated before,  my financial institution has never been supported by any variation of Windows phone, but that doesn't prevent me from being able to do the things I need to do through it. Sure I can launch the application a little faster, but that doesn't compromise me from doing the essential things I need.  Like other have mentioned, almost all of the major apps are supported, but there are some third party apps that work better then the official like 6tag.  I bet if that app was available on iOS or Andriod, people would use that more.  Skype is better on other OS's??  I guess that is open to opinion. I know that I can't draw pictures on the other Skype apps, like I can when I'm talking to my daughter like I can on my 940XL.  In the end it's up to the individual.  We are a society of habit.  Most gravitate to what everyone else is without really understanding the capabilities of what they're using. The integration of Windows Mobile in my opinion is far superior, and will only get better being it's all on the same kernel.   The reality is we are constantly evolving as a species of convenience.  The average consumer isn't going to do research themselves, there going to rely on the service rep informing them.  This is MSFT's biggest obstacle, but one they've shown they can tackle.  Just look at the Surface series. I had to look at the back of the surface book three times because each time I thought I was looking at a Macbook. It was such a premium build. MSFT is new to the hardware realm and it showed early, however they have learned quickly and the other platforms have already taken notice.
  • Great news! I never liked that idea, because with somethin like that, nobody would write native apps, that are perfect for WinPhones, anymore.  
  • Meh. I avoid anything Android whenever possible.
  • As a dev., I am glad this project doesn't come out anytime soon. For obvious reasons.
  • Hope so the are enough top apps avails in windows 10 store when it releases in December
  • I am disappointed. Goodbye WP. I will buy nokia x2 for the durability of nokia and the apps of android I need and waited too much for them to come to WP and even when some of them did come, they are of lower quality.
  • What's the point of Astoria when there's Islandwood that would benifits all 3 party (Devs, Microsoft, Users)?
  • Now that I frequently fly, I am envious of my friends who just flash their iPhones to show off their boarding passes. And now, I'm planning to buy an iPhone 6S plus bcoz of this.
  • This is good news. I want a real, optimized Windows app, not something which is ran on an emulator.
  • While it is very likely there are technical reasons behind this decision I would bet the implementation of 10 makes it more likely that the phone OS will also become more common.
  • Just another nail in the coffin for Windows Mobile. But they need this to work for their 3 screens cloud strategy, or is that dead to? So far it is all talk and what action is horrible. Insider preview stinks for a daily driver; Windows 10 made my Surface 3 useless battery wise and tablet wise, so that has rolled back; buggy OS for my desktop. It's usable but they really should have waited. Between launch issues, failed promises, and retracting of OneDrive features they really look like a start-up, and not a good one. Also the Xbox One experience is worse now and harder to navigate.
  • Why would we need both iOS and Android apps? They both have the same stuff, more or less, right? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Isn't there an Android bridge for porting apps too?
  • I'm an Android guy but I love Windows Phone as well. How in the world is this a bad idea? This is wonderful news. You will have native high quality iOS apps. There is nothing missing here, in fact, you'll possibly get better version of the same apps before Android. I might be missing something so someone please tell me how this is a bad idea. This is like WINE for Linux. Its far better than emulating Windows. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So glad I finally dumped WP...finally switched to Android. I miss Glance and Xbox Games, and...that's it...WM is a terrible ecosystem without any app support. I tried...all the way back to Lumia 920, but Microsoft should just admit it, drop back and punt.
    Even the new Lumia 950 doesn't seem that great...maybe a year ago, but Android 6 has made huge gains in stability and battery life.. I still have my Lumia 1020 on WM10, but my Nexus 6 is far superior...sorry guys. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • excellent! android is bad.
  • I said it once before and I will now say it again even if it sounds crazy >Microsoft should make it's own version of the most popular Android and Apple iphones apps that have not come to Windows smart phones or Tablets. Hell Microsoft is a software company right !. Microsoft can make software for it's Tablets and smart phones better than any outsider because they have the full code to do so. In fact Steve Jobs of Apple at first only wanted Apple programmers to make apps for it's products but then let developers perticipate in making apps for it's iphones and ipads. It looks like Microsoft will have to make some critcle apps for it's tablets and smart phones on it's OWN so MS CEO Nadella hire some clever Programmers to make Windows 10 apps.
  • Remove the astoria and ok to islandwood...
  • Sorry to read this. I think the Astoria was the most important/relevant one of the bridges for a smartphone. Without the app ecosystem it are difficult to compete. Since Nadella only using iPhones on stages now with some Windows apps, I have my doubt how they will continue in the phone business. With that in mind I would not invest in a Lumia 950 or 950 XL now. So for my main device I use a Android. Still got a Lumia as a extra device. I guess we see in the coming months what happends.
  • Great News. I do wonder - some time ago Ximian did port the android base system from Java to .NET. Why not using the tools developed there for porting the apps? I'd love to have some more good apps from Android - like from iOS as well - on Windows Mobile Store, but I'm not ready for all the crapware from Android flooding the Windows Mobile Store, just because it's easy.
  • This may sound like one of those pretentious "I'm leaving" posts, but having read this article I will probably try to pawn off my current WM to some sucker and buy an iPhone or a Sony the very first thing next week. Astoria was the only reason I was looking forward to WM10. It's time to finally get a functional device again.
  • Every Android app worth its salt has an iOS version, and frankly, a developer solution that can take these apps and put them on Windows in native code, rather than running it in a clunky emulator, would undoubtedly be the stronger option. I wasn't that optimistic about Windows Phone becoming diet-Android anyway.
  • I feel so empty right know. I thought (hoped) the bridges would be ready approximately the same time as Windows 10 mobile. *crying*
  • For me so project more buying Windows phone.the only reason to have a Windows phone is the hope that can run Android app.never again. ​
  • This are good news. Why would we want the crappy android apps, when we have the iOS versions?? They are way better than the Android apps, and you always have an iOs version of every quality Android app, so, to me its pretty pointless
  • Not sure why this is such
  • I'm not sure why this is such a big idea especially if Islandwood and the other pouring projects are going well. It seems like the security/performance issues and upsetting a base of developers who have been loyal to them was just to much to risk for a small benefit.
  • I am starting to give up on windows phone.
  • Actually, this is just fine. BlackBerry tried this, and now, well, there's the Priv - BlackBerry is now Droid. May MSFT do things differently, and do it right, stay unique to itself and market the heck out of it's accomplishments. Don't let another OS ride inside/on top of yours and bog yours down, or you will just lose to it in the end like BlackBerry did to droid. May MSFT succeed where BlackBerry failed with BB10, even though it was rating as the best mobile OS on the market, it's been droided.
  • Good!  Make native apps.. MS might have to invest more in making apps or getting people to make apps.  They are a software company.      
  • Andorid subsystem slowed WP down..Yup
  • I have created a new Tag in Twitter. Use it! #theresalwaysabut. It symbolizes that Microsoft ALWAYS disappoints. They present something and you're amazed. BUT.... Here's some examples: ​Halo 5 is the biggest Halo ever! BUT the campaign is very short. I'm pumped about Project Astoria! BUT it is getting cancelled because we can't do what the ALMOST-BROKE BlackBerry company did. XBOX One New Experience Dashboard Update! WOAAAH! BUT You can't use Kinect anymore. New Browser Microsoft EDGE! The fastest and best browser ever, BUT you don't have plug-ins (most important: No Ad-Blocker) HoloLens!! OMG! (I know the BUT will come, if they dont fix the small viewport.) If you go to the Microsoft shop, the new Surface Pen should be supported by the Surface 3, BUT ITS NOT! (I have already talked to MS about this, and they said they will fix it. Two weeks ago. So don't buy that pen if you're on a Surface 3. Posted from my MS Edge Browser on my Microsoft Surface 3 using a Lumia 935 for hotspot. #theresalwaysabut ​use it!
  • Windows phone is dead. I've been a loyal follower and I after picking up the iPhone 6S there is no going back to windows phone.
  • Oh Microsoft - just give us the damn L950/XL on Android, then we start talking. Stop throwing money in a baseless well
  • Project Astoria was great, it really did fill the app gap for me (95% of it), even though you had to hack the phone and the apps but, it really did make WP's limits go away. This is too bad...
  • Oh no... this is bad news. Hop its not true and it still comes out.
  • Greate Microsoft!!! Just before the New Phone come out. I have friends saying they are not going to buy anymore because Astoria is no there.
  • I really don't see a end to the app gap. Microsoft needs to put it's big business heads together and figure this one out. Otherwise windows phone will stay stagnant in growth. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft has to pay developers to make apps for Windows. But developers have to pay Apple to put apps in there's. Microsoft is in a pinch. If you want these big name apps and such, judging off you're 3% market share we won't make them. We're losing money. Now these same same developers will charge Microsoft astronomical prices for the basic apps you get on IOS and Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • maybe (hope of hopes) that they are retiring this because they have found a better way to work with Android through a Google partnership.
  • Daniel, do you know why three of the projects targeted porting while Astoria targeted emulation?
  • ignore this one
  • Microsoft has their own ecosystem built for Android already. They even have a launcher and a lock screen. Most of them are much better implementations that those for Windows. Don't be shocked if in a couple of years they finally decide to ship their own Android distro. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It hurts me to say this, but after being a Windows Phone user for over 5 years, i've just bought a Nexus 6P and made the switch to Android. And it pains me even more to say, its incredible. I really wish WP could have lifted their game in a more acceptable timeframe. 5 years is enough time, a consumer can only support you for so long before it just becomes unrealistic to do so.
  • Same here... and I feel really sorry for Windows Phone.
  • This is a good news. We don't want our W10M to be eaten by malwares on Android apps. And iOS app is faraway better than that on Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sooner or later folks both in and outside of MS are going to have to see that Windows 10 isn't the panacea they hoped it would be. So they'll ditch it for something new. And throw the baby out with the bath water. Again. i can't see Islandwood doing anything other than confusing and frustrating potential Windows Phone customers. there isn't a single reason for any potential buyer to look at a 950 etc and want to switch to it. nokia were onto something with the likes of the 1020 - innovate and specialise into a niche. Then hammer that niche into a crack. MS should look at that again - do super imager, do a super music player, do a sporty rugged unit, hell do a Hello Kitty model. But get niches of people evangelising about the product.
    At the moment, they've got another handset out. There's no differentiator. No interest. And they'll be no sales.
  • I used a Windows Phone 7 as my daily driver for 3 years but when it came time to decide whether to upgrade to a Windows Phone 8 or go to iOS or Android, I chose Android. I knew there were security issues with Android but the handsets available were cheaper and most apps for iOS are duplicated in Android. I was tired of waiting for the app gap to close. I hope the Windows Phone developer community and Microsoft sort this out soon because right now I see no reason as just a user to ever return to Windows Phone and many reasons to go to iOS if I become unhappy with Android.
  • To be honest, i dont understand why to develop tool for porting iOS apps as well as porting Android apps. All apps are in both ecosystems, so if developper has quick tool, how to migrate his app only from iOS, its more then enough. Migrating from iOS and also from Android seems to me useless.
  • I'm perfectly fine with Astoria being shelved. Sure, they went back on their promise, but I think its ultimately better for the platform. Its better for Microsoft to devote more resources to Project Islandwood, anyways, as that allows for the creation of fully Universal apps. Not to mention that even Android still plays second wing to iOS for most developers, so better apps will be more likely to be ported. Sure, you won't be able to sideload Android apps, but that means better overall performance. Not to mention lower-end phones probably couldn't handle the emulator well at all, and I wouldn't have suggested putting pirated apps on an expensive phone for fear of breaking it, so overall, this was the right decision. Of course, I should make note that many iOS devs seem rather snobby (ahem Snapchat) and wouldn't port their app even if Microsoft gave them the world. But still.    
  • This is not a bad thing at all... Windows would do far better having iOS apps ported over than emulating android apps.  You don't need both projects going to get the same apps twice.  iOS is the largest appstore with much better security and integrity.  Islandwood being such a smaller team, true porting (recompiling), and acutually working while not killing the Windows OS is what is best.  Great move by Microsoft...  Android has the largest marketshare, but not best apps or user experience.  iOS is being chased by all, period.  So, let that be the focus... 
  • I concur that we don't need Apple and Android (A/A) apps, and that in the big picture it does make sense to develop for the one unified Windows Platform. I can wrap my mind around that, but to ask a bit of a rookie question... When I go into Windows 10 on my Surface and look for my local grocery store app, I don't find it. Nor do I find the typical app for things like a Sears garage door opener, or my local news.... Seems all those types of companies develop for are the A/A platforms only... Perhaps there needs to be some sort of mega marketing drive to get these smaller more localized apps ported over to Windows 10. I want the Windows phone to succeed. I've had ours since v.7 and know it's a very good, quality product that can do things just as good and maybe better in some areas. Reminds me of the beta/VHS wars. Everyone (consumers) wanted VHS because of the recording time and the slick TV promotions.. but go ask any broadcast video company what they used for years prior to HD... Betamax.
  • I'm really enjoying the W10M builds. There are some bugs that are annoying that I hope they fix (currently unable to move emails to folders or delete an email when in the email message). This is on the latest build. I really like the interface and design of W10M
  • I'm glad, emulation is definitely not the way to go, giving better tools to developers is better, also I think Islandwood will have better results, but they need to push it further so more only iOS developers hop on to it.
  • eh. anyone who has followed MS long enough, should not be suprised at all by this haha. it's just classic MS.
  • What now? Should I just sell my Lumia 930 and buy an Android phone?? There is a lot, and I really mean a lot, of apps for android that I need in my day, that was the only solution and now it is gone... I was, really, looking further to buy the 950 XL,  it is great, but without the right apps, it is unuseful!
  • I'm no programmer, but my guess is 90+% of Android apps are also iPhone apps. That said, if they are ported via the "iPhone way" which is safer, I have no problem. There's nothing wrong with making a mistake, and I think it's great Microsoft is now humble enough to recognize it and quickly shift gears - this is how they will ultimately end up the leader 5-10 years from now, all things considered. Balmer would still be swearing you could fit a square in a round hole just to protect his pride.... Also, why do some of you have Windows phones / products? I see so many complaints about them. W10 products / OS is still very young and obviously has some querks, but it's 10 times more nimble and willing to embrace change / admit faults than the other two are.
  • This is very disappointing. This was one of the things with Windows Phone 10 that I was looking forward to and really the only reason I was holding out hope of using my Lumia 1020 or getting another Windows Phone in the future. However, it looks like I'll have to switch to one platform or the other now in order to get any kind of app that is needed for either banking or other uses. How depressing.