Microsoft's unified Office app is now available for Android

Office App Android Galaxy S
Office App Android Galaxy S (Image credit: Dan Thorp-Lancaster/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The unified Office app is now available on Android.
  • The app brings together Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app.
  • The app has been in preview testing for months.

Microsoft's unified Office app for Android is now available. The app brings together Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Sticky Notes into a single unified experience. It's similar to the Office app on Windows 10 and the Office experience that currently ships with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Even though the new Office app is available, you can still keep the individual Office apps separately on your phone.

Microsoft built to new Office app for convenience. Microsoft states that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint wihtin the new Office app are at feature parity with the separate apps. But because all of the services are within a single app, it's easier to jump from document to document.

The new Office app also utilizes several features that allow you turn content from your phone into Office documents. You can take a photo of a document or whiteboard and create an editable Word file, scan a table and create a spreadsheet in Excel, and create a PowerPoint slide from photos on your phone. The app also plays nicely with touch, allowing you to sign a document with your finger.

Why the new Office app for Android is perfect for me

The app itself is free and can perform some functions without an Office 365 subscription. However, to use all the features of the app, you need an Office 365 subscription. You can log in with a personal, work, or school account within the app.

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  • All well and fine, but as long as I cannot remove the old office apps, and I can't, this makes little sense.
  • You can't just uninstall them from your phone?
  • No! Apparently, they are system apps and can't be removed.
  • That's pretty ridiculous
  • What phone are you using? I can uninstall them on mine but I have an unlocked Pixel 3xl
  • A Galaxy S9.
  • The reverse is the case for me.
    The office app came preloaded on my Galaxy A30, with updates through the galaxy store.
    I haven't tried to uninstall it but I guess it's a system app.
    I already uninstalled the standalone word excel ppt apps I downloaded.
  • Is your device managed by an MDM? I once had to jump through hoops to uninstall Outlook
  • I am using a Galaxy Note 8, and this is a Samsung thing to make almost all pre-installed apps as system apps. I have still gone in and 'force-stopped' and Disabled those apps. The ones which I could uninstall were those that I had installed, namely One Drive, Office lens and Adobe Acrobat
  • So is this app on par with the individual apps or it lacks any features?
  • I was wondering the same thing before I started uninstalling stuff.
  • I cannot delete a document in the Office Mobile app. But I can delete a document in the standalone Word app. I am a Microsoft 365 Personal subscriber.
  • I am loving this app! Someone asked below if you could do everything that you can on native apps. In my experience I am yet to come across a feature which is not working. In fact, for PDFs it has the feature that paid version of acrobat has i.e. sign documents, convert word/images etc. to pdf etc. Someone remarked that you cannot delete documents and I would have to concur on that. Even those who don't have a linked work account can't delete documents from this app. Other than that, I find this better than the native apps in every way