Microsoft's Your Phone app no longer works with April 2018 Update PCs

Earlier this week, Microsoft made its new Your Phone app available for PCs on the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, taking most by surprise. It seems Microsoft itself was caught off guard as well, as it has now pulled back on the release, stating that the app isn't quite ready for prime time for those who aren't a part of the Windows Insider program.

Vishnu Nath, Head of Program Management for Microsoft Mobility, took to Twitter today to break the news, encouraging users to join the Windows Insider program to provide feedback.

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The Microsoft Store will still allow you to install Your Phone on April 2018 Update PCs, provided you navigate to it directly (opens in new tab) on the web store. However, you'll now be greeted with a screen stating that you need to currently be running a Windows 10 Redstone 5 test build to use it.

It's not a surprising development, as the app became available to install and use without so much as a peep from Microsoft. Further, Your Phone is still quite limited in its current state, only allowing users to view their phone's photos from their PC. Additional features are planned for the future, including messaging support and screen mirroring for Android users.

Given Nath's qualifier of "yet," it's likely we'll see Your Phone arrive at a later date for Windows 10 1803 PCs. For now, you'll have to opt-in to become a Windows Insider to get some hands-on time with the app.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Still working here but I'm on insider release preview
  • Good for you!!!!!
  • Boo! With the development staff at Microsoft, I can't fully comprehend why they cant release something similar to Dell Mobile Connect, only better integrated. The One drive app needs to be able to delete files after upload.
  • I mean I think that's the plan with the phone app
  • It never worked for me on 1803 anyway
  • Like you couldn't use OneDrive on your phone and have the images show up in Photos on W10 anyway
  • One more strike for Joe Belfiore. Another failure in the making.
  • I don't see any articles on the internet mentioned that the app only work with Android 7.0 and up. That's why my old Lollipop android phone not detected on WIP.
  • I am not happy that Microsoft could not continue. What a shame!
  • What about Samsung Flow but limited to Samsung phones? I enjoy full features already.
  • Only for Android/iOS, right? Not for windowsphone?
  • Should not be needed on a windows phone … but you must know the windows phone currently is dead in the water … so yes, it is not for your phone (pun intended)
  • It's not needed for Windows phone running W10M but it would be necessary if the app makes it possible to make calls on PC! Or would MS that not allow for W10M and let it working only for Androids and iPhones?
  • I just got an update to version 1.0.12273.0 and it now works with Windows 10 1803 on release preview. My surface is on the production branch and didn't received the update, so I guess they enabled it for insiders only.