Microsoft's 'Your Phone Companion' tops Android Google Play rankings

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What you need to know

  • Your Phone Companion allows you to link your Android device to Windows 10.
  • Microsoft's recently released Your Phone Companion on the Google Play Store.
  • Right now, it's the recently most installed free app on the platform.
  • Your Phone Companion has surpassed 10 million downloads according to Google.

Microsoft is having a great time when it comes to Android. Recently, we reported that Microsoft Excel recently hit 1 billion installs on the platform, following Microsoft Word and OneDrive. The company has been going all-in on Android for years, and that has begun to show in terms of install numbers.

Recently, Microsoft launched "Your Phone Companion" on the Google Play Store. As the name suggests, it allows you to connect your Android device to Windows 10 and access a number of convenient features. Today, Partner Director Vishnu Nath tweeted that Your Phone Companion has topped the Android charts, beating out Facebook Messenger, TikTok, and WhatsApp.

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According to the Google Play Store listing, Your Phone Companion has surpassed 10 million downloads. While this doesn't make Microsoft's app the most installed of all time across the platform, it shows recent traction for the service.

Since Microsoft has expanded its offerings outside of its own platforms, the app's recent success shows the benefits of meeting user demands. The fact that it's at the top of the most installed list proves that the strategy works. The ability to link your Android phone to Windows 10 is an important feature, and has made cross-platform productivity much easier since it was revealed. Have you downloaded Your Phone Companion on Android? Do you use it? Let us know.

Updated October 28, 2019: Updated with firm install numbers, via the Google Play Store.

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  • I don't use it, since I'm not interested in the Microsoft Launcher. I also use my Samsung Galaxy S10+ more than I use my PC, so it wouldn't really benefit me. The only Microsoft app I use on my Android devices is OneDrive to back up my photos.
  • I haven't tried it yet.
    But I don't think you need "Microsoft Launcher" to use "Your Phone" features.
    As far as I know, you only need the companion app mentioned in this article.
  • That must have changed, since I thought the launcher was bundled with it at one time, but I could be wrong, since it's been a long time. I'll give it a try again.
  • You don't need the Microsoft Launcher to use Your Phone Companion, I don't think you ever did. Give them a spin though! I MSified my phone (only the Play Store remained from Google), and it is awesome!
  • Microsoft Launcher and the Your Phone Companion were never bundled.
  • At one time, Launcher did contain the functionality. First you had "Continue on PC" back in 2017 with the Creators Update which required an app called "Microsoft Apps" that was basically just a listing of other apps Microsoft had (kinda pointless tbh), then later Cortana added Notification sync, and eventually they removed both and instead included it in Microsoft Launcher before eventually making it it's own app this year and adding Screen Mirroring, answering calls, SMS, etc. The "Your Phone" app on PC didn't exist either, functionality was either in Settings, Edge, or apart of Cortana.
  • Your Phone App was never bundled with MS Launcher. But, it is a pretty good app, if you want to connect be able to respond to texts and make and answer calls on your PC. The biggest reason I would use this is when my phone is charging on the other side of my bedroom and I'm on my PC.
    I haven't compared the call quality between it and Dell's version.
  • You don't need Microsoft launcher to use the your phone app. They are separate things.
  • It's a separate app, Launcher not required.
    Good for you using what you need for your purposes. It's all a choice.
  • It's a fantastic app and gets better all the time as they add new features. Heck, 5 minutes ago, I was sitting on the couch in the family room with my Surface Pro 7 and I got a text message but my phone was upstairs and many rooms away in my bedroom. and I just replied from my PC.
  • Awesome app, and one I use every day. Young folk can text on their phones with blazing speed, but texting on a full-size keyboard? That's for me!
  • With the Android Messages for Web, this isn't as unique anymore. Phone Companion needs to finalize mirroring.
  • Was there a statement why there's no Apple variant available?
  • It was developed but iOS is so locked down that it couldn't do anything unless the phone was awake and unlocked. It's a limitation of iOS, not of Microsoft's lack of trying.
  • Thanks for sharing that. Haven't been able to find out much on status of Your Phone for IOS. Would be nice if they could figure it out.
  • apple doesn't allow it.
  • The Google Play Store says the app has 10 million+ downloads, so the ranking must be for momentum or downloads within, say, the last month. Either way, this is a good sign. I would not be surprised if this one hit 1B downloads at some point too.
  • Yeah, I don't understand this article either. It's not even close to the most downloaded free app on Android. This makes no sense, what am I missing?
  • The author made stuff up.
  • How did the author manage to make stuff up when you have the screen capture list of play store which by the way you can se the same on your phone if using an android device.
  • Because "Top Free" does not equal "most downloaded Android app." We can see the number of downloads. It's 10+ million, nowhere close to 1+ billion, which some other apps have (including MS apps).
  • This was published over the weekend, and has since been corrected. Apologies for any confusion. Thanks for reading, always super appreciated :)
  • I think that given this was a completely fabricated story a full article explaining this is warranted Matt. This really sheds a light on the herd mentality of many tech sites today including WC unfortunately. This site is famous, or is it infamous, for its Microsoft worship but even this mistake is over the top.
    The author only needed to check the Play Store itself to see the facts of the matter. This is a poor effort by WC.
  • It's not top of all-time. It's never been that it. It's charted for the current time period. Just like when you see the weekly top 40 songs. It's not the top 40 songs of all time. It's the top 40 songs for the week. Why would you look up top 40 songs and see 40 year old songs like Thriller?
  • It's just the 'Top Free' app in US, I guess. It's not even showing up on Play Store's list here.
  • if you have the app installed already, it won't show up on the list (because why would you search to install an app that you already have installed). if you have the app installed already, you need to flip the slider to show apps installed and then you will see it on the list.
  • I use it but the fact you can't see images that are texted really sux. Someone text you a picture and have to use phone.
  • That sounds like a bug. All of my photos from texting show up just fine.
  • I see them just fine too
  • Hmm, strange. Mine always had message on them to check phone. Just installed an update and finally started showing, although some older ones have a download arrow which I need to click but at least show now.
  • I see everything in my texting and I use "SMS Organizer" Also by MSFT
  • Facebook Messenger has more than 1 billion downloads. I don't understand this article.
  • I think he refers to recent/popular downloads or in a certain region/country (US or such).
  • Useless, uninstalled after tried a few weeks
  • Do you know what's it's actually for?
  • Brilliant app! I use this every day at work with my Note 10. Saves me from having to take my phone out. Very handy!!
  • Is texting (SMS) still a thing in 2019? Maybe in the US (I'm from Europe)? Do Americans pay for the service per text sent or do you pay a flat subscription fee? Most of the subscriptions here give metered internet and a given number of minutes to talk and SMS messages to send for a flat fee, and going over incurs additional charges.
  • SMS is still very common in the US. Unlimited SMS, as well as unlimited talk minutes, is included with most plans.
  • Thanks, that clears up to me why Your Phone's SMS features are going strong.
  • But they gouge us on data.
  • SMS is the oldest messaging system, and was around long before any other messaging apps were developed. It's also cross-platform and doesn't care whether you're sending to/from Android to/from Apple devices. It will be around for a long time for that reason alone. Not everyone has a 'smart' phone, even in 2019.
  • I don't where in Europe I haven't seen a metered text and call for almost 15 years in my country and most neighboring ones... And now we get also unlimited data over 4G with a few providers...
  • at least in the US, there's no messaging service that is guaranteed to reach any single person with a phone number. of the people i know, there's not one messaging service that includes everybody.
  • > at least in the US, there's no messaging service that is guaranteed to reach any single person with a phone number As anyone, who migrated from iPhone to something else, will tell you SMS *is not* an exception from this rule.
  • Phone companion has no connection to Microsoft Launcher. The app is there to create a connection to Your Phone on Windows 10 and allow you to see your pictures, text etc on your pc.
  • Now all MS needs to do is create an official launcher and app drawer that mimics W10M. There are some really good W10M style launchers out there but none are quite perfect.
  • Not going to happen. While I'm a fan of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft wants to move on from Live Tiles and the UI in general and focus on Windows 10X. The Microsoft Launcher actually mimics Windows 10X quite a bit from what I've seen. It's a more unified experience and focuses on the future, rather than dwelling on the Live Tiles of the past.
  • "This is a great example of Microsoft giving users exactly what they want."
    You forgot "and where they want it"
  • No point with this frustrating piece of software. If you only need it for text: -Install Google messages if you haven't already ('your phone' requires it as well)
    -go to, make a bookmark, set it up with the QR code (just like 'your phone') requires. Now just open that bookmark when you want to send, or when you receive a text. FAR more reliable.
  • No thanks. I happily de-Googled my Android phone. I have to have that gmail account, but I've never opened it once, and PlayStore is required and I have used that a few times- to download the Microsoft apps I want and a few others. If you only want to text, Microsoft's SMS Organizer app is great.
  • Your phone app is just as reliable if not the same as google's web messaging. I used to use Google's web messages, but haven't for a long time now since your phone has worked very well for me.
  • I completely agree and that's exactly what I do. I don't see the point of the Your Phone app. Messages for Web is far more user friendly.
  • Most installed over what period of time?
  • I know they've said before they'd be more than happy to do the grunt work to offer a similar experience on iOS and it was just a matter of Apple allowing them to so I hope Your Phone getting more popular puts the pressure on them to do so. I think the threat of losing iPhone users to Android is worth sacrificing the exclusivity of their iOS-Mac integration.
  • A different variant to this might be much more beneficial - move tasks (app, data files, etc...) between Android and PC, basically Dropbox for tasks to continue on any device. What do you guys think?
  • i mean, they already have a cloud-based task manager though, that integrates with i'm not really sure what integration would work for your scenario. "tasks from your pc" is fairly ambiguous.
  • Would this have anything to do with Samsung forcing it into a recent update where it be cant removed or even disabled? I have it on my S10e, and hate that it is there as an un-removeable app that can't be disabled. I now have a constant reminder when I update from the Play store for it that I am refusing to waste space on my phone for. How many of those installs are due to people auto updating without realising it is even installed (no icon on launcher, it is hidden in the pull down menu buttons)? It's this sort of behaviour that reinforces my distrust of Microsoft. Just let me disable it and I'd be happy, same as I have done for Facebooks app which I cant remove.
  • 1st paragraph you admit Samsung forced it but end with saying that you have a distrust for ms... Gotta do better man And your name is Smartroad for christ sakes
  • I come back after the weekend and not only is the glaring factual error in the headline not fixed, but the article is promoted to the top of the site. Do you guys have editors? "10 million+" plus "top free app" does not equal "most downloaded Android app." Leave publishing fiction as news to Facebook.
  • "It's unclear how many devices installed Your Phone Companion, but they're probably quite a lot. As soon as official figures are revealed, we'll let you know." Um, no, the Google Play Store app will tell you: it's 10 million+. Incredibly lazy, guys.
  • It's great once you get it to work. The caveat is to be found in the word "once". It could also do more. As Nokia did years ago.
  • Launcher 10 + Your phone app here on a Samsung galaxy S10. Works damn well.
  • It only provides access to the 25 most recent pictures, not configurable. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • How many active users though? I downloaded it because Windows suggested it. However, once I got it, functionality seems limited. Until they get phone mirroring, I don't really see a point that isn't solved by Google's web frontend for messaging (for texting) and Google Photos and/or OneDrive (for photos).
  • Credit to you guys for updating the article and headline.
  • Uninstalled it while back. I can never get it working. Always get stuck on refreshing.
  • The Your Phone Companion app has been so useful to me, especially at work, that it's become a major reason why I'm sticking with an Android phone for my upgrade instead of switching to an iPhone. 😬
  • Its a great app. But it does not sync once installed on laptop. Initially it showed the texts on the laptop after install, but since then it has stopped sync even when Refresh is clicked. The app probably is still not complete (maybe its still beta).