Minecraft Dungeons 'Echoing Void' DLC: Release date, free update, Ultimate Edition, and everything we know

Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void Dlc Key Art
Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void Dlc Key Art (Image credit: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft Dungeons has been around for a little over a year now, and its journey up until now has been filled with mostly success and a long line of considerable content updates and upgrades. Now, we know the conclusion to the current Minecraft Dungeons chapter, which arrives with the launch of the officially announced Echoing Void DLC expansion, the sixth expansion for Minecraft Dungeons and the final piece of the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass. Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition also arrives as the quintessential collection for Minecraft Dungeons players.

Here's everything you need to know about the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition.

What is the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons?

Echoing Void is the sixth DLC expansion for Minecraft Dungeons, and the fourth included in the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass. Echoing Void follows in the footsteps of Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, and Hidden Depths, and is the final chapter in the story following the Arch-Illager and the Orb of Dominance.

Echoing Void takes Minecraft Dungeons to the End, the mysterious and dangerous void that represents the "final" area in Minecraft, and is in some ways "the end" of Minecraft Dungeons. Mojang Studios has teased that Minecraft Dungeons isn't finished yet, and more is coming in the future, but it's not ready to talk about it yet.

Minecraft Dungeons heading to the End was first teased alongside other Minecraft Dungeons DLC during Minecraft Live 2020.

When is the release date for the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void Dlc Screenshot

Source: Mojang Studios (Image credit: Source: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void DLC officially released on July 28, 2021.

At release, Echoing Void is available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4, and Switch, either by purchasing the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass, Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition, or Echoing Void standalone. You'll also be able to play Minecraft Dungeons' Echoing Void DLC through Xbox Cloud Gaming if you purchase it through one of the above means.

The Minecraft Dungeons base game is available through Xbox Game Pass on both consoles and PC, but Echoing Void will not be included. You'll have to purchase Echoing Void to play it with Minecraft Dungeons through Xbox Game Pass.

Versions & pricing

If you haven't already picked up the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass (which includes the newly released Echoing Void DLC right away), then you still have multiple ways to gain access to the latest Minecraft Dungeons expansion, and a new way to unlock every single DLC and expansion the game has seen so far.

The Echoing Void DLC is available to purchase by itself, through the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass, or through Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition and the Ultimate Edition Bundle add-on. Unless you've already purchased the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass, the Ultimate Edition Bundle includes all Minecraft Dungeons DLC, including Echoing Void and previous Hero Pass DLC, for the same price.

You can also access Echoing Void content if you play with someone who already owns Echoing Void.

You can find all the links to purchase Echoing Void or Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition below.

Where can I watch the trailers for the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons?

With the Echoing Void DLC and the Ultimate Edition for Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang Studios has released a few trailers and even a developer diary to help people ease into the new releases. Here's where you can watch every trailer for Minecraft Dungeons' Echoing Void DLC.

Echoing Void dev diary

Echoing Void launch trailer

Ultimate Edition Bundle trailer

Ultimate Edition launch trailer

What are the features and gameplay in the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void Dlc Screenshot

Source: Mojang Studios (Image credit: Source: Mojang Studios)

Mojang Studios loves to announce its updates and then slowly trickle out information on the road to final release, and it's no different with the Echoing Void DLC. Even before Echoing Void officially released, we already had a ton of info on what to expect from the next big expansion for Minecraft Dungeons. Ahead of release, for example, Mojang Studios released an Echoing Void-themed dev diary.

Here's what you need to know about the features and gameplay in the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons.

What locations will there be?

We know that Echoing Void will take place in the End, a dark and foreboding dimension filled with purple-tinted voids, massive fortresses, floating ships, islands of white end stone, and hordes of Endermen. It seems Mojang has expectantly adapted this into Minecraft Dungeons with a lot of embellishments like new environments, architecture, decorations, and more. This is The End, but it's not The End you'll see in vanilla Minecraft.

We know that Echoing Void will include three new missions for players to conquer, likely comprising of two main levels and a secret area players will need to discover on their own. We know the Echoing Void missions will include:

  • End Wilds
  • Stronghold
  • Broken Citadel

Shared in this Echoing Void developer update, it seems the End Wilds will be the first End-specific mission players will get to explore, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Players will get to explore chorus forests, End cities, End ships, and much more in End Wilds, while fighting new mobs and solving new puzzles.

Echoing Void will also include brand-new puzzles to test the skills and creativity of players, so be on your guard when you first play. This includes void blocks and void liquid, which causes damage and multiplies all incoming damage, using shulker bullets, equipping elytra to glide between platforms (and using elytra to slam into the ground and damage enemies), and much more.

Players will also apparently have to hunt down Endersent, an Enderman mob variant, to obtain Eyes of Ender to gain entry into The End. Endersent dungeons have been added to six locations in Minecraft Dungeons, and players will need to track down those dungeons and slay the Endersent inside to open an End Gateway. This is related to the fact that the Overworld is being affected by The End, with the void-like dimension seeping into other parts of Minecraft Dungeons.

What new mobs will we see?

An enderman

Source: Windows CentralEnderman in Minecraft. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Minecraft Dungeons features a variety of mobs, both hostile and peaceful, which are either existing Minecraft mobs adapted for the game or all-new mobs inspired by Minecraft or the DLC theme. Echoing Void will include a huge number of new mobs for Minecraft Dungeons players to battle, and see existing mobs and variants make a valiant return in The End.

Endermen are mini-bosses in other Minecraft Dungeons levels, but they also feature heavily in Echoing Void, as Mojang has created at least four new Endermen variants for Echoing Void iknown as the Enderlings. We learned more about Enderlings in this Mojang Studios blog update, which detailed the three Enderling variants players will encounter in Echoing Void.

The watchling is the most "grunt"-like of the Enderling variants, and is covered in eyes to watch out for players. When a foe is spotted, the watchling can teleport to their location and unleash a barrage of melee attacks.

The blastling may look like a tank-like mob at first glance, but is actually the ranged specialist of the Enderlings, capable of using its arms as miniature cannons to launch a volley of projectiles at players.

Finally, there's the snareling, a unique Enderling that behaves similarly to spiders but with inspirations from The End.

Of course, there's also Endersent, another Enderman variant that's not related to the Enderlings and actually can be found in the Overworld through various dungeons. Players will need to hunt down the Endersent in order to gain access to The End.

We also know that silverfish, an incredibly frustrating mob that usually appears around strongholds (like the one that surrounds the End Portal in Minecraft), are making an appearance in Minecraft Dungeons. Like in vanilla Minecraft, it seems silverfish prefer to attack in large numbers and can literally rain down from the sky above players. Silverfish will be another interesting obstacle to overcome in Echoing Void.

Elsewhere, we can also see returning mobs like pillagers and iceologers, so it seems other kinds of mobs have invaded the End in Echoing Void, which used to be dominated by Endermen. Shulkers, which also make their home in the End, can be seen in Echoing Void, too, so be sure to look out for their sneaky long-range projectiles, which do indeed cause levitation (and apparently play into puzzles).

Who will be the final boss?

The ender dragon

Source: Windows CentralDon't expect the Ender Dragon. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Of course, the final boss at the end of the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is bound to be on a lot of people's minds. Many may have expected it to be the terrifying Ender Dragon, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Apparently, the Ender Dragon may already be long dead in the Minecraft Dungeons universe, and something else has been corrupted by the terrible powers of the Orb of Dominance.

Without giving away too much, we do know that a previous foe is returning in Echoing Void as an all-new and incredibly powerful force: the Heart of Ender. The final boss for the base game of Minecraft Dungeons, this terrifying creature returns as the Vengeful Heart of Ender, and stalks players through the levels as an unstoppable and powerful threat.

If you look closely, you may be able to spot the Vengeful Heart of Ender in the Echoing Void key art for Minecraft Dungeons.

What gear and loot can you collect?

Like with every other Minecraft Dungeons expansion, Echoing Void will include new gear. It seems like Echoing Void is upping the ante, however, with a surprisingly large list of new gear being introduced in the expansion, including lots of new artifacts. You'll have to discover the gear for yourself to unlock the secrets of exactly what each one does, but we do know what's included.

New weapons in Echoing Void for Minecraft Dungeons include:

  • Backstabber (Melee)
  • Swift Striker (Melee Unique)
  • Void Bow (Ranged)
  • Call of the Void (Ranged Unique)
  • Shadow Crossbow (Ranged)
  • Veiled Crossbow (Ranged Unique)
  • Obsidian Claymore (Melee)
  • The Starless Night (Melee Unique)
  • Void Touched Blades (Melee)
  • The Beginning and The End (Melee Unique)

New armor in Echoing Void for Minecraft Dungeons include:

  • Entertainer's Garb
  • The Troubadour (Unique)
  • Shulker Armor
  • Sturdy Shulker Armor (Unique)
  • Teleportation Robes
  • Unstable Robes (Unique)

New artifacts in Echoing Void for Minecraft Dungeons include:

  • Shadow Shifter
  • Tome of Duplication
  • Vexing Chant
  • Void Quiver

As mentioned earlier, it has been confirmed that elytra is making its debut in Minecraft Dungeons as well. Besides being used to traverse the maps by spanning ominous gaps across the void, players will also be able to use elytra as offensive weapons. The elytra dive lets players slam into the ground and cause area-of-effect damage to enemies.

If you're all here for cosmetic items, you're in luck. Echoing Void will include two new character skins and a new End-themed pet (the endermite) for players.

Is there a free update with the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void Dlc Screenshot

Source: Mojang Studios (Image credit: Source: Mojang Studios)

Every expansion for Minecraft Dungeons so far has also included a free update, which adds new features, quality-of-life improvements, and more for all players, regardless of how they're playing Minecraft Dungeons and which expansions they own. Echoing Void continues this trend and features its own free update. Aside from the usual batch of bug fixes and general changes we're expecting, the free update coming alongside Echoing Void also includes a few new features.

Firstly, here are the new enchantments in the free update alongside Echoing Void for Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Ambush (Melee)
  • Dipping Poison (Ranged)
  • Levitation Shot (Ranged)
  • Shadow Blast (Armor)
  • Shadow Surge (Armor)
  • Void Strike (Melee and ranged)

Secondly, we know the free update coming alongside the Echoing Void DLC includes a new game mode called "Gauntlet of Gales," which is seemingly inspired by the Howling Peaks DLC. This game mode has players solve a variety of complex puzzles and mazes in exchange for exclusive rewards, and offers yet another way to play Minecraft Dungeons outside the usual gameplay loop. It'll be interesting to see how the Gauntlet of Gales stays relevant over time, and if it succeeds in mixing up Minecraft Dungeons' gameplay.

Players who particpate in the Guantlet of Gales also has a chance to earn gear that normally would be exclusive to Howling Peaks, even if you don't own the DLC already.

There are plenty of other changes and improvements in the free update for Echoing Void, but those are the two biggest new features.

Of course, there's also the official soundtrack for Echoing Void, which interested people can discover on Spotify in the link above. Like vanilla Minecraft, Mojang Studios goes all out for Minecraft Dungeons' soundtracks, and they almost always sound awesome.

What is Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition?

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition Key Art

Source: Mojang Studios (Image credit: Source: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft Dungeon's opening era is coming to a close, and includes a staggering six DLC expansions filled with new levels and a plethora of content for players to enjoy. For those who haven't played Minecraft Dungeons or haven't returned to the action RPG in ages, Mojang Studios is offering a new way to play alongside the release of Echoing Void. Entering the field: Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition.

The Ultimate Edition of Minecraft Dungeons basically does what you'd expect it to do, and includes all previously released content for Minecraft Dungeons. This includes Minecraft Dungeons, the Hero Pass (including cosmetic items), and the Season Pass in one aggressively priced bundle. While this isn't targeting hardcore Minecraft Dungeons players that already own all the expansions, it could be a great way for more players to experience everything Minecraft Dungeons is offering over a year after its initial release.

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition officially launches on July 28, 2021, for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation, Switch, and PC, and will include:

  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Hero Pass DLC
  • Jungle Awakens
  • Creeping Winter
  • Howling Peaks
  • Flames of the Nether
  • Hidden Depths
  • Echoing Void

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition is available for all platforms for $40, but players can purchase the Ultimate Edition Bundle, which includes all the DLC without the base game, for $20. This makes the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass effectively obsolete. If you want to pick up the Ultimate Edition, you can find links in the "Versions & pricing" section or down below.

Will there be future content for Minecraft Dungeons?

Mojang has made it clear that this concludes the Minecraft Dungeons story, or at least, the Arch-Illager and the Orb of Dominance's story. While the arrival in the End with Echoing Void may signify the end of the game to some, that's not the case.

From Mojang Studios: "Does that mean it's over for Minecraft Dungeons? Certainly not — there's plenty more to come — but one thing at a time!"

It's not clear whether Minecraft Dungeons will bring a new story and continue to release expansions like it has been (possibly with a new Season Pass) or whether the game intends to go in a new direction entirely, but we do know that Minecraft Dungeons isn't going anywhere yet. We'll likely learn more about what the future entails for Minecraft Dungeons after the Echoing Void DLC officially releases.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for any new information about Minecraft Dungeons and where the game is heading next, and update you accordingly.

What is the changelog for the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons?

With Echoing Void and the Ultimate Edition also came a massive free update and an accompanying changelog to go with it. There are a lot of changes, fixes, and improvements in Minecraft Dungeons / (depending on the platform), so let's get started. Here's the full changelog for the Echoing Void DLC for Minecraft Dungeons.

Official changelog from Mojang Studios. Original report from Windows Central.

Echoing Void DLC


  • Three new missions
  • Six existing missions expanded with new Endersent dungeons
  • All-new mobs and enemies
  • Two new skins
  • Endermite pet

New weapons

  • Backstabber (Melee)
  • Swift Striker (Melee Unique)
  • Void Bow (Ranged)
  • Call of the Void (Ranged Unique)
  • Shadow Crossbow (Ranged)
  • Veiled Crossbow (Ranged Unique)
  • Obsidian Claymore (Melee)
  • The Starless Night (Melee Unique)
  • Void Touched Blades (Melee)
  • The Beginning and The End (Melee Unique)

New armor

  • Entertainer's Garb
  • The Troubadour (Unique)
  • Shulker Armor
  • Sturdy Shulker Armor (Unique)
  • Teleportation Robes
  • Unstable Robes (Unique)

New artifacts

  • Shadow Shifter
  • Tome of Duplication
  • Vexing Chant
  • Void Quiver

New Achievements

  • 10 new Achievements / Trophies to unlock on your adventures

Free update

Gauntlet of Gales

  • Enter the Gauntlet of Gales, a unique maze-like mission that puts your skills to the test through tricky trials and perplexing puzzles! This gauntlet contains challenges that require everything from wit and cunning to endurance and determination. Complete the mission for a chance of finding artifacts previously only available as part of the Howling Peaks DLC!

New enchantments

  • Ambush (Melee)
  • Dipping Poison (Ranged)
  • Levitation Shot (Ranged)
  • Shadow Blast (Armor)
  • Shadow Surge (Armor)
  • Void Strike (Melee and ranged)

Enchantment expansions

  • Committed (Ranged)
  • Critical Hit (Ranged)
  • Exploding (Ranged)
  • Fire Aspect (Ranged)
  • Looting (Ranged)
  • Prospector (Ranged)
  • Soul Siphon (Ranged)
  • Smiting (Ranged)
  • Unchanting (Melee)
  • Weakening (Ranged)


  • Added story narration to the beginning of each Flames of the Nether mission



  • Bosses can no longer be instantly killed before they spawn
  • The Diamond Key Golem can no longer get stuck on the other side of the gate on Cacti Canyon
  • Arena battles can now be completed even if a mob has spawned or fallen underground
  • Emeralds can now be gathered by downed players

Ancient Hunts

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the exit door to not be opened at the end of Ancient Hunts
  • Ancient Mob icons on the Ancient Hunt screen are now revealed when they have been defeated
  • Fixed text alignment on Ancient Hunt screen
  • It is now possible to withdraw an item on the Ancient Hunt screen using a keyboard when playing on PC

Weapons, armor, & artifacts

  • Sponge Striker's special effect no longer deals enough damage to instantly kill the player when hitting a mob enchanted with Thorns
  • Players can no longer use normal attacks while using Eye of the Guardian that was triggered by Final Shout
  • Windbow now pulls defeated mobs during multiplayer sessions
  • Stopped Heavy Harpoons changing size after hitting something
  • Crossbow arrows now despawn after hitting Geomancer walls
  • Fixed Soul Lantern and Wonderful Wheat artifacts showing zero summon damage in their item stats

Enchantments & effects

  • Dynamo stacks are now removed upon hitting a mob with Fireworks Arrow, Torment Quiver, and Exploding Crossbow
  • The Dolphin's Grace effect now appears as a separate icon to Swiftness on the HUD
  • Luck of The Sea now appears on the HUD and added a visual effect to the player when the enchantment is activated
  • Fixed Luck of the Sea enchantment causing Gilded Common items being incorrectly labeled as Unique
  • Fixed an exploit that caused Updraft Tome to be spammed repeatedly
  • Aborting Overcharge no longer leaves the Overcharge visual effects on the player


  • Players no longer respawn inside the Nether portal room door after jumping off a ledge in the Camp
  • Fixed cactus blocks not having collisions
  • Fixed light from torches flickering during Night
  • Fixed players' shadows casting on surfaces they shouldn't, like under bridges
  • Fixed the force field effect still being present after gates were lowered on Nether Fortress

User interface

  • Fixed the Cloud Saves prompt appearing in the main menu every time a local P2 guest account left a session
  • Fixed multiplayer clients sometimes not seeing the damage they deal
  • Removed the cosmetic warning prompt that appeared when uploading a Hero that had Sinister Cape and / or Baby Pig cosmetics equipped, as these are available to all players
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to rejoin an online session after being kicked
  • "Raid Captain Bounty" text is now translated to all supported languages
  • After enchanting an Item, Screen Narrator can now read the requirements for another level of enchantment
  • Fixed the new character not being discarded if exiting the character creation menu with the Escape key

Jungle Awakens DLC

  • Fixed untextured fence blocks in Jungle Awakens missions
  • Fixed Jungle Zombies not inflicting poison damage
  • Rebalanced all mob groups in these missions
  • Added more hidden chests, substantially increasing the loot players can get from these missions
  • Animals should now appear less frequently and not at all in arenas in these missions
  • Added Witches and large Slimes in Dingy Jungle for improved mob variance
  • Added Skeleton Vanguard and large Slimes in Overgrown Temple for improved mob variance
  • Added Skeleton Vanguard, Witches, and large Slimes in Panda Plateau for improved mob variance

Creeping Winter DLC

  • The intro narration to Lone Fortress now properly refers to the Wretched Wraith
  • Added Mountaineer mob to Frosted Fjord and Lost Settlement
  • Added the Witch mob to the forest segment in Lost Settlement
  • Rebalanced all mob groups in these missions
  • Added more hidden chests, substantially increasing the loot players can get from these missions

Hidden Depths DLC

  • Turtle Armor and Squid Armor can now be sold by merchants in the Camp
  • Fixed a hole in Radiant Ravine that cause players to get stuck
  • Players can no longer destroy Ancient Guardian mines
  • Fixed the Conduit heart temporarily disappearing after death
  • Fixed corrupted graphics on the Conduit after walking away from it
  • Fixed the item description of the Trident to describe its actual ability
  • Fixed missing sound effects for Drowned Necromancer lightning strikes during multiplayer sessions
  • Pufferfish no longer inflate when other Pufferfish are nearby
  • Fixed delayed arena battles in Abyssal Monument
  • The gates no longer close and reopen in areas of Abyssal Monument
  • Tridents no longer look huge when they're stuck in Tropical Slimes
  • Characters in local co-op no longer continue walking and fall off the edge during the outro sequence on Radiant Ravine
  • Lightning strikes now deal area of effect damage during Night in multiplayer on underwater missions
  • Decreased the time it takes for mobs to disappear after being killed in underwater missions
  • The red vignette is now present during the Night in underwater missions
  • After attacking Squid, ink clouds now appear more consistently, in a slightly larger area, and last for 10 seconds
  • Fixed oxygen directional markers completely disappearing under the HUD
  • Fixed mobs appearing out of bounds on Radiant Ravine
  • Fixed players getting stuck behind the arena gate on Abyssal Monument
  • Fixed the camera becoming obscured in various areas on Abyssal Monument and Radiant Ravine
  • The "TNT Used" statistic no longer appears after underwater missions
  • The Snowball enchantment no longer targets Pufferfish

Known issues

  • A blue background is present behind the character on the Download / Upload Hero screens
  • The new 'Burning Up' achievement cannot be unlocked by clients in online multiplayer sessions
  • It's possible to skip past the diamond gate in the End Wilds mission, causing objectives not to update and being unable to complete the mission
  • One cutscene is missing voiceover localization for Chinese languages
  • Subtitles in Nether DLC mission intros are absent for most languages

Minecraft Dungeons is a great game all around. It's easily one of the best Xbox Game Pass games and one of the best Xbox Cloud Gaming games, making it one of the best Xbox games in general.

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