What does the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass include?

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What does the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass include?

Best answer: The Season Pass is essentially the next "era" of Minecraft Dungeons and includes a ton of new content. Included in one purchase is four separate DLC expansions for Minecraft Dungeons, all of which will add new areas, missions, gear, mobs, and more. Howling Peaks is already released, Flames of the Nether is next, and the final two will go underwater and to the End.

The evolution of Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is a co-op, loot-focused ARPG set in the Minecraft universe, and that means content is key. Minecraft Dungeons had enough to get people hooked on the idea when it initially launched, but unfortunately fell flat when it came to long-term replayability. To this end, Mojang Studios and Double Eleven have released numerous expansions and updates to add, tweak, and improve everything Minecraft Dungeons has to offer.

The first two expansions, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter, were included in the Hero Pass, or Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition but were only temporary fixes for Minecraft Dungeons' overarching problem: endgame content.

Enter: the Season Pass. The next Minecraft Dungeons era is the Season Pass, a standalone purchase that promises to add a gargantuan amount of new content to Minecraft Dungeons over time. Aside from the plethora of new areas, challenges, and loot included, the Season Pass shows Mojang Studios' commitment to Minecraft Dungeons.

So what does the Season Pass include? The next four DLC expansions for Minecraft Dungeons will all be included in the Season Pass on top of being available for purchase separately (of course, expect excellent savings with the Season Pass). This means four new areas to explore, with unique levels, mobs, gear, and changes with every single one.

The movement of Seasons

The first expansion was already released on the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass with Howling Peaks. This wind-themed expansion lets players explore a dangerous mountain-top filled with new puzzles and enemies, capped with the terrifying Tempest Golem. Three new missions are included here. Howling Peaks released on December 9, 2020.

The second expansion coming with the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass is Flames of the Nether, which looks to be the largest and most ambitious expansion for Minecraft Dungeons yet. Players will embark on an arduous journey through the Nether with six new missions included. Flames of the Nether will release on February 24, 2021.

The third and fourth expansions coming with the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass haven't been officially announced yet. However, we do know where the expansions will take us. One DLC will go underwater, likely exploring the areas added in Minecraft's Aquatic Update, while the last expansion included in the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass will take us to the fatal void known as the End. Release dates for these expansions are also unknown, but I expect both to come out in 2021.

Finally, all expansions included in the Season Pass should launch alongside accompanying free updates. Howling Peaks went a long way towards solving Minecraft Dungeons' most significant problem with Apocalypse Plus mode, which added tons of new difficulties. Flames of the Nether is taking it even further with Ancient Hunts, or procedurally-generated endgame missions with unique rewards and challenges.

The Season Pass is worth it for any player who's invested in Minecraft Dungeons and wants to experience everything the game has to offer. It shows that Mojang Studios isn't giving up on supporting their Minecraft spin-off with new content and new ways to play.

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