Minecraft Dungeons sprouts 'Game Ownership Not Established' error at launch

Minecraft Dungeons Game Ownership Error
Minecraft Dungeons Game Ownership Error (Image credit: Windows Central)

Minecraft Dungeons has launched across the globe, a new action role-playing spinoff within the blocky hit franchise, channeling the dungeon-crawling setup of titles like Diablo. Transitioning away from the creative foundations of Minecraft, pursuing a top-down, combat-focused experience, it provides a family-friendly RPG, already proving both accessible and challenging.

Microsoft has launched Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PCs. However, it appears the launch hasn't passed smoothly for some, with a rampant "Game Ownership Not Established" impacting new buyers. The issue, already affecting a growing pool of users, seemingly blocks access to the game due to some form of licensing snafu.

The bug appears to primarily affect those playing on PC, failing to verify ownership of Minecraft Dungeons with your Xbox Live account. "Sorry, you don't appear to own Minecraft Dungeons on this account," the in-game notice reads. "Make sure you are signed in to the correct Xbox Live account and restart the game." Developer, Mojang Studios, has now acknowledged the error, with work on a fix now underway.

While the error is causing headaches for eager Minecraft Dungeons buyers, it's hopefully just a minor hurdle in the early hours of launch. Expect deployment of a fix relatively soon, which opens up access to its dungeon-crawling world.

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