Minecraft inspired Pixel Gun 3D brings multiplayer FPS action to Windows Phone

Are you a huge fan of first person shooter games? If so, and you own a Windows Phone, you may want to check out Pixel Gun 3D. This multiplayer game is already available on both iOS and Android, but the developer also launched the title on Microsoft's mobile platform earlier this month. The interesting part about Pixel Gun 3D is how it's inspired by popular Java game Minecraft.

Before you get started, players are able to choose their own skin, set up their favourite nickname and then it's time to enter some rather intense multiplayer games. There are a variety of premade skins available to choose from, anything from the famous Minecraft creeper to the female nurse costume - it's clear to see solid Minecraft references throughout the game, including text, world design and more, but this isn't a negative, especially if you're a fan of the block building game. Now that you've customised your character to your liking, it's time to get stuck into some action.

Pixel Gun 3D

There are numerous options to choose from, depending on how you wish to proceed and what frame of mind you're currently in. Currently in Pixel Gun 3D, there are Survival, Deathmatch and Co-operative modes. Covering each mode, you can have up to 10 people competing against one another online in a variety of maps and survival mode tasks players with fighting off hordes of enemies. There are multiple weapons present, anything from heavy axes to laser rifles. Players can set up matches how they wish, choosing maps and more. Creating your own "servers" is simple enough too.

Choose maps you want to use, enter a match (or server) name, select how many players and configure general goals to win. For added protection and just in case you already have a group of friends ready to play, a password can be set to keep unwanted folk out. Both Boss Battle and LAN support are under development, which should open up new possibilities for players.

An in-game store is available should you wish to purchase the currency used for further customising your character with skin unlocks or possibly some unusual weaponry. 

Pixel Gun 3D

As always, FPS games on mobile devices without physical trigger buttons and thumbsticks can prove difficult to nail in development, but the movement and controls in Pixel Gun 3D aren't too bad. The left thumb controls movement, while the right hand is tasked with both looking around and shooting, reloading, switching weapons and more. It works. While sometimes it can prove frustrating and seem difficult at first, it's not a bad layout and execution.

You can download Pixel Gun 3D from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99. Unfortunately, there's no trial available and you need at least 1 GB of RAM. That said, we recommend the download, it's a fun game. Thanks, TB_Studio, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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