Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition are the same thing

Windows Phone, or rather, Windows 10 Mobile (as will be the case here), fans have been causing a bit of a stir this weekend ever since Mojang announced an all-new Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft. The beta will launch in the Windows Store on July 29, but the biggest question has been what it will mean for phones.

Fortunately, someone at Mojang heard the numerous questions and has an answer. Windows 10 edition and Pocket Edition are the same.

Tommaso Checchi works on the Pocket Edition at Mojang:

"I'm going to say this because the drama is already too much: Windows 10 Edition is MCPE, and will always be updated together with it!""That means that MCPE is going to get a lot of features, and that Win10 and MCPE players will be able to play together :)"

So, worry ye not. If you already have Minecraft: Pocket Edition, it's going to get a whole lot more awesome after July 29. If you want to play on Windows 10 PC you'll still need to download Windows 10 Edition, either for free or $10 depending on whether you currently play or not.

Those guys and gals at Mojang are alright.

Update: Since it still seems to be confusing some folks, being the same doesn't mean they're a Universal App for Windows 10. PC players will need to get Windows 10 Edition either by free upgrade if they currently play Minecraft on PC or buy it for $10 if they're new. The above tweets confirm that Pocket Edition players will get updates to bring it in line with the Windows 10 Edition thus creating the same game on mobile. It will still be a separate purchase as is indicated at this time. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is also available on Android and iOS and it's safe to assume these versions will also become on par with the Windows 10 Edition.

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  • Why not just call it "upcoming" universal app version? :)
  • Because it isn't a universal app. It's just the content from PE will be available on the desktop and the two will be compatible.
    They're still going to want you to pay for it on the desktop if you didn't already buy it. That's just how it is. PE exists on iOS and Android. It has to be a level playing field.
  • There's a lot of confusion here about what universal apps are. I blame Microsoft, as always they're naming causes confusion. I can create separate apps for both WP and Windows 8 that are "buy once, play on both" even if the code isn't the same. I can create a universal app where the code is shared for both Win 8.1 and WP 8.1 but upload them as separate packages that aren't linked (meaning you have to buy each). Even with the new UWP apps where you end up with one package you could list them separately and require a separate purchase on each platform. So this app could be a universal app. It can share the code and get all of the improvements that are built for Win 10 desktops but still be a separate purchase
  • You are talking about Win8.1 and WP8.1 apps. But is the universal Windows 10 platform not different from that of Windows 8.1 and WP8.1? At least I thought Windows 10 is bringing something new to the table for both developers and consumers that currently is not possible in Win8.1 and WP8.1
  • If I'm not mistaking, before we started taking "universal apps" on W10, what it means was that I buy once, download on multiple devices, right?
  • Aww bummer. I thought this would be an amazing example of continuum on phones, playing a large screen game powers by a phone.
  • Windows 10 version sounds like it's something new, cool, and updated.
  • @Zulfigar:
    Which is a misled assumption, because in fact it's the limited Pocket edition!
    Who would want that, if they can have the full experience with the regular PC version instead?!
  • Because it will be more optimized then the PC version that it is currently, and they might want to soon bring it on par with the current pc version (even for mobile) so they can start phasing the java half out.
  • If it's store app but not universal it may be using those Android libraries on W10 Mobile. Made for Android first as always.
  • a whine based on absolutely no facts whatsoever.  
  • @vhyr:
    "Mobile first, Windows last" (if at all, I'm looking at you, Sway!). Why? "Cause..."
  • Sway is coming with W10. Why would they put a ton of effort into making a W8 app with W10 around the corner?
  • Because unlike the transition from w7 w8 upgrade as we all know not everyone will get in that has a paid OS so why not stagger app rollout to w10
  • While we're waiting for W10, the Office Web Apps are available and work great.
  • Impressive illustration of the power of Universal Apps. Good times are a coming!
  • Hope so, many of my friends say that Mincraft coded by C will be much much better than the one coded by Java. To be honest, Java version really kills my CPU. (I'm using SP3 i3)
  • Just for the record... THIS IS NOT AN UNIVERSAL APP!!!!! :S
  • What is it then?
  • So if its the same code/app (as the article implies), what is it then?
  • Given that MS now owns Mojang, and this is the Windows 10 Edition, I was really expecting a universal app.
    But since the game is such a big hit, I guess they'll try to make as much cash as they can.
  • Why? Pocket Edition is cross platform. Its probably easier to leave it as it is.
  • MS has been advertising how developers can develop for all devices at once with Win10.
    and how users can get the apps on all devices by buying on one.
    Minecraft is one of the most popular games today and now that it's developer Mojang is under the MS umbrella, it'd really have been nice if it was a universal app.
    I own neither versions (PC/PE) as of now.
    But I'd be interested in buying if one purchase gets it on all my devices.
    But oh well.
  • +730
  • Mojang is still Mojang and I'm sure Microsoft wants it to make as much money as possible. You forget that business is always at the center of this. But you have a choice. Buy it or don't buy it. :)
  • yes. i already said. they wanna make as much money as possible.
    it's all business. i understand.
    just saying that titles like Halo Spartan Assault/Strike have really benefitted users due to the the universal app model.
    it's just my opinion as a consumer. that's all. :)
  • I think you're right, though. They can still make money off of the other versions of Minecraft, but that shouldn't stop them from making a Windows 10-exclusive universal version: imagine playing Minecraft on Windows phones, your Surface, your PC, HoloLens and your Xbox One and it all syncs up. That's what they should do.
  • the new versions (Win10 Edition & PE updated) will sync, like you are saying they should.
    but you will have to buy them separately.
    imagine how Halo Spartan Assault or Skulls of the Shogun for Windows (PC) and Windows Phone were nearly the same apps but were required to be bought separately (during the initial release, now they're universal), although their content did sync together.
  • I want it to sync with the Xbox One version too. That's where I spent countless hours building my world. I'm not going to start a new world and lose all that work I did. Also, I want the Windows 10 and Windows Phone versions to have Xbox integration.
  • Whether you have to pay for apps on the different win10 platforms or pay once on any win10 platform is a developer decision.
  • This is a very naive view. MS could tell them what to do, whether that's the right way to run the company is a different matter.
    There are many reasons why using this to demo the usefulness of the UAP (regardless if it's cross by or not) which they are trying to sell to devs and customers could be very useful.
    Do they have to use UAP no, but as a first party dev it would be a showcase app/game.
    I have no idea how it's made, just pointing this out. (WP should just be grateful getting anything I guess lol)
  • But Minecraft already exists on every platform, who cares which tools they used to get it there. Courting developers with the "universal" system is to get new apps onto Windows that don't exist there yet. Minecraft does so what does it matter if it's technically "universal" right now? (other than you want it for free on all your devices, which is solely at the prerogative of the developer anyway)
  • I'm very confused by this whole thing. Doesn't the pocket edition have less features than the 'full' Minecraft?
  • For now. Read what the guy says. Pocket Edition will be getting some updates.
  • Way less, Since Windows RT is dead, any Windows 10 tablet or PC can run normal x86 and Java apps as well. So why even bother with this "Windows 10 version" nonsense, you are better off with the full, more frequently updated Minecraft game instead. Maybe there is some appeal in the lite spinoff in Windows Mobile.
  • It is coded in c so it will have better performance and be easier to update and mod. Also it is getting some of the good pocket edition features like glowing obsidian and better villages
  • Good, that clears the issue.
  • Lmao what did they throw a tantrum over that he had to clear up the "drama"? Seriously
  • You read the comments round here at all?; ;-)
  • Nah I have shit to do like I literally just got out of work lol
    I would have thought they'd be excited it wont be a bloated mess anymore. No more worrying about our detitated wam for our minecwaft servers
  • You'd have thought so!
  • So, if i have purchased MC PE on my Windows Phone, do i still need to pay for "Windows 10 Edition"? That's just more confused...
  • How? If you currently play on PC it's free to get W10 Edition. If you don't play on PC its 10 bucks. PE doesn't come into it. It's the same game. Not the same app.
  • Thank you, and thanks for the Windows Central's update to the article. Now i see. A little bit sad that i need to pay more, but not disappointing - seem that Microsoft is doing the right thing.
  • "It's the same game, not the same app"...
    What a brilliant demonstration of the power of Windows unified app store ;).
    (If they can make Halo:SA a unified app, why aren't they doing the same for this?! Seems like an odd decision... Especially given Microsoft owns Mojang).
  • I would gladly pay for PE and win 10 versions of they remotely synced to Xbox one version. Way too many hours building my world.
  • You can play with others over Xbox live I think. I saw it in another article but take it as a grain of salt
  • This is confusing, Minecraft for PC is more feature complete and thus more expensive at $27, MCPE is just $7.. So if I have bought both Minecraft, which purchase is turned into the $10 W10 version? I actually dislike MCPE, hope there's only one Minecraft in any platform that synced with Xbox account..
  • Neither. You can download Windows 10 Edition for free if you already own it on PC. Or you can keep playing the old version.
  • Thanks, but since W10 version is MCPE, doesn't mean that you can buy the $7 MCPE and get the W10 version as well for free?
  • No. Its the same game. Not the same app. Mojang has said it's 10 bucks if you don't already own the current PC edition. That's how it is.
  • So Minecraft Java + W10 MCPE shares the same purchase but not compatible, and W10 MCPE + current MCPE although have to be purchased separately but are compatible with each other. Thanks again for clearing that up!
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition has always been $7 in the Windows Phone Store. It's completely separate to the current Minecraft on PC. And that will remain as it currently stands, there have been no indications to suggest otherwise. When Windows 10 Edition comes out it will be updated to become compatible with and on a par feature wise with it. Minecraft is a separate purchase on every platform you want it on.
  • this is even more confusing now
  • Okay, listen, they have the same features, but one for Win10 PC, and one for phone. They are not counted as one app. So, you need to buy them seperately (although they look same). TWO apps - but just generally with the same features. If anything wrong, please correct me, thanks.
  • Just wait for 29th July :D
  • The next question will be for iOS/Android users that bought the Pocket Edition?
  • It doesn't affect them like it doesn't affect WP users. You buy PE whatever the platform. They haven't said anything about PE becoming free.
  • That's good news then! My niece loves Minecraft on her LG G Pad, and she'll be delighted to play it on a Windows 10 tablet and PC at any time.
  • So if i buy pocket edition for $6.99 now, I dont need to buy the $10 Win 10 edition?
  • Thou shalst hath to still buy sire
  • Since this question is asked multiple times probably better put FAQs on the article.
  • Yes, for sure, accoridng to the latest update of the article.
  • Why is this so hard to understand? Phone and PC (Store) share the same code, but PC (legacy) and PC (Store) share the same license.
  • I think you saying it exactly like that made it completely clear.
  • He said it's the SAME, not compatible, this means Universal app. But maybe he didn't chose the right words. Anyway, I think the game will be free for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. If not, they should consider it, Fable isn't such a big deal, Minecraft could be.
  • You are correct: He didn't "chose" the right words...
  • Is the pocket edition more feature rich than the desktop application?
  • Even when this is broken down into the simplest of terms, some people still won't get it and will assume they can get both PC and WPhone versions just by purchasing one! >_
  • It would be incredibly disappointing if they don't make this a cross-buy title for W10 devices. I mean, this is a feature people clamored for, we're slowly getting, and Microsoft might seriously get wasted and forget to use that feature on possibly their biggest game?
  • Where is my Xbox live bannah
  • Yeah, without that banner neither the Win10 or PE will be purchased. Its now a MS title, and they've had time to integrate Xbox Live, but hasn't. A huge miss for them, and I bet there's quite a lot of people waiting for Xbox Live before purchasing PE.
  • We don't need this type of Boring Game windows phone platform need games like Home run battle ,Home run battle 2 ,Prince of persia etc...
  • Don't be so ignorant, a lot of kids love Minecraft and this will be big on Windows 10 and will be good for the future of all Windows 10 platforms (even Windows 10 Mobile).
  • 20 million people play Minecraft on the PC alone. I believe the total number of players on all platforms is 50 million. So yes, Microsoft, Windows and Windows Phone needs this.
  • looks windows 10 mobile rocks...
  • Reminds of Skype! No universal application..
  • I'm not going to buy it it's too and we should have credit or debit...in this department play store is definitely better .
  • But what about the Minecraft Story the one by tell tale games. That one's going to iOS and Android, will it also be coming to WP or is that one passing us by?
  • At the moment Windows Phone/Mobile will not get it. Right now we don't even know if the iPhone/Android phones will. It could every well be a tablet app.
  • but what if I already bought the standalone Java version of Minecraft? Will I have to buy it again or will there be a way to 'redeem' that version and have the win10 version?
  • That's what they say, if you have Minecraft PC (the Java version) then the W10 version is yours. Probably by inputting your Minecraft.net credentials
  • nice! thank you.
  • I got a different doubt. So if I play on the Windows 10 version, will I be able to connect with players from 7, 8 and play together? ​
  • If you are referring to the desktop java client the answer is no. I have no idea why is it like that but the answer is clear.
  • Let's hope that Windows 10 version will also work on W10M some day and MCPE is just for WP8. Other than that is it known how will Windows 10 version stack up with desktop version in terms of feature list? I was unable to find answer to that, but I was hoping that the one who buys the Windows 10 version has no need to own any other version ever again! At least that's how it should be IMO.
  • I've a dream....
    One day i'll sideload Minecraft pe .xap file in my Windows phone.....
    ^o^ (evil laugh)
  • But, but.. that's evil :O. Anyway you can also do that right now, but before doing it, first look deep into your heart..
  • Hell to the yes!
  • Why would anyone get the crippled "Windows 10" version on a PC, rather than just get the full desktop version?  
  • Maybe someone does not like Java. Maybe you want to play via touch and controller?
  • As far as I understood Minecraft Pocket Edition is a limited subset of the PC version. Can anyone clear up the differences between the (current) PC version and Minecraft Pocket Edition (which will as well be the Windows 10 Edition going forward)?
  • I tried finding answer to that, but its not that easy. I was, actually, waiting for Windows 10 version to start playing Minecraft, but it's a weird and complicated world to understand :-) So many worlds, so many versions, so many incompatible servers..
  • I thought Minecraft is going universal. lol, never mind, huge let down
  • So if I have the PC version of Minecraft, then why isn't pocket edition free?
  • smdh at all the stupidity in this thread.
  • So in true Microsoft fission I am confused:
    1) If I purchased Minecraft for Desktop (which I did way back in the Beta days) then am I getting a free upgrade to win10 edition? I though this was essentially "Minecraft 2" and thus a new purchase. 2) If I purchased Minecraft PE (which I did right before my L920 died, which has pushed me onto Android for the moment), then am I getting a free upgrade on that device to PE10 or whatever it is going to be called? PS: 2 weeks on a new flagship Android device, and I am ready to go back. Some things are nicer, especially app support and having a nice zippy camera, but Android L (+touchwiz) is a mess compared to WP8.1. MS needs to push out some flagships! I want back in my WP ecosystem!
  • Yes to both one and two.   ps. i feel you. when i busted my 1520 i picked up a Moto E to hold me over until the next Windows flagship. hated andoid 5.0. quickly swapped it for a lumia 640. I'm much happier now.     
  • Nexus 6 waiting for new top end windows device here too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can I play with someone that plays on iphone or android using my WP?
  • will we get at least windows 10 / windows 10 mobile cross play íf i pay 10 bucks for the windows 10 version, i want the windows 10 mobile version for 6.99, too  
  • Why aren't people using the Windows store to see the convergence of apps you use on your phone now showing on the Windows 10 desktop? This made my year knowing I can switch many of my apps from my phone to my PC and vice versa! Minecraft should be universal...I just don't see how that wouldn't be common sense.
  •   at least for windows phone ios and android, cant be    
  • What's so nice about Minecraft??
  • That could be fun, I can't wait to see how it plays.
  • For minecraft PE you should add more of the PC stuff like Item frames,ocean temples,horses,The End,and a few more redstone things like repeters,despencers.Thanks for making minecraftPE awesome keep on doing great-CaydenRulez
  • And Maps  
  • Thanks The  man CaydenRulez
  • Hope you see this comment
  • I have already paid for Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android Play Store. Do I still need to re-purchase Minecraft Windows 10 Edition? I have never played Minecraft on Windows PC before. If so, why?