Minor patch for the Windows Phone Central app available

You may have noticed an update available for our app this morning, and perhaps you're curious as to what has changed? It's not the most exciting patch but we are aware of issues that users of 512MB devices have been experiencing with the app and are working hard to try and fix these problems. Patch 4.1.3 is intended to fix said problems by reducing the memory footprint of the app with slightly lower quality image when running on the lower spec devices such as the Lumia 520, 620 or 720.

If you have been experiencing any kind of crashes with the app please update to this version. However if that still doesn't work for you it would be incredibly helpful if you got in touch via app@wpcentral.com. As much as the 1 star reviews in the store make it clear you have a problem it makes it impossible for us to diagnose and fix that problem! Now that we've cleared that up, there were a couple of other things in the patch that were ready at the time, see below for the full changelist.

  • Low memory devices (512MB) now use lower quality images to reduce memory footprint and fix crashing issues
  • Added NFC sharing option for articles
  • Sharing via e-mail or SMS now also includes a direct WPCentral app link
  • Sharing link option now copies the link directly to clipboard
  • Youtube links in WP8 now open directly in the app rather than via Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a bug in the forums where the wrong thread would load when another had been exited part way through loading

What's coming next? Well unless we have to work on any more bug fixing patches then you can hopefully expect lock screen wallpaper support in the next update, and if you follow me on twitter you'll have already seen a few very early drafts at what I'm planning. As always please get in touch via e-mail, comments or the forums if you want to give us feedback.

I also need to say a special thank you to everyone in this forum thread who helped me diagnose the low memory issue in less than 24 hours, you guys make every frustrating bug worth fixing!

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Jay Bennett