Misfit releases their Shine sync app for Windows 8.1

Back in September, Misfit released an app for Windows Phone users to allow them to sync with their Misfit Shine or Flash activity/sleep trackers. We gave an early review of the app and came away impressed with the stylish tracker. Now, just a few months later and you can find a Windows 8.1 companion app also available.

The Misfit app can connect directly up to your Shine or Flash tracker via Bluetooth and display your stats right on your Surface or PC. Pairing is easy enough under Windows 8.1 settings and Bluetooth, although our tracker took a few tries to connect (Microsoft's APIs are not the best around, so we put it on them).

Other features of the Misfit app include:

  • Goal Setting - track your running, cycling, swimming and more
  • Activity Meter - check your activity progress and see your steps, calories, and distance travelled.
  • Intensity Graph - See your activity level grow over time
  • Sleep Tracking - Sleep quality, duration, and sleep goals
  • Weight Tracking - Keep track of your long-term progress and fitness goals.
  • Shine with Friends - Personalize your profile, add friends and compare your daily activity

If you are a Misfit user be sure to grab this app and let us know what you think. Either way, it is nice to see another connected device make it to the Windows ecosystem.

Thanks, WillieD, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

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  • Wpcentral no more, it is Windows Central.
  • Sorry bro my bad I just got an habit I can't help it well "WINDOWS CENTRAL" I'll just say Daniel Rubino is too busy today.
  • You can currentl score a Misfit Flash on their site or Amazon for $25.  If you're in the market its a steal for one of the few Windows Phone compatible fitness trackers.
  • I hope the sycing actually works with this app. I have never been able to sync the MisFit to my windows phone app on my Nokia 635.
  • Which Misfit do you have? I learned that the Flash is not compatable with Windows Phone yet. Although, the store description for the Windows 8.1 version says it supports the Flash and it is a universal app. So why does it not work on phone?
  • It's a pretty buggy app from personal experience - I use Shine with my 1020 and sometimes syncing wipes the data on my Shine back to the last time the app synced 'successfully'. Hopefully a few bug fixes are in tow, because I'm loving the hardware
  • I had bought the Flash for $25 at Target Black Friday weekend. I wound up returning it for 2 reasons. 1. The inability to sync it. 2. It died after 3 days. Kinda cool hardware but I have a Fitbit Charge now which actually works with my phone (Sprint Ativ S Neo) and shows the time in a readable format.
  • I have a Flash but it does not work on the windows 8.1 app either.  The weird thing is the bluethooth profile shows it as a Shine.
  • Same on the Windows phone app. It shows up as a shine and says it connects but won't grab any info.
  • I was looking at one of these in best buy last night and wondering if there was a Windows Phone app. It is so disappointing to want a Microsoft Band, have the money and not be able to buy one online or in local stores such as Best Buy. It was almost sad to be in the Windows Phone ecosystem. I looked at the Moto 360, Samsung watches, Asus Zenwatch, other smart watches and fitness bands that do not offer support for Windows Phone and of course the Fit bit bands that do support Windows Phone. Can a guy please get a MS Band. Really, nothing visible to show the Microsoft ecosystem on the shelves. Nothing visible to show Cortana. It would have been extremely nice to see the Band and Cortana advertised, available to try, intriging customers and available to purchase in the smartwatch section. What was there? No representation or ANYTHING that would make a customer think of Microsoft or Windows or especially Windows Phone. Nothing. I ALMOST bought a Moto 360 and just said forget the Band. But then that would mean that I would have to use my Nexus 5 as my main phone and not my 1520 and I simply refuse to do that. Sometimes.....being in the Microsoft ecosystem....trying to buy the products and encourage others to do so is just simply....sad and full of disappointment. Me: "Microsoft, take my money." Microsoft: "No. We will only take your money if you come to one of our Microsoft Stores." Me: "I can't. There isn't a Microsoft store near me." Microsoft: *sips tea* "That's none of my business."
  • At least you guys in the US have MS stores... :P.
  • Unfortunately I can't get my Flash to sync. It just keeps trying to update the firmware everytime I attempt to sync. I've already contacted support so hopefully they get it fixed soon.
  • It does say on their website, on the Flash product page that Windows Phone support is coming soon...at $23/ea, I ordered 2...even though I already have an MS Band...we'll see how it works!  Eventually. "Flash for Windows Phone coming soon."
  • I'm referring to the Windows 8.1 (not phone) app which does support the Flash.
  • Did they ever reply to you? I am having the same issue.  
  • They replied, but only telling me all the things I should do even though it's an issue with the app itself. If you ask them when it's getting updated they just say soon. They've been saying soon for four months now so I went ahead and got a Fitbit Charge HR.
  • Anyone know if I can use the flash with the shine pendants/wristbands?
  • Nope, they use different attachment methods (Flash attaches from the back, whereas Shine relies on a ring around the device)
  • Ended up returning my Shine.  The update in October killed the sync and app (couldn't even load the app).  They sent me a new one and it worked for about 3 days.  As much as I wanted it to work, their Windows Phone support is a joke.
  • WHOAAAA read the reviews on the app first. I would love nothing more than to buy a bunch of Flash for my kids but the stuff just does not work most of the time (at all for the flash unless something changed literally TODAY). Buyer beware, see my post. http://forums.windowscentral.com/windows-phone-8/298053-would-you-buy-fitness-wearable.html#post2803911
  • Crappy wp 8.1 app. And, unfortunately, the only thing worse than the app is support for the app. At the end of the day, it just doesn't work. 25$ or not, it's just a waste of good money if it doesn't work. Mine is just sitting in a desk drawer. Spend the money for a Band instead.
  • You guys know if there is a (smart) watch out there that can control music on my Windows Phone, including volume?
  • Just picked up a Misfit Shine (well 2 actually) for $45/ea from Target.  They price matched Amazon.com ($76), added in a 20% off Cartwheel coupon on up to 4 Misfit Shine's, coupled with another 20% off your total purchase coupon from Target, I picked up 2 for $97 out the door. Giving them as Christmas gifts for the family.