Misfit Shine Windows

Back in September, Misfit released an app for Windows Phone users to allow them to sync with their Misfit Shine or Flash activity/sleep trackers. We gave an early review of the app and came away impressed with the stylish tracker. Now, just a few months later and you can find a Windows 8.1 companion app also available.

The Misfit app can connect directly up to your Shine or Flash tracker via Bluetooth and display your stats right on your Surface or PC. Pairing is easy enough under Windows 8.1 settings and Bluetooth, although our tracker took a few tries to connect (Microsoft's APIs are not the best around, so we put it on them).

Misfit Windows 8.1

Other features of the Misfit app include:

  • Goal Setting - track your running, cycling, swimming and more
  • Activity Meter - check your activity progress and see your steps, calories, and distance travelled.
  • Intensity Graph - See your activity level grow over time
  • Sleep Tracking - Sleep quality, duration, and sleep goals
  • Weight Tracking - Keep track of your long-term progress and fitness goals.
  • Shine with Friends - Personalize your profile, add friends and compare your daily activity

If you are a Misfit user be sure to grab this app and let us know what you think. Either way, it is nice to see another connected device make it to the Windows ecosystem.

Thanks, WillieD, for the tip!

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