Discord is down for some, due to a partial outage (update)

Discord platforms
Discord platforms (Image credit: Discord)

Discord is a popular gaming-oriented chat and voice comms app used by millions across the world. With the Covid-19 outbreak, Discord announced that it was increasing capacity due to higher numbers of concurrent users working from home and missing school and university, and that outages may be possible. It seems we're hitting the first major hiccups since the outbreak began.

Announced via Discord's Status page and the official Twitter, Discord may be having sign-in problems for some users. Indeed, we were unable to get online ourselves this evening.

Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue where a number of Discord servers are completely unavailable.

Update: Discord says its services are coming back online now, but says there may still be sign-in issues for some users. "A series of fatal errors caused the majority of servers to become unavailable. We are working to revive all of these resources. Most users will be unable to connect while this work is ongoing."

We'll update this post with the latest information as and when we get it.



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