Mixer tab rolling out to the Xbox One Dashboard for all over 'the next 24 hours'

Xbox Insiders aren't the only one's getting some Dashboard tweaks today. Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has announced that a new Mixer tab will begin rolling out to everyone's Xbox One Dashboard at some point "in the next 24 hours."

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To recap, Mixer is the new name of Microsoft's recently rebranded game streaming service Beam. Microsoft has been busy pushing Mixer into more prominence on Xbox One as the built-in streaming solution, and that includes the new Mixer tab on the Dashboard. Inside, you'll find a curated mix of unique and popular content streaming on the service at any given point.

The dedicated tab has already been in testing with Xbox Insiders since late May after Beam's rebranding. The spot gives the service much greater prominence, and its rollout to everyone comes at a pretty good time: Microsoft's Xbox briefing is set to be broadcast in 4K on Mixer this Sunday, June 11.

There's no firm timeline for the rollout, but you should expect the new tab to show up at some point over the next day or so.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Cool, I actually might try this out
  • It'll be exciting to see just how much Mixer viewership increases once this rolls out to all users. I've already seen a noticeable spike in numbers just over the past few weeks of Insiders having it on their dashboard (e.g. more than a ten-fold increase in users watching HCS Pro League on Mixer than there was on Beam). If they start advertising Mixer more  and also make a UWP Windows 10 app and highlight it in the Store, it could really take off, especially if they start promoting it as a general live streaming / Periscope alternative.
  • The stupid thing is that they have Swift, JS, Python, and Java libraries on their dev page, but nothing for C# and/or C++. Sure they have an open source C++ in the Github, but still....
  • I think I'm officially old as I couldn't give two ***** about watching someone else play a game, especially with them annoyingly talking over it the whole time.  I'll just stick to actually playing the game myself.  This tab should be at the very end of the row so I don't have to be bothered with a press to get past it to the tabs that I actually have a use for.
  • Well you can't make everyone happy unfortunately
  • Get off my lawn ;)
  • It depends on what it is. Watching the pros play Halo 5 or Gears of War 4, for instance, is pretty impressive. I enjoy watching that at times. And sometimes it's fun watching Minecraft streams, just to learn how other people play the game and do builds. But probably the most useful time is when new games come out that you're on the fence about--usually watching someone else play it for awhile can help you decide if it's a good fit for you or not.
  • Well good news!  Word on the street is that Mixer will not be limited to game streaming.
  • Lol, nice username - Gun Shy?  (Not even a Tuscan bean salad?)
  • I think you are the only person to ever make the connection.
  • Talking? I think you mean yelling 😂
  • I already have it.
  • Mixer tab should come after community not before.
  • Wait.. I've had the tab yesterday. In response to @xevilrobotix I actually watch the streams on occasion, but I would agree with one thing... Microsoft should make the tabs so that they could be arranged in the order that suits me.
  • That's good idea!  I wonder if there is a uservoice for it.
  • There probably is.. I'm just to lazy to look for it, lol
  • I'm happy to the underline under the active pivot. It looks good for me.