Microsoft rolls out updates for MixRadio, Display and Network+

Microsoft has today released a bunch of updates covering three apps on the Windows Phone Store – two being Lumia system apps affecting how the Windows Phones operate. The MixRadio music service by Microsoft is joined by Display and Network+.


Microsoft has rolled out another update for its MixRadio service on Windows Phone, but unfortunately the change log is an old one and we're not entirely sure what's new. Version is only a minor bump since recent updates, the last major one removing 'Nokia' branding. Let us know if you notice anything new in this latest release that we've somehow missed.

QR: MixRadio


Next up is Display, which has also received a minor bump with unknown changes to boot. All we know is recent releases prepared the system app for the Lumia Cyan firmware upgrade, so this update could be fixes post-upgrading to Cyan or to cover something else. Check out version on the store.

QR: Nokia Display


Just like Display and MixRadio, Microsoft has failed to provide a log of changes for Network+ on Lumia hardware. The changelog present on the store covers 2.1. Today, version 2.3 was released to the store with unknown improvements and/or changes. Again, be sure to hit us up in the comments should you notice anything we've somehow overlooked.

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Rich Edmonds
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