MObile Nations Movember Week 1 Update - A clean shave... laying the foundation for MO growth!

Ok folks, it's time for our first Mobile Nations Movember update. We'll be bringing you these updates every Sunday throughout the month of Movember (formerly known as November) as we grow out our moustaches and raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and men's health issues.

We had 82 individuals from around the world respond to our Movember call to action from across our sites, which is amazing! November 1st saw the Mo Bros on the team shave clean to lay the foundation upon which to grow a manly moustache. The next step is to let that moustache grow and to raise money, and we're off to a great start. Members of the Mobile Nations Network have already raised nearly $4,000!

Participants are updating their Mo Space pages with status updates and photos. We've collected some of our favorites which you can check out below, along with links to where you can donate to individuals on the team. We also have another video below that will tell you a bit more about the Movember story, in case you're wondering what this is all about.

What is Movember?

Week 1 Photos from the MO-bile Nations Movember Team

Click on the names to jump over to the user's page on for more photos and to donate!

Tom Kaminski

Tom Kaminski, Mobile Nations Community Web Master gets ready for his shave!


CrackBerry Kevin gets the first "proper" shave of his life

Tom, Kevin, James

Tom Kaminski, CrackBerry Kevin and James Falconer (seated) all shaved clean!

James Richardson

James Richardson of CrackBerry... ready to grow mo!

Mike Whitton

Mike Whitton is off to a great start on fundraising!

Aaron Kurtzer

Aaron Kurtzer, lathered and prepping to grow the MO

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson... silky smooth, but not for long.

Jacob Bartell

Jacob Bartell... here's the before, it's going to be a fine moustache soon!

Luka Marincic

Luka Marincic, cleaning up for the start of Movember

Mike Covitz

Mike Covitz, ready to grow more Mo!


Nikolai Herbstritt ready to grow his iStache

Paul Ashton

Paul Ashton. He'll look mean with a trucker moustache!

Props to all the men of Movember for posting their mugs to the web for a good cause. Be sure to visit our Mobile Nations Movember Network page for more photos from all our team members. You can click through to any team member's name to see their Mo Space pages and to donate to them. All donations made to individuals show up in the Mobile Nations Network totals.

Note to Mobile Nations Movember participants: Be sure to update your Mo Space with updates, photos and videos. And send us an email at with your favorite photos and other details. We want to tell your story and help spread the the Mo Love!

CrackBerry Kevin