Mogul ROM with GPS Leaked

Take a look above, folks, it's the ROM update for the Mogul we've all been waiting for. Well, almost. It's a prerelease leak. It activates GPS (which isn't locked down at all, Woo Hoo!) and seems to also address some of the Bluetooth hassles Mogul owners have come to know and love hate. Installing it is a bit of work (check out this helpful thread here. Hat tip to Strohs and Malatesta for the heads-up.

You might want to wait, though. You need your MSID to do it, after all, and that's some work. Plus we're talking heavily unofficial prerelease, but here's something to whet your appetite, EVDO REV A has also been confirmed (but not necessarily up to snuff just yet).

Someone said that 3.16.651.0 wasn't real and so the thread was closed. Well, it IS real, and GPS works with Google Maps!!!!! It's not 6.1 unless it just says 6.0 and is '6.1' behind the scenes. Memory isn't great, around 20MB or so free. I'd like to have more around 23-25, but I'll take GPS - 3.16.651.0 IS real, and so is GPS - Link inside - NOT official release - PPCGeeks

WC Staff