Momentum - a positive, uplifting Windows Phone 8 app

Momentum is a Windows Phone 8 app designed to illustrate the positive moments in your life. At first glance you'd think Momentum was a gaming title but it's listed under the "Lifestyle/Health" section of the Windows Phone Store.

The idea behind the app is that as you record positive experiences, fuel is added to a hot air balloon and a journey documenting your daily achievements begins. A diary of sorts that would make the Fifth Dimension proud.

Momentum isn't going to appeal to everyone but if you're looking for a unique way to accentuate the positives in your life, Momentum is worth checking out.

Momentum Main Screen

When you first start Momentum you'll need to register with Momentum either through your Facebook account or by an email account.  Once registered you'll be taken to the main screen for Momentum which is a picturesque scene with your hot air balloon grounded in the foreground. You have button controls in the lower corners to access your travel log and to mute the sound. In the upper left corner is your fuel gauge and a rope that can be pulled to reveal your menu options.

The menu has options to add fuel, view your journey log, visit the hangar bay and access the app's settings.

You add fuel to your balloon by documenting positive life experiences. You do this by taking a picture, uploading a photo from your Pictures Hub or writing a note. Each positive experience is categorized as either a happy, victory, reflective, kindness or thankful experience.

Momentum Menu Options

Once fuel is added to the balloon, fireworks are launched and your balloon takes to the air.

As you record your experiences, you earn tickets that can be used in the Hangar Bay to customize your balloon. Momentum currently has three balloon styles, each with three color options and a few add-on accessories. It's a nice touch to give the app a little variety and personalization.

Momentum Hangar

As your balloon runs low on fuel, you'll receive a toast notification alerting you to add more gas. Don't panic if your balloon runs out of fuel. It won't crash land and burst into a huge fire ball but instead, it gently lands on the ground and awaits your next positive moment to be recorded.

Momentum Journey Log Entry

Again, Momentum isn't going to be an app that appeals across the board. It does have the feel of a diary but also reminds me of those motivational posters that have a stunning photo that has a positive, motivational quote as a caption.

I was very skeptical when I first started tinkering with Momentum but the app does grow on you after a while.  Graphics are appealing, I like the customization options to get your balloon to reflect more your style and when the dust settled, Momentum is worth a try. It's a freebie for your Windows Phone 8 device so you won't be out much in checking it out.

You can pick up Momentum here in the Windows Phone Store.

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