Recently, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne was launching on September 6. Iceborne is an upcoming expansion which takes players to a new region covered with snow. As expected, there's a new mystery to unravel, with even more dangerous "Elder Dragons" to hunt.

We were able to see and play the game at E3 and came away wholly impressed. Iceborne truly feels almost more like a sequel than a mere expansion, adding an all-new end game to uncover, tons of new monsters, and of course, piles of new armor and weapon sets. Here's the full list of everything shown so far. We'll update it as more becomes available.

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Survive the cold

Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne

Take on even more quests

Iceborne takes Monster Hunter World to hoarfrost reach, hunting all-new beasties in all-new frost-bitten lands.

Master Rank Tzizi Yaku armor

Master Rank Kulu Yaku armor

Master Rank Jagras armor

Tigrex armor

Shrieking Legiana armor

Direwolf armor

Master Rank Rathian armor

Master Rank Legiana armor

Master Rank Pukei-Pukei armor

Beotodus armor

Banbaros armor

Master Rank Great Girros armor

Master Rank Anjanath armor

Master Rank Black Diabolos armor

Master Rank Odogaron armor

Master Rank Rathalos armor

Master Rank Tobi-Kadachi armor

Clutch Claw

Great Sword

Long Sword

Dual Blades

Sword and Shield

Hunting Horn




Switch Axe

Charge Blade


Insect Glaive

Heavy Bowgun

Light Bowgun

Hopefully more weapons will be revealed in the future. The Clutch Claw, and new crafted weapon styles look like worthy additions to the arsenal.

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The story of Iceborne starts after the conclusion of the events of the base game. The Research Commission that initially tasked you with going to the New World has noticed "very unusual Legiana behavior." They want you to investigate and get to the bottom of this. Chasing this mystery leads us to a remote part of the map where extreme weather conditions require special outfits and gear. Iceborne is supposed to add the largest region to the game "so far." That phrase is curious because it seems like that company wants to leave future expansions a possibility.

Survive the cold

Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne

Take on even more quests

Once every decade, monsters known as Elder Dragons trek across the water to travel to the region known as the New World. This migration event is referred to as the Elder Crossing. To get to the bottom of this mysterious pattern, the Guild has formed the Research Commission, dispatching them in large groups to the New World. This is where your journey begins.

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