Dell has plans to launch "several" Windows Phone 7 devices. While the news of more Dell Windows Phones has a certain appeal, it would be nice to see their maiden effort, the Dell Venue Pro, to be hitting on all cylinders before we see more.

The revelation comes from an interview with Michael Dell where he stated that the demand for the Venue Pro was exceeding their expectations.  While Dell's sole Windows Phone is being circulated in the U.S. market other markets, such as the U.K, are still waiting for the new phones. Granted the production delays, returns, and other glitches the Venue Pro has experienced hasn't helped matters.

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Dell didn't expand much on the particulars of how many, what type or when we might see the "several new Windows Phone 7 models". Hopefully, Dell's experience with the Venue Pro will make any future model launches a lot smoother.

Dell is planning an event on February 8, 2011 in San Francisco (we'll be there) and maybe more information will be available then.  So, does the prospect of more Dell Windows get you excited?

Source: Twitter Via: MobileTechWorld