More Dell Windows Phone 7 models on the way?

Dell has plans to launch "several" Windows Phone 7 devices. While the news of more Dell Windows Phones has a certain appeal, it would be nice to see their maiden effort, the Dell Venue Pro, to be hitting on all cylinders before we see more.

The revelation comes from an interview with Michael Dell where he stated that the demand for the Venue Pro was exceeding their expectations.  While Dell's sole Windows Phone is being circulated in the U.S. market other markets, such as the U.K, are still waiting for the new phones. Granted the production delays, returns, and other glitches the Venue Pro has experienced hasn't helped matters.

Dell didn't expand much on the particulars of how many, what type or when we might see the "several new Windows Phone 7 models". Hopefully, Dell's experience with the Venue Pro will make any future model launches a lot smoother.

Dell is planning an event on February 8, 2011 in San Francisco (we'll be there) and maybe more information will be available then.  So, does the prospect of more Dell Windows get you excited?

Source: Twitter Via: MobileTechWorld

George Ponder

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  • CDMA? Please, oh please!
  • I second that motion. Go CDMA or go home!
  • You guys will be crying NO CDMA if the problems with the Dell Venue Pro are anything to go by.
  • Stay far, FAR away from it! Take it from a Venue Pro owner.First, Dell says "Sorry for the delay, we're going to ship it overnight" and doesn't. Then, you get stuck with a device that mysteriously freezes up in the middle of the night, or when you look at photos, or when you make or receive a call...Then, you get to wait 20 minutes to talk to Dell Mobility, reading the Dell Community Forums in the meantime and discovering that TONS of people are having the same problems. Then you get told "Sorry, the return period is 30 days... I mean 21... and you're three days out. Want a replacement?"So you say "Okay, sure." And when the person starts writing up the order, you remember that people with replacements in the DCF are having the same problems with their replacements...The Dell Mobility person comes back and says "Okay, the new one should arrive tomorrow or the day after." And foolishly, you'll believe them. A week will go by, and you'll say "Hey... where's my phone?". Tweeting @DellCares will get you a different answer, and invariably, a recommendation to call Dell Mobility.About 25 minutes goes by... "Hi, Dell Mobility. I gave my info to DellCares and they said I could have a refund. Could you please process that for m... wha? Oh, okay, sure, you can put me on hold for ten minutes... What's that you say? No refund because I'm out of 30 days? But last week it was 21? You'll ask again? Sure, I can wait... No, still no refund? AND you don't know when I'll get a replacement? But... but... Wait. You're saying I might not get one next week, and if I don't to call and do this all over again? You're not serious. Oh, you ARE serious..."Don't do it to yourself.
  • ^^ sounds like you had a bad batch. As a Dell Venue Pro owner, my experience so far has been going great. Anyway, you only had two options as a t-mobile user since that was all that was available. I didn't like the hd7 at all so Venue pro was the only choice (good one at that). I'm guessing other people thought the same which is why Dell is saying "the demand for the Venue Pro was exceeding their expectations.".If Samsung Focus was available for t-mobile then i would of likely gone with that.
  • Agreed...I received a "good" Dell Venue Pro. I love it and wake up every morning, look at it and smile at how sexy it is.I would have gone with an Omnia 7 over the Venue Pro but alas, it was not released in the U.S.
  • Apparently, the 16GB models are all the "bad batch". Having come from an HD7, I can accept the "nuances" inherent to WP7, and I'm totally fine with that. But to have Dell basically say "Sorry buddy. We know your phone's broke, and we're sorry we lied to you about when we'd replace it. You're just going to have to wait until we can get around to sending you a new one." is kind of ridiculous.
  • Very cool, I was planning on getting a Venue Pro in late Feb. or March, lets see if they unveil something more enticing than the Venue Pro.