More details emerge about the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2

Surface Go
Surface Go (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft will announce a Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 this spring, according to a report.
  • The devices will likely feature refinements and internal changes rather than an overhauled design.
  • This latest report lines up with our previous reporting on Microsoft's upcoming plans for Surface hardware.

Microsoft will announce a Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 this spring, according to a report by Petri's Brad Sams. Sams states that Microsoft will unveil a refreshed Surface Book, Surface Go, and potentially other Surface hardware at the event. The report from Sams lines up well with our recent reporting on what new Surface hardware we expect to see this year.

According to Sams, the Surface Book 3 will run on an Intel 10th Gen processor and a 16** series NVIDIA GTX GPU. A higher-end Surface Book, which will likely only be available as a 15-inch device, will have an option for a Quadro series GPU. Quadro cards are built for professional people, and should open up the abilities of the Surface Book line. Sams also reports that the max RAM configuration will increase from 16GB to 32GB. The device should be available with up to a 1TB SSD. Sams points out that Quadro GPUs require more wattage, so the Surface Book 3 could also have hardware built with that in mind.

Sams exects the Surface Go to likely run on a Pentium Gold chip. There will also be an option for a Core M chip. Sams quashed rumors of a version of the Surface Go powered by the new Snapdragon 7c processor, stating the rumors "do not appear to be accurate at this time."

Microsoft will also talk about the Surface Earbuds at the event, according to Sams. The Surface Earbuds have already been announced, but have been delayed. He also adds that second-generation Surface Headphones exist, but that he isn't sure if they'll be at the event.

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  • A Core M3 Surface Go would make the device way more useful. Hopefully the bezels are slimmed too.
  • Agreed. The Pentium Gold actually isn't that bad, but the M3 will definitely be a step up. They should also continue to offer an LTE option because that's what really brings out the magic of this device.
  • He also ads that second-generation Surface Headphones exist, but that he isn't sure if they'll be at the event. Adds*
  • The rumor is it’s a 8th gen pentium gold or core m processor. 8th gen is 3 years old at this point. Why does Microsoft insist on anyways being way behind and way under powered? So not only is the processor not much better than the original go (which was the worst), stepping it up to the better processor doesn’t even get you great performance.
  • Practically its only 1 gen behind, since Ice Lake is the only gen that was a noticeable jump in efficiency (the other ones just let the laptop/tablet get warmer besides some (minor) miscellaneous features). Pentium Gold was not to bad actually considering its entry price. The cpu could be slightly faster but the igpu is pretty good and also the power usage is relatively low for an Intel cpu.
  • I can see how a Core M could slightly improve performance, battery & inking but was more hoping for a Qualcomm 7C ARM version.
  • More like a big improvement in (cpu) performance and not much improvement in battery. A Qualcomm/ARM version would indeed have been interesting.
  • I was hoping for the Surface Book 3 to use an AMD CPU. And I hope that a Surface Go X with an ARM 7c exists to improve battery life.
  • Surface Go should be switched to window 10x already
  • Can't wait! I'm going to spend sooo much money on MS products and services in 2020!
  • Go should have a 7c and Windows 10X for $299 or even $249 if they are serious about 10X. Building that user base early is key. If we are years in and the only hardware is $2k folding devices, then 10X won last long.
  • $249 would be under cost for the device you are asking for.
  • Apple can do $329. Microsoft needs a dog in that hunt or else I am just going to get the cheaper product with the better ecosystem.
  • As always unrealistic price suggestions. Just buy a chuwi device if you want a budget tablet but just like with cheap Android tablets you will sacrifice certain features or specs.
  • It isn't unrealistic for Apple. Why can't Microsoft hit a similar price point?
  • Ipads are similar priced if you compare it with the same amount of ram and storage.
  • 10X should allow smaller storage and RAM to at least meet iPad prices.
  • The 'new' GO better have:
    1. A much better battery! (my GO, even in 'S' mode, barely makes 4/5 hours!)
    2. Much slimmer bezels!
    3. Minimum 8 GB RAM (please stop with this 4 GB's 2020!)
    4. A price point that can match HP and Lenovo hardware (they have way better specs for much less $$)
    5. Any other type of better CPU (the benchmarks for my P4415Y are miserable!)
  • 1; will make it heavier.
    2; agreed.
    4; Go entry price was pretty good actually for what you get (similar to Ipad regular prices with 64 gb storage and 4 gb ram). The upgrade prices are to expensive though (to much like Apple prices).
    3/5; just buy the best model, not everyone needs 8gb ram on a tablet.