More Sea of Thieves Xbox swag on the way from Controller Gear and Seagate

A new Sea of Thieves controller isn't the only bit of pirate swag on the way ahead of the game's launch. . Today, Microsoft announced a couple of other matching goodies are on the way, including controller stands from Controller Gear and a special edition 2TB Game Drive from Seagate.

If you're already picking up the new Sea of Thieves controller from Microsoft, Controller Gear's duo of matching stands are built to complement its unique paint job. The custom Xbox Pro Charging Stand, which is expected to be available for $49.99 on February 19, features the same purple base coat as the controller and is plastered with a green Sea of Thieves logo and paint splatter accents. The stand comes with a rechargable battery, battery cover, and a six-foot power cord.

If you don't need a charging stand or just find $49.99 to be a bit pricey, Controller Gear is also gearing up to release a cheaper stand without built-in charging capabilities for $14.99. The stand features the same logo and design as the more expensive model and is expected to release on April 5.

Lastly, Seagates custom 2TB Game Drive is a spiffy-looking customized version of its standard 2TB Xbox drive. Packed into a relatively small package, the drive features a glowing Sea of Thieves skull logo with a matching glowing compass below. Both are placed against a similar purple backdrop with green paint splatter surrounding them. Rounding things out is a gold Xbox logo up top. The drive is expected to be available in the US, Canada, France, Germany and the UK for $89.99 alongside the launch of Sea of Thieves on March 20. As a bonus, the drive will come bundled with an in-game item, the "jewel-studded Midnight Blunderbuss."

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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