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Earlier this week, NAVIGON was released on the Windows Phone Marketplace bringing us a GPS navigation solution with offline maps. Today, Turn by Turn Navigation released their GPS navigation app with offline maps, Turn by Turn Navigation US + Canada. The application itself doesn't seem to have changed (here's our original take on Turn by Turn) asides from giving you the option to download complete maps to your Windows Phone.

While having your navigation maps stored on your Windows Phone is an advantage, Turn by Turn takes this advantage a step further by allowing you to choose what maps to download. NAVIGON missed the boat on this one and requires you to download the full 1.6GB of maps on to your Windows Phone.

The initial download for Turn by Turn Navigation US and Canada is 37mb. Using my regions as an example, I will have to download the South US and Southeastern US map packages (roughly 730mb). My total storage needs for Turn by Turn Navigation US + Canada will be roughly 767mb as opposed to the 1.6GB for NAVIGON.

Additionally, Turn by Turn is running $28.99 and while NAVIGON is running just a dollar more, that's an introductory price. After November 15th the $29.99 price for NAVIGON jumps to $49.99.

While Turn by Turn will give you a savings both in cost and storage requirements, we'll take the offline version out for a test drive to see how well it performs with offline maps. NAVIGON is still an outstanding navigation app in it's own right but Turn by Turn may give you a worthy alternative if cost and storage space is a concern.

We'll take Turn by Turn Navigation US + Canada out for a test drive and see how well the offline maps perform.  Look for a follow up performance review up shortly (if all goes right by tomorrow evening).

There is a trial version available for Turn by Turn that allows you to download one map package and try it for 24 hours. The full version will run you $28.99 and you can find Turn by Turn Navigation US + Canada here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

George Ponder

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  • How is this different than the Turn by Turn Navigation app I have that I paid much less than 28.99 for? I think I paid less than 10 for it, in fact. I just checked, and I can download maps, as well.
  • You got turn by turn for 10 bucks?? Where??
  • The original version, which is still available and runs $4.99, allowed you to define what portion of the maps were downloaded. From the map view you could outline a portion, a snapshot if you will, of the map to be downloaded and used from your Windows Phone.It is a nice feature but a little cumbersome and you still required a data connection for the routing.As I understand things (and keep in mind I'm still learning), you still had to tap into the online servers to calculate and re-calculate your routes. With on-board, complete maps, everything is done on board without the need for a data connection.This new version should have your Windows Phone perform more along the lines of a stand alone GPS unit (e.g. TomTom) without the need for a data connection.
  • Right you are it was $4.99 and that is how the maps had been. though i didn't find it a bother. I much rather how they have it now. I was always happy with this app and I'm happy to see the improvements.
  • Is there any text-to-speech in any of the Turn by Turn products? I've had the $4.99 version since it came out and it was a nice to have product in my pocket but I felt like without TTS it was not a true replacement for my Garmin yet. If the price is the same between the downloaded version vs. Navigon, seems like the Navigon is the better option.
  • I'm debating getting Turn By Turn but if I'll need to get personally involved with turn by turn events, I'll pass and keep using Telenav.
  • Nice, cant wait to se the Europe version of this app!!But still... lets not make any hasty decisions here. Nokia will make something with their navigation offerings. If Ovi maps will be built in to the Nokia WP7 phones then that'll save me money on buying navigation apps...Gonna love competiton!
  • Just my 2 cents...I've been using Turn by Turn since it first came out and just got Navigon a couple of days ago. TbT definitely has a cleaner interface, but Navigon has TTS support, far more accurate directions and notifications and 3D maps (a personal preference so ymmv). For right now I definitely prefer using Navigon over the base TbT (I haven't used the newer more expensive version yet).
  • I have the 4.99 version and I was checking out the nap download feature last night. It does indeed let you highlight sections of the map you want to download (e.g. a metro area). There's also an option you can check to use the downloaded map to limit data usage. Would this not operate much like a standalone GPS? Btw, when using this app I've noticed high battery usage and my phone gets pretty warm (HTC Trophy).