More Windows 10 TV ads show smiling babies and happy feet

Microsoft posted the first Windows 10 TV ad on YouTube earlier, showing how it will be using clips of cute babies to promote their next PC operating system. Now some shorter Windows 10 TV ads have been posted, which again use toddlers to promote specific features in the OS.

Three of the ads are 15 seconds long. One promotes the use of facial recognition for PC sign-ins via Windows Hello, while the second is meant to promote how Cortana will help kids learn about the world. Finally, the third ad is meant to show how users can write on the Microsoft Edge browser. The fourth ad is 30 seconds long and basically is a summary of all three shorter commercials.

The focus on all of these ads is clearly on the kids; Windows 10 itself makes only brief appearances in these commercials. Microsoft will launch the campaign on TV in the US today and will expand it to more countries on Windows 10's launch day on July 29.

Source: Windows (YouTube)

John Callaham