The first Windows 10 commercial is out, and it will make you smile

With less than 10 days to go until the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has kicked off marketing for its milestone Windows release. The Redmond giant kicked off the campaign with a '10 Reasons to Upgrade' video yesterday, and we now have the first Windows 10 commercial on YouTube today.

Microsoft has earlier announced that its first Windows 10 TV ads will begin appearing on Monday, July 20 in the US, followed by an international promotion campaign on July 29.

The video — The Future Starts Now — has cuteness written all over it, with kids who use Windows 10 to create and share things in ways we never thought possible. It highlights how Windows recognizes you, responds to you and even learns with you. The video asserts that Windows 10 is a more human way to do. I guess that's a pretty good pitch.

That's enough of the synopsis from me. Go ahead, check out the video, and let us know how you like it, and what features are you looking forward to in Windows 10.

Source: YouTube (Windows)

Abhishek Baxi