More Windows 8 videos surface on its Amazon product listings, packaging revealed

More Windows 8 videos, along with potential packaging have surfaced on Amazon UK product pages. The Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Standard - Pro, and Windows 8 Pro N upgrade editions are accompanied by fourteen videos in total, each walking the viewer through a different feature, functionality or ability in the next version of Microsoft's operating system. We're quickly drawing closer to the release date of Windows 8, as well as Windows Phone 8, and more.

Just as these new videos come to light, the batch published on YouTube, which we covered yesterday have been removed (due to copyright claims filed by Microsoft). They are included in the compiled list below (from Amazon), so it's not an issue for those of you who may have missed our earlier article. We can expect Microsoft to use these videos on television, but if not the company can always use similar style.

Amazon Windows 8 Tutorials

The videos are as follows:

As mentioned above, Amazon has also unveiled Windows 8 packaging for the different upgrade products. Windows 8 Pro will be the standard upgrade, while the Standard-Pro box will provide the owner a key for migration between the two versions. Windows 8 Pro N ships without Windows Media Player. So what do you make of the videos and presented box art?

Source: Amazon (Windows 8 Pro (opens in new tab), Windows 8 Standard-Pro (opens in new tab), Windows 8 Pro N (opens in new tab)), via: The Verge; thanks, Brandon, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • What do I make of it?
    I'm fuxxin with the 920, but man-oh-man if they had a surface phone announced I'd hop on that. Quicly becoming a Microsoft-fanboy much in the way I used to be a Segafan back in the dreamcast/saturn era
  • Oh the good ol days....  I loved my Dreamcast and I've hated Sony ever since cuz I blame them for the death.
  • lol the same, went straight from Sega to Microsoft because I always blamed PS2 haha
    Happy though. From the xbox, to the 360, to the zune, and soon the surface... Microsoft makes great products
  • Lol me too, the Dreamcast showed me how a superior product can fail if the marketing is not there to back it up. Still have find memories of playing panzer dragon and virtua fighter
  • Yea! Glad to know I have not been alone all these years for despising Sony for killing Sega. (As much as I really know it was ultimately Sega's own fault...)
  • Man, you just gave me a flashback. I miss playing Skies of Arcadia and Project Justice on my Dreamcast. :(
  • Just Like me!! (Sega Master system-genesis-saturn-dreamcast)!!!  Panzer Dragoon, Soul Caliber, Virtua Fighter, Shenmue...Wow you guys really brought back a lot of GREAT memories, Thanks!!
  • I got tired of apples animal theme for every OS packaging and labeling, really animals ?
  • Sssshhhhhh!!! Those cats will claw your face off!!!! lol
  • Price ?
  • You are taking about highway motel right?
  • i like the use of the new logo being used as an actual window to the art "behind" it.
    it's pretty representative of the new microsoft image wise, clean lines with a splash of color.
    i hope they offer pro in non disc versions of some kind, the dvd drive broke on my desktop and i haven't bothered to replace it.
  • People get pissed when laptops don't have the DVD drive as an option, but really how many people need it these days? Everything is digital and quite frankly I love it, thin is in for everything, even though the 920 reminds me of a high tech palm pilot I still plan on getting it.
  • Funny you should ask. I have a need to burn 40 DVD's, and I used to be able to do that. Now I can't. It's one thing I'm actually quite annoyed about. I understand the cost reasoning, but they're not extending the savings to us (that we know about), so in a way I'm getting less for the same price. It's really the only point of negativity I have about Windows 8. In terms of playing media, it's a step backwards, and I think they should have gone one more product release with it built in.
  • That's what a desktop machine is for. I never use the DVD drive in any laptop I purchase.
  • I have a Dell Vostro V131 laptop. It came with Windows 7 Pro. I bought a $25 external DVD drive. It worked brilliantly. I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. I lost the ability to use it without buying third-party DVD software ($100-- $50/each for a player and a recording tool). I don't care what your opinion is, it's still a downgrade IN THAT RESPECT. Don't misunderstand me. I like Windows 8, and I'm not going back... but it's not an insignificant loss, so "sober up" a few minutes so you can understand that running Windows 8 on my desktop creates the same limitation.
  • The external DVD burner didn't come with software or was it part of the original Vostro's bundle?
  • I'd like to know why your external no longer works with Windows 8?  The Windows 7 software should work on Windows 8, unless there's something I don't know about.
  • You're adorable, the way you try and hurt with words. You didn't upgrade to 8 Pro anything because it's not released yet. What you did was install a preview that was incomplete. You should try it again on Oct 26th.
  • those are very good videos. :-)
  • It looks like you can group tiles by category and give them headings. Above the second group of tiles in the Make it Yours video it says, "Hobbies." Maybe this was something I missed in the preview, but I like it a lot. 
  • Yep! I have category headers for mine too... I have "Office" and "Administrative Tools" in addition to "Fun & Games".
  • Not sure how you do it on a touch-enabled device, but with mouse&keyboard to rename groups on the start screen you just zoom out and right-click on whichever group you want to rename.
  • pinch to zoom out then long press to get the charm bar, i think
  • I have "pr0n" heading
  • ThePKReddy
    Lol for you
  • I have headers too, it gives it a cleaner look
  • Boxes were shown two months or so ago on liveside. Going to watch all videos now, see how they stack up.
  • Loving RTM, will love it more on a shiny surface pro though
  • I really hope they'll adapt these videos for TV, because they really are fantastic! No douchey, condescending narrator but they are captivating and informational at the same time. And I won't lie, I've had the melody of the first four videos in my head all day.
  • Should I do partition my hard drive and just buy/run the digital version or is it better to buy the dvd's and do a clean install across the whole PC?
  • u could buy digital then burn it i think, other wise a usb stick should work too
    i personally like clean installs better
  • +1 on the clean install.
  • Evidently the whole download only was a fake... :-)
  • Apparently.
  • Looks like nice packaging. The artsy bright colors reminds me of Adobe Creative Suite packaging.
  • Ah, Windows N, the version NOBODY buys. This is what happens when lawyers design software.
  • that should be in the UK only where the European Union is particularly harsh on MS. So MS is forced to sell a version of their OS without Media Player because its "unfair" for competitors but Apple is allowed to bundle QuickTime and iTunes..go figure
  • The question is, can you uninstall Media Player?  I don't  know, never tried.  The Anti Trust bs was just because in XP you couldn't uninstall internet explorer completely you could only disable it (if memory serves me correctly).
  • Well that was a disappointment, can't watch the videos on my phone :(
  • So where does that leave this story?