More Windows 8 videos surface on its Amazon product listings, packaging revealed

More Windows 8 videos, along with potential packaging have surfaced on Amazon UK product pages. The Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Standard - Pro, and Windows 8 Pro N upgrade editions are accompanied by fourteen videos in total, each walking the viewer through a different feature, functionality or ability in the next version of Microsoft's operating system. We're quickly drawing closer to the release date of Windows 8, as well as Windows Phone 8, and more.

Just as these new videos come to light, the batch published on YouTube, which we covered yesterday have been removed (due to copyright claims filed by Microsoft). They are included in the compiled list below (from Amazon), so it's not an issue for those of you who may have missed our earlier article. We can expect Microsoft to use these videos on television, but if not the company can always use similar style.

Amazon Windows 8 Tutorials

The videos are as follows:

As mentioned above, Amazon has also unveiled Windows 8 packaging for the different upgrade products. Windows 8 Pro will be the standard upgrade, while the Standard-Pro box will provide the owner a key for migration between the two versions. Windows 8 Pro N ships without Windows Media Player. So what do you make of the videos and presented box art?

Source: Amazon (Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Standard-Pro, Windows 8 Pro N), via: The Verge; thanks, Brandon, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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