We’re getting mighty close to the official release of Windows 8 occurring on the 26th (and its phone sibling Apollo), so it makes sense that we’re starting to see some things leak out. Specifically we’re talking about four video ads for the new OS that show how the new UI works and can make computing much easier.

The videos come from Israel-based website Techit.co.il and are supposed to be for TV, although as Neowin points out, the 0:56 timing is a little odd (most TV spots are around 31 seconds). We guess they could be trimmed or adjusted for local play and the ads have not been 100% vetted just yet, but if they disappear soon from the web, that may validate the claim.

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The ads themselves feature the same upbeat music and the different ways a user can interact with the OS. Overall, they’re quite nice and do make the OS look good (if overly fast). In fact, we’re betting many of you are pining for similar ads for Windows Phone 8 and we don’t blame you—Microsoft should make similar ads for the OS and air those on TV as well.

Source: Techit.co.il; via NeowinThanks, Jarrod, for the tip!