Hot on the heels of Criterion's Burnout tease, Mortal Kombat head Ed Boon yesterday implied that Mortal Kombat (MK9) and Injustice: Gods Among Us will also be heading to Xbox One, courtesy of backwards compatibility.

Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb chimed in soon after:

MK9 released on Xbox 360 back in 2011 and features the same classic kombat and gory x-ray moves as the recently released MKX. Injustice: Gods Among Us released in 2013 on PS4, and Xbox 360, but never Xbox One. The DC Universe fighter won widespread praise and achieved decent sales, so to see it finally head to Xbox One is a a significant boon.

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The interest from third party devs should be encouraging for those hoping to see their favourite Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. You can see the full list of current backwards compatible Xbox One games here, and vote for further games to be added here. Deus Ex Human Revolution needs more votes guys and gals.

Source: Twitter

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