UKMortgages is the official Mortgage Brain ( app, which has just launched on Windows 8. What exactly is UKMortgages and what can you do with the service? Load on pass the break to see the numbers, comparisons and figure out what it's all about.

Mortgage Brain's free app is a simple way to search through the UK mortgage market. You're able to search for a mortgage using up-to-date and accurate data. There's also the ability to get in contact with a qualified broker to support you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 

As is the case with some providers, mortgage calculators are available to help you work out costs associated with loans, how much you could save and borrow. Essentially, if you desire a mortgage here in the UK, this is a great tool available on Windows 8. From figuring out exactly how much you'd need to pay in return for the loan all the way to buy and let calculations.


Mortgages can prove to be difficult to both compare and get hold of, but UKMortgages joins the array of tools and services available on the market that lend a helping hand. Here are the highlighted features listed on the store:

  • Find out which mortgages are currently available by searching Mortgage Brain’s comprehensive database of UK mortgage products
  • Mortgage product data updated twice a day to ensure product accuracy
  • Find A Broker in your local area to provide you with advice and assistance
  • Range of calculators to help you work out costings
  • Recall previous mortgage searches

The locate a broker feature is a neat addition to the experience and it's positive to note that data is updated twice daily to ensure reliability and accuracy. We'd strongly recommend the download. You can download UKMortgages from the Windows Store for absolutely no cost at all.

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