Movies & TV update for Insiders brings added Xbox integration, improved search and more

A fresh update is now rolling out to the Movies & TV app on the Windows Store for Fast ring Windows Insiders, bringing along added integration for those with an Xbox One and more. Specifically, Windows Insiders with the update will be able to control the Movies & TV app on their Xbox if they're also a part of the Xbox Preview Program.

Update: We're now seeing this update push out on our Fast Ring phones, be sure to check your own!

Here's the full skinny on what's new (opens in new tab):

  • You can now control the Movies & TV app on your console (Xbox Preview Only) using the Xbox app on your PC or phone.
  • We changed the experience when you choose a movie or TV episode that you've already partially watched. The app now asks if you want to restart from the beginning or continue from where you stopped last time. This means you don't have to use the transport controls to get back to the beginning if you'd like to start over again.
  • When searching for content from the Movies & TV app, you can now see Store search results too. This gives easier access of Store content from the consumption app and is especially important for console users who are only using the Movies & TV app to playback Store content. You might notice that they search results aren't as high quality as they have been in the past within the Store app…that issue is known and is being addressed.
  • We added more telemetry to tell us which codecs you're using so that we can better understand the types of files you have.

To reiterate, this update is only for those on the Fast ring of the Windows Insider program, and you must also be a part of the Xbox Preview program to try out the Movies and TV integration. However, if you're interested, you should now be able to download Movies & TV version 3.6.2350.0 from the Windows Store now.

Download Movies & TV from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Movies & TV

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  • I never use this app, but just went to open it. It is not on my 1520, nor can I download it from the store? Any suggestions?
  • Note: This is called FILMS & TV in Canada and Great Britain.
  • Films & Tv in India as well.
  • But when you update store show xbox videos in india too. They are totally insane.
  • I cant see .2350 only .2250 no update. @Barry you may need to hard reset your phone :(
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  • Not showing up yet in Dallas on fast ring.
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  • Near Serbia? Really?? Dallas is city in Texas.
  • Again... We want metadata integration with our personally owned movies and TV shows. Like talking to the def.
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  • Oh yes. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anything but the imaginary vote points
  • I had a strange phenomena occur yesterday with Groove. While pressing play on my laptop for an album, it failed to play and instead started playing the selected album on my phone. My phone's on Fast ring and my laptop is on production release.
  • Nah, that's perfectly normal.
  • Nice to be able to control the Xbox with your phone like that, although I'll likely stick to Kinect voice commands for the most part.
  • If you're not already on the fast ring, you should be. My 640 is faster and smoother on the latest build than it ever was on 10586. Join the fast ring now!
  • Same to my Lumia 830, except Store, which has become slower and uglier
  • LOL@ Store description!!!
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  • update not avail on fast ring build in the store
  • The update is not available in store
  • Do the movies that we buy included subtitles ?
  • Most, yes
  • Yes
  • When will this piece of crap have proper srt/sub enhancements like font, size, position and timing?
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  • When is this going to be available?
  • Anyway, have they fixed the screen flickering problem? Its annoying.
  • Damn it! The last update brought back all the free pilots I tried that I don't want anymore! How many frigin times will we have to delete these freebies before you start listening and realize we want to be able to PERMANENTLY delete these. Ugh already.
  • One step closer too getting Microsoft Movies and TV on Android/iOS
  • As those places like india, the xbox movie streaming and groove pass are not supported. The last so many builds you are working on this only. Actually you people are ignoring us??? We are using films and Tv to play local videos of sd card. But so far WP couldn't make this which support all the formats. What to do??
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