Want Firefox to sport a Modern UI? Mozilla releasing Windows 8 version on December 10

Mozilla is looking to launch Firefox on Windows 8 with a Modern UI (Metro to you and I). Think of Internet Explorer, but a browser made by Mozilla and you get the idea. If you're a huge fan of the popular web browser and have been using the desktop version (or own a Windows RT tablet), fear not as you'll soon be able to enjoy all the features and functionality with Microsoft's simple look and feel. ETA? December 10th.

Billed as the "Preview Release," the touch-friendly version of the web browser will be bundled with Firefox 26 for the desktop, which will be released on that very day. If you're interested in trying out the new version before the final release, Mozilla is said to be planning to pair the Modern version with the browser's "Aurora" and "Beta" channel builds, which will roll out on September 16 and October 28 respectively.

By taking part in both above builds, you'll be able to help shape the final product by supplying feedback and reporting on bugs to be exterminated.

Earlier build of a Windows 8 Firefox app

This will provide an interesting challenge for Mozilla to overcome as only the default web browser will run in the Modern UI environment, which is Internet Explorer. This can of course be altered by the consumer to likes of Google's Chrome or Firefox, but it's making consumers switch to use its web browser all the time that the company will have to look at seriously.

We previously took a quick peek at a nightly build released earlier this year to see what Mozilla had been up to regarding Firefox and the Modern UI. We liked what we saw thus far and already believe the Chrome version for Windows RT is a neat addition to its desktop counterpart, so not much can go wrong for Mozilla. We're excited to see how the final build of Firefox will perform on both PCs and tablets.

Source: Mozilla, via: PC World

Rich Edmonds
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