Mozo launching colorful covers for Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Candy Blast covers for Lumia 650

Mozo Accessories has announced it is launching new polycarbonate covers for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in a variety of colors, along with new Candy Blast covers for the Lumia 650.

Mozo colorful

The new covers were posted on the Mozo Facebook page (via Based on the images, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL polycarbonate covers will come in red, green and blue.

Mozo Candy

Meanwhile, there will be three candy-based cover designs for the Lumia 650. Pricing has yet to be revealed, but pre-orders for all the new covers, including the previously-revealed wood covers for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, will begin on Friday, May 13.

John Callaham
  • I wish I could get these covers in India. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Isn't there a way to get these in India? I would really want one for the new Lumia 650 I'm gonna buy.
  • I believe there is...the shipping is international if i remember correctly.
  • I don't use leather - more so on something as personal like a phone. This however, is awesome news for people like me. Mozo is doign great!
  • Don't feel bad, I doubt they'll be available in the US before the 950 is end of lifed. I don't have much confidence in Mozo's production capacity.
  • Damn you mozo!! I really can't keep buying your covers :D Can't wait for my wooden cover to arrive!! Nice stuff
  • Hopefully they are better quality than the Lumia 550 Polycarbonate covers, which cracked and broke on the corners after only a month...
  • Yes! I've been waiting for a blue/cyan cover
  • YES!!! me too!!!! While it would be great to have the nice microsoft logo in the middle, this is the next best thing to making my 950 more of a successor to my Cyan Lumia 920... that was such an iconic device.
  • Not replacing my white leather (until it's not white anymore) but I'm definitely getting a candy one for the 650.
  • I wish the red was a little deeper of a color. It's one of the things I miss the most since upgrading to the 950XL from my 920.
  • Do they have qi and nfc?
  • On Facebook, they say yes on the qi. NFC shouldn't be affected as that's not built into the cover but in the body itself as far as I know.
  • 950/950xl covers has both nfc and qi
    And mozo does have both of them also Lähetetty Windows 10 -puhelimen Windows Central -sovelluksesta
  • The spirit of Lumia is coming back thanks to Mozo. Lumia colorful Smartphones are arriving :P
  • I hope Microsoft keeps that approach with Surface phone. They need to figure out how to make it metal with replaceable backs. It'll really be hard to go back to non-replaceable battery and single design phone for me.
  • Article could also mention that along with the colorful back covers Mozo is launching the wood cover and Preorders start on friday. 
  • They did! It goes on sale along with the others on May 13. Read more thoroughly before commenting. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • "pre-orders for all the new covers, including the previously-revealed wood covers for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, will begin on Friday, May 13."
  • No Windows logo means no purchase for me.
  • It's Microsoft's logo, not of Windows.
  • And it's Mozo brand, not Microsoft. I wonder why people keep whining about that.
  • I really wish Mozo would cut out a square in the back cover so that the Microsoft logo could be seen. Apple gets all sorts of free advertisement from case makers and I would like to see Microsoft get the same logo visibility.
  • This is a replacement back plate not a cover Posted from my over heating 950XL
  • Oh ok. Thank you for the clarification.
  • Microsoft could (and should) still require the logo (symbol only at the very least) to be placed on those plates.
  • Agreed Lähetetty Windows 10 -puhelimen Windows Central -sovelluksesta
  • How can they require anything? We should be very happy with these accessories.
    They add value and coolness to the phones and I very much like that. The phones will pop out more due to the looks they get with the covers...
    I can't count the times people asked me about my 930 because it was flashy orange and they really liked that. Can't wait for the same reactions when my 950xl comes in wood :D Go Mozo!!!!
  • How can anything that you said not be true if Microsoft required Mozo to put 4 squares on every cover? Those back plates are sold with Microsoft's blessing and Mozo's business is booming thanks to Lumia enthusiasts.
  • So it's win-win as it is now... adding extra will mess up design while making them more expensive... i like them as they are.
  • Oohh I love this! Very cool.
  • Really? This is what they come up with? A lot of people asked for Cyan and other colors and they give us this. I dont know if they think that L950 owners are mostly 10 year old girls to want that type of cover.
  • the Lumia 950 and 950 XL polycarbonate covers will come in red, green and blue.
  • When?
  • Reading not a strong suit?
  • They should have launched it the first day Lumia 950/XL launched. Sad that Microsoft did not offer Color options.
  • Where are the 830 kinda ones.. :( ?
  • Shame given they have done what is asked that the knockoff orange cover I bought and transferred bits from stock one into still looks better. Looks like a non buy for me. Personal taste. Im sure others will be happier Posted from my magical block of orange cheese.
  • I wonder what would be the prices of the polycarbonate covers for L950 and XL considering they have to come with built in wireless charging and NFC
  • I want carbon fiber and price doesn't matter. Posted from my over heating 950XL
  • Neither of those are expensive to include.
  • They are the same price as the leather one. Lähetetty Windows 10 -puhelimen Windows Central -sovelluksesta
  • This makes me feel MS and MOZO were in agreement and MS made basic covers for Lumia's so that people would buy nice ones from MOZO :)
  • Duh?
  • That is what it is Lähetetty Windows 10 -puhelimen Windows Central -sovelluksesta
  • This is definitely MUCH more interesting to me than wood and leather. I may get a color for my 950, as long as they support NFC.
  • They do include NFC and Qi Lähetetty Windows 10 -puhelimen Windows Central -sovelluksesta
  • Who wants lumia 650..though it look beautiful.. But very bad hardware.. No interested in any of its accessories... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are there pictures of the green and blue ones?
  • Was hoping for a nice metal band to go with the colourful polycarb covers like the ol' Lumia 830 design.  Will have to see what these look and feel like, and also price... But yay for more options!
  • This reminds me of a makeup commerical.
  • Not what I was hoping for. Oh well, guess I'll just stick to traditional cases. Posted with Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Why is Mozo trying harder than MS? Lol..... That's embarrassing
  • How is it embarrassing? They obviously have an agreement together. Microsoft made generic design and mozo makes the custom designs. Pretty self explanatory.
  • really want orange!
  • I am waiting for the news." Mozo sold more covers then lumia 950 & XL themselves combined" lol
  • Someone touched on it earlier in the thread but this is a major Microsoft flaw - the trickle. Rather than launch something with a bunch of accessories and add-ons (such as apps) they launch a product with the promise of more to come, from both themselves and third parties. Putting OS updates to one side, I still can't buy a spare battery for my 950XL from the MS website, nor a spare MS battery cover. I had to pre-order my Mozo case, which took 35 days to arrive and was faulty (camera button in wrong place!). It's half-hearted and just smacks of a lack of attention to detail.