Mr Robot to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime in the UK

Mr Robot will be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime in the UK, Germany, Austria and Japan. The company has scored the deal on the critically-acclaimed thriller series. 10 episodes will be made available on all supported platforms, enabling you to follow the story of Elliot (played by Rami Malek), a cyber security engineer who becomes a hacking vigilante.

The series premiered in the US at the SXSW film festival and subsequently aired on the USA network. Look out for Mr Robot in the UK on October 16. It's positive to see Amazon looking to score new series to offer more content that really makes the subscription worth the trouble. We highly recommend you check this series out once it's ready to stream on Amazon.

Source: Amazon

Rich Edmonds
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  • LOVED LOVED LOVED this show! Engadgt ran an article while back about the show, look it up.
  • That guy looks like Josh from Until Dawn
  • Because he is the same actor! :P
  • Its an amazing show
  • I agree! Very exciting and thrilling show
  • ...most overrated show...ended up stalling out. It's good if you compare it to general hospital I guess.
  • Wake up.
  • Haha ...
    That moment when it is also streaming on DishTV (india)
    Love this Show !
  • Is India one of those countries listed?..... No. Move along
  • LOL I should be saying when in UK!!!!! Oh no wait, I read the article so will watch when it comes out.... :p
  • Amazon Prime needs to get their heads out of their arses and make Amazon Prime Video Streaming apps for Windows and Windows Phone. Offline viewing would be nice too.
  • They're rough on every non-Fire OS device. They must be restricting it to push more people to their devices. Plus, do you REALLY want to watch videos on your dinky phone screen and SLAUGHTER the battery. I'll stick to Prime on my Xbox.
  • Hey Rich, Elliot is uh.... "just a tech"
  • Awesome series.
  • as long as there is exclusivity, there will be piracy. just saying.
  • So true. I know at least four people who have seen (and loved) all of Mr. Robot's 10 episodes, even though it has not aired in my country (The Netherlands), and will not air (or be streamable) any time soon here as we don't have Amazon Prime. I hope they (Amazon) never launch here, as almost none of my fellow Dutchmen are going to be willing to add yet another service to their monthly bill. We really need a ban on exclusivity deals. Let them differentiate in quality of service or something instead..
  • through the internet you can make the creator reach the customer, and as long as one is willing to pay for the content, there should not be limit imposed by countries on that. I know it's much more complicated than that, taxes are involved and local legislation, but if I can go to another country and buy the disk/physical media or even order it to be delivered in my country, why can't I buy it digitally? if the only thing that prevents me from getting the content I want is some stupid copyrights bullshit made for the pre-internet era where the rights are sold by region to make more money for people that didn't create the content, then I think piracy is justifiable. not right, of course, but justifiable. the world is not black and white.
  • That's actually pretty well said!
  • Apart from Netflix, it's the only way I watch anything these days.... What's the point in paying out for 20 different subscription services every month, 20 different apps?... Or download for free and watch on xbone..... Sorted
  • that would be the ideal, but even if I could pay for the on demand versions of the 4 or 5 channels I watch the most, if the total amount were less than the cable TV subscription, I would be into it right now. but today what we have is the opposite, you have to pay for 100+ channels to be able to have poor on demand services from some of them. For example: my cable TV doesn't offer HBO, and the one that does doesn't have service in my address, so I can't watch Game of Thrones legally at all, since HBO has no on demand only service in my country, only with the other TV operators subscriptions.
  • That guy made me remember of theon greyjoy
  • Sorry. I have the far superior Netflix. Orange is the new black, sense8, daredevil, Marcos among others all not available on amazon. When amazon start to make tv series anywhere near the quality Netflix are kicking out then maybe ill get prime. But right now Netflix is killing amazon.
  • I really enjoyed Alpha House.  I think that was Amazon.  
  • What has this got to do with anything Windows? It's a massive stretch to crowbar Amazon Prime into anything Windows-related. This site has really gone to the dogs with anything and everything to do with a PC, tenous or not, being run everyday and just the odd phone story which is what the majority of folks used to be here for. Yes I know, it's all Windows, I get it. But it isn't though. It's just click bait, meta-data hits and site contributors' personal preferences, be it games, TV, music.... Someone needs to regain editorial control. WMPU for me I think.
  • I don't think he "becomes" a vigilante hacker, he's always been one. Greatest hacker show created. I can confirm this.
  • US too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • how is that releated to windows?
  • All platform news is our platform news. It been very dull off late, with a few occasional leaks. I guess they are just keeping the ball rolling.
  • See my comment above. This has fuck all to do with "our platform." Amazon Prime is platform agnostic.
  • Binge watched it two days!
  • He played a role in Need For Speed Movie as well.
  • I like how each episode title has a different media file extension. Also, the attention to detail. In the episode where he thinks he's been hacked, he takes the appropriate action.  Beautiful.