MrMobile's Winter Accessories 2016/2017

If you're reading this in the northern hemisphere, it's winter time! You're probably huddled under your blanket with some hot cocoa and a warm laptop, trying to fend off Jack Frost in all his guises. But the sad reality is you're going to have to head outside sometime soon, for work or school or a snowball fight with the darned neighbor kids. You're not going to leave your tech behind when you go out, right? That laptop could probably protect you from more than a few snowballs...

MrMobile drops some holly-jolly knowledge about what you can wear this winter to look tight and keep your tech on you. If you need some winter gear, start your search right here with Michael Fisher.

Stay warm, my friends

Justus Perry

Justus Perry is a producer for MrMobile. He's been using PCs since he was 3 years old, when his mom was working at IBM. He's also a comedian, so feel free to mock him unrepentantly.

  • Why all of a sudden click here to read the majority of the posts, no point having the app if you have to go online to read it
  • Right?
  • I agree with you. Why all these external link to app?
  • $10 says it's about money. WC is funded by ads...and the app doesn't display them, so they're losing out on income. I use Adblocker and I'm constantly asked to whitelist the site. Can't blame them for needing to make a buck, but then why not just introduce ads into the app?
  • If I can read it in the app then it's not worth it. Half the time their external links are broken anyway. How can wc pride themselves at being about windows when their own app is so very flawed and not always used... :(
  • Not to mention the WC app lately has been crash-fest and poor performance. This been a case in a while and seems no fixed since. It felt like we are immune to bugs and issues in a wrong way (especially from W10M). Hope not.
  • $1,000,000 says its nothing to do with money. Some of the templates we use just don't work in the app. Believe it or not this company is much bigger than the number of people who use any of our apps. The site is designed first, the app second. That's how it is. You can presume you know our business all you want. Fact is you just don't.
  • Guess there's no need in feeling guilty then about continuing to use Adblocker.
  • Yeah, agreed. :p
  • Agreed, I don't like exiting the app to read articles either
  • Some templates don't work in the app. This, however, is a YouTube video anyway so...
  • Mr Mobile... a Microsoft hater on Windows Central.   Worst way to start 2017.
  • Please explain
  • Is he? He gave the Surface Book a great review on YouTube in comparison to his disappointment with the new MacBook. I think he just uses mostly Apple products.
  • I've been following Michael Fisher since his early PocketNow steps so you need to see the bigger picture. One doesn't change stance depending on the media he works for.... Oh wait.. he does apparently.  That's even more telling about his personality actually. I can totally torelate Microsoft haters. But hypocrites?  They are the worst kind.
  • Was it because he don't use much of MS products? I do follow him since Pocketnow days. Doesn't mean he don't now down to MS doesn't makes him a hater. He just like what he likes and does. If MS some solutions don't appeal to him, then its not his problem. It's MS responsibility how to server the market and makes their products appealing. Heck he is seems a Windows Phone fan the fact that he still have Lumia 950 and often makes cameo appearance in his videos. Yes, it's the same device didn't get good reviews from him from Pocketnow, but he has good reasons and it is in fact wasn't the Lumia device with flying colours regardless what MS-centric sites and editors tells us (it wasn't even all too positive reviews that 950 series get). It just happens that there are alot of Android devices and are appealing which he mostly reviews. It's a quantity of devices he can review which W10M doesn't have anymore nor the appeal. About Macs, he just happens to use the machine for a very long time and rely it for his work. He can switch to platform but he just become really comfortable worming with Final Cut Pro for such a long time and avid use of it. So switching to another software isn't always that easy, especially when you actually use it for everyday work and keeping the same quality like he used to work.
  • Sure, because he wasn't using a Lumia before he joined Mobile Nations or anything. Jeez, you guys. Get over it.
  • Yeah, being Mac users doesn't makes you a fan boy. Thing is the reality that Macs are common on digital media and creative industry, and he is just another reflection of that. Though in terms of smartphones, he is quite open but just happens that there are countless of choices in Android world to review, he mostly reviews them of course and he even have some personal preferences. He's not even much into Apple ecosystem at all it seems. He actually have slightly inclination to MS sometimes, not for everything. Heck he even still have Lumia 950 despite the dark times and how appalling the situation is especially from MS effort's. He still sticks and even given the Lumia some cameo appearance.
  • +1 (agreed). Even in this video, you see it! I don't get people who see it this way at all.
  • He is Windows Phone fanboy dude.
  • Look at one of the products...the Walli Wallet says, "Compatibility
    iOS 7.0+ & Android 4.0+" Why post this on WINDOWS Central???
  • 90% of you don't have a Windows phone.
  • If I have 5 Windows phones, and he has none, do I make up 5 people?
  • LOL. Look, I have 5 kids, plus the wife, all of us on Windows Phones. We may be the rarity, but one has to see that an article like this can be disheartening. I get it's about business, so no biggie. Just sayin...
  • 1% is still jus 1% worldwide ;)
  • I feel like the 0.01% that has never owned anything *but* a Windows Phone. That's because I am.
  • Proud Windows Phone user right here! HP Elite X3 ftw!
  • so many ads.Last 4 posts are all ads  
  • Sad, isn't it? No finesse of ads between actual content :T It's worse on CrackBerry. I'm not sure why I visit* daily anymore. * I'm old-school :p
  • The comments are the best part of this article, err, adicle. Just saying, I own 2 newish Windows phones which I cannot use because their alarms are not reliable, or the firmware is really vaporware, but will certainly jump back into the fold if and when a workable high-end device comes to market.
  • Christopher Okafor,01,01,2017
    Hi guys,
  • I like the Walli Smart Wallet, it alerts you when you have left your wallet anywhere within a range of 10-100ft, which I often do :-{
  • Why write an article, when you can just post someone else's youtube video? Right? OHHHH I get it this is a show the the author is a Producer for which make this a MrMobile ad. He's throwing traffic to his own show.
  • MrMobile is a part of Mobile Nations, which Windows Central is a part of. The point is for the readership audience to also view the video content as well, since they might not be subscribed.
  • Mr Mobile aka Michael Fisher is a member of the Mobile Nations team. We post his videos on all our sites. Why wouldn't we? He's a) one of us and b) more awesome than you or I.
  • I just got the ScotteVest System 8.0. Christmas deal. 43 total pockets and super comfy and warm. I can almost carry my whole life with me.