Back in April 2013, Ms.Splosion Man arrived for Windows Phone users with Xbox LIVE support. The game is based on of the famous – and hilarious – XBLA game originally developed by Twisted Pixel. The only problem is the game is only for Windows Phone 7.x, meaning those with Windows Phone 8 were unable to partake in the wacky platformer adventure. At the time, Microsoft informed us that they had no intentions to update the game for Windows Phone 8, making this game almost dead in the water upon release.

Last night, Microsoft re-published nearly 40 Xbox LIVE game titles for Windows Phone with two new features: support for Windows Phone 8.x devices, or support for 512 MB Windows Phones, or both. One of those games we missed is Ms. Spolsion Man and yes, for $2.99 (and a free trial) you can 'splode your way through the challenging levels of this exciting game.

Perhaps with the ability for a whole new audience, including those with 512 MB phones, to try out Ms. Splosion Man, this game can finally get the chance it deserves. Make sure you watch the bizarrely entertaining trailer too.

Thanks, Kyle S., for the tip

QR: splosion