Nearly 40 old Xbox games updated with 512 MB and Windows Phone 8 support

It was November 2012 when we wrote about twenty Xbox games that worked on Windows Phone 7.x, but no longer worked with Windows Phone 8. The list included some favorites like: The Harvest, Hasta La Muerte, Fable Coin Gold and many others. Over time a few of those returned to be playable on Windows Phone 8, but a handful of them were left out. Looks like a few might have returned to Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8.1 customers.

A handful of you guys and gals have started tipping us that older Xbox titles are being updated today within the Windows Phone Store.

Here's a list of Xbox games from Microsoft Studios getting recent updates:

Massive, massive list. What's new in the games? We're surmising that a combination of support for 512 MB devices and Windows Phone 8.0 / Windows Phone 8.1 is in these updates. This is a huge backlog of titles that new Windows Phone owners now have access to on their devices. Plus, folks who have been with the platform for a long time can replay some old favorites. What game are you going to check out first?

Thanks for the tip Mohamed A!

Sam Sabri