Nearly 40 old Xbox games updated with 512 MB and Windows Phone 8 support

It was November 2012 when we wrote about twenty Xbox games that worked on Windows Phone 7.x, but no longer worked with Windows Phone 8. The list included some favorites like: The Harvest, Hasta La Muerte, Fable Coin Gold and many others. Over time a few of those returned to be playable on Windows Phone 8, but a handful of them were left out. Looks like a few might have returned to Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8.1 customers.

A handful of you guys and gals have started tipping us that older Xbox titles are being updated today within the Windows Phone Store.

Here's a list of Xbox games from Microsoft Studios getting recent updates:

Massive, massive list. What's new in the games? We're surmising that a combination of support for 512 MB devices and Windows Phone 8.0 / Windows Phone 8.1 is in these updates. This is a huge backlog of titles that new Windows Phone owners now have access to on their devices. Plus, folks who have been with the platform for a long time can replay some old favorites. What game are you going to check out first?

Thanks for the tip Mohamed A!

Sam Sabri
  • How interesting. Should make a lot of people very happy.
  • Yes. The kids should be cheering right about now.
  • Seconded! But I admit I'll be more happier when the 8.1/Cyan Update hits!
  • not as happy as the 925 fellas that need the nokia recovery tool :)
  • Is that why my son's 925 is messed up? I used the Nokia tool to restore it back to WP8 from 8.1, but his phone still has issues.
  • Do a hard reset  
  • Tried that, and he says it'sworking better. Hopefully he means it's working well.  Thanks!
  • The kids? I am 30 and paid for a few of those games. After a updating to 8.1 I couldn't get them anymore. I too am very happy. :)
  • I came here for Dodonpachi... And left without Dodonpachi...
  • Same here man. I wish Cave would just update it already. It is literally the only game I care about.
  • I will say that Shoot 1up has been an okay game to keep me from losing steam while I wait for Dodonpachi.
  • I also came here looking for Tentacles and DonDonPachi, but you're right that Shoot 1UP is a great alternative to the latter. Very underrated game on WP.
  • Never search photos for Tetacles, never !
  • I came hoping for Tentacles...
  • Pirates... :'(
  • Me too
  • Me as well. I loved Tentacles on my Focus S. That was the first game I purchased and actually played on a phone.
  • For me it was the harvest tentacles and pirates that were my go to games on the focus flash
  • The Harvest is even more infuriating... they opened that up to the public where everyone could see that it worked on everything from the 520 to the 1520, then took it away again. I'm to the point where I'll pay that $6.99 if they'll open it up and leave it there.
  • I know, I was so happy to get it on my 920, then after I wiped from a bad 8.1 install it was gone, and then I was even more pissed that is was pulled from the W8.1 store too..
  • I really miss tentacles I was hopping to see it on this list but no :-\ Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Same. Still no deBlob, either...
  • Same here.
  • Dodonpachi was the game I was looking for as well. I really miss that game. Maybe we can all go to their website and request it?
  • I'm happy.
  • Tentacles???
  • They had such great games that were actually exclusive to windows phone, most of them I think, and they had to ruin that. Examples, fable coin gold, tentacles, deblob, rocket riot, splinter cell. I miss all those games from WP7.
  • Looks like MS does have a plan for XBOWP... Maybe this is the beginning for a turn around.
    Like I've said before....
    WP8 was the foundation,
    WP8.1 brought the necessities,
    And, WP "threshold" will bring the goods, and many of them...
    Those things that WP fans have thought of as WP's exclusive selling points are going to once again resurface stronger than ever in "WP8.5/9"..... XBM, XBL, Office, Live tiles, hubs..... I seriously think the next version of WP will be the rebirth of the platform.... We'll see if I'm right...
  • Preach Rodney! Preach my brother!
  • Sweet, now only if we can get new games!! It's 6 in the morning and I still can dream!!
  • It's 8pm somewhere, so dream on!!.. But, seriously... Lets put this into perspective... Universal apps- WRT merging with WP- XB using Universal apps- W8PC games running the same platform as all of this.... I don't work at MS, but it doesn't take a genius to see that they have something up their sleeves, and somthing the likes of what has never happened in smartphone history is about to go down.... Forget "❗❗❗❗❗" not needed❕
    ...........You're dreams, and much more, are about to come true, mi hermano❕❕❕❕
  • Well, thanks man! Thats the most amazing thing to happen since I flunked Thermodynamics today 4hrs later. FML
  • Meanwhile other platforms had foundation, necessities and the goods 5 years ago.
  • But, the thing that you, and a lot of other iDroid, fans must realize is that while WP doesn't have the most to offer right now, the platform, and ecosystem, that it sits, and lies within, is much more capable, and modern, than its competitor...
    Although I'm bigger, stronger, smarter, and more capable than my son now, one day he will out do me in every sense of the word "advancement"......
    You better start looking further than yesterday, bucko... Like you said, iDroid had that 5 years ago.. Their foundation is from 5years ago.... See that!❕❗
  • Good to see you here, not just on phonearena
  • I need peace!!!
  • So I guess that WP7 was the test bed/ bridge for the Zune into the afterlife?
  • Yes!!! We were the beta testers!!
  • Omg I love being a beta tester. Lol I play this game and being a beta tester was the most serious thing you could do. :P <3
  • These same claims where made with Mango, 8 and 8.1. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Claims? What claims?.. Mango was good, and it was a big leap forward from 7.5.. It was exactly what we expected..
    WP8.0 brought WP into the real world, and made Lumia devices more well known.. That went pretty well, and according to plan.. As a matter of fact, my 1520 came with 8.0, which powered some of the most capable hardware in 2013.. I loved 8.0... 8.1 speaks for itself, and even the media is now saying that WP has finally broken through with it... As far as I'm concerned, WP was good long time ago...
    Im just wondering why you're saying claims... Do you think that my point is to say that WP will finally achieve something?.. That's not what I'm saying at all, because I think that WP is already past the point of "finally"..... Im saying that the next major update will be the rebirth of original WP ideas, and will focus on those things that MS obviously had to set aside so that they could focus on the big picture... Im not hoping here, I'mnb stating what's going to happen. You don't have to have faith because it's pretty obvious what MS's plans are..
    ................ What would you say that people "Claim" about WP?.. Are you talking about market share, or somthing?
  • I'm talking about claims that the next version of WP would be the one to have it take off. Although I guess I should have been accurate in saying that fanatics were the ones making these claims. Not so much MS themselves.
  • In fairness, every iteration of android since Donut has been the alleged "iphone killer", and while android does have the majority of the worldwide market, in the US iphone still reigns (for now). I'd love to have WP take apple's share and to split the market with android, but have some good third party options to keep them both on their toes.
  • Well, I'm not talking about market share... That's a whole different beast in itself... Im really talking about the experience as a whole.
    WP is already to the point where it could take off.... Now, would you like to hear me bitch about marketing? Because marketing is WP's biggest issue❕❕❕❕
  • This list is a bit suspect. The reason I'm apprehensive is because the UFC app isn't supported anymore, nor has been for a year. It seems as if they flipped a switch. What do you think?
  • I remember reading an article saying that the UFC is dropping support. This list is definitely suspect.
  • Eh yeah. Its kinda old news, hoping is not needed. MS announced it wants to turn Windows phone into an Xbox platform. Starting well.... Few days ago.
  • So. Many. Games. I forgot about most of these, will be fun to revisit on the Lumia 1520!
  • Even more so on the 1525/1530,, with updated graphics and other goodies... Hopefully an even larger screen..
  • Whoa, 6" not big enough for you? ;)
  • I want 6.3"-6.5" seriously!...
    The "1530" would only increase in width by a fraction, and it could literally stay the same length if packaged right... IOW, I want a bigger screen in a package extremely similar in size to the 1520.... Is that to much to ask?.. IDTS.. Samsung could do it.. MS can do it better❕❕❕❕❕
  • Rod clearly likes them big... =P
  • Like Sir Mix a Lot!!!!!... You like em little so they fit easily in your back "pocket"... :-o
  • Ouch !! 
  • They could probably fit a 6.2 or 6.3'' screen in the 1520's body if they reduce the bazel.
  • Exactly!
  • They probably don't take advantage of the 1520 display. Also, that UFC app never worked for me on my HD7 & still doesn't work on my 1520. Bah. Also...its not a game?
  • I'm looking forward to playing a few oldies, but goodies. Parachute Panic, I Dig It, and Harbor Master are some of the ones I'll be playing first. Haven't played them in years!
  • I love your articles, Sam. Keep it up buddy.
  • I wish we could use more Emoji in comments....
  • Almost every comment from you end up with a lot of empty squares
  • What kind of device are you using?
  • Mostly PC but when i use my phone they appear normaly
  • PC Suuuuuuuucks❕❕❕ .... Lol.
  • But..... but it's running windows :(
  • Sam, I would greatly appreciate it if Square Enix updated the first Final Fantasy to fix some of the bugs in that game.
  • Parachute panic worked fine and implode
  • So Sam tell me, the xbox achievements I earned for these games on my, still gorgeous cyan Lumia 800, wen playing these games again on my 1020 will the achievements stack? I mean do you get them again or not? .... Probably not I guess :(
  • Achievements are stored to your gamer tag, not locally on the phone. It will likely not initially show the earned ones. However, after you play the game once or twice the earned ones will show a earned.
  • so its the 925 and 625 now....i guess 1520 and 1020 will ve next followed by 920 and 520 and then all others.....arg...i should have waited for the 925 and not got the 920....anyways thr red color is awesome so cant argue.. lol
  • It's gud news for who is having 520, n I felt strange after upgrading to cyan no new features apart from preview program
  • Cyan is essentially DP+firmware upgrades. Check your battery level and improvements/degradation in software.
  • How did you get cyan? Not sure if its out for 520 yet. Nor for me atleast.
  • Still no Sid Meier's Pirates :(
  • +920
  • +1520
    Also didn't see splinter cell.
  • Yeah, what's happening to Pirates, was gutted when I could no longer play it on WP8!? Has it got scurvy?
  • What's the point of updating BulletAsylum to WP8 if it still renders at 400*240 and then upscales?
    Every phone now has at least a dual core, let it render at full resolution, come on, we paid 2$ for that thing...
  • " let it render at full resolution"
    I don't think that's how it works. If the graphics were made for lower resolution, they can not just "render" them at a higher one. They either have to redo all the game's graphics or, you know, upscale. Which do you think is more likely to happen? lol I mean, have you ever taken an 800x480 image and converted it to HD? Think about what that means for a second...
  • No Daniel, that's not the case. I spoke with the devs when they released the game, and they confirmed that the game rendered at 400*240 and then upscaled to 480*800 (whe only had that resolution at the time) because of performance issues. Think about Call of Duty that renders at 960*... on the PS3, and it can run at 1920*1080 or any other resolution, on PC, for example. Same game, same assets, it's just a matter of graphic power.
    Now that we have more powerful phones that can handle that kind of graphics without problems, the low-res rendering makes no sense.
    Edit: think about any game on WP8 now. It can render at 480*800, 1380*768 or 1280*720. It's not rendered at the same resolution and then upscaled to the screen res, it natively renders at the actual resolution of the phone.
  • It still force the question, what is the resolution of the actual graphic files in the game's library? I have not seen the assets in the game, but my guess is they are not any higher.
  • As for many effects that are in the game, they're made of vectorial graphics, so they are rendered in real time without a starting texture/polygonal model. As for the other 2D models, they probably are at a lower resolution, but since the game is already upscaled, you already have a loss in visual quality. If the game rendered at full resolution instead, you'd have the same quality for those objects, but a much clearer image as for the other effects, the menus, the text blocks in the HUD and so on...
    I know they won't ever update the game again, I'm just saying it was a really great game, and a great exclusive for Windows Phone, and it'd have been great to have it show off on modern smartphones as well :)
  • Like Daniel said. You can't take the files from, say, Super Mario Brothers, make them work for a Wii U, and expect the graphics to be much better (if at all) than the original source. The files would have to be redone for the newer more capable system. Think of the evolution of Halo: CE to Halo 4, or Diablo 1 to Diablo 3, Civilization I to Civ V, etc. etc.
  • No love for Tentacles? :(
  • Miss that game!
  • Me too one of the best games Ive ever played! They sould consider bringing it back to wp8. Those guys over at press play know how to make good games
  • They have a Windows 8/RT version of Tentacles coming soon!
  • I know!! I was so excited by the headline and then so sad that the one game I want was there.
  • You mean "wasn't"?
  • Can't wait for that one too...
  • One of the best mobile games ever.
  • Is the game I used to loved most!! Together with Beards&Beaks.
  • Game still exists in the store. Sadly you cant download it ...
  • Agreed. I want this back...
  • This is awesome, I would like to see Hydro Thynder updated as that game was a blast. It only had 1 level that caused the app to crash under Windows Phone 8.
  • Me too. It's unfortunate because I've been a huge fan of that franchise since Dreamcast. Sadly, it's caught in limbo on WP and will never be updated.
  • Sad but true story, but we can still wish.
  • Only one level that made it crash? I feel like it happened to me several times on multiple levels. The Transylvania one was the most prominent for me though if I recall. Is that the one you had issues with?   Hope that gets updated, too!
  • I'd download so much more games if they didn't show up in my apps list. I really hope 8.1 update 1 at least has an option to hide them again.
  • Even MS not providing a free games for their platform. How can we expect a free games from other developer?? Absolute rubbish
  • Get a job? Earn money, give money for goods and wares that you want. Something about markets, capitalism, and how economies work, I think...
  • +929
  • The free birds never miss a nesting opportunity in a thread. Geesh.
  • Saw this one coming.
    Well, do you do your job for free?(If you have one, that is)
  • Why they should? Apple made free games for IOS? Google for Android? No.
    At least Microsoft has some amazing games (ex: Halo)
  • Developers aren't Richie Rich. They need to get paid for their work like you would like to get paid for your job. We spend 400₹ o movies for one time, but can't even buy games and apps on phone? And now dont mention android here, please! U_U
    K, thanks!
  • Solitaire Collection is free.  That's the only one I've ever really looked at.
  • Microsoft does have a few games that are free. 9 I think.
  • Bing Rewards?
  • +1520
    Bing Rewards points buy apps. Basically free.
  • Too bad, it's US only
  • You're an absolute rubbish. with your rubbish comment. "Even MS not providing free games". wtf is this then, Yasin Patel?
  • The list of paid games is bigger than that and look at prices too. And my point is at least MS provides these games for free on windows phone for the sake of their platform which is no where near android or iPhone. Even I want to buy some, but credit card and its security is big issue here in India. Daniel you are absolutely biased towards MS. The comment y'day I read was right.
  • lol MS is not there to blame then :p   well I understand that credit card issue you're saying. I can't use my credit card on play store, idk why. but it worked in Windows Phone Store. @.@
  • Im from India and u don't need a credit card to buy apps. I am using sbi debit cards (international ones, not 19 digit maestro s) since wp 7.5 days, works just fine.
  • Those free games are absolutely... You better understand..
  • I still have Harbor Master installed. Love that game.
  • Wish they would update all the games for 720p screens. I love ilomilo but it looks ugly on a high res screen #firstworldproblems :(
  • Have u been to a third world.... Thought so.
  • yea well I wanna be able to play splinter cell conviction from wp7.x Update that!
  • +1520
  • Yesss!!!
  • Shop is this them just throwing a vine to Xbox WP gamers or the start of the revitalization of Xbox games on WP
  • One can hope #SaveXboxWP
  • Damn that is a huge list! didn't see this coming :P. Now we need more of this MS!
  • Hey Sam, Xbox music isn't loading past the splash screen atm in the UK.
  • Works fine for me. Using it as I type.
  • Are you commenting using it ? how ? 
  • nice! there's a couple gems in there that I had on wp7 and played occasionally at home. now i can play some of these on the road again!
  • Anyone else having this problem?
  • "Hasta La Muerte", interesting name. Is it a good game? I never heard of it.
  • Rise of Glory and ilomilo?!?!?!? YES!!
  • Man, when I got my Samsung Focus in 2010, Rise of Glory was my jam. I haven't played it in a couple of years. Time to reinstall!
  • I haven't played it since my dvp!
  • +++++ ilomilo
  • I miss Monster Burner :'(
  • Lol didn't even know there was that many.
  • Anyone able to get the UFC app to work? Keeps timing out trying to retrieve data for me
  • Microsoft, please update the top border for all games to the new green XBOX and lets get rid of the old ugly grey "XBOX LIVE" and the XBOX WINDOWS PHONE ones..
  • I prefer the old banner, its like the banner on the 360 games..
  • I wonder if they've fixed Solitaire so it doesn't turn your phone into a hand warmer.
  • That was my initial thought, too.  I really liked the free Solitaire, Minesweeper and Mahjong games, but they ate battery!
  • Would be nice if they could get 3rd party devs to work on updating the code for wp8/8.1 devices especially the games released during the transition to wp8 exclusive xbl titles
  • This is the best Xbox on WP news this year. Probably the only good knews...   Well, I guess my 920 isn't retiring after all! I'm now keeping it now as a gaming device. Which means I'll probably be carrying around 3 Nokia phone, my camera and my gaming phone. All because there's no bloody microSD on the 930...
  • I take so many pictures and videos that not having SD card sucks. I hope the phones coming in the fall have it. Lumia 1020 owner here and Nokia lover
  • True. My 1020 is a dedicated camera and I still have to carry my tablet around when I travel so I can take the pictures out of the phone (no, I'm not paying ridiculous high roaming fees when I travel just to upload the photos to the cloud!)
  • Tentacles?
  • Minesweeper baby! :P
  • Right?! :-D I is so happy!
  • Cool
  • Still waiting for Crash Bandicoot/Nitro Kart racing :'(
  • No way!! I can relive my Windows Phone 7 days with my trusty HTC Trophy phone on VZW on my now Nokia Icon!! Microsoft, you just made me so happy!!
  • Hell just froze!
  • Most interesting part: Some games weren't available here in Brazil and guest what???? Still aren't!! Great Microsoft.
  • It's ridiculous because we here have these games and those that come in "Portuguese" don't even really come in Portuguese, they come in Brazilian. So basically, we have to endure the games in Brazilian while people in Brazil, to whom the games were translated, can't even enjoy them. Though maybe that's a problem with Brazilian laws and not Microsoft...
  • That is lazyness. Thais has not to do with Brazilian laws...
  • Are you absolutely sure? Because Brasil had some f*cked up laws still in place when it comes to import of goods (specially books). I highly doubt Microsoft would leave behind such a big market out of laziness, specially when they've focus all their offerings and services (including customer services) in Brasil in these last few years.
  • +620
  • Yes, I am. All they need to do to make these games available here is upload their PEGI/ESRB certificates in the place of the brazilian one (DJCTQ). They already do this with the lastests games.
  • Great news. It can be viewed two ways however. 1. MS is instilling a sense of confidence and dedication towards Xbox on windows phone or 2. MS is throwing us a bone so we shut up for a while. Either way. I am a happy camper.
  • I prefer and wish no.1 and should be no.1
  • MS probably had this in the works all along.. All the moaning and bitching over the recent delisted XBox games was pathetic!!! Hopefully MS are feeling smug and thinking 'F**k you, haters!!!"  Love it...
  • How can you be a hater when you still love the platform when MS did some bad moves? Even thou this could've been in the works all the time, they SHOULD'VE informed it to decrease the amount of negativity.
  • Big buck hunter pro in trial mode hangs at the level loading screen for me on L920 very disappointed.
  • Where is Orbital?! I freaking miss that game!
  • Agreed!   Hope that makes it back someday!
  • Yes, bring back Orbital please!
  • ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Can we all team up and demand (beg for) this?!
  • Omfg Fable Coin Golf. I'm so happy!!!
  • I didn't see fable on the list.
  • Its not on the list, but it is in the store - just downloading it now. Interestingly, the store entry says it was last updated on 5/1/12...
  • I just installed it on my Icon with 8.1 and it seems to run just fine.   Excellent news!
  • Yeah, I forgot about that game. It was one of the first games I bought for WP7. Good stuff.
  • Jet Car Stunts no longer crashes and is playable once again. Used to crash within a few seconds or few minutes of gameplay. No longer happening thanks Microsoft for Fixing it. Have to see what else is the list that I could not play and see if playable now.
  • Never had that problem with Jet Car Stunts and I have it on the Lumia 1520.
  • I have 521 (512ram) so that may be why.
  • That's cool, some good news!
  • What's the best free one of them all?
  • I still miss Tentacles... But it only works on WVGA screen phones.
  • Actually it works on 1080p phones....but, after the first level it crashes....After it got dropped from 8.0, I downlaoded it off a questionable site to TRY it....After it failed. I got my $5 back from Microsoft on it..
  • I didn't know that. My phone is 720p and the Store app tells me it only works on WVGA. But, judging from your experience, it's better this way, right? Still, it's a shame: Tentacles is a great game.
  • UFC doesn't work. "timeout expired attempting to retrieve data. Please try again later"
  • Not working?? Most worked fine to me...
  • I bought a few of these and now they are asking to pay again....cromag rally.....maybe
  • Lawl
    Windows Phone 7 is mentioned in the descriptions of some of those apps!
  • Throwing out those listed above that aren't actually games (Crafting Guide and UFC), alll of those games except for the following have been in the store for me (Lumia 928, WP8) ever since I joined WP 14 months ago, I'm fairly sure: •Hasta La Muerte
    •Glow Artisan
    •Jet Car Stunts WP •Big Buck Hunter Pro [Edit: actually, there are a few more showing up that aren't on the list above: Fable: Coin Golf and Ghostscape, Battlewagon] Hasta La Muerte and Glow Artisan look interesting. I'll have to check them out. I also wish that Zombies on the Phone, Mush, and Revolution go Red Stripe Deals of the Week sometime soon. Although they've been in the store for me the whole time, if these gamese are new for many of you, there are lots of other good ones: AlphaJax, ilomilo, Crimson Dragon, Hexic Rush in particular.
  • I've bought most of these games to support Xbox games on WP. :-)
  • Kudos man, that's the spirit!
  • No Full House Poker :(
  • +920 :(
  • This is kinda epic. Really glad for all those 512mb folks or anybody who wasn't able to play these before.
    Even more important: First time good news about Xbox on WP in ages, one can imagine there could be a plan behind this but I'm skeptical so lets see.
  • MS updates 40 games in one day, yet it can't launch one flagship windows phone on all of the carriers at once? Pitiful allocation of resources.
  • Resources? That's now how it works, dude. Carriers have to WANT the phone first before they buy it.
  • Anyone else having problems playing Uno on WP8.1?
  • Deleted mines lol keeps crashing.
  • I acutally own about 1/2 of these games..... Wishing Tentacles was on that list...Actually was crossing my fingers when I looked at the list but, FAIL...
  • Wow... That's a lot of games!
  • All the game is paid there are no profit for update 512mb ram
  • No Need For Speed Undercover? :( I wish that were supported for wp8 devices already...
  • Microsoft Mahjong updated... but no fix for the glitchy achievement for 20 medals! Arghhh... U_U
  • Fable Coin Golf :(
  • While it may not be on the list above, Fable Coin Golf is in the store (US) for me - downloaded it (on my L920, W8.1) and played the first couple of levels, bringing back some good memories!
  • only publishing date changed, version is still same....what is fix for many solitaire and minesweeper....still worst
  • I've had some of these games installed and I noticed that none has been updated. Only the date of publishing was changed in the store.
  • See the same thing. I have a few of the Microsoft ones and not one comes up as an update. Most are listed in the store as v1.0.0. Update date is just a few days ago though.....
  • I miss OMG: Our Manic Game. It was the first game I bought for wp7, but I think the dev abandoned it.
  • Then you'll be happy to hear that OMG: Our Manic Game just got updated on July 15 and is now available on WP8 and WP8.1 devices! Also added to the list that wasn't reported in this article is Ms. Splosion Man.
  • Ghostscape isn't on that list but I just found it now available for my 920. Pumped to finally get that last achievement lol
  • Also Ms. Splosion Man is not on that list, but it was updated too.
  • Twin Blades and Hydro Thunder Go need to be updated as well. I refuse to remove those titles from my 1520s start screen, even if the games don't work.
  • Where's OMG,Orbital,Hydro Thunder GO and Dodonpachi Maximum.
  • OMG was updated too! Unfortunately, not the case (yet?) for Orbital, Hydro Thunder, or DoDonpachi (Tentacles, too, I'd add in).
  • This is crazy
  • i bought most of these back in winp7.  during those drought years. lol 
  • No change except date.
  • It's awesome
  • Amazing!!! Was waiting for this to happen!!
  • Cool most of them so will really benefit from this on my 8.1. Now what I'm praying and hoping for is a list of more new games. Thank you Microsoft.....thank you Xbox.
  • 'What game are you going to check out first?' Being able to install them to SD card, all of them!
  • Plz add more 100 games
  • About time! What reason there was for not allowing basic compatibility with the official os update, I don't know, but it seems ridiculous.
  • Still missing Dodonpachi
  • I tweeted them that they should do that. Nice to see it. :)
  • Tentacle and Orbital need to make a return
  • +1520
  • There's one game that's not on the list that now FINALLY works in WP8, OMG Our Manic Game. I was keeping my old Lumia 800 so I could play it. It was updated today according to the store.
  • The Sims Free Play now support 512mb ram too ! Grab it now from the store ! :)
  • How abt lumia 610??
  • Wrong article?
  • I mean y ms n Nokia made 610 when they have no idea of developing softwares for lumps 610
  • So at the moment 2 steps back for deleting so many games in recent weeks, 1 step forward with this move. Still a lot of work to be done for xbox live support games. for starters they need to get Revio & gamesoft back on board.
  • Its good that updates are coming but believe me SUBWAY SURFERS needs the many lacks in thst....Openong closing delay....un smooth ahhhh lot of problme
  • Lots if these games were already available for WP8 and 512MB devices. I've had ilomilo, Mush, Max & The Magic Marker, and Breeze on my 720 for ages, in the UK. Were these games disabled in the US only?
  • Seems faster
  • Wrong topic, sorry
  • Sims free play now available on Lumia 620 and UFC. Both free
  • we need games like real racing,thor and blah blah blah,not these games, except the games part i love WP.
  • It amazes me this move is shocking to some. Windowsphone gets its turn and focus now to become an Xbox platform. Announced a few days ago.
  • Strange, I used to own a lot of these games on my WP7.8 device and now they want me to pay again for all of them because I updated to WP8.1? Is there a fix so I don't need to repurchase them?
  • Just click on buy, then it will check your account and realise that you have purchased it before and ask if you would like to install it again.
  • I already tried that. It checks my account and than goes right into my carriers billing page where it says that they will charge it to my mobile phone account.
  • Did you buy it using a different account? Does the original purchase show in your history? Are you using the developer preview of WP8.1?
  • They're probably republished which means new licenses so you've probably only purchased the "old" version. This has happened to me TOO many times. Had to buy them again and got them refunded from support.
  • No Orbital No Mini Squadron No Dodonpachi No happiness :(
  • Even thought Microsoft didn't actually update their WP xbox games. (They removed ram restrictions on some games) I'm happy that Sims Freeplay can now be installed on 512mb ram devices
  • Has anyone tried Glow Artisan? I bought it and love it but it doesn't same my game progress. I'm on WP8. I've contacted WP Support about it.
  • *doesn't save my game progress
  • I wonder if the Solitaire collection is any better. It was basically unusable before due to MASSIVE overheating and battery 30-40% in 20-30 minutes. Went to check reviews after that and it wad amazing to see the complaints.
  • Still no OMG: Our Maniac Game... Hands down my favorite non-Halo mobile game :'(. Guys, lets make this happen!
  • Yes it has, i downloaded it earlier. All working ok on my Nokia Lumia 1020.
  • AHHHHH!!! I was searching for it online and noticed it right now! This just made my day!! Thanks Tony!!!
  • I want NOVA 3!!!!
  • UFC on Xbox is not working
  • MS should devote more resources to games for the wp8 devices.
  • Not sure if it is related, but I have purchased LOTS of XBL games on WP including probably most of these, but when I go to re-install most of them they want me to re-purchse them :/
  • Usually if you press 'buy' it will then realize you already bought it and then give you an install option. But, be careful: double check first so you're not double charged.
  • Yeah I tried that. I think however this is a user issue. I thought I had bought some of these games and the phone "my apps" list shows them as acquired, but I think they were actually trials.
  • Add Ms. Splosion Man to that list, though it crashes a lot.
  • Ah, so it hasn't been optimized then. I was curious about this one.
  • Nope, very pixelated too.
  • No Hydro Thunder :(
  • Craftng Guide will be really useful.  Given that AOE online has been closed.... Doh!
  • Wish Dodonpachi Maximum got update too.
  • Probably my favorite mobile game so far. Very difficult but great fun!
  • I'm confused by this article saying these are all being updated to work on WP8 and 512 MB devices. At least 50% (probably closer to 75%) of these have long worked on WP8 and 512 MB devices already.
  • It is a mix. Some are updated to work on WP8 and some are updated with 512 mb support.
  • No I'm saying around 75% of them already worked on BOTH WP8 and 512 MB devices.  I've only ever owned a 512 MB WP8 device and I've played a ton of these in the past year and the ones I haven't I've always seen listed in the store.  By my count less than 10 of them didn't already work on both WP8 and 512 MB devices. The vast majority of these 40 games whatever updates they got have nothing to do with 512 or WP8.
  • I though Developers would made their app available for 512mb ram, If Microsoft Made more 512mb phone
  • Not Amazing Spider man???
  • I Want The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2...Plz
  • Was able to install the trial of Ms. splosion but unable to purchase it due to "incompatible screen resolution"!? WTH!?
    And where is THE BEST 2 games, Tentacles and Orbital? Miss those two so much!
  • Shouldn't it be Fable coin golf and not gold
  • Dodonpachiiiiiiiiiii!!!!
  • Glow Artisan does save the progress. How to report this issue to Microsoft?
  •  I noticed that Sims Free Play now works with 512 meg phones, I either missed that news or no one knew that . reading about the 40 games  I just looked to see if it worked and does . Subway surfer works too
  • Why not FIFA 14?
  • Yeah what happened to fifa14?
  • What about GunsBros.. The best widows phone game at 2012
  • Hasta la Muerte doesn't seem to be available on WP8.