MSN apps updated with bug fixes

All MSN apps have picked up an update, although there isn't much in the way of new features. Last week, Microsoft announced that it was updating its suite of Bing apps to MSN apps, which is in line with a larger rebranding effort being carried out by the software vendor.

There isn't an official changelog (yet) detailing what changes were implemented in this update, although from the look of things it looks like Microsoft just rolled out a series of bug fixes.

Update: Looks like the install to SD functionality is back, which was removed during the rebranding.

Are you guys noticing anything new in any of the updated apps? If so, let us know in the comments.

Thanks everyone for the tips!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Found nothing new till now
  • All apps now can be downloaded to SD Card
  • That's great. It was annoying when the last update removed that.
  • Seems faster
  • Totally. Give us meaningless updates, and we will give meaningless comments. Seems Faster™ for life!
  • I can't argue with that logic, I can't agree either
  • 4Life!™
  • NWO 4Life!™
  • Ey-yo, because everybody knows. When you're nWo, you're nWo 4Life!™
  • How do u make the tm thingi
  • Copy™&™Paste™
  • wow you're hilarious! AHAHA /s
  • No am not -_-
  • Why won't they just publish change logs? What are they trying to prove?
  • That being mainstream is so boring...
  • Downloading all the MSN apps will take space won't it??
  • Updating or downloading?
  • Of course downloading.
  • Then yes
  • That they make so few meaningful updates to their own Apps that they don't justify a Changelog. Either way, poor form MS.  
  • 'Bug fixes' should be enough for everyone to declare what has been done. If they change one line of code in order to make things better, you surely can't wait them to write two lines of text to tell pl about it.
  • Its TWO WORDS!
  • All msn apps no bugs or anything in my lumia 1520
  • I have all but the sports app and got the updates by 5:30am GMT (due to a forced search)
  • I haven't updated any of the apps yet to the MSN branding because after reading the reviews of each app it appears more thank just the names had changed. Buy changed I mean for the worse. Like feature that previously existed were now removed or broken. This article proves my decision to wait was sound. On a side note, shame on Microsoft for never including any information on the change log. Lead by example Microsoft.
  • Yeah, don't u ever update anything! It might just get broken!
  • Proof that what is said in these forums help readers make decisions. Therefore, whether our views are pro something or con something, let us speak wisely for the word is mightier than the sword.
  • The weather one has the new redesigned lock screen of you use it, right ?
  • The steps app still shows 0 kilometers when pinned to the start screen, it worked fine when it was Bing fitness
  • Works great for me + the glance is awesome
  • can you please tell me what does the fitness and health app show on glance + lockscreen please, i activated it but it only changed my wallpaper to an ugly red gradient. :/
  • Yes sure, first know that you don't have to set it as lock screen picture, second simply start a workout -I tried working only- lock the screen and you'll see the workout info shown on the screen (weather info will be disabled temporarily).
  • Mine showed 0 steps also! But then I remembered to the darn phone with me, and now it works just fine.
  • Steps works fine for me and shows the numbers OK on Start Screen both before and after updates yesterday.
  • Updated! Need more improvements. Looks a bit faster now. Working smoothly on my lumia 630! Yaay
  • News livetile is working again for me - 1020, black, dp8.11
  • Still not on Cyan??
  • O2 Germany had exclusive 64GB version and is not willing to give us cyan. But it is announced to roll out today for some folks - finally I hope to get it soon.
  • Finally got cyan and immediately the livetile stopped working again :|
  • Hoping the news live tile goes back to updating, stopped after the last update
  • It's working
  • Seem faster
  • All apps now can be downloaded to SD Card, its really good.
  • This option came with 8.0 or 8.1 I believe...
  • Then they removed it with the MSN branding update. Now they reenabled it.
  • MSN Weather now describes the current weather in german instead of english again (meist bewölkt vs. mostly cloudy) - so it seems they fixed a localization bug introduced with update before. Otherwise I haven't found anything new or fixed, yet :)
  • There was already a MSN Weather fix last week, 1 or 2 days after initial MSN Weather release, which fixed the same bug in French. How many times are they going to update to fix localisation bugs? :)
  • Also shazam has been updated
  • Now you can install the apps in memory card instead of phone... That option was removed in last update....
  • Which update? Never lost that option on last couple updates..
  • Health app still doesn't show any information on lock screen.
  • Still not optimized for 6-inch devices! Black bar above app bar...
  • News app Live Tile still not working for me, L720 DP Cyan.
  • delete and download it worked for me
  • Done it many, many times, as the Live Tile remains blank if my phone is switched off and back on, or indeed crashes. It now doesn't even refresh when I open the app.
  • Articles are published faster than my phone updating the apps. LOL
  • Now the apps can be stored on the SD card again! Everytime I see a Weather update, I hope that they add transparent live tile, but nothing... Now that supports lockscreen it would be perfect for me with a new live tile.
  • Haha
  • The weather app is still crashing for me... It opens, starts to load data, then crash to homescreen. No updated live-tile on the healt app.
    Lumia 930 DPreview.
  • Wish they would sorry out currency page on money. All show local / foreign except bloody euro.
  • Is it weird that none of my Bing/MSN apps have updated to MSN branding? I mean I'm fine with Bing, just curious. Running WP8 on Lumia 925
  • WP 8 I wish we could get back
  • SD card support!
  • Bing Sports...MSN...whatever we call it this week....still doesn't update the live tile with my teams scoreboard. We might happen once every 20 times. And when it does, you only get the two teams...never their scores.
  • They need to bring back photo viewing in people hub and merge all IM in one place....
  • Exactly!
  • MS is killing WP by adding what Android users asks in user voice
  • Shouldn't they listen to potential customers? Or should they only listen to the Microsoft faithful?
  • I wish they'd fix the issue with the paragraph breaks - every single article doesn't have a line break between paragraphs meaning articles are messy and harder to read. It's been like that for weeks. And the broken live tiles - seriously, you'd think Microsoft could get their own apps to work correctly.
  • GPS Tracker in MSN Health&Fitness,now work just fine...
  • I am still having problem with travel app. It start the installation then stop
  • I wish they could add an option for transparent live tile
  • Weather app isn't updating my lock screen?
  • Is that a 830 in the picture? Hope that means we get a WP Central review soon!
  • Last week I deleted all MSN apps because of adds. Don't use them anymore.
  • Why does all the MSN apps flip at the same time? :(
  • Team work.
  • Today my old phone (Lumia 620 black)already update to Lumia cyan
    Thank you
  • Welcome.
  • Don't understand what bug fix they do coz never saw any significant improvements. Precisely speaking Xbox Music.
  • What bugs me is that some apps update, and the update seems to turn them on so they operate in the background, and then my battery drains quickly, and I have to go into battery saver and turn them off again! It's real annoying that it happens, and goes unnoticed with auto update until the battery drain becomes obvious. GRRRRRR! If the app is not allowed to operate in the background, then it shouldn't be able to activate itself with an update!
  • Where is MSN app, they seriously need app for MSN
  • I was able to go into Storage Sense, select Phone, Apps and each of my MSN apps, and move them to the SD card. A good thing with a Lumia 635 with it's limited storage space in the phone, Should have been that way all along, but I am still grateful.
  • Weather app still not working for me. 925 with cyan. The previous "update" broke the app. Grrrr
  • Anybody else noticing Live Tiles not updating?
  • Yay bugs!....err....nvm
  • Update requires all instances of MSN Money to be 'un-pinned' , then 're-pinned' , in order for liveTile to revert back to it's former 'regularly updating' self.  If you have an MSN Money stock that is pinned, and it is not updating to the current stock price, you can verify that it needs to be removed, then re-pinned by simply clicking on the 'non-updating' MSN Money stock-specific LiveTile.  When it opens, you should notice that the 'pin' icon is visible instead of the 'unpin', which would be the case if it was pinned properly.  Simply by unpinning it and then re-pinning it should sove the LiveTile price updating problem.