MSN Weather on Xbox One gives us an early look at Universal Apps on the console

We're only a couple of weeks away from the big Anniversary Update hitting the Windows 10 family across the board, which includes the Xbox One console. Preview members have been seeing little snippets of what's to come, but right now the latest build gives access to MSN Weather, Microsoft's own app that is now universal across phones, PCs and the console.

It's probably not the first app you might want in your living room, but what it does right now is give us an early look at how a Universal App will translate across the big(ger) screen.

For the most part it's exactly what you'd expect.

In some cases there will be user interface tweaks that need to be made in order to adapt an application for the TV. Aside from everything looking generally larger than it does on the PC, MSN Weather is the exact same app you're familiar with from the other Windows 10 versions. Well, almost. There doesn't seem to be the "News" section present on the console, but that's about all that seems to be missing so far. The 'hamburger' menu completely disappears on the console, too, meaning you have to slide it out fully to access the other sections of the app.

Navigating is fairly straight forward. Moving around will auto-select elements within the UI, though when you're looking at a map that then switches to being an on-screen cursor. Locking on to your location seems to yield mixed results. We've had both very fast and accurate pin-pointing of the city we're in and results saying we're in France. And since it hooks in to your Microsoft account, so long as you're signed in on other devices your favorite locations will be synced across them.

One thing that would be nice down the road, is if Microsoft made this an app that can be snapped. Reducing to the phone UI at the side of the screen would be pretty useful for quickly checking the forecast while you're doing something else.

The app itself isn't that exciting, but it is fairly slick and so far, problem free. The bigger picture is what it means for the future, and it really does look like current Windows 10 apps will scale up to the Xbox One just fine. We're not developers, so we can't say how easy it is or isn't. But this here is just a taster and it's got us ready and waiting for an onslaught of apps to come.

Check out some more images below. If you're on the preview program you can head into the Store and download it right now to check out yourselves.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Works great
  • Available here in India also.
  • Could someone please add me to preview, gamer tag is AspiringPenny46
  • Scorchio, Rip caroline
  • One of the good ones.
  • No Live Tiles, what´s the point of this app then?
  • The point is to open the Weather app and check the weather.
  • I'd rather be able to snap it personally. Way more useful on the console
  • pretty useless then
  • Why? Just because you think it is. On the Xbox your pinned tiles are at the bottom of the screen anyway, so you may as well just open the app. There's no glancing at it.
  • Well, that´s not exactly what W10 experience is meant to be
  • Xbox One is a games console first and foremost. Gaming is priority one. Everything else is an added bonus for us, people who own them.
  • It's like the dedicated weather stations on TV.  The ones where all it shows are the current weather, weather forecasts and quick mini weather clips for your area and all the areas nearby, 24 hours a day.  Only in this case, you get to see the area you want 100% of the time, instead of nearby towns and cities waiting for your area every 3-5 minutes or so.  If those networks are used enough to make them worthwhile, then a weather app on Xbox One is definitely useful for those of us who will use it for a minute or two daily.
  • For a few days I've done some tweaks in one of my apps to be ready for Xbox. This morning I did my first test on a real Xbox and it worked really well :) The only thing that might be hard (and it's not hard, it just take some time) is to add support for gamepad navigation. And the anniversary update adds support for gamepad in desktop so it's easy to test :) Otherwise it's not much difference compared to a desktop/phone app.
  • Good to know, thanks for the info!
  • Is there Live Tile support on Xbox One?
  • I don't think so. I have disabled that in my app. But would for sure be nice to have.
  • Why do Xbox users need a weather forecast? Surely they never go out.
  • Good one
  • What's the url for "out"?
  • Does the forecast actually update on the new version? That's my issue with it as a whole. Yesterday, it said it was cloudy, with a 0-10% chance of rain. It said this while it was raining moderately for a few hours, never acknowledging the rain as being present.
  • Snapping isn't possible on UWP apps for Xbox :( not even sure if Microsoft is working on it but it's pretty much going away as a feature it seems
  • Booooooo. But thanks for the developer insight good sir!
  • All UWP beta apps are overscanned on my TV while the native XBOX One interface is not.  Why is this happening and how can I fix it?  I have an older Sanyo HD TV.  I could not find any options to turn it off.