Multiplayer PlayStation games will come to PC and other devices says Sony's Shawn Layden

What you need to know

  • Sony wants its titles to reach more gamers.
  • In a recent interview, the company's Shawn Layden said select titles could be broader distribution.
  • Layden focused on PC during the interview.
  • It's unclear when select titles, if ever, will show up on other platforms.

August 20, 2019: Yesterday, Sony said that multiplayer PlayStation games will come to other platforms. Today, a game called ReadySet Heroes appeared on the Epic Games Store. It's published by Sony, a multiplayer experience, and it's up for preorder for $20.

Today, Sony announced that it was acquiring Insomniac Games. The developer has worked on a lot of PlayStation-exclusive games in the past, so it seems like a great fit. However, it seems like the company has larger ambitions going forward. According to a report by Bloomberg, Sony may produce multiplatform games soon.

The outlet said the following when discussing an interview with Sony's Shawn Layden. If the company works on a multiplayer game, it may come to PC or other devices. There isn't a set rule.

In an interview, Shawn Layden, chairman of Sony's game studios worldwide, said exclusive titles will still be a part of the company's strategy, but that some games — particularly multiplayer titles designed to be played on personal computers — may see broader distribution. 'We must support the PlayStation platform — that is non-negotiable,' Layden said. 'That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios which may need to lean into a wider installed base.'

Considering that Sony focuses on single-player titles, it might be a while before we see a multiplayer experience from the company. There seems to be a broader shift in the way Sony makes games because titles like Fortnite are impact game sales across the board.

MLB: The Show is a popular baseball simulator that would fit right at home on PC and other platforms. Hopefully, the team will consider bringing existing franchises to PC and other devices because the future of gaming revolves around being able to play your game on any device, anywhere.

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  • "My collection of studios"? Has he bought them with his own money? Shouldn't he be saying "our"?
  • Yeah, it's a strange interview.
  • Following Microsoft.. I like it.
  • Amazing if they do means for me I don't need a console as pc will be all I need especially if Nintendo follow. Great news for pc gamers and console gamers though as it means more people to play online.
  • If they take it one more step and put all their games on PC then that's it no need for a PS console just like it's useless for me to buy a ever XB console now.
    As long as they would still have their main games exclusive to their main console, PC+PS console (with Nintendo consoles for their exclus) will always be the only logical choice for me.
  • This is Sony following MS and preparing for games within a service. MS games will gain far bigger audiences being in PC gamers minds and Console gamers minds. It really wouldn't surprise me if Halo Infinite has over 20 million players I. The first month being on Gamepass PC and Gamepass Console. Heck we can see how Gears 5 does shortly. As that is available on Gamepass PC/Console the same day as release. The PC market has really kicked back off since MS have put their Exclusives on PC. It will be interesting as well to see how many new subscribers Gamepass has over the next 24 months. Me and my friends have all upgraded to Gamepass Ultimate. As it's cheaper than having Gamepass and Live Gold separately. It saves you £5 a month. So we all already have Gamepass PC. A few of us have decided to build AMD Gaming PCs. As well as owning next Gen Xbox as well. The ecosystem allows us the best of both PC gaming and Console gaming under 1 cost. Sony have to follow this. Otherwise fsr less people will play their games compared to Xbox. And they won't be in as many peoples mind share. The days of forcing a consumer to buy a console to play are ending. The writings on the wall. Better to get out in front of it, instead of playing catch up later.