Multiplayer VR games people still play in 2022

One of the great benefits of VR gaming is the ability to play games in a shared digital space. It promotes a greater sense of connection between players than a regular multiplayer video game, since you are "physically" occupying the space. While there are many multiplayer VR games coming out daily, they may not have a huge audience. If you are looking for active and engaging multiplayer communities, here are a handful of games you should get.

VR Chat

VR Chat

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VR Chat is one of the go-to multiplayer VR games. As a sandbox game, users can create just about any content they want along with custom avatars. Interact with people all over the world and bring socializing to the virtual world.

What to choose?

Depending on your tastes, some games will be better suited to you. We recommend VR Chat as an easy way to play an assortment of experiences all in one place. Similarly, you can't go wrong with the family-friendly Rec Room. If you're looking for more of a challenge, Arizona Sunshine offers longer, campaign-style entertainment.

VR has a lot to offer gamers, but the ability to play with friends makes it all the more interactive. No matter what game you choose, playing games with friends is more enjoyable. While many people may think of VR as a solitary and antisocial activity, it's actually full of opportunities to connect to people you might have never met.

Rick Thayer