10 must-have 3D printing accessories for use with filament printers

Accessories 3dprinting Hero
Accessories 3dprinting Hero (Image credit: Windows Central/James Bricknell)

While FDM printing doesn't need as many accessories as resin printing, it can certainly benefit from a few helpful tools. We've put together an ever-expanding list of "must-have" items that will make your printing days easier. If you aren't sure if filament or resin printing is right for you we have a handy guide and if you do choose resin 3D printing there is a whole different set of must have accessories you can buy.

Every tool's a hammer

If you only pick up one of these items, make it the Magigoo bed adhesive. The magic formula sticks almost any print to the build plate, and yet makes it simple to release the print after completion. For a low tech version of Magigoo, you can pick some Aquanet hairspray to do something similar. The water-based hairspray is easy to clean from the bed and works well in conjunction with a substantial brim.

While it's a little pricey, the eSun eBox is an excellent way to keep your filament dry and in the best condition. It also has a scale inside that helps you determine how much filament you have left so you won't run out before your print finishes!

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