The Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and you won't have to miss a second of the action if you have the right apps. While one of the teams, the New England Patriots, was also in last year's Super Bowl — so you might still be prepared — there are some new apps that we recommend for preparing for and watching the game.

Listen up: TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio allows you to listen to a wide range of content, from music to sports. If you subscribe to TuneIn Premium, you gain access to live play-by-play broadcasts of every NFL game. You also get the same broadcasts for NBA, NHL, and MLB games in addition to removing display ads.

$10/mo. at TuneIn

Eyes on the action: Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV allows you to watch a wide variety of live content, including the Super Bowl on CBS. While a large number of viewers will have access to the big game through Hulu with Live TV, it's worth confirming that you'll get in in your area before subscribing by checking Hulu's website. Hulu's Windows 10 app is switching to a progressive web app which supports live TV, but if that hasn't rolled out for you, you can still view it from your web browser.

$40/mo. at Hulu

Facts and highlights: Tweeten

So far, we've gone over apps that allow you to watch or listen to content on Internet-connected devices, but if you want to add depth to the games you watch you need to use Twitter. Reporters, bloggers, video makers, and all sorts of commentary are available on Twitter. Using Tweeten, which is available on PCs, lets you watch the news and insight roll in live.

Free at Microsoft

Using the web: Your browser of choice

While there are many great apps for consuming NFL content, the best way to view some things is directly through a browser. Whether it's through YouTube TV or CBS's own stream of the game, you'll want to have a browser handy. Any good browser will do, but I like Vivaldi for its handy picture-in-picture mode as shown here.

Free at Vivaldi

Look at the schedule: Outlook Calendar

Sports panelist Woody Paige always emphasizes that you "look at the schedule!" when talking about sports. The same holds true for watching the Super Bowl. Outlook Calendar lets you subscribe to calendars, including the NFL's calendar, to make sure that you never miss a big game. You'll have to set this up on and then can view them in the Mail and Calendar app.

Free at Microsoft

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest cultural events of the year. And you won't miss the game, the commercials, or the half time show if you're using these apps. While it doesn't have live coverage of the game, a great Twitter client like Tweeten will make sure that you're up to date on the game as well as any trending topics. You never know what the next "left shark" is going to be.