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My Next Windows Phone is.....

The Lumia 920 should be the phone of the year. Nokia has pushed innovation with their hardware design and their customer care. Nokia did not make any specific announcements about what carrier’s will get which phones. Which brings me to my problem. I do not want to switch to ATT because I can’t afford it. I am pretty positive that the Lumia 920 might be an ATT exclusive, no official announcements have been made.  

The Lumia 820, which is a great phone but doesn’t have the new Pure View camera. I like the 820 because I feel that a 4.3” screen is a perfect size for me personally, and the removable back covers are a nice touch.  I was hoping for a larger battery, but 1650mAH is pretty good and the screen isn’t as good as the 920 but still pretty classy.

I currently own a Lumia 710 and Nokia has won my heart with their dedication to Windows Phone. All of their apps in the Nokia Collection are just amazing, play to, camera extras, Mirror’s Edge, etc… Nokia understands that they have created their image as being the premier partner for Windows Phone and are holding on to that title in my eyes. The other OEM’s, in my eyes, are holding back and are dipping their toes in the water with their recycled designs from their Android devices. I want them to take some risks by adding some different form factors that aren’t just black slabs.

HTC may have 3 phones coming out for Windows 8, which is the rumor at the moment, and if the leaks are true, then I am not sure how I feel about them. I like HTC and I never had a great or a bad experience with their phones. I also own a HTC Radar and the phone is great, the only problem I have had with the phone is with the bottom phone piece. I have dropped my phone a few times and now bottom doesn’t fit perfectly, which causes random phone shut offs.

I feel that the phone I want may not be the Windows Phone I get because there was no official announcement of what phones are going where. HTC still has there event later this month and I can’t wait to see what they have.

There are so many choices for Windows 8 devices and I am really happy about that. For the mango launch, we got a few phones, mainly on ATT, and had to wait for the other Windows Phone to launch on T-Mobile. Now we have 6 phones for the initial launch, and phones from ZTE, Huawei, and possibly Sony in 2013.

So many choices to make, but as it stands right now, the 920 is the phone I want. I have had nothing but an amazing experience with my Lumia 710 and I hope the 920 will come to T-Mobile! Just have to wait and see. 

Mateo Nunez
  • That will be my next Windows Phone as well.
  • Not if I buy it first
  • Lol
  • I want it too also on tmobile.
    USA. QUESTION: Will the bands of the 920 work 4g on tmobile? I have an at&t focus S GSM unlocked but I'm on edge speed.
  • According to the T-Mobile support site they use 850 and 1900Mhz
    According to the current Lumia 920 specs it uses LTE 800/1800/2600/900/2100 so the answer would be no.
    However it is not unusual for devices to be produced with specific bands for the country in which they were relased, in fact it is quite routine. I would therefore
    1) Check to ensure that I have listed the T-Mobile bands correctly (the support link I posted was started a few years ago and may be out of date). Perhaps post a question on T-Mobile support.
    2) Again check with T-Mobile support if they can tell you about the incoming Lumia 920
  • T-Mobile's 4G is not LTE, it is HSPA+ which everywhere else in the world is just good 'ole 3G network technology.
    So yes, it does look like it will support T-Mobile's network which I'm kind of surprised about.
  • Hey guys this is off topic but Wired is running poll asking smartphone enthusiast which of the new wave of smartphone they will buy, the Lumia 920 is the only Windows phone represented and it rocking the 2nd position closely behind the iPhone 5. Please lets go and vote for our adorned baby.
  • Here's the link to the poll
  • "I do not want to switch to ATT because I can’t afford it. I am pretty positive that the Lumia 920 might be an ATT exclusive"
    What makes you so sure the 920 will be only for AT&T? Is T-Moble that much less expensive than AT&T?
  • Yes it is, I get 500 minutes,unlimited night/weekends, unlimited texts and unlimited data with no throttling for only $68
  • Dude, If you think that a good plan, the sucks. I'm on ATT and get 2200 minutes, free night/weekends, and unlimited text for 3 smartphone lines. On top of that, I currently have 9,365 rollover minutes, which i never even have to use. So in short, Each of my existing smart phones have more base minutes than you single phone plan. Both my wife and I use our cell for personal and work. I'm an IT manager, so I'm constantly using the phone for tech call, 4 different email accounts, and of course texting. So maybe, you should re-evaluate you thoughts.
  • He's correct T-Mobile is cheaper. I have 450 minutes, unlimited text and 2GB data and my bill is 105.00 each month. I also use my phone as a Systems Administrator :-)
  • I have 450 minutes on ATT, with the old unlimited plan (throttled after 5GB which I've yet to hit) plus unlimited night/weekend, unlimited mobile to any mobile, rollover, and unlimited text - for $80
  • No disrespect, but I also have a 4GB data plan for $120 base + 25/smartphone charge. Does t-mobile not has a smartphone charge?
  • No smartphone charges on T-mobile they encourage it.
  • 60 ultd w/ 2gb at 4g speeds :D
  • You didn't reveal a price you were paying, that also meant that it was a single phone line.. Not a family plan. AT&T is more expensive.. They nickle and dime their customers.. I was with At&t for 5 years before I switched and it was the best savings for the same service I had made. Like 30.00 savings per month.. Also,.the customer service is by far better than AT&T's customer service.. I had nothing but issues with them about my iPhone and dropped calls.. If little companies like Meteo PCS or Sprint/t-mo can give you unlimited service at a cheaper price, why can't at&t.. They have toms of money and can afford giving their customers a break.. They choose greed. Sorry
  • I tried T-Mobile 4 years ago and the coverage was crap. No reception in my home. I don't know if the coverage has improved or not since then. I'd give them a shot if they have a WP8 slider. I am definitely not loyal to ATT.
  • That was 4 years ago
  • Your plan is wack, you don't have truly unlimited data like I do on T-mobile plus you get raped for going over. You probably love that.
  • I've never gone over. Because if I exceed my base minutes, I don't get charged....they will simply pull from my rollover minutes that I never have to use
  • I'm talking about DATA not minutes
  • If you never use the minutes, how is that even remotely relevant then? You brag on and on about how many minutes you have, yet you even said yourself you never use them.
    He gets unlimited data and you get a lot of minutes you have no use for. Gee, I wonder whose plan is better.
  • Buy the freakin phone outright, pay ATTs stupid plan for one month, then dump the shysters and go Straight Talk for half price.  If we are lucky Microsoft will sell these in their stores unlocked...I doubt it though.
  • F straight talk. Shitty speeds.
  • Don't make that mistake. If you get the phone from AT&T and decide to leave after 1 month, you won't be getting the unlock code till the 6th month. I'm still fighting to get the unlock code for my Lumia 900. They told me it won't be available till the 8th of October which is exactly 6 months to the release date of the phone. The best bet will be to buy the international unlocked version and use it on T-mobile.
  • The three major Canadian carriers use the same frequencies as AT&T.  And I believe they HAVE to sell you the phone and unlock it, for a fee.
  • I love T-Mobile plans, I got four lines we share 1000 minutes, all have 2GB 4G except for mine I have the unlimited 4G with unlimited text and free night/weekends and I pay $178.
  • I've done the math multiple times. My best case scenario has me paying $50 more per month on AT&T than T-Mobile for the same service.
  • And ATT has LTE...
  • So will T-mobile by this time next year. They're doing LTE advanced
  • I'm going for an HTC, the sound enhancer they have cannot be beat.
  • meh, the sound enhancer makes games and sounds lag.  It sounds fine once it is going, but the studder and lag sucks.
  • I have high hopes it won't happen in WP8 with the beefed up specs and possibly deeper access to the OS
  • The sound enhancer Never makes my phone studder or lag on my titan my next phone is gonna be the 920 hands down I love my titan but u can't beat nokia's commitment to WP
  • But the 920 will work perfect in tmobile with the new 1900 mhz band.... So why to worry about?
  • Depends on where you live. How long are you willing settle for Edge speeds until the new band is available in your area?
  • There≠their =(. But yes, I agree! =D
  • I just hope Sprint get something, as that's my only option.
    I'm trying to get my boss to switch to Verizon.
  • Sprint isn't getting anything this year. We've been over this.
  • yeah, you and I are going to leave sprint. They have no love for anything non iPhone. If Verizon gets the lumia 920, I am moving back. I tried mobile, but I lost service in my area, work-home, so that is a no go. I have a feeling ATT is not much better in my area. Wish I had more options.
  • Why in the world would you not get Big Daddy if you're on T-Mobile. I'm referring to the Samsung ATIV. That phone has it all. Style, micro sd, big screen, removable battery, largest battery (from what I've seen) and LTE. Seriously this phone is fully loaded
  • U have a point there, removable storage..
  • That phone is sweet. Will it have same features as galaxy III? Meaning share pics with people, tap phones together, etc? All the features they show in commercials?
  • That's what NFC is,yes
  • The great thing is at least T-Mobile users will have a legitimate choice with W8
  • I'm definitely getting the 920 in Red on AT&T, because it's essentially guaranteed to be an option. I really hope that the 920 isn't an exclusive for AT&T though, or that it would only be exclusive for 1-3 months tops. It won't help the platform or Nokia to do an exclusive. For those on other carriers, I hope that the 920 becomes an option for you. :)
  • +1 I'm on ATT and I'm getting the 920 on it. But I know so many people on Verizon that have iPhones or Trophies, and want the 920, not the crap 820.
  • The thing is, the 820 is really not crap. In person its fairly sexy. Saw it at the Nokia event in ny
  • But compared to the 920... Better display, better quality, better camera, etc.
  • Compared to the 920, it's really crap. Why on earth would they not put the 920 on as many carriers as possible? It's really frustrating.
  • This really was Verizon's fault turned Nokia down when the 900 was offered to them. I honestly believe Verizon doesn't really want to risk stocking a high-end WP and will stick to mid-range
  • From what I heard... Verizon turned down the 900 BECAUSE of all the bugs with it. The 900 had so many issues that they had to give a $100 credit to every one.
    I hope the 920 is not as buggy
  • I don't really understand, but from what I keep reading it seems like it's almost impossible to get an unlocked phone in the US...
    Why is that?
  • Because US carriers call the shots on what phones are available and the price of an unlocked phone would give the average American a heart attack so the market is miniscule which leaves the carriers in control with devices locked to their individual frequencies and ultimately, lack of real choice.
  • ...but the average person is willing spend 500+ for an IPhone? I could only wish that windows phones were not carrier exclusive.
  • I don't get it... A brand new, unlocked phone would be around $600. You can then go on a pre-paid account for $30-50 / month (instead of the $80-100 contracts that include handset repayment). Over 24 months you could save anywhere between $200 to $1000, and you're not locked into a contract...
  • Lol @ the heart attack reference.. :D
  • An unlocked phone would be nice.
  • If MS wants to really get WP8 moving, they need to allow their best phone to be on as many carriers as possible.
    How do they determine who gets what anyways?
  • Actually, it isn't Nokia's decision. It is the carriers. But it was different when the iPhone came to sprint...
  • AT&T goes to Nokia and says, "Listen...or prices and service suck. We can't get anyone to choose us on that alone. So we will give you a gazillion dollars if you give us the Lumia920 and don't sell it to any of the companies with better prices and service."
  • No...
  • Evil corporations won't allow it; they've brainwashed everyone here that paying $80 a month is acceptable for having the privilege to talk and surf the web occasionally.
  • Without these corporations, would many have jobs? Who would make and sell the tech you enjoy?
    Quit accepting the liberal narrative on those who are wealthy.
  • Lol
  • GTFO with your lousy Republican rhetoric
  • Lol.
  • Lol. Ok. I hope your not giving a dime to any "evil" corporations then. You seem angry btw.
  • Unfortunately that's very much true. I am still shocked to see people writing about how they are paying close to 100$ and that's a good deal. At my present carrier in Germany, I am paying 20€ (about 25$) for 2000 minutes free, unlimited minutes and texts to people on the same carrier as well as unlimited internet (though there is throttling after 500 MB or 1 GB, not sure exactly). I was always thinking that the States would be much further ahead of us when it comes to the pricing of Internet and Mobile Phone contracts, but turns out, it's almost as bad as in Canada (I used to live in Canada and man, the prices and services there are HORRIBLE.)
  • Yes, they Re not rich. They are the "job creators". Man, people do not watch enough fox news. ;-)
  • The 'evil corporations' will charge less when people aren't willing to pay it. It's the law of the free market - people will only charge as much as someone is willing to pay. Is a vintage comic worth more than the dollar it was sold for originally? To me, no... To a collector it could be worth millions. How much are all your 'free' minutes really worth to you? Do you really need all that talk time or gigs worth of download or could you get by on much less + wifi? I currently pay $20/month and always have heaps of allowances left. I could be paying $80-100 with the same carrier, but I don't need it. I could also be paying much less ($60/year) if I was willing to give up data (wifi only), mainly receive calls and only send a few texts. Life is filled with choices.
  • I agree with the other poster.  If Nokia and MS want to really get a good market share, they should not allow their best phone to be a carrier exclusive and make it available to all carriers.  
    Verizon + Red 920= My next phone (hopefully)
  • I want a quality 4.3 phone, 820 has a garbage resolution
  • Get .2" higher, then u get the lovely 920.
  • Really?  So basically every single WP device currently on the market has 'garbage resolution'? 
    The resolution is fine; it's not garbage!
  • Lets see... 1280x768 vs 800x480. Hmm... PureMotion HD+... Hmm.
  • Of course 800x480 on 4.3" in late 2012 is garbage. Heck I can count the pixels from a foot away.
  • Why do u say garbage...
  • My HTC HD2 from 2008 has same resolution
    If I wanted technology stagnation, I'd get a new iphone
  • Just get the Lumia 920!!
  • I'm pretty sure it will be an Att exclusive, at least for a short while. 920 is my next love for sure
  • Has there been any Canadian carrier announcements regarding any win 8 devices? I have had ab LG Optimus from the start and I am looking forward to 8. I am willing to buy a phone, can I buy a phone from any carrier and use it, I am with TELUS Canada.
  • I think Rogers will be the best bet. I'm in the us, but I know a lot about carriers in Canada. Rogers has the 710 and 900 while telus has the 800. I bet TELUS will get the 820 and Rogers will get the 920 (and maybe also the 820).
  • The only leaks we've seen so far are that Bell will have two windows phone devices, and neither of them are the 920.
  • Yeah, it Rogers currently has the better Win phones. If i purchase a phone from Rogers or bell can i use it on TELUS? Sorry i am not sure if windows phones are "international" or not. I guess it depends if it has a Sim then i am ok?
  • People should understand Nokia probably doesn't want to have their best phone exclusive to one carrier but the reality of their position probably puts them in a position where they have to do so. Better to be exclusive where the phone will actually be promoted properly than being on more carriers and the phone stuck in a corner. Which we have seen already with some carriers. Nokia doesn't have the clout to demand equal floor space at every carrier so they strike a deal for the best exposure they can get where they can.
  • Nokia has publicly stated that they think the different phones on different carriers model is a winner for them.
    I suspect we're going to see either variants of the current phones done for the carriers, OR, we haven't yet seen all of the phones Nokia is going to release.
    Is it just me, or does only one phone from Samsung and only two from Nokia seem a tad limited for such a big coming out party that Windows 8/WP8 looks to be?
  • Thinking how tight the software release Windows is going to be for Q4 and that everybody of the 4 launch partners will use same SoC inside, there's not too much you can do.
    Nokia probably took it furthest with that screen and camera, wireless charging. 
    I'm pretty sure in Q1 2013 we will see more mid end and maybe even new top of the line phone with quad core announced around MWC by Nokia and Samsung. 
  • Exclusivity would be horrible. I own the titan2 on at&t. Still on unlimited 3G plan. No mms and no LTE unless I switch to new limited plans. My guess mms is due to exclusivity also. Hopefully NO exclusivity and unlocked. Also no word on titan2 tango or 7.8. At least with Nokia getting all updates timely and additional app. If support and timely updates is important hard to argue against Nokia.
  • Um... My dad has the unlimited plan and he can use LTE just fine. No worse data speeds. I don't see your problem.
  • And he has MMS too. Btw, he has the NL900.
  • My waive and I both own a Titan II. All we had to do was go to an At&t store and upgrade our sims. We are both enjoying LTE with unlimited data on my grandfathered plan.
  • And we also have MMS and Visula Voicemail... No extra charge.
  • Same with my dad...
  • If Nokia is for us they will release it for all carrier that's if they r really interested in everyone owning one and not have to switch to att.
  • If they go exclusive with ATT, I doubt many will leave a carrier for it. I know I won't, no matter how awesome the 920 is. Hopefully, it'll be just a timed thing if at all.
  • Lol, I pay £10/month for 250 minutes (national) of which I do not even use a quarter, unlimited text and data.. Obviously this is the UK but still, lol
    I'll probably keep my 800 on this and get a 920 on EE (first LTE carrier in UK).. No pricing yeat, but I am prepared to be displeased..;)
  • That blows my mind. How much do you have to pay for new phones?
  • I pay £6/month for 1000 minutes, 1000 SMS, 1000MB (3.5G+) here in Croatia. Tomato network rules. There is no contract option for cheaper phones but I really don't care(On tomato). L920 will be here probably UK priced + 15%. 4G currently is available on Vipnet & T-mobile priced from £20(3GB)-£75(40GB). For me 3.5+ is enough ;) L920 here I come!
  • I'd like to have the 920 in Red on Big Red if possible. I checked out the 820 specs but what bothers me is the 800 x 480 resolution. If it were just normal HD I'd be fine with it. Hopefully I can just get a 920 so I don't have to cross that bridge.
  • Lol
  • Exactly and even though Nokia phones are great been using Nokia since they were selling the 5110, so I know what I'm talking I'm not switching my b'day is around the release so if they have an unlock version I might treat myself even though I wanted to go to Vegas speedway to rent a Ferrari for the day.
  • All wp8 exclusive will always be on att...thats the reason I ditched t-mobile... I will end up paying way less when I add this to my family plan... 1500 minutes no roll over,only one line has text..3gb of data for $138... Damn I have the 900,titan 1 then 920 I'm so excited by this...
  • That is one reason why I want to switch to at&t but I'm stuck with tmobile for another yr. I don't see a problem with Nokia making the 920 exclusive for at&t apple did it with the iPhone 3,3s & got the 4 first. So Nokia might go the same route.
  • Yeah I have unlimited everything for 89 on t-mobile not switching.
  • Yeeelowwww come babe come tome :D
  • I switched to ATT for the original wp7 so now I only have one decision to make for my next phone....yellow or red?
  • Jealous of you. Makes me want to break my contract. The red is gonna be mine
  • dont understand why all of you guys are talking about contracts... why dont you buy your phone separately in a local shop or online? i have a contract too, but without a phone includet. i never buy phones from the carrier! can you buy a phone just with a carrier contract in the usa?? (I'm from europe)
  • I'm pretty sure they have pre-paid / non-contract options. For some reason they want to pay less upfront for the phone, but pay more per month & have a 24-month millstone around their necks...
  • I bought my at&t Samsung focus s unlocked so I could use it with tmobile. Price was $599 and only get edge speed (that's what you get in the USA if you want a phone that your carrier doesn't provide). Most of us get contracts because the phones and family plans are affordable so prepaid are out of the questions if you want family plans, also a lot of the best phones don't work on prepaid. Breaking a contract is not an option because you would pay the fee and would still pay activation fees with the new carrier.
  • It's all weird... A phone is a phone and should work with any SIM assuming it is unlocked and the phone supports the carrier bands. I've never heard of activation fees... For me I buy a SIM for a few dollars (sometimes free), pay for 1 month usage and I'm off.
  • Am I the only one who might take the 820 over the 920?
  • I don't understand why anyone would pick the 820 over the 920 someone please explain
  • Sd card, removable back covers, and will probably be on tmobile and Verizon, while the 920 will be on AT&T.
  • No u aren't. But I don't understand...
  • Carrier schmarrier... Just buy it online :P
  • Hope you guys never see Austrian plans.
    Unlimited everything.
  • I love WP central and all, but this article is very badly writen... :/
  • I can not wait til this phone comes out!!
  • I think we will see an exclusive cyan version come to AT&T, but other colors going elsewhere. The cyan has been spotted in some marketing materials, and a carrier exclusive is the current theory. Putting the 920 on one carrier wouldn't make sense for them, unless the other carriers really didn't want it and Nokia had no play with the one carrier that wanted it. Given how much support the 920 has, I imagine Nokia has some maneuverability there.
  • the 920 is the first phone I've been really really excited for in a very long time.  I'm just praying it comes to Verizon.
  • +1 and I'm on verizon, after my current phone, the Trophy, I want a high end phone.
  • Im hoping the Lumia 920 will come to Tmobile also. If not someone is going to pay :/