myAppFree and Game Trooper's Crazy Weekend continues, two more gaming deals on the table

The Crazy Weekend promotion from Game Troopers and myAppFree is quickly coming to an end, but there are two more deals to take advantage of this weekend.

Game Troopers and myAppFree came together to offer these deals to celebrate the launch of myAppFree's Android app. To our benefit, these deals extend to the Windows Phone versions of these titles and offers us a great chance to pick up some quality games free.

We have already seen Abyss and Lines the Game being offered free and today you can get your hands on Briquid Mini and tomorrow, the promotions last day, you can pick up Last Door: Collector's Edition free.

Before we get into things, keep in mind that these deals don't go live for everyone at the same time due to the various times zones the Windows Phone Store has to contend with. The best way to keep track of things is to download the myAppFree Windows Phone or Windows 10 app. At the time of this posting, today's deal is live in the U.S. Market.

Briquid Mini

Today's Deal: Briquid Mini

Briquid Mini is one of the more recent releases from Game Troopers and challenges you to guide a water supply from Point A to Point B. You do so by breaking bricks and building new ones to create a path the water can flow across. Oh, and Briquid Mini is an Xbox gaming title.

The game layout is very minimalistic. You have a supply of water in one area of the screen, a designated area where you need to transfer the water and a host of bricks between the two points. You move the water by removing bricks and adding new ones to create channels for the water to flow through.

Briquid Mini

Each of the 100 puzzle levels will have a limited number of moves and your direction of gravity is indicated by a series of yellow arrows that line the sides of the screen. A move can be the removal of a brick, adding a brick or shifting the water by a gravity shift. Each of the levels will also have more than one solution.

Overall, Briquid Mini is an entertaining physics-based puzzle game. Graphics and animations are well drawn up, game play challenging and many will appreciate the Xbox integration.

Briquid Mini normally runs $.99 in the Windows Phone Store but through the myAppFree deal, you can pick the game up free over the next twenty-four hours.

Download Briquid Mini from the Windows Phone Store

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The Last Door

Tomorrow's Deal - The Last Door: Collector's Edition

The Last Door: Collector's Edition is one of the latest Windows Phone games in the Game Troopers portfolio. It is a mystery game where you have to search manors, tenements and warrens for clues to solve the puzzles.

The retro-style game is set in Victorian England where your character, Jeremiah Devitt, receives a cryptic letter from an old schoolmate Anthony Beechworth that leads him to believe something is wrong with his friend. Beechworth's manor is abandoned and full of clues.

The Last Door

You search room to room, in scavenger hunt fashion. Some clues unlock additional clues and the dialog windows will also give you insight in what to look for and where you might find it.

I have to give Game Troopers props for an excellent soundtrack and sound effects. The creepy music, squeaky floor, ticking Grandfather Clock and other background sounds helps the game project its mysterious mood. Even the drawers creak as you search through them. It's a great game to play with headphones on to fully appreciate the sound effects and music.

The Last Door: Collector's Edition typically runs $2.99 and through the Crazy Weekend promotion, you can pick the gaming title up free. The deal should kick in tomorrow (if it is not already live) and last twenty-four hours.

Download The Last Door: Collector's Edition from the Windows Phone Store

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