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myAT&T Windows Phone app updated, gets a nice face lift

While AT&T is sailing into rough waters with the recent signs that the Nokia Lumia 1520 could be scaled back, the wireless provider has moved in a positive direction with their myAT&T Windows Phone app.

The app that gives you access to your AT&T Wireless account was updated yesterday to version 3.0 and while there doesn't appear to be any new features (no change log), the design and layout has noticeably changed.  The new version is pictured above to the left and the previous version to the right.


The layout has changed to resemble more of the look the myAT&T website has along with wide Live Tile support.  Key features appear to stay the same and include:

  • View and pay your bill (Adobe® Reader Required)
  • View wireless voice, text, and data usage
  • Trouble logging in? Recover your User ID and reset your password
  • View U-verse® voice and television usage
  • Add or remove wireless account services
  • Review wireless rate plan details
  • Enroll and manage paperless billing
  • Set up and manage AutoPay
  • Reset your wireless voicemail password
  • Manage stored payment profiles
  • Account and usage alerts for wireless accounts
  • Find AT&T store locations and schedule appointments

The myAT&T app is a handy way to check up on your usage, billing and other account features. It's a free app that you can find here (opens in new tab) in the AT&T Featured section of the Windows Phone Store. If you've noticed anything new, feel free to sound off in the comments below.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: myAT&T

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  • Bout time. The original look was horrible looking and not the easiest to use.
  • Does this work for GoPhone users?
  • How exactly is this better looking or easier to use?
  • I disagree.  The old way looked better IMO. 
  • Too bad nobody likes AT&T....
  • Yeah.... Let's update our app so we can preload it on the new, stripped-down Windows Phones.
  • I'm always afraid to launch any AT&T branded app for some reason. I always think they're going to bill me for it.
  • LOL! So true!!
    I'm surprised they don't try to charge us for OS updates! (You know they've considered it...)
  • Looks worse to me. Looks like a webapp
  • Or an iOS app.
    They're aping Facebook's UI.  Facebook can get away with it because they need to have a consistent look across platforms.  Something like myAT&T is a perfect place where each platform should be allowed to shine in its own way.  The old panorama app did just that.  This new one, not even close.
  • Agreed. That was the first thing I thought. Might as well continue pushing iOS everywhere they can. Liked the previous version better.
    Honestly WebApp is ok when done right. And mimicking iOS is not's piss ugly and full of ux no-no's.
  • I think its incredibly ugly too even though getting to the different features has got easier, the colors and font are really unmatured
  • Developed by lazy developers without any creative skills
  • Glad someone agrees, it's no longer metro styled, looks awful. Granted, the old one still wasn't totally up to scratch, this new one is absolutely blegh.
  • And looking at it again, they didn't even copy facebook right.  They have the "slide in from the right" pane, but you can't swipe to it or swipe away from it.  You have to hit the very iOS-looking 3-line button, which is non-intuitive on a WP device.
  • I like this app a lot, enough that it's in the running to replace the standard WP8 calendar.  However, I'm stuck with using the local calendar because I use *multiple* Microsoft accounts (Exchange, Outlook, and Hotmail) and I can only link one.  Would it be possible to add multiple MS accounts to this?  Otherwise, it's not the worst thing in the world to use the standard calendar to add things.  The only pain is not being able to edit them!
  • Agree its not native anymore its a web wrapper. WTF??
  • I agree. For some reason the old version didn't make it seem like AT&T was raping me. This new version screams PAY YOUR DAMN BILL!!
  • I like it, nice update
  • Why is no one bothered that they've basically turned this into an iOS app? The whole point of dumping iOS for WP was for the beautiful, panoramic UI that WP used. There's an alarming trend of dumping that UI for iOS...Home Depot did it, Facebook did it, now AT&T. I might as well switch back to iOS if this trend continues. :(
  • If that's the only advantage to Windows Phone you see then honestly you'll probably be happier with iOS.
  • Why would I be happier with iOS when they have absolutely zero panoramic apps?
  • You claimed every app is looking like an iOS app and the advantage of WP is the UI. So, if every app is looking like iOS, you might as well switch to iOS.. Is what he was trying to say.
  • Where did I claim every app is looking like iOS? I said there has been a trend and only mentioned a few apps.
  • Its really not that serious, in my opinion. I enjoy WP for things other than app UI
  • I was gonna tip this but they never appear so I gave up. Got this hours ago. Guess ATT wants to be sure that they at least lube the stick so it feel nice getting f#cked.
  • LMAO
  • datasense would be better!
  • Very much agreed.  Let us see what our phones are doing data-wise.
  • YES!!! Sucks how ATT's official response to "where is DataSense" is "use our MyAtt app!" Um, yeah... THEY'RE NOT THE SAME!
  • Datasense would certainly be more welcome. In the updated att app I can now only see my data usage, my wife's usage only includes listings for minutes?!? Am I missing something?
  • Personally, I liked the old one better.  This one is basically a skin of the mobile site.  Lame.
  • F*ck AT&T! lol I'm not even American
  • :D same feeling here too. We may get the premiums after 2 month, but they are what Nokia rolls out.
  • Yes, the old one was simple and better. The new one is extremely slow to show your data. I regret I updated. Piece of eyecandied junk.
  • FU AT&T
  • I like it. It's an app I almost never use, so I don't really care how it looks, but I do like it better than the other one. Panoramic has certain deficiencies that this type of layout fixes, like having to thumb over a few screens to see what you want to see.
  • I liked it better the way it was but it seems I am in the minority.
    The old one was pretty fast. This one takes way longer to load data.
  • Lol. I've deleted all att apps when I got my phone ;)
  • You can put perfume on dog crap...but its still dog crap. They try to pass this off as a replacement for data sense.
  • The old one is Metro, and the new one is a mobile site wrapper. How do you call that a "face lift"?
  • OK, Maybe I am not in the minority after all. The old one was definitely better.
  • It's ugly and belongs on iPhones. secondly it lags big time! POS app. I want more functionality too. I want usage trends like their site...which also lags badly. Why can't huge business actually make things that work well. Bullsh!t!!!!
  • I don't want to be the guy complaining about an update, but the interface is way less metro than it used to be. I preferred the old version.
  • What's the point of giving it a wide tile when it's not even live?
  • Slow as heck though.
  • These types of comments are driving me away from this site. I love windows phone and I used to think our community was just a little more advanced/grown up than the rest. It just makes me sad. Might be time to find somewhere else though... Edit: not the comments on the app itself, just the constant fierce hate everytime at&t is mentioned. Just getting very annoying.
  • While I enjoy wpcentral and I have no intention of leaving, I agree with your sentiment. I most of the time ignore the comments and just read the articles. From when I used android, I don't recall android central being like this and imore is certainly not like this. But Daniel and co. Certainly make me enjoy my stay here :)
  • The only reason I am still here is because Daniel and the team...and well..folks like yourself :) Few and far between though.
  • Ha same to you :)
  • That's because we all know how much att loves android and iPhones so those att customers have nothing to complain. They don't get treated poorly or with less care! We know att will not please all but come on att at least please some of us!
  • I'm pleased with att. They have not wronged me.
  • Are you serious? That is an absolutely asinine statement. At&t has been the only provider to heavily support the platform since the very beginning. Are you claiming that android updates are any better??? Gdr2 was the only WP update that was somewhat delayed. Who are you to say that it wasn't for a good reason. Didn't it have issues in the beginning and cause issues on the HTC devices? Yep. I am happy that I use a provider that supports this platform as heavily as they do and want to ensure my phone isn't going to brick.
    I just wish one day at&t is mentioned and the actual topic in the comments is what the article is about. Not this trash. Do what you want, just know that you and others like you are driving people away.
  • Your right about att being the strongest supporter for wp but that could very well change especially with reports like the one of a scaled down 1520 which I was going to buy but not any more because instead of going with what the consumers want they go with what will bring them more profit!
  • I have my love hate with AT&T as well. However, I'm confused as to how this update makes the app harder to use.
  • I prefer the original Metro UI....wish I would have know this before I updated the app.....
    If I wanted it to look like the mobile website....I would go to the.......................................................................................................................................................wait for it.................................................. website.
  • Be glad that you guys have a working app. T-Mobile Netherlands still doesn't have their app for Windows Phone.
  • It's better then the previous app but I am confused about not making a "metro" app. Just goes to show how out of touch ATT is. I was hoping they would get rid of that annoying "log out" pop up when exiting the app...makes no f-ing sense! However, they did add u-verse account support which helps a bit.
  • Old was a much better design
  • Don't like the new look at all. Also, since they are using non-standard UI controls, the UI is prone to hiccups. Not a smooth experience.
  • The new design is hot garbage. I wish i didn't update the app. 
  • I like the old one much better than this!
  • Idk what all the negativity is for, it's an at&t app, I use it for less than a min a month to pay my bill. I think the new app looks better, but it does what I need it to do, pay my bill. Done, now lets move on shall we?
  • You would think so but wpcentral community needs something to complain about daily when it comes to att :)
  • Damn it,I hate what they are doing,it looks like they are going away from METRO!! THEY STARTED with Facebook app,now ATT..Its looking more IOS/ANDROID APPS!!
  • And why the hell msft is allowing all this to happen? Im not updating my att app, what happen to the metro language??,if this will happen to all apps I'd rather use galaxy note..
  • Would this be the same as at&t U-Verse or is that a totally different app not available on WP8?
  • Not showing update for 7.8 L900-won't be updating it anyway-I like old version.
  • Hope Verizon takes note
  • I'm starting to hate this company
  • Why does AT&T waste time and money with this crap? I'm sure they're keeping costs low by outsourcing development, but it's still a waste of resources.
  • Im assuming there is no possible way to revert back to the previous version via a link? Silly question, AT&T wouldn't allow it, and maybe the case for any app on WP, im guessing, would love to be proven wrong. Oh well, can live with it!
  • +1
    Didn't see your comment until after I made my comment below. I feel this way too, about other apps as well! UPDATER'S REMORSE!! "Wish I hadn't updated!!!" 
  • Tbh it was better and simpler before. Now they just made it more difficult to view your different usages.
  • This is just a clone of the updated iOS app they released about a week ago. I actually LOL'ed when I updated it on my 1020. 
  • Wow a prettier way to pay your bills. Lol
  • This article is completely the opposite of most reviews which hate the app as it is now a webapp with less features.
  • Why is this one looks like a iPhone port?
  • To prepare us for the iPhones they hope we'll all switch to!! 
  • Uninstalling. I'll use the mobile website if I need to access my account.
    I hate "updater's remorse"!  :-(
    (Need to make sure I check WPC for what an update does before I actually update!! Would save me a lot of 'man, I wish I hadn't updated because I liked the old version better'!!!)
  • It's terrible. No more side swiping to switch pages. Just like those crappy iphone apps. Totally doesn't work with the larger screen size. HATE IT. 
  • Looks like someone iPhonified it. I absolutely HATE how some apps and mobile sites try to looks like an iPhone. The old app looked like actually followed some metro design guidelines.
  • This better not become some trend...what the hell were they thinking?
  • Lol I have never heard so many people with so many first world problems with a bill viewing app, if you don't like at&t don't sign a contract with them. Its called a free market, your not indentured servants.
  • Its much better
  • I can't believe people r complaining about this..smh. U don't want this app like iPhone or Droid, but u want the Facebook app like theirs, lol! The update is nice!!!
  • This is beyond bad. At&t drops the uverse app, is late with Lumia updates, abandons the Windows Phone style, and they were supposed to be the premier carrier. Horrible!
  • Yeah, I'm still waiting for a U-Verse app that will allow me to manage my DVR.  The website is really tough to use on a smart phone. 
  • I just happened to open My AT&T this morning and was shocked by the new look. I jumped on WPC to post a thread then saw this article. I'm not a fan at all of this update; it looks like a poorly made wrapper for a mobile site. This seems like a real step backwards.
  • The update is very welcome. While not precisely crafted with a metroesque look, it does flow better and faster than what it replaced.
  • I have the Lumia 1020 and "This app is not avaliable for your phone" I'm in Canada right now. Is this the reason?